Follow your Passion !!

If someone says ‘I believe in you’ to achieve something they want !! Just say them in the face, Please never believe in me !! Because Believing in one is easy !! But carrying that belief is so hard and it is a burden !! You live like what you want !! I will live like what I want !! I can’t do what you say because you believe in me !! Please give freedom to everyone to succeed in what they want !! Let them follow their passion !!

Don’t force this “Middle Class Happy Living Procedure” on anyone !! Let them follow what they want !! Let them Fail once !! Let them get hurt !! They will gradually learn from everything they face !! They will grow through what they are going through !!

When you say I have to succeed in my Life in something man to your friend !! And he replies like what do you know man ? !! In what will you succeed ? !! Just Take your slipper give two slaps with it on his cheeks and Cut his Friendship there !! Have Supportive Friends around you always!!

Because in my young age I never had proper guidance !! I have chosen my path with the flow I went and also due to many other external interruptions !! But now I want a specific path for me !! I want me to succeed in something I want for myself !!

But it is very hard, since I am used to the flow I traveled till now !! At that time I never thought about what I want !! I thought about what others want !! But now i am realizing it !! Can I not succeed now ? Can I not grow in a path I want !
Yes I can !!, we can !! Everyone of us can !!

When a Tea seller became Our Country’s Prime minister !! A bus conductor became our Superstar !! A Ticket checker became our country’s World Cup winning Captain !! A Homeless pregnant lady Became an author of a New Wizard World !! A Paper Boy became an ISRO Scientist and President of India !! Anyone can achieve anything !! Everything lies in our self belief and the People we have around us !!

If someone says u cannot !! It is not that you should believe them for what they say !! It is their Capacity with what they are saying u cannot !! People measure others Capacity from their Capacity actually !! But You should believe in yourself !! People will always demotivate !! You should never give up !! You should work hard towards your Goal !! One day you will achieve it !!

You know the worst thing one can do in his life !! Doing a work which he doesn’t like and acting as if he likes it to the core !!

This world will not accept at the beginning if you say I will win !! But if u say whatever after you win, it will blindly believe in u !! Whatever u want to convey !! Succeed in something and then Convey !! Your words will have special power at that time !!
Everything will be clear to you after you realize this !! Start working towards your Goal !! Never depend on anyone !! Start working slowly and silently !! Let your success speak for itself !! Be Simple !! Keep it Simple !! Because Simplicity rules the World !!

That too for middle class people like us !! Opportunities don’t come often !! We have to create it somehow by working hard towards an Opportunity day and night !!

Sometimes by luck Opportunities may knock but it can be only once in your whole life !! If you miss that Chance !! Then you have to feel for missing that Opportunity throughout your Life !!

Be Happy !! Make Others Happy !! Spread Love !! Follow your Passion !! Sculpt your Life like you want it to !! not how others want it to !! Inspired from many things I came across !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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