Dad – # The Real Super Hero !!

APPA !! Daddy !! Father !! Naina !!
APPA is a word !! Thagapa is an Emotion !!

Okay !! So Now

  • Who is a Dad ? !!
  • What does a Dad Sacrifice for Everyone in the Family ? !!
  • How does a Dad show his love to all Members of the Family ? !!
  • Why is Dad the Most important relationship a kid should have ? !!
  • Where does Dad’s love differ from Mom’s love ? !!
  • When do you come to realize the importance of Dad’s Advice ? !!
  • Which is the best relation ? Dad or Mom !!

Let’s see !!

Google Says:

Dad – “Dad is someone who gives great advice and is always encouraging and Positive. The often overlooked and underappreciated parental figure. He listens to his child, he cares for their interests, and never laughs at their Mistakes.”

Dad is someone who would sweat his blood out to buy you anything which you ask him for !! He would try getting you even God if you ask him for that !!

Dad is the only person who loves you so much but never shows it out !! He will be acting strict always !!
But there is a reason behind that too !! You all know it !!

I like People who rise up from Rock Bottom to a decent or Pinnacle position in life !! In those Ways I am inspired by people like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ajith Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Abdul Kalam etc etc. They are all people whom I am not Close with !! I just know them by the information I gathered Online/News/Personal Interviews/Discussions etc.

But maximum life learnings I got was from my Dad !! There are both things Which I thought I should be like him and there are also things which I thought I should not be like him !! The Real Role Model of mine !! The Symbol of Hard Work for me !! To the World he is a Father !! But for us he is the World !! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Let us see about Who is my Dad !! Why he is my Role Model !! Why I get inspired by him !! Why I love him so much !!

My Dad – My Family’s Hero !! My Super Hero !!
He is a Fruit Seller who buys fruits from the Whole Sale market in Koyambedu, Chennai and sells it on the roads of the Market in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai. He is 46 Years Old now. He is working from 13 years of Age. He gets up at 4 o’clock in the morning and goes back to Sleep at 11 o’clock in the Night.

Minimum 12 hrs per Day !! Minimum 6 Days a Week !! Never takes leave on Weekends unless it’s important !! Sunday Never !! No Festival Holidays !! And Many Many More !! All this for whom !! Do you think it’s for him ! Nope !! It’s all for us ! Our Family !! He doesn’t even take dresses during Festival times !! We would convince him that all his clothes got old and he needs a new one ! Only then he will buy one ! He will buy something for 100-200 while he will allow us to buy whatever we ask which can cost 1000’s and 2000’s also.
(தனக்கென ஒரு தீபாவளிக்கும்
ஆடை எதுவும் எடுத்துக்கொள்ளாமலே,
ஆயுசுக்கும் தன் பசி மறக்க
பச்சைத்தண்ணீரையும் பருகி,
நடந்தால் கால் வலிக்குமென
விலையுயர்ந்த வாகனம் வாங்கி தந்து,
செருப்பைவிட தேய்ந்து போனவர்
என் அப்பா)

The man of great integrity who lifted me on his shoulder to show me the world which he could not see !! He worked day and night for that !! (தோழில் என்னை சுமந்து , தான் காணாத உலகை காட்டி தந்த உத்தமர் !!)

We are not that sort of a Rich kind of Family !! We have struggled a lot at times through the passage of our life and he was our Pillar standing strong in that !!
People awe when they look at People who wear suits and blazers !! But I awe at my Dad who is just a Normal Man who wears the same old Lungi and an old Shirt/T shirt !! It’s not the dress that matters ! It’s the person who is behind it matters !! What he Achieved matters !!
(ஒரு வரியில் விவரிக்கக் கூடியவரா அப்பா?
உடம்பை வருத்தி உழைத்து வாழ
குடும்பத்தை காக்க கூலிக்கு – எந்நாளும்
கந்தை உடையில் கவலையோடு உலாவரும்
தந்தையும் எனக்கு தாய்.
விவரிக்க வார்த்தைகளே இல்லை…. விடையே தெரியாத ஆயிரம் கேள்வி என் அப்பா)

He was just a small boy like me at 13 years of age who had nothing to worry about but just enjoy the Life under the shelter of his parents !! But he chose a different path !! He stood alone !! He worked for Satisfaction !! But He earned for his Family !! He liked his job !! He likes Fruits ! He knows many things about them !! Fruits are his Passion !! In his 33 years of work !! Maybe in Some of the days Fruits would have not been sold like he needed it to !! But He never changed the Things which he sells !! It was only Fruits throughout !! Fruits are his Life !!

