Kudremukh Monsoon Trek – An Emotional Roller Coaster of a Trip !!

This is not a Story it is an Emotional Memory !!

I am an IT Professional currently working in Wipro.
Paagal gang: Myself, Zilani (Baba), Athira, Himachal, Ankita Trip Participants: Paagal gang* + Saravanan, Annet, Giri, Vinay, Nivedha, Meena, Lavanya, Pravallika, Siva, Tej, Poonam, Anjali, Asha, Alka, Vikrant I mentioned the following names here because it will be used at places in this Memory and so that you can relate to it easily.

Date: July 28 2019

Today when I stepped into my room, I felt something different inside my heart. Heart Beat was a bit Faster !! I was Excited !! Felt good emotionally after a very long time !! Had two of the many colors of Emotion within me !!
I was feeling Odd and Happy both at a time !!
What happened to me !! Why am I happy !! Why am I feeling odd !!

Rewind –> 3 Weeks ago :-

Myself and Zilani were discussing about how each others life were !!
I have gone through many depressive feelings and incidents in the Past 2 months !! I was feeling a lot alone !! Although I have not shown it outside !! I was in search of something to give me hope of getting myself back which I lost during the two months !!
I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert, but an intersection of both which can be called as something like ‘Inter-extrovert ‘ (A new term I invented for People like me).

I am the type who needs a Middle ware to connect to the downstream systems for data transfer and achieving a successful connection !!

Zilani served as a Middle ware for me to find New downstream systems ( Friends ). I got three new friends in a short span of time !! Three completely Paagal (Crazy) characters similar to him !!!! Just laughing ! laughing ! laughing ! when we five are together !!

It all started on a great day where I felt like College days again. We went on to a team dinner to Sigree Global grill !! And those three Paagals along with the biggest Paagal (Zilani) came with me to Team Dinner. Himachal (one of the paagal) was new to the office that day !! It just started with “Come !! Sit with us here and eat” !! to “I felt my college days yaar !!” from Ankita’s mouth (Second of the paagal) !!
We had gone through many idiotic and stupid questions which would have been crazy for others but not for us !!! In the End only we realized that we didn’t even ask Himachal her real Name !!!!!!

It all started there and gradually day by day we started having Lunch together and I started going to Breaks after a long time in office !!…Thus a Cool Paagal Friendship started !!

One Day we were all having lunch and we were discussing how our Manager was always saying “We can go for trip yaar! Chalo !! He will say !! But also the company will not give a single Rupee for the trip !! He will say !!” But it was never getting into plan since there were many Factors which were demotivating or stopping it from occurring !!

We then in one fine lunch time started discussing about our Previous trip experiences like Zilani was blabbering as usual about Leh to Ladakh Adventure, Pune Places, his Jharkhand trek to reach his home in the forest and all !!! , I was explaining about Kodaikanal which was the best trip for me till 2 days before this date and some other falls I visited !! Athira (Third of the paagal) said she went for Night trek in Skandagiri with friends which was organized by an Event Management Group called “Eventshigh – Nammatrip”. Ankita recently had a rocking party in Pondicherry !!

Don’t know why, but may be because of jealousy of each other’s trip experience or something I am not sure but we had a crave to going on a trip together ASAP to have as much fun as possible !!

It started there !! The Tour Plan !!

Both Me and Zilani went and asked our manager about the trip planning we did but we got the same reply as I mentioned above !! So we (Zilani and me ) discussed about it for a long time and also thought about the obstacles we will face in Completing this trip successfully !! But we went ahead !! Since we had a count of 5 already !! We thought if we make it to 10 also !! We would have a great fun filled trip together !!

There are many companies working for Philips (Client) in M2 Office !!
We don’t know anyone personally other than professional purpose in the other Teams (CTS, ITC etc) which are available in the office !! So we decided to send a Mail to Wipro People alone first. And we sent one after some hilarious decorations in Outlook !!!!. We made a voting option there to select “Yes” or “No”.
Initial reaction from people was a slipper shot for us !!

