Self Motivation !!

Trust no one but yourself. Chances, Risks, Mistakes, Misfortunes shouldn’t paralyze you. Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean you failed. Anger, Lust and Avarice are always a doorway to Failure. Comparison is a thief of joy. Money will solve 97% of your problems. The remaining 3% is up to you. The biggest lie is the lie of your imperfection. Your heart is the best compass. The Slightest of actions are better than the boldest of intentions (Actually Robin Sharma taught me that). It is far better to be exhausted from lots of efforts and learning, than to be tired of doing absolutely nothing. You are going in the right direction when few people start to hate you. But when that few changes to many, then it’s time to change your profession. Perhaps you got talent but you need to work hard to nurture it. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. Judging People is a waste of time. Don’t become a Philosopher before you become rich (Actually Shah Rukh Khan taught me that). There’s nothing bigger than self respect. Don’t Stop. Just Keep Going.

People may laugh at your dreams. They may tease you for your looks. They may say you are wasting your time with your Hard Work. Some People may be acting in front of your eyes as a Friend but may be betraying behind your back somewhere. They may be speaking bad about your Hard work and the Progress you are making in your life. There is no need for you to worry about that. In fact don’t even take it to your mind. If you are getting to know about such things take it through one ear and let it go through the other one. They are wasting their time doing such useless things. Instead they could have did something useful in that time like analyzing the steps to progress in their life and career, expressing their love to their loved ones, caring for the needful people etc. Instead they are wasting their time in speaking bad about you. Feel pity for them. Be Happy because of that your fan base is increasing. Even though they are speaking bad about you they are spreading knowledge to people that a person like this exist’s. Who knows somewhere someone may recognize you and will appreciate you through that also. Let the Dogs bark, you have the attitude of a lion and give your Hard Work in the path you chose. You will succeed one day. You will reach the mountain top and they will still be at the bottom, still barking.


Remember the following always!!

If 4 People join hands they can change the fortunes of their Home. If 4 Homes join hands they can change the fortunes of their street. If 4 Street join hands they can change the fortunes of their Area. If 4 Area joins hands they can change the fortunes of their district. If 4 districts join hands they can change the fortunes of their State. If 4 States join hands they can change the fortunes of their Country. If 4 Countries join hands they can change the fortunes of the World. Actually Change is not something which happens outside. Change is something which happens inside each and everyone of us. We should change first. To change the Society and its System. This is did not happen for me !! I did not get this !! I need this for me !! Stop saying these. Instead of using “Me” in everything, if everyone starts using “We”, the change that is needed to make the World a better place to live in can be achieved very soon. Thinking of Each and Everyone’s benefit is an important thing which will take this world to next level.

Whatever situation you are in ! Don’t hesitate to help others. Don’t ever think “Life is so unfair ! Even if you help others without any hesitation and expectation also, in the end its only you, who is getting hit at the back” !! Every situation you go through is teaching you something !! You learn to tackle new kind of People and Situations and so eventually you grow !! If you went through the hell of flames once, give a bucket of water when others go through the same hell !! So that they will not suffer the same !! Learn and Teach !! And that is always a good Motto !!

One thing I believe in is “Being a Ladder in Someone’s life can bring you more happiness than you climbing your own ladder” In Tamil there is a saying like “அடுத்தவன் கண்ணில் இன்பம் காண்பதும் காதல் தான்..!!”

Life is like playing Cricket on a slow pitch!!

Better set your own target and wait for others to make a mistake, so you can succeed easily. Than to chase an already set target from someone. That will be difficult. You may stumble at some point. You may never know even if target is less why it was that difficult to chase. Think about it !!

When someone puts you down !! Don’t lose your hope. Just Do one thing. Smile and Move On. That will kill them. Don’t change your style, character and attitude for those people. Just Ignore them for now and prove them wrong with your Success One Day. Just Work Hard towards that One Day !! ‘When your “WHY” is big enough you will find your “HOW” ‘ means understanding the deep meaning behind your actions will fuel you to the path of success.

Be Happy !! Make Others happy !! Spread Love !! Help Others !! Motivate both yourself and others !! Never Lose Hope !! Never Quit !! If you feel low !! Look at the stars and realize you are just a teeny tiny piece here and there is no need to worry about anything !! Just Love what you have !! Try to live a lovable life !! Whatever it i s, just take a deep breath, call your best friend, vent out all that anger. Talk, Share, laugh, smile and realize that life isn’t that bad if you have such real friends.

Try anything and everything !! Learn new things !! Don’t feel shy !! Always Be Open to learn new things !! We have many things to explore in this life !! Don’t always believe what you hear is right !! Analyze things and get to really know if that’s true !! The Age currently we are is the independent age !! It is the right time to test our capacity, capability in various paths and find our own path !! If we fail today !! It is just a try !! But if we fail after 10 years it will make an impact on everyone in the Family !!! Start now itself !! Fail ! Fail hard !! Only on Failing you will find out which is your path of career in your life !! Don’t work for money !! Work if you really like working in that stream !! If it gives Happiness to you !!

Don’t forget you have to make your family proud before leaving this Earth !! Because wherever you are now they have been the backbone for you !! Making you to stand steadily even during troublesome times !! Never make them feel bad of you !!! Make them Lift their heads high when someone is speaking about you !! If ever you feel low / feeling to quit, just think of your parents !! Think of how much hard work they have put in to bring you to the level you are now !! Even if you are not making them proud !! Don’t make them feel bad about you !! Don’t Quit !! Try Hard !! Harder !! Hardest !! If Life hits you !! Fight hard and hit it back !! Follow your passion and achieve your dreams !!

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Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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