He got married at 23 to his only Sister’s daughter !! Then his work Motivation improved more !! When he worked for himself, he used to work that rigorously !! Think how he would have worked once he got married !! He got into so many issues in his beginning days of Work !! But he never gave up !! He started selling with only one bucket of fruits walking here and there on the market roads !! Slowly he proceeded with his step !! He then got a permanent place in a market from a Grandma who used to sell Greens there !! Slowly he used to introduce new varieties of fruits which were not sold before in our area !! And he got Regular Customers day by day !! Juice Shops became in contact with him for daily supply of fruits !!

Initially he started off his Transition to Chennai Homeless !! He used to Sleep in the Shop where he used to work !! Then after moving on to Market phase !! He used to sleep on roads too !! Then slowly after some struggle he rented a house in that Greens selling Grandma house itself !! After Marriage my Mom and Dad used to stay in that Grandma’s home which had a Coconut leaves thatched hut !! I was actually born when they were living there !! My Parents used to say that Grandma used to take care of me like her own Grandchild !! She helped my Dad a lot in those days !!

Meanwhile my Dad’s Family members shifted to Chennai too !! Then he helped his family in buying a new house here in Chennai !! He helped in buying shops ! One for his brother and one for his Father ! One was a Provision shop and the other was my Favourite Fancy Store !! Then my Mom and Dad moved on with their Family together in that Own house they bought !! My Both Brothers were born there when we lived in that joint Family house !! But will Fate leave a joint Family to live together for a long time !! Many Problems came !!

So my Father decided to work harder than before and He bought a house which was Completely of his own Sweat and blood !! He earned each and every penny very hard for buying that house !! It was a house with Cement Sheeted roof ( ஓட்டு வீடு) !! It was his dream to buy a land and build a new house in it !! There were many People who were jealous and were making a barrier in achieving his dreams !! But He jumped above each and every hurdle in his life not that easily but by his Dedication, Concentration and constant Hard Work !!

I will not say my Dad is not educated !! He dropped out from School that’s all !! But he is a Fan of Newspapers and TV News !! He never missed reading newspapers or watching news any day !! He knows many things happening around the world !! Everything from the Newspaper and News !! He knows things happening around the world which I don’t even know !! ( படிக்காத மேதை என் அப்பா)

So He bought that Cement sheeted house !! I still remember the days we stayed there !! I still remember one day of my childhood !! December 26,2004 !! The Day when I saw fear in his eyes for the first time !! He thought all the hard work he did will go in vain because of that Tsunami !! But luckily nothing happened in my Area even though we are somewhat near to the beaches !!

Strong People are those who have fear inside but not expose it outside !! Bcoz everyone has fear !! There can be no one in this world who doesn’t have any fear !! Whatever hurdle came my Dad’s (4 to 11) × 7× 365 hardwork never stopped in those days !! He never gave up his dreams ! Never ! He used to Share all his earnings with his Parents, His own Family (Us), Our School fees and some for building our new house !!

He worked hard for 2 years and built our new house 😎 !! It took a year to build our new house ! So we went rented out till then !! Costs were peaking high !! But somehow he managed to settle Everything !! He was working like anything !! Many issues came while building our house !! But he never gave up !! Even money was not enough at some point !! But Somehow he managed it, he never got loan from anyone for building the house !! He made the House building progress to get slow but did not get loan from anyone !! He worked for each and every penny all by himself to build the dream house !! And that is our Home we lived Happily Ever After !!

We had many issues while staying in this home !! But our Happiness never reduced !! I remember a day on one Dussehra ( Saraswati Pooja), That night suddenly while we were sleeping some hurtling sound came from underneath our floor !! And we woke up and like in a movie scene the tiles in our house started bursting and lifting off !! Like anything !! That was a memory for us !! That night if we had not woke up just in time !! We would be inside a rubble of tiles and could have had scratches on the body or may be more !! Just Miss !! And we fixed it then but the same incident happened again !! Memories Memories Memories !! I grew up in this house only !!