We got 5 “No” within 1 min of sending the mail !! Not sure if they even read completely the mail !! And People started ignoring our Mail !! It was more Frustrating !!

It was disappointing !! Then Came the first light !! Vinay bro said He was coming !!
Then I went and discussed this with Annet, Giri and Saravanan !! They were also equally excited and fond of a trip with us together !!
But they never voted “Yes” that day. That made a lot of demotivation to our plan that day !! When people so close to us are not voting ? Then what !! Me and Zilani were discussing about it that evening (all were negative thoughts).

By the EOD, we decided to go ahead of the trip no matter what count we get !!

So we fixed a date ( Aug 3 and 4) for the trip but said that the place will be decided based on the count of people later !! And sent out a second mail !! Then we got some response from some people. we got a Par count of 10 as Yes and in that 5 are Paagal Gang !!!! We thought okay let’s move on with this and decide our location !!
So we had a meeting the next day along with the manager and discussed about the various places we could visit !!

Famous Places of South India like Kodaikanal, Gokharna, GOA, OOTY, Wayanad came into discussion !! But Me and Zilani did some research in Google before that meeting !! We had three places in mind – Kodaikanal, Gokharna, Chikmagalur (which I heard is awesome place from one team member who has a friend there !!)

First we got a BOMB from Vikrant that it should not be too long distance since our trip can be only of 2 days as our manager said !! Actually we should thank manager for that !! Or else we would never have been to that Paradise ?? !! Kodaikanal got rejected since it is dangerous to visit at this point of time because of landslides !!
Gokarna got rejected because of distance !! In the end we decided Yes !! So Chikmagalur is our place to visit !!

We went back and sent a mail again indicating the place we are going to trip and asked if all 10 members are okay with that !! May be since we had a thought that we had a slight chance of attracting more number of people through that mail we sent it to every 30 Wipro members again !!!! But No response !! Only those 10 agreed yes we are going to Chikmagalur on Aug 3 and 4 but with some exceptions / doubtful things in mind !!

After sending that email we came back to Cafeteria with Paagal Gang to elaborate that Trip and decide on the plan expansion !! We thought about how costly and difficult it will be if we have to manage each and everything like travel, Stay, Food, Guide etc separately !! It felt Hectic !! So we thought about alternate plans !! Athira’s recent Skandagiri night trek was managed by Namma trip of Events High !! And she said that trip was awesome thrilling experience and Namma trip was up to the level !! So we checked through their website if anything related to Chikmagalur was available !

We had hit the Jackpot !! Kudramukh trek !!!!!

We read through the itinerary, it was exciting
First Day : Trek to Kurinjal Peak of Kudremukh Range via Dense and Damp Forests !!
Second Day : Short trek to Elneer Falls and then Coffee Plantation Visit
This was more than enough for 2 days and they mentioned in the website about all the facilities they will provide !

We got a contact from Namma trip – ‘Sagar’ !! We called him, pinged in WhatsApp, again called him and asked him details of the trip !! It was convincing – all the details although I had a doubt of something !! but since Athira had went with them to Skandagiri trek already once, that got us a lot Confident about them !! We discussed with Sagar day to day about the updates on trip – like how members are coming, when we will pay etc etc !! Then One day One more BOMB came from Giri !!!!!!!
He said that he is opting out of the plan since he had important things to do on Aug 3 and 4 (His father’s birthday and some temple Thiruvizha (Festivities) in his Hometown )

Already it’s 11 if Giri doesn’t come !! One more person also will not come We thought !! Okay Now how to deal this !! We made a meeting again and we decided preponing the trip dates 1 week before to July 27,28 !! We thought it will be attracting more people to trip since some said because it is Aug 3 and 4 we cannot come !! But F*** they said the same shitty reasons for July 27,28 also !!

