Soul Purpose !! – A Short Poem

If you are a Temple !! Let me be your Statue !!
If you are an Oil Lamp !! Let me be your Thread !!
If you are a Sweet !! Let me be your Sugar !!
If you are an Anklet !! Let me be your Beads !!
If you are a Flower !! Let me be your Petals !!
If you are a Paper !! Let me be your Pen !!
If you are a Cuckoo !! Let me be your Voice !!
If you are a Lock !! Let me be your Key !!
If you are a Heart !! Let me be your Blood !!
If you are a Pen !! Let me be your Ink !!
If you are a Cheetah !! Let me be your Legs !!
If you are a Lion !! Let me be your Roar !!
If you are a Football player !! Let me be your Foot !!
If you are a Writer !! Let me be your Feelings !!
If you are a Scientist !! Let Me be your Experiment !!
If you are Dancer !! Let Me be your Style !!
If you are Prime Minister !! Let me be your Country !!
It’s in Destiny for me to fulfill you and become your Soul Purpose !!!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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