I have seen all kinds of fruits from A to Z !! From Most Common selling Apple to the Most Rare Selling Plums !! Apples, Guavas,Mangoes( A Lot of Types – Summer Special ), Green Grapes, Purple Grapes, Elanthapalam, Seethapalam, Berikai, Jackfruit, Strawberry, Fig,Banana,Sugarcanes,Plums,Naagapalam,Sapota, Mosambi,Orange etc etc etc !! I love Fruits too 😍 !! Mangoes, Jackfruit, Green grapes and Unripe Guava with Chilli powder and Salt mix 😋😋😋

From No house to a House in which we leave rent for people today !! From the Roads (to) Sleeping in shops (to) living in others house (to) Renting a Coconut leaves Thatched house (to) Joint Family House (to) All the Shops he bought for people (to) the Cement Sheeted home (to) the Three Storeyed building we live in now !! Thanks to All My Father’s Hard Work !!

Whenever I see my House !! I see My Mother’s Love !! And I see my Father’s Hard Work !! Each of the things in our house are all the result of his sweat and blood !! I see his Thick and Thin in everything !! We have almost every necessary thing in my house for a Comfortable living !! It’s all my Father’s Hard Work !! Nothing Else !!

Whenever I feel low or get stuck by a hurdle, I will think of him and the constant hard work he gave no matter what he faced !! And I will get Motivated from that !! I have had only a small desire in my life !! Which is the biggest dream of my life !! All the Hard Work he did everything was for whom !! Me and My brothers only right !! I want him to be proud of how he let me grew !! Like No one should say you have grown your child in a wrong way !! Even though I don’t expect them to say you have a great kid !! I want to succeed in something and one day I should say in front of everyone like all this I am is all because of my Mom’s love and Dad’s Hard Work !! Nothing Else !! One day 🔥🔥

While making this dream of building an own house into a reality he helped many people come up in their life too !! He helped my Mom’s Side of my Family by helping them in buying a Shop for themselves and settling down !! He helped them in buying houses for their own !! He has that much of a helping tendency !! He helps people whom he fought with also !!

He helped a person who he saw was suffering in the market without a place and no customers at all like he was suffering in his initial days !! He helped him ! He introduced him to people and showed him how hard he works and about the fruit vendors he buys from !! That guy after getting all the information from him now became a competition for him in the same market selling fruits wantedly at low prices and giving a lot extra even though he runs in loss !! May be he has a business strategy or something !! But My Father’s Genuine customers are still strong !!

Since he helped a lot of people in his life in pulling them up together while he is going up in his life !! He could not reach the Pinnacle of his life !! At one point, he was satisfied and happy of what he is doing now and he stayed in the same position ever after !! My Father knows only Fruits !! Fruits !! Fruits only. There is nothing else he knew in work wise other than Fruits !! His love towards Fruits and our Family is what made him what he is today !!

Started off from nothing !! Now he has everything !! And it is now my duty to take over from here and make him Proud. Like I said earlier, he showed me the world he cannot see by lifting me in his shoulders right !! Now I want to show him or at least explain him the world I saw which he could not see !! For Him that market was the world !! He did a job which needs more Hard Work but happiness of staying with family was there !! It decreased all the pain that Hard Work gave !! Here I am staying away from family doing IT Job which requires less Hard Work but more smart work !! But still I am not having that satisfaction and Happiness !! Missing My Family 😥😔 !! One Day 🔥🔥🔥

Since My Dad sells Fruits in the market, he has to face each and every mindsets of customers !! Some Will be arrogant !! Some will be very very rude !! Some rich shits will think like he is not a common man !! He is their servant !! He has to bare everything !! All humiliations !! Everything !! My Mom used to tell us what and all he is baring !! But he controls all anger and remains calm !! Because of us only !! There was an issue in the place where he sells Fruits also !! One big departmental store came at the back of his place where he sells Fruits !! So the owner of that store planned to remove him from that place !! Because it will affect his Store’s business !! But my Dad was selling fruits in that place for more than 33 years !! It became a big case and somehow in the end because of his honesty and Helping tendency towards people !! Other people in the market fought against that departmental store owner and my Father got his place permanently without any hindrance !!

There are a lot of other chapters in my father’s story !! But I can’t say everything, else it will make a book !! There are things which I take from him and some of which I don’t as I said earlier !! I learned many things from my Father !! Like his helping tendency even when he is suffering !! His Constant Hard Work, Dedication, Concentration, Sacrifice, Unconditional Love and many other Characteristics of his !! The things I won’t take from him are: He is so innocent that he believes everyone !! He Speaks first to people by whom he was humiliated also !! He Cares a lot even if he doesn’t get it from the Opposite side !!