Now the Final list was made it was 11 members – Zilani, Me, Shivakshi (Himachal) , Athira, Ankita, Saravanan, Giri, Annet, Vinay, Vikrant, Siva !!
Then we sent out a Email again like Dates are preponed !! Location is fixed now !! Send money to us !! But to explain the itinerary of the trip we need to have one short meeting we decided !! So wet met again in a break !!

But My mind was still thinking of adding more people to the trip because for me I have a “logic more people is more fun” !! I made a master plan !!!! – Which Only Annet Knows !!!. Let me tell u !! I asked if her friends will come to the trip if called !! She said I doubt but let me confirm !! But I was firm in adding members !! So I asked her to go to her friends and say Mr.X coming to the trip !! And also to go to Mr.X and say that her friends are also coming to the trip, Because Mr.X was close to that gang !!!!

Now that’s a Double Dhamaka !!!!!!!!!!. Her friends approximately accepted to come to trip but they said they will confirm after sometime !! Days passed and we got no response !! One fine evening Annet came to us and said her friends are coming to the trip they are 6 in number !! I was that much Happy that I want to go throw something on to Zilani Baba’s face !!!!!! We had a meeting that day again !! The penultimate meeting !! Where we did some self introductions to get to know each other !!

I had three fears regarding the trip and it’s outcome !! and I explained that to everyone:

  1. Everyone should mingle with each other !! No one should feel alone !!
  2. At the End of the trip, No one even one of us should ever think !! “Che!! Oh Shit !! why did I come to this trip ! My time was wasted completely”
  3. The demotivating and brainwashing factors are still active inside the ODC !! I want all 17 of them not get demotivated !!

I wanted this trip to be very exciting that this should be the first of many best trips to come !!

Later that evening Annet again came and said only 2 of her friends are coming to trip !! Next day she said again only 5 may be coming !! One is not coming because of a ROFL reason!! Motion Fitness as per Zilani Baba !! Utterly disappointed !!
At least now we got 16 People !! Then it increased day by day to 19 !! We had to do some convincing and brainwashing to make that 20th person to come for the trip !!
We made a WhatsApp group and it took a lot of effort from my side to make each one talk in the group !!!!!…Some times in was only one talking !! I ask questions and I answered them myself !! So checklists came on the last before day !! It was said that leeches are more during the trek !! So everyone should bring “Salt” – which someone said is a best way to remove leeches if they bite and also to stop leeches from biting !!

We saw some culprits that night buying something secretly in Easy Bazaar while we were doing the same thing !! And so on 26 July 2019, Our First trip from Philips Started !! It was like launching a rocket from ISRO for me !! I was feeling speechless when the Bus started from Manayata Tech Park, Bangalore !! Poonam was taking video of everyone asking them who they are and where they are going !! My turn came and I was so speechless at that moment I can’t even open my mouth !!

Is this really Happening !! Am I sitting in a bus with many unfamiliar faces and going on a trip to an unknown place believing the unknown organizer !! Yes I was feeling very high !! Without even Drinking ( # I am a Teetotaler)

Then we had some snacks and some people were having chicken roll which they bought for dinner since many had to go from office directly and bring things back to bus in a jiffy !! So they bought dinner while walking towards the bus !! Thanks to them they bought extra also !!

But I was not like that !! I took a sick leave on July 26 and went to ‘Dear Comrade’ movie in the morning !! Bought some snacks for the trip after the movie and had a good sleep in my bed for 7 hrs before the trip !! I was very excited !! Bus moved some distance out of Bangalore !! Everyone were starting to sleep !! So my speechless times settled down and Ankita, Me and Zilani Baba started dancing to a Tamil song – “Kodanu Kodi song !! Huuuu!! HuHuHu HuHuHU !! HuHUHU HuHuHU !! Hoo uuu uuu !!” We did that famous step !!!!

