Mother – The Symbol of Pure Eternal Love !!

Amma – Mother – Mummy – Maa – Mee – Mom ❤

What does the word “Mother” makes you remember ?

The One who is the owner of all the following Qualities right : Affection, Friendliness, Love, Responsiveness, Warmth, Sacrifice.

It’s as simple as the Dialogue in PuduPettai Tamil Movie : “Who doesn’t like Mother even Cats and Dogs like their Mother” !!

The First Blood donation every Person gets is a Mother’s Milk.

Even before seeing our Face, before hearing our voice, before getting to know our Character, the only heart which loved us is “Amma”

Assuming that the child will die if she sleeps in a wrong position, She sacrificed her sleep for more than 7 months till the Baby Comes out Healthy. That’s “Amma”

More than the desire of making us teach how to walk, her concentration was more focused on not letting us fall down. That’s “Amma”

To hear that sound of word “Amma !!” Once from her child. During the Pregnancy Delivery time, she shouted Amma !! Amma !! 1000 times. That’s “Amma”

Don’t know but may be because we know the pain she had to go through to give birth to us…we too cried during our birth.

We may not remember the memories of our first 10 years of life, we have to understand that she was the one who dedicated her entire 10 years for taking care of us. We can say its just 10 years man, But After marriage starting from the 10 th month to the 10 th year, she sacrificed all she dreamed to make us happy and dedicated her life completely to us.

Meanwhile Taking care of the family, Doing all the Household chores, Facing all the Family issues, she will also guide us to the next level in life.

After Finishing our school, when we land our Feet in College gates, her Jewels would have seen many Pawn broker shops and many Banks.

To make our Career Dreams Come true, she may also sometimes lose her normal dreams which comes during sleep.

If we fall in love at teen ages, she will denounce us like it’s the nature of a mom and she will explain to us what is wrong and what is right at that age to do. She will guide us through our love life for sure but only after some resistance.

She will pray to the god daily for making us to see the world and achieve the dreams which she could not.

If we leave our Hometown to work in a outside place, She will live with our memories running through her daily..She will call us or message us or contact us through whatever way she can atleast once a day to make sure we are Happy in this Foreign place.

In her life, She spent more time in living for her Children than for herself.

She may not be beautiful in terms of dressing, Voice etc but her Smile is enough for making the world to shed Happy Tears on the sight of her.

Although she faces Sorrows, tortures..She will never expose them even if her Parents house or other relative’s house is nearby..She will live sometimes even in hunger and Starvation without speaking a word against the words of her husband who tied Mangalsutra around her neck. She did all this only for us. She is living with us as an angel and a God by taking care of us in whatever situation she is

“Amma” is not just a word to forget and move on…it is a blood relation that is mixed with our Soul.

Whenever I see smokes, I remember her blowing air in those days into the Firewood Stoves ( Viragu Adupu – the one in which we burn logs to Cook )

The first women who loved me and the first women I loved is “Amma”

Even if thousand hands are there to wipe my tears off, but when she wipes my tears with her saree’s end…all my unhealable wounds and sorrows fly away like dust in the air.

I will sleep even on Stones and sand, if u r there to sing lullaby to make me sleep.

You struggled with your breath to give birth to me, I Promise I will make sure u do not struggle for anything till my last breath Amma !!

Whenever I read about true love…Your face is the first I see “Amma” – The Unconditional love you gave without expecting back anything.

One who does sacrifices in life is “APPA”, the One who sacrifices the whole life is “Amma”

We never realize what and all sacrifices our Amma did to us throughout her life. When we realize it, maximum She will not be in our life.

Love your Mom!! When She is with you !! Make her Happy!! Make her feel proud by making her dreams come true through you!! Because she will be the only person one who believes in you no matter what, when no one else will be there to !!

Whatever good things or bad things happen in my life…the first person I share it with is my mom…if in get Appreciated for something first thing I will call her and let her know…if some one hurt me for something…I will call her and let her know…..if I get a new friend, if I lose a close friend..I will let her know..Who doesn’t like Mother…even dogs and cats like their Mother 💓..My guide…One Person who is always on my side…who thought me to write …who thinks me as a pride…there is nothing to her which I can hide..I like the potatoes which she fried….The one I am eagerly waiting to find me a bride….Because nothing works by itself I tried I tried 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝🤣🤣🤣💓💓

Whatever Relationship comes into your life – Amma is Amma always 💓 !! I lived like a King in my House !! Even Now when I go home I will be taken care of like a King !! Realizing gradually now after PG Bachelor life, how hard My Mom works daily to manage each and everyone of us !!

There were days when I feel good going to college only if I see my mom’s face in the balcony while moving towards the college bus !! If I miss one day, that will be a bad day for me !! You may think it’s Superstition, But for me it’s above that !!

Even now when I go home on weekends, both my Father and mother will come with me till I get into a Auto/Bus and will wait till it leaves our road/ their eyesight and then only they will go back home !!