My Dad has Slapped me only once in my lifetime till now !! That too it was a must Slap situation !!
Me and My brothers were playing WWE in our bed and I threw my brother over bero glasses in excitement mistakenly !! That was deserved Slap !! Even I felt bad that day for doing that !! But He also felt bad for slapping me !! (கோபத்தில் அடித்தாலும் பின்னால் மனம் நொந்து அழும் மகான். அன்பைக் கூட கோபமாகக் காட்டும் தெய்வம்
தனக்கென வாழாத விந்தை-தந்தை! ) !!

Other than that I have made sure till now and will make sure in Future also that My Dad’s head should never look down once because of me in front of anyone !! Making him feel proud of me is an option !! But Making him feel bad about me I can’t take that if it happens !! That’s a rule I made for myself from my Childhood after seeing him Hard Working !! I Studied well because of that only !! Although I am not used to top the class always for making him proud !! I made sure I will not Fail so that no one will question him for me !! Bringing disgrace to him could be the worst thing I could do in his life !!

He never said I Dream of you becoming this or that !! My Mom wanted me to become a Doctor !! But My Dad would say whatever you like My Son !! You become that !! I am Happy !! If you are Happy !! My Dad he never grew me !! He let me grew !!
Now I am being a Topper of 10th, +2, Engineering TamilNadu level Rank, and in an Office under an AC job !! Everything is only ! only ! only ! because of him !! No one else !!

Here I am sitting in a Completely AC Building !! Still there he is On the Roads under the heating Sunlight selling fruits now also !! Still working hard !! That’s my Dad !! Because my Brothers are still there studying in Colleges !! We convince him that after they complete their colleges and get into job ! you quit Dad !! But I know he will never and he can’t quit !! Because it is all he know !! He can’t stop it suddenly but he will gradually one day !!

How to be kind and considerate.
How to be polite and respectful.
How to be diligent and focused.
How to be grateful and thankful.
How to be a friend and how to have a friend.
How to be a hero and a savior.
How to be faithful and committed.
How to be honest and trustworthy.
How to be generous and giving.
How to be responsible.
How to work hard.
How to love.
How to grow.
How to treat people.
I learnt this from My Dad 😎🔥

He lived his life by fulfilling all the wishes of us !! He lived his life like a Candle – Melting himself to bring light to our life !! He never thought about having anything for himself !! Instead He Cared about the food his family will have today, tomorrow and for the forthcoming generations also !! (இறை தேடும் பறவை தகப்பன்
ஒவ்வொரு குடும்பத்துக்கும் தகப்பன் ஒரு தியாகி) !!

But at times my Brothers have seen him as the most bitter person !! At times !! It happens !! You have to be both sweet and bitter to let your kids grow in a right way right !! That too for my Middle Brother he will always seem bitter 😂😂😂 !! Dai because he cares about u a lot !! But nowadays he is sweet all times !!
(பெற்ற பிள்ளைகளுக்கு பல வரங்களை வாரி தந்தும், தன்னை தானே அழித்துக் கொண்டும்,தன் சுய துக்கங்களை மறந்து இன்றை உணவுக்கு மட்டுமல்ல தன் வாரிசுகள் பல தலைமுறை பசியில்லாமல் வாழ தன்னை தானே நசுக்கி கொள்ளும் ஜீவன். ஏனோ தெரியவில்லை தான் வாழும் காலம் வரை பிள்ளைகளுக்கு கசப்பு மருந்தாகவே தெரிவார்)

My Mom Carried me in her Womb for 10 months but the person who carried me and also My mom in his shoulders ever after is my Dad !!
(என்னை பத்து மாதங்கள் கருவறையில் சுமந்தவள் என் தாய் என்றால்.. என் தாயையும் சேர்த்து என்னையும் தன் நெஞ்சில் சுமந்தவர்.. “என் அப்பா”)

To show me the God in the temple One Person used to lift me in his shoulder !! But I never realized at that time that actually the person lifting me was the real God !! My Dad
(கோவிலில் எனக்கு தெய்வத்தை காட்ட என்னை தூக்கி சுமந்தது ஒரு தோள் ஒன்று !!
அப்போது தெரியவில்லை என்னை சுமந்ததுதான் தெய்வம் என்று !!!
அது !!
அப்பா !!)

In the Words I would read, the words I often breathed is Amma and Appa !! (நான் வாசித்த வார்த்தைகளில் அதிகம் சுவாசித்த வார்த்தை !! அப்பா !!)