That brought Everyone live in the bus although everyone did not contribute dancing – ( “the initial shyness” which Baba thought me is always useless !!). Then the driver stopped at some place for dinner !! There we saw SEE-SAW !! , Wooden Swing !!, slide !! Merry go round !! Hahaha !!!!!!!! Did 90’s kids things playing all that !! Then Dinner got over and we started again !! Again everyone started sleeping so Me, Saravanan, Giri had to sing song lyrics together while playing songs to wake everyone up and active but still we failed to some extent and even we started sleeping !!

We the last benchers of the bus had a sweet time with speed breakers in the night and half deep sleep !!

Once both me and Giri should shouted “*Tha!! In chorus !!!!!! that too in half sleep !! We calculated how much height we reached by each speed breaker !! It was very very uncomfortable for us there!! 6 hrs journey prolonged to 8 1/2 hrs due to some battery issue with the bus !! All night I had only one thought !! Everything should go well !! Everyone should feel happy !! That fear was still in there !!

In the Morning by 6 o’clock we reached a Place which was filled with Dense Fog !! The scenery just looked “wow” !! We all got down !! And the Namma trip Organizers guided us towards the room where we are about to stay !!

Feeling Happy that at last we reached the destination I was climbing the stairs of that building with excitement!! The guide showed us out rooms !! We opened the door of our room ! My heart stopped ! That was open hall type room with some shitty Bed Sheets and Mats which were laid down on the floor with no cot !! I went outside at once !! Next to that was bathrooms which they said is common for both boys and girls ?? I was feeling something very bad inside !! I was feeling angry !! I was getting a feeling of shouting a very bad word loudly in front of everyone !! But I controlled myself Home stay eyyy !! Home stay eyyy !! Oh F** !! What just happened “All three fears which I thought should not come !! Came into me again !!” I thought maybe some mistake happened !! So, Baba and me went down to speak with that Nammatrip organizers !!

And that guy was saying yes this is what is called Home Stay !! This what Sagar asked to give us !! I got angry, frustrated, sad, all bad negative feelings at once !! I went inside to check what that building actually was !! So I went around it !! I found something !! Oh shit !! It was a Kalyana mandapam (Marriage Hall) !! I wanted to slap Sagar so hard that he should never ever take someone to a spot like this again and tell them this is called Home Stay !! We wanted to call Sagar and kill him with words !! But no one had signal in their mobile phone !! And the BSNL phone had no balance !!

So we took the phone from the two guides Vicky and Dhilip !! Zilani did right and left to Sagar on the phone !! But that Sagar guy was giving some invalid reasons in justifying this !! So each one took a chance to show our anger towards him !! Especially Miss. Himachal ( Our Fake Manager !!!!!! ) gave him some word slaps !!
Then they said that they will give a complete real one home stay to us which has 3 rooms and one hall and many separate bathrooms !!

We agreed to that and was hoping for the best !! It was decided that we will go to trek directly and then from there directly we will shift to that New Home stay !! Then we freshened up with whatever available in that Kalyana mandapam !! We planned to leave as soon as possible from there to trek !! I was so excited for the trek !! But meanwhile those 3 fears were still running in my mind !! Wherever I go !! Whatever I do !! They are still running in my mind and killing me !!

We did some rough freshening up !! Came down to have break fast !! For breakfast we had 2 stone idly, one Good Vada which they said they will give only one like in a College Mess !!, and some type of rice which no one can find what it is !!
I used to tease Ankita !! U know in Somalia How they are suffering !! U are wasting food and all !! But that break fast except Vada, I threw everything completely into dustbin !!

I was feeling all bad colors of Emotion !! I can’t even laugh at a joke !!
Deiiii Sagarrrrrrr !!!!!!!! Then we waited for half an hour or something for the bus to arrive and take us to trekking point !!Meanwhile we played football in the open area outside that Kalyana mandapam !!!!!! Poonam was doing some crazy things here and there which was ROFL and Litf !! But those 3 fears were still running in my mind !! I thought of what these people will say when we reach office !! Already there are some demotivating factors in the office active !! What will happen !!

