Everyone has a Dream !!

Everyone has a Dream !!

  • Is it ?
  • Do I have one ?
  • Do you have one ?
  • Is it small or big ?
  • Do you think it’s achievable ?
  • Are you working towards it ?

Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! We all have a dream which we wanted to achieve in our life !! That can be anything !!

  • A Simple life with a Cool and Crazy partner who is similar to you in all aspects !!
  • A Big Success in the Career you chose !!
  • A Rich life !!
  • Travelling around every place in the world to get to know new cultures and new people !!
  • Or can also be a Self sufficient happy life with your Family !! etc

“School and college teaches us how to get a job but our dreams teach us how to get a life !!”

This Dream can be there from your childhood or it can grow inside you gradually !! This can be induced due to the situations you face gradually throughout your life !! Or can be induced due to a dream which your Closed ones like Mother/Father could not achieve !!

But altogether Somewhere everyone has at least one dream to achieve in his/her life
So how can you achieve it !! How can you achieve your dream/Success !!

It’s simple – To achieve success (Dreams) you should never be afraid of Failure !! That’s all it takes !! Fail as many times as you can !! As we all know the old saying – “Failure is a stepping stone to success”. Failures will help you find your flaws and makes you correct yourself while taking the next step towards success !!

Remember one thing !! Never Quit, If you face a failure !! Instead of quitting, You could have stopped trying in the beginning itself !! But now you came to at least half or 75% of the distance to fail !! All your efforts and time you spent till now will go in vain !! Cancelling before starting is appreciable than Quitting at half of the path of your dreams !! You can change your path but don’t ever walk back !!!!!!!!

Remember ! You cannot eat the fruit on the day you plant your seed itself !! You have to water your plants and wait with patience !!!

Success works as a Cycle – growth and contraction, balancing and unbalancing – all while you are experiencing hurdles that gets you higher and higher over time !!

Dreams become a reality only through Self Confidence !! Stop underestimating yourself !! You should start believing in yourself !!!! Only then you can accomplish your Big dreams !!

Achieving your dreams is similar to a Trek in a very high Mountain range that too through a rough terrain with Wet Forests, Steep valleys, Narrow Paths, Tall rocks etc etc !! Like Climbing a temple in a hill with more than 2000 steps !! But somehow you have to make up your mind before starting the path of your trek (Dream) that you will achieve it !! Should have “whatever it takes” attitude !! Take each step slow and steady towards your Dream !! There will always be people who discourage you while climbing your steps !! They will say look up it will take a lot to get to the top !! Stop here and come with me, let’s go back !! Never Listen to them !!

Split your dream into small goals !! Achieve the goals one by one !! Take rest after reaching each goal !! Refresh and proceed to next !! Don’t think of the complete distance which you have to achieve in the beginning itself !! It will demotivate you !!

You can’t drink a full bottle of soda in one gulp !! You have to take it sip by sip !!

If you do that your throat is gone !! Some Legends can do but not all !!

Remember !!

Split the distance (Dream) you want to achieve into Kilometre by Kilometre ( Goal by Goal ) !! Sometimes you may find it difficult to cross a particular hurdle in the way of your trek (Path to Dream) !! To cross it you should take help from fellow trekkers ( Good Friends you make along your path of life ) !! Such People can lift you through many hurdles and can motivate you a lot to achieve your Pinnacle ( Top of your hill ) !! Remember Trek will be very boring without fellow trekkers !!

Similarly, life will be very boring without Awesome, Crazy, Lovable, Supportive and Motivational Family & Friends !! Reaching the top of your hill and sitting there alone is not going to make you happy !! You need people to share your happiness you get after you achieve your dreams !!

Remember one thing after achieving your dreams !! After climbing the hill top !! Never Forget about the people who helped you climb !! Once you have reached the top, guide others and make others climb that hill top too !! Show them how it looks from there !! Without taking others with you, even if you shout “I love you all” from there No one is going to hear you !! Achieve your dreams while helping others to achieve their dreams too !! Don’t be selfish or don’t be in haste while climbing, you will break your nose,teeth,bones etc etc !! Go Slow and Steady !! You dreams (Hill top) will never go anywhere !! It is always there to achieve !!

I have read somewhere the following procedure to achieve your dream:

  1. A dream written down with a date becomes goal
  2. A Goal broken down into steps becomes a plan
  3. A plan backed by action becomes reality.

I have read the following Quote somewhere in some book I don’t remember !! I repeat that to myself everyday !!

“Make it Happen Dude !! Achieve your dream !! Shock everyone !!”

When someone says you can’t do it !! Do it twice !! And also take pictures and make it as status 😂😂😂 Or go one step higher and send it to their inbox itself 😂 or if you are a legend make a banner and hang it in your balcony 😂😂😂

Never stop working hard until you are really proud of yourself !! Even after that too !! To stay proud !!

If you want to fly with eagles you have to stop swimming with the ducks !!

Life is like a Test match !! If you hang in there for a long time !! You will get better opportunity to score a good Hundred ( Achieve your dreams). U have to be calm and composed and assess the pitch first ( You will get to know the flaws in you and you can mend that through your innings). In the end you will become both famous, and self satisfied if you hang in there !!

That is what is needed in Life !!

It is not required to hit boundaries all the time !! You can show off with boundaries at times like when you achieve your short goals like Half century, century etc !! But taking each step slowly by singles, doubles,etc and also blocking/ leaving the unplayable deliveries ( tough situations in life) is more important !!!!!!!!

Dream for a Happy Life !! Dream for good long lasting friends !! Dream for a perfect partner who can calm your soul when it’s vulnerable and also who can Crashdown your brain by making you curious of everything she does with crazy silly questions ( Like ‘Haha Hasinii’ in Santhosh Subrahmanyam movie ) !! Dream for a job for which you will never feel “Why am I going to office today !!”

Don’t waste your time dreaming of useless things !!!

Live a Simple Happy Life !! Don’t make it complex and suffer the torture of this world !!


Like the dream Samantha explains to Vijay in “Theri” movie !!

“A Beautiful Village with an awesome Climate under the foothills of a mountain where it rains whenever we wish for.
A small house with birds sound everywhere around it.
A Boring job where you can go too late and return home very soon.
Dabba two wheeler.
Daily you should take our Kid to school and pick her up again in that Dabba.
No TV, No Cellphone..We should Communicate only to each other. No one else.
A Cute Puppy. We can name it “Tiger”.
A Cute blissful life without showing anger to each other, without disturbing the outside world.
Only three of us with a beautiful true life isolated from the annoying, Noisy and busy World !!!!
❤❤😍😘🔥” – In the voice of Samantha

Live Happily !! Spread Happiness !! Love Everyone !! Follow your Passion !! Achieve your Goals !! Work towards making your Dreams a Reality !!

Remember !!

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backward !! Likewise When life is dragging you with difficulties just imagine that it’s going to launch you into something great 💪😎🔥❤!!

Be confident in who you are and what you are becoming !! Because you owe yourself in achieving your dreams even whatever it takes !! Let your Dreams be your wings to carry you High over the clouds 🤘🤘🤘😍😍🌟🌟🌟❤❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🌟

My Dream is to Publish My Novel one day !! I want it to be simple and inspiring !! I dream for eruption of feelings from readers for my words !! Nothing Else !! Want to Make my Family Happy and Proud of Me !! I Owe them that much !! All I believe in as of now is that “One Day 🔥”.

Similarly !! Think of your dreams now and decide on the actions you have to take asap !!!!!! ❤❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤❤❤

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Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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