Dad is an iron plated Golden Statue ! But that iron becomes a flower when he sees his Child Smile !! (இரும்பு முலாம் பூசிய தங்கச் சிலை!)

I never got a boon from God !! I got God himself as a boon – My Dad !! ( கடவுள் தந்த வரம் கிடைக்கவில்லை எனக்கு !! கடவுளே வந்தார் வரமாக – அப்பா !!)

A Marvellous Painting that cannot be painted !!
An Epic that is not yet written !!
A Series that doesn’t have an end !!
Life’s first Teacher !!
An Abode of Emotions !!
An Unknown Fact !!
Dad !!!
A Good father is one of the most Unsung, Unpraised, Unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets of our Society !!
(வரைய முடியாத ஓவியம்😍
எழுத படாத காவியம்😍
முடிவில்லாத தொடர்😍
வாழ்கையின் முதல் ஆசான்😍
உணர்வுகளின் உறைவிடம் 😍
அறியப்படாத உண்மை😍💐

Both in Poverty and Happiness, he taught me how to be Honest and Compassionate towards others
(வருமை இன்பம் இரண்டு சூழ்நிலைகளிலும் நேர்மையாகவும் பாசமாகவும் இருக்க பாடம் கற்றுக் கொடுத்தவர்)

If my Mom is the Words of My Life’s Poem,then My Dad is the meaning of those words ❤❤❤
(அம்மா எம் வாழ்வின் வரிகள் என்றால்
தந்தை அந்த வரிகளின்அர்த்தம் ❤❤❤)

I don’t know why these Dad’s watch news always !! I don’t know what they see in it always !! Same news only will be running all day ! But then also they will watch the same lines continuously !! My Mom will be watching serial and if Advertisement comes my Dad will change to news channel automatically 😂😂 !! My Mom will say Advertisement over ! Change again to Vijay TV 😂😂 My Dad will say No still advertisement is running ! 5 more minutes is there ! but he will watch news till that serial ends !! My Mom will have any other household work and She will forget that rest of the serial is still there !! She will think it got over !! – Master Plan 😂😂 !! My Mom now made him to watch serials also 😂😂 !! Mom’s Master plan 😂😂

My Dad was the reason because of whom I started watching Cricket !! He used to watch cricket till midnight regularly in those days !! He reads newspaper also !! So we buy newspapers regularly !! And I open Sports page directly !! Read,
close and throw away the newspaper 😂😂 !!

My Dad used to bring Snacks every night !! If he doesn’t bring also we will ask him where is the snacks and will send him back again to buy something 😝😂😂!! Kaju Katli was the best sweet he bought me !! Then a lot of items like Potato chips, wheel chips, banana chips, Soan Papdi, Adhurasam, Badam milk, Ice cream, Black Forest cake, Gulab Jamun, kuli paniyaram, Ladoo, Mysore Pak ( Shittiest Sweet ever 😖) etc etc !! Happy Days were those !! If Kulfi guy rings bell at midnight !! My Father will be the first one to get more excited than us !! 😂😂!! Lets buy Kulfi !! 😂😂

Whenever we go to temples or Marina beach or Valluvar kottam, Me and My Brothers would ask him to buy us something which we would see there like FM radio, Shuttle bat, Power rangers Morpher, Brick Game Joypad etc !! He will hesitate at first but eventually will buy it for us 😂 !! Because my Chota Bhai will make scene if he did not buy us what we ask 😂😂😂😝😝😝 !! Hi Mad 😂😂😂😂 !! Good Morning 😝😝😝😝

He bought us Bicycle 3 times, all three bicycles we used only for 2 weeks and then left it alone and At Last it went to Old iron collecting shop only 😅😅 !! He would scold my brother whenever he would see that Cycle standing at a corner in my house useless !! 😂😂

During Diwali days we used to torture him like !! Dad! We don’t want dress even !! instead we can buy crackers alone worth 10000 rupees !! That Guy in the neighbour house he bought for 5000 rupees !! We should buy double the rate 😁 !! But in the end he manages to buy us crackers not for 10000 rupees but at least nearly 5000 and we never knew in those days how hard he earned that 5000 and we would convert all those earnings into ashes in one night !! Realizing everything now !!

Even though he is poor !! He never had intentions to grow us as a child from a poor family !! He will do whatever he can to make us feel like we had everything !!