Oh God !! I was thinking deeply !!…then suddenly I turned for something and the football came directly towards my face via Poonam’s hands ??…WTF !! ??????…All my thoughts disappeared suddenly and I started chasing her to take revenge and meanwhile everyone joined and we played football together !! Not a match but something !! Himachal was challenging me to hit the ball straight into her face !!!!!
Then the bus came and the guide Vicky who is our guide said that bus is ready and we can start our trek to kyatanamakki hills !!

Wait what !! I asked !!

Kyatanamakki hills !! He replied

WTF !! Again happened !!
It was Kurinjal peak which we decided !! Not the Kyatanamakki or **thanamakii hills !! We called Sagar again and he was blabbering something to us that this is best than Kurinjal Peak !! This that !!

Oh shit !! No No No !! Please Please the slope is going bad and bad !! Everything is getting bad and Bad !! We called Sagar and each one took a turn in scolding him like anything !! Best One came from Vinay bro !!!!! He just shut him off !! And we finally got a first positive response !! Kurinjal peak trek of Kudremukh is ON !! I was feeling Something good at that time !! We got into the bus and they dropped us off at the Trek starting point after crossing some Forest Rangers check posts !! And here we are finally ready to start the trek !!

A Wave of thrill went inside me at the start of the trek !!

People started taking precautionary steps washing their legs with salt water !! Applying salts on their legs and shoes etc etc !! But I never cared !! I had self belief !!! And Trek started !! We went through some beautiful line of trees and plants which filled out the lungs with a good amount of fresh oxygen !! I felt happy !!

After crossing the line of trees , we started walking to the damp forests where the worst fears are waiting !! It was extremely damp with an awesome look !! Got Avatar Feel while seeing broken trees here and there !! A very tall tree too !! It was damp everywhere and there were little demons hiding everywhere to attack !! Yes the Leech army !!

Many people hesitated to dance in the bus !! But now I can see people dancing everywhere to check if leeches are there in their shoes for each and every step !! It was fun everywhere around to see that people who applied the salt more were the first to get attacked by the leeches !!!!! Siva was playing songs and he was the fastest and the bravest one moving around before everyone !!

Everyone forgot that tactics to stop leech attack is to walk fast !! Instead they stopped here and there for checking and got 2 extra !!!!!! So we moved towards the Kurinjal peak via the damp forests for a long long time some surviving leeches and some with bites. It was an 18 KM trek to and fro !! The slope got steeper steeper as we climbed through towards the hilltop !! The bushes were getting nearer and route very very narrow !! We had to help each other in climbing the slopes which were Nearly vertical !!

After some long struggle of climbing we reached a view point !! not the peak but a viewpoint !! The scenery was so astonishing that if there was a chair I can sit all day and have a view at it without getting bored !! We did a Boomerang there !!!! Oiii Himachal !! Throgi !! Posted it !!!!! Had an awesome feeling !! Thrilling to watch clouds nearby !! Then started climbing again towards peak !! Some of us thought of giving up on the middle !! Even I had that thought at one point !! I wore jeans which made it difficult to climb very vertical slopes !! But we motivated ourselves and moved forward without hesitating and thinking about anything else !! Only thought in our mind was reaching the Peak !!

We motivated ourselves saying we reached !! Only a bit more !! Only a bit more !! But it was going on and on !! At last 19 out of the 20 of us reached the hilltop !! I was proud that all girls climbed the Kurinjal Peak !! Salute !! Queens !! No one gave up till the end !! 4 of the 20 of us went one more level high and were doing yoga sort of things at the peak edge !!!!!!! Reaching was a good feeling !! The view was awesome, we could see nothing except the clouds !! It was like we were standing in a balcony and could see nothing down !! At times we can’t even see each other !! We found something new that day !! Every time rain would come from top to bottom but on that peak rain was coming from bottom to top !!…Umbrella need to be shown down instead of upwards !!!! Hahaha !!! Awesome Experience !!!

Felt first Cloud Nine there !!

We spent half an hour or something sitting in the peak top and having some fresh air and chillness !! Then we climbed down !! I was hungry as hell !! I ate only once in the 2 day till the time we reached the peak !! We had lunch packed in our hands by Namma trip Organizers but since hands are dirty and water bottles got empty we were not able to eat !! Some washed hands in the rain !! And some ate with spoons !! But deep down I was feeling very hungry !! I was hoping for best in the new Home stay !!

Then we climbed down with each careful step. It was raining in patches in the mountain !! Rain was making our climb down tough !! But together we managed climbing down the steep slopes together !! Then everyone split into groups and I had a thought to check how everyone was feeling about the trip !! So I just got into each group once in 2 KMs !!

Initially we were going together !! First Gang Himachal, Athira, Ankita !! Then I got to the second gang Nivedha, Meena, Anjali, Poonam, Zilani Baba ( You know about Zilani Baba – travels only with girls !! Hahaha!! ), then the third gang – Giri, Annet, Asha, Siva, Vinay, Alka and then fourth ( Actually not a gang !!! Me and that Forest ranger alone !!!!) He showed me a foot long leech or earthworm or a combination of both I don’t know !! The ranger was taking video it !! He told me that he had to show it on the check posts to identify what species was that Even he doesn’t know !! He was doing a good job !! He picked up all the plastic papers thrown by trekkers on to the forest areas and he was feeling responsible for that !! Felt good of him !! Salute !!

Then I joined a new gang whom I don’t know !! They were all together 15 people may be !! They were singing together in various languages in making them stop realizing the long distance they had to travel down the hill !! Then I joined the final gang Vikrant, Pravallika, Tej and Lavanya !! And I climbed the peak successfully with them towards the bus !! I got a very good feeling travelling with every gang and felt that everyone was happy and thrilled of the trek experience !! This was a first trek experience for many !! For me it was number 4 !!

After reaching down the mountain the real fun started !!!!! Everyone were finding leeches in their bodies !!!!! And the blood flow never stopping if we pull out the leech !! Siva was the major victim who had couple leeches intertwined inside his shoes !! Many were having leech attacks on them except Me, Giri and Meena !!

Marked Safe during Leech attack !!!!!!!

Then we proceeded towards the new Home stay which we hoped for the best !! They dropped us in the middle of the road and said that we have to walk half a kilometer to that home stay !! Already our legs were paining as hell ?? !! But still excitement was there about the Home stay !! I was hoping for the best !!

The path to home stay had a rope bridge which was dancing in the air if more than 5 people stepped on it !! It was a great feeling to walk through that rope bridge !! And then we reached the Home stay !! I went towards it and from in front of the door of that stay I looked around !! Just Wow !!!!!! This was the only building there which was surrounded all around by mountains and forests !! Sounds of frogs, birds, crickets and some weird sounds came around !!

Felt second Cloud nine there !!

It was my dream spot !! I wanted to live a life at the end of my days in such kind of spot !! I got a chance now itself for a rehearsal !! We were welcomed warmly by the Family living in that home !! They gave us Hot tea !! And some onion pakoras !!!!! Oo!! Hoo!! Hare yaar !! We have done it !! Can’t express in words the pursuit of happiness we had there !! One by one we took baths and freshening up !!
We thought sending girls first to bath was important but sorry that was a wrong decision !! One was taking 1 hr to bath !!! And Zilani Baba suffered because of that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we decided against our decision and all the boys 8 of them completed their bath in half and hour !!! Then girls resumed again !! We were all refreshed up !! We sat together and got to know each other !! Independent of the languages we spoke !! We had been laughing hard on everything which came from our mouth !! I felt I found a Gang there !! We sat there talking talking talking !! Everyone was excited and No one left their place !! I thought “Really are these the people who were hesitating to speak a word in WhatsApp group ?” !! And Now we are fluent in speaking openly whatever we want !! That was a completely warm feeling !!