When myself or my brothers get low marks in Exam , we never had that progress report signature issues !! My Father would say if not this time !! Then Next time !! Believe in yourself !! I know you are giving your Hard Work !! Continue the same !! You will achieve it next time !! Only My Mom would scold us for low marks !! No matter what my Dad believes in me that I will become a bigger person in life. I will achieve it one day for sure !!

If a child asks his Dad for something and if he doesn’t have money to buy his kid what he asked !! He would have that much pain in his heart which would be equal to the pregnancy pain !! In “Jersey” Movie – One of My all time Favourite Movie !! His Son will ask his Dad for an Indian Jersey on his birthday which is worth 500 Rupees in year 1996 !! But the Dad doesn’t have the money to afford that !! That movie is about all the struggles the Dad faces to buy his son the Indian Jersey which he wanted !! That was one awesome Inspirational movie ever for me !! ❤
I love Dad – Son Inspirational movies : The best one for me ever is “Pursuit of Happyness” – A Best Dialogue from that Movie – A Dad will tell his son : “You got a dream. You gotta protect it. If People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it too. If you want something, go get it. Period!!. And Hey ! Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. Not even me. All right?”

Even Though he has a lot of difficulties in life !! He forgets all his difficulties if he sees his children being happy !! Whenever I face difficulties I think about how hard my Dad would have managed to not expose that difficulties to me !! And also let me grew without any of those difficulties !! My Eyes would tear down drops automatically when I am broken and I think of My Mom / Dad

My Dad used to say instead of praying like “God! Please don’t give me difficulties !!”. Pray like “Even though I face difficulties ! Give me a heart to face them without fear and overcome them with Ease !!”

Everyone talks about mother’s sacrifice but no one talks about Father’s Sacrifice !! Father’s Sacrifice is more than Mother’s !! Mother Sacrifices her life for her kid 10 Months to max 10 years !! But a Father his lifetime !!

It will be a very good feel !! When our Mom says “No” when we ask for something !! But our Dad will say “Yes” automatically on first ask !!

Mom asks you “Did you eat ?” !! But Dad will ask our Mom “Did he eat?” !! When he sits down to eat !!

My Mom will never allow our father to scold us !! If He scolds us !! She will stop him anyhow !! But She will replicate the exact anger our father had on us after he leaves !! She would say – “Think about your Father at least once, how hard he works for us !! I Only know that How he is working hard to save each and every penny for u !! And U !! What u r doing !! Realize !!” That’s My Mom !! ❤❤❤❤ And Yes my Father is a Hard worker !! He Works from morning 4 to night 11 for nearly since past 35 years !! All this Only for us !! That my Father ❤❤❤❤ !! The Word “Ideal Couple” !! It’s My Father and Mother !! They are the most suitable example for it !! Whatever he thinks !! Even before he spells out !! My Mom will say the exact thing what he thought !! And He will laugh like anything !! He will say “Epidi Ma !!! Naan yosi chadha crct ah sollirra” His laugh will show Everything !! 😂😂😂😂 Pure Hearts both !! ❤❤
The most innocent pure hearts I have seen ❤ !!

When I go home on weekends, both my Father and mother will come with me till I get into a Auto/Bus and will wait till it leaves our road/ their eyesight and then only they will go back home !!

My Biggest dream in my Life is to take my Family on a plane one day ! And let them know how the Experience is !! It will become reality Very Soon 🔥🔥🔥

My Dad is
As Smart as the Ironman !!
As Strong as the Hulk !!
As Fast as the Superman !!
As Brave as the Batman !!
He is all in one !!
My Favourite Super Hero ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🌟🌟🌟❣❣❣😍😍😍✨ !!

Behind every good kid !! There is a great Father !!
If you think I am a good boy !! It’s all the Magic of my Father !!

A Short Tamil Poem on Dad:
“அப்பா எப்போதும் அப்பாதான் !
அப்பா என்றுமே
ஆச்சரியம் தான் !
இல்லை என்பவர்
ஈனப் பிறவி !
உற்று நோக்கு !
க்ஊர்ந்து கவனி !
ஏமாற்றுபவரல்ல !
ஐய்யத்தை விலக்கி !
ஒரு போதும் விட்டு கொடாமல் !
ஓயாது உழைத்து !
ஒளவியம் பேசாமல் !
அஃதே நின்றவர் !!”