Then we had set up a Bonfire/ campfire !! And we did some truth or dare and the details of which cannot be exposed !! Sorry !! Then we had a great dinner !! Chapati!! Chenna!! Rice !! Sambhar !! Papad/Appalam!! Payasam !! I was waiting for this feast !!! Then after dinner again we resumed Campfire for sometime !!

Then 13 of us had a plan…others went to sleep !! The plan was Bluff game !! The best thing we did to interact with ourselves during the trip !! First game I was targeted since I said I was a King of bluff !!!…but I showed them why I was called that !!!!!…Poor Meena and Poonam !!!…Fell for all the traps !!!…Bluff gave me a realization of Friendship there !! We played on and on till one of us thought to sleep !! It was 2.30 or something when we ended the game !! We were laughing hard and shouting like anything without caring who is sleeping and who is not !!! It was an awesome feeling !! Pravallika and Saravanan !! Pass Pass persons !!…Giri !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!! Poor guy !!!. It was decided Girls would sleep in bedroom and boys in the Hall. So everyone went to sleep knowing about the next day’s plan of waking 7 in the morning to go to the falls !!

Sleep was not coming for me !! I went outside and had some alone time with the Nature !! Sitting on the outside Veranda of the house in a Chair !! Tube light was on !! I started typing what and all I did till that point about the trip how it started ? and where it is now ? in my phone !! Which had absolutely no signal at all !! I wanted this life !! No WIFI !! No Facebook !! No WhatsApp !! No memes !! And I got it for 2 days !!
Then after some half and hour I went to sleep in a cozy, comfortable Bed with a warm sheet of blanket !!…Feeling Heaven !

I never knew when I slept !! Suddenly I woke in the morning because of an unwanted alarm !!…Felt very good of the sleep I had!! Can’t even get up from bed !! It was that comfortable !! Chill !! Cozy and Comfortable !! Then we some of us refreshed up !! Especially those who never played cards with us !! And we sat in outside Veranda and had some morning talks about the slopes and twists which happened in the trip !!

From absolute 0 to complete 100 we reached !!

We had some good talks about various places to visit in upcoming trips and all !!
And about the scenic beauty of the place we were sitting !! And many other topics came into the picture !! We were just communicating on and on and on for more than 2 and a half hours !! Then we had a great breakfast !! Karnataka style !! Rice balls !! Chutney !! Vermicelli Pulav !! Sweet Bonda !!!!!! Some missed Sweet Bonda !!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we were in two mindsets !! Some were afraid of coming to the falls being afraid of leeches !! Some of us want the falls for compulsory !! Heard that it will be the best one of this trip !! Since time went late !! We wasted more time wantedly to stay in that Cozy comfortable middle of the forest house !!!! So we had a choice of either Coffee Plantation or Water Falls !! We boys decided we can’t skip the falls no matter what !! We bade Goodbye and our hearty thanks to the family who gave home stay for us !! Took a Photograph with them !!

And then we decided to move towards the falls !! It needs a Short trek there for that Falls !! Except 3, everyone decided to go towards the falls no matter what leeches are there !! Actually leeches were very less there !! In fact near waterfalls !! It was absolute Zero !! It was a good comfortable short trek to the falls from paradise !!!!…Only 4 of us went inside the falls to have the feeling of water !! Ooo!! We had awesome feeling inside the water !!…it had awesome view !! Water was falling at such height and speed that at a point where it hits you can feel like someone threw a big rock on u !!!!!! The Best Falls I ever visited !! Just slept on the rocks for sometime with water falling over me !! Did some Baba yoga !!!! Pranayama !!!!! What a Feel in chill water !! I can say others missed that heavenly feel ??…Saravanan, Me, Poonam and Siva are lucky that we did not hesitate in going inside the falls !!!!!