In any day,
If someone asks me
In this Second !
In this minute !
In this hour !
In this moment !
If you want to thank someone who will it be ? I
will say it’s my Dad without any hesitation !!
Even Over my Mom !! Love your Father !! He has Sacrificed many things in his life just to see a smile on your face !! A Father’s Sacrifice for his family cannot be defined in words. Never disrespect that man who works day and night for your happiness, for fulfilling your dreams before his !!

There is a Song in Tamil

“தெய்வங்கள் எல்லாம் தோற்றே போகும் தந்தை அன்பின் முன்னே !! ( Even God will lose before a Dad’s love)
தாலாட்டு பாடும் தாயின் அன்பும் தந்தை அன்பின் பின்னே !! (Even the Lullaby singing Mom’s love ranks after Dad’s love only)
தகப்பனின் கண்ணீரைக் கண்டோர் இல்லை !! (No Child can see his tears, even how difficult his situation is !! He will not let his Child know !!)
தந்தை சொல் மிக்க மந்திரம் இல்லை !! (There is no great mantra than a Father’s words (Advice))
என் உயிரணுவின் வரம் உன் உயிரல்லவா !!
(My Cell is a boon of your life ! Dad !)
மண்ணில் வந்த நான் உன் நகல் அல்லவா !! (I am a Xerox copy of u landed on this Earth !)
காயங்கள் கண்ட பின்பே உன்னைக் கண்டேன் !! ( I got to know you only after I got hurt in my life)
கண்டிப்பிலும் தண்டிப்பிலும் கொதித்திடும் உன் முகம் !! (Your face becomes red when you teach me a lesson for my wrong doings)
காய்ச்சல் வந்து படுக்கையில் துடிப்பதும் உன் முகம் !! ( Also the same face becomes nervous when I get Sick due to fever or something)
அம்பாரியாய் ஏற்றிக் கொண்டு அன்று சென்ற ஊர்வலம் !! (You lifted me on your shoulders and gave me a ride through the world)
தகப்பனின் அணைப்பிலே கிடந்ததும் ஓர் சுகம் !! ( We get the real comfort in our Dad’s shelter)
வளர்ந்ததுமே யாவரும் தீவாய் போகிறோம் !! ( We all become an Island and get separated from him after we grew up )
தந்தை அவனின் பாசத்தை எங்கே காண்கிறோம் !! ( We forget all the love our Dad gave us and we hate him always when we grow up )
நமக்கெனவே வந்த நண்பன் தந்தை !!” ( The Only Friend you have since you got birth is your Dad !!)

He never looks for praises !! He’s never one to boast !! He just goes on quietly working for those he loves the most !! His dreams are seldom spoken !! His wants are very few !! And most of the time his worries !! Will go unspoken too !! He’s there … !! A Firm Foundation !! Through all our storms of Life !! A Sturdy hand to hold on to !! In times of Stress and Strife !! A true friend we can turn to !! When times are good or bad !! One of our greatest blessings !! The Man that we call Dad !! The Hand that carries the entire Family !!

Although People say the bond between a Dad and his Daughter will be the most Lovable one !! The Bond between a Dad and his Son will be the Most Strongest One !! A Father is a Father not only because of the DNA !! But because of the inspiration, motivation and Love he shows towards his children !!

Respect him !! Make use of him and his life Experiences !! There is no use in thinking of him and worrying after he’s gone !! Get all Life Learning and Advice you can get from him when he is with you itself !! Love Him and get all the Love from him now itself !! At least Girls will realize his love after getting married and moving to her in law’s house !! But for boys they realize only after losing him forever !! Please Please Think !! And Realize !!

No matter…
How much you disappoint them !!
How much you disrespect them !!
How much you betray them !!
How much you ignore them !!
How much you yell at them !!
How many you make them Sacrifice !!
How many times you lie to them !!
How many times you ended up the reason for their pain !!
But in the end all they know is only to love you !!
Your Parents !! My Parents !! All Parents !! ❤❤

Remember one thing in your Life !! Always making your parents proud should be the most important thing you should have in life !! Never Ever send your Parents to Old Age homes in any kind of situation !! Remember How they took care of you Whenever you felt sick !! Whenever you tortured them !! Whenever you disobeyed them too !! They were the only support for you while you were growing !! They are the only ones who believed in you when no else did !! Make their Dreams come true !! Make them Happy !! Be Happy !! Spread love !! Never Forget the Hands that raised you !!

Love you 3000 APPA !!! ❣🌟😎🔥✨✨

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Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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