Just Wow !! Wow Wow !! Third Cloud Nine !!!!!!!!

Best Part of the trip in my point !! Trekking to find a waterfall is the best thing anyone can do in his/her life !! This was fourth waterfall trek for me !!!!!! If they leave me, I can stay there all day !!! under the water !! Then we went back to that shitty Kalyana mandapam and changed our dresses !! And also to check if safe from one more leech attack !!

Marked safe ! Again from leech attack !!!!!!!!

Then we got into the bus and moved towards Bangalore !! Hungry again because of the falls !! I was that hungry that I would kill anyone and eat there !!!! To stop that I had some Short nap in the bus amongst that shitty bouncy last seat speed breakers things !! Then we reached a Hotel Midway around 5.40 PM something !! Hotel name Patanjali hotel !!!!! Litf !! We went inside and I made a very bad decision when I sat among vegetarian !! And the decision went so bad when I chose onion Dosa for dinner …it took 1 hr to make Dosa …I was watching everyone eating Briyani !! Butter chicken !! Naan !! Kulcha!! Mutton Curry !! Kadai Paneer !! Bla !! Bla !! Bla !!
Oh God !! At Last after a millennium Dosa came !! And the rivalry started there !! # Meena atrocities

After Dinner we got into the bus !! And I wanted to end this trip in a high note !! I wanted that high Josh in everyone !! So I asked for Gang Style song to play !! Which was the seed of all that happened aftermath !! Almost everyone Danced !! That too continuously for more than 2 hrs of dance that too in the bus !! And I started liking some Hindi songs also there !!! It saw best dancer Ankita to the worst dancer Zilani Baba !!! Baba all natural steps !! Cigarette steps, Pan Masala steps, Body spray steps, Leech Steps, drinking steps ON ! ON ! ON! “DJ Nivedha Paatu poda !! Adhuku Naanga ellarum aada orae kootha irndhuchi ” When Poonam joined Baba became Litf ….that too that jinguh !! Jinguh !! Jinguh!! Jinghat !! Aaaah!!! Song Awesome !! Awesome !! yaar

It’s a Dream Come true for me !!

I wanted to find more friends here since I was feeling a bit lonely before some days !! It started with One and Now ended up 20 !! Best Gang !!
So Today , Now when I entered the room at 11.00 PM on Sunday night ( 28 July 2019).
I had 2 feelings !! One – Happiness – I got new friends, new experiences, New kind of trek, Awesome Falls experience, Best Interactive times, a dream Home stay and many more!!
Two – Some Emotion I don’t know – Like now I am feeling Normal days as Odd !!
The Memory of a trip is the memory which is not stored in your phone memory they say !! Yes it is a fact !! Elneer Falls !!!!!! it will stay in my heart forever !!!

“If we were to stay at one place, we would have roots instead of feet” !! Realized that !!

Thanks Thanks Thanks a lot everyone making this Dream trip coming true !! I am sure everyone is at Cloud Nine !! I have sensed that !!
Be Happy !! Make Others Happy !! Spread love to all !!
One More Trip Coming Soon !! Hope Everyone will join !!
Once again Thanks a lot Coolest and Craziest Dancing Gang !!
Travel makes one modest !! You see What tiny place you occupy in the world !!

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles !! – Tim Cahill
Well said !!

Feeling Happy in sharing my most Emotional Memory here !! Readers !! If you feel low at any point of time in your Life !! Just take a leave from your work !! Go for a Vacation !! Travel Places !! Get to know People !! Be Crazy !! Have Fun !! Try Finding Happiness in Every Little things in Life !! Continue Reading !! Travel without Travelling through Reading !! Bazinga !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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