She used to say I am not hungry if everyone ate and if there is a need to cook only for her !! I have said I am also hungry ma for making her cook even though I am full 😊 !! But Many Will think you would have been hungry da Don’t act !! May be 😝😝 !! There were days when I never ate due to some office works !! No One would ask did you eat and all !! When I come to room and Open my WhatsApp !! I can see a Message in Tamil or Wrongly typed English !! This is a Message she sent me I am copy pasting – “ரவி ரூமுக்கு வந்தியாடா சாப்டாச்சா என்ன சாப்பாடு எப்படி இருக்க நல்லா இருக்கியா”, “வணக்கம் மகனே உணவு அருந்தி விட்டாயா”, “ரவி என்னபன்ற சாப்டாச்சா என்ன சாப்பாடு”, “ரவி உணவு அருந்தி விட்டாயா நாளைக்கி வர பயணச்சீட்டு வாங்கிவிட்டாயா” “Ravi Sabtaja nalaike uruku variya”. No one else does that. But it’s her only her. May be Annet (My Friend) asks sometimes 😁. Friends and Brothers share memes, laugh Hard etc etc but asking did you eat ?? Is a Mom’s Dialogue Forever !! Also a Dad’s dialogue is there !! It will not be to us !! It will be to Mom !! “Did he eat ??”

If she cooks Dosa and if the batter can produce 10 Dosa !! You Know me !! She will be like One more !! One more !! One more !! Till all 10 gets over !! And then She will say wait !! I will come back. She will go to the shop and buy 2 more batters !! And it continues !! Now Can you realize why I am like this 😂😂

In Childhood and all I was the one who would be going to all the shops to buy things for my Home !! I was a regular customer to many shops !! In Some Shops, if I make an appearance itself !! Oh Hey Ravi ! Here already I packed it !! Take it and Go !! It was like that !! But gradually as I grew up !! It stopped and nowadays ! My Mom asks my little brother to do that !! And he will be like “Andha Eruma maadu summa thaana irkan !! En avan Po maatana !!” She will say “He is a big boy da !!” But Mom !! You are Older than me !! Then why are you going still each time !! She used to walk down the stairs 1000 times a day !! Mainly because of me and my brothers !! That too my Mom is a working Lady !! She helps my Dad at work !! There were days when she got broke also because of this continuous walking up and down 😅 !! Sorry Amma !!!

For Every 2 days, Water will come in the Government Pumps we installed in our house !! She used to pump water alone many times !! She never scolds us for not helping !! Only My Father gets all Scolding 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 !! Paavam !! Sorry Amma and Appa !!

Kaju katli is the favorite sweet to me and my Mom !! If there are 10 in a box !! And if I am eating 2 at a time !! She will say I don’t like this today !! Don’t know why !! You have it all !! I am already full she will say !! And I never realized that at that time !! That she did a sacrifice !! Now if I think about it – “Ada Vekkangetta Naayae enada panni vachiruka”

There were days when I secretly walk inside the kitchen at midnight to check if any food is there or not !! If there is nothing I will return back with a sad face !! And I would find her standing there !! Even at that time in half sleep she cooks Maggi or a Dosa or something for me !! Only for me 😂😂 !! If it’s my brothers – “Saavdichirvan poi thoongu da” 😂😂 !!

I realized the value of Home Food (My Mom’s Food) !! Only After the first bite of my PG food !! Me and My brothers used to scold her during school time !! If she says today tomato rice for school !! Last week only u did tomato rice !! Do something new ma !! But now longing for that Tomato Rice and Omelette 😓

I never do late night studies !! But my Brothers do only late night studies !! That too only on the last day !! I have seen My Mom staying with them without sleep all night as a Moral Support !! So that they will not sleep !! She gave Tea, Coffee and all for them at midnight !! I have seen that !! 😍 Thank you Amma !!

Please never ever ask your mom to wake you up in the morning !! You will ask her to wake you up at 9.00. But She will wake you up at 6.00 and say “Dai ! It’s 9.30 da !! Wake up soon” 😒😒😒

There were days when I try to find a thing which I kept somewhere, I search it for like half an hour and still can’t find it !! But She will come and it will be directly before where I stand !! I can’t understand that Magic till now 😅😂😂😂😂❤ Thank You Amma !!

The Worst thing we can do is pissing her off while sleeping !! While she is watching TV or sitting silently and all we will be silent !! Just when we start to sleep !! We Will shout, Sing a song in motta rajendran’s voice, WWE fights etc etc 😂😂 !! Very bad Ra reii Amit 😂😂😂 !! Realizing one by one !! Some day she will be Okay !! Do Do !! Someday She will throw whatever comes in hand near where she sleeps 😂😂😂 !! Sorry Amma !!

She will never allow our father to scold us !! If He scolds us !! She will stop him anyhow !! But She will replicate the exact anger our father had on us after he leaves !! She would say – “Think about your Father at least once, how hard he works for us !! I Only know that How he is working hard to save each and every penny for u !! And U !! What u r doing !! Realize !!” That’s My Mom !! ❤❤❤❤ And Yes my Father is a Hard worker !! He Works from morning 4 to night 11 for nearly since past 35 years !! All this Only for us !! The Word “Ideal Couple” !! It’s My Father and Mother !! They are the most suitable example for it !! Whatever he thinks !! Even before he spells out !! My Mom will say the exact thing what he thought !! And He will laugh like anything !! He will say “Epidi Ma !!! Naan yosi chadha crct ah sollirra” His laugh will show Everything !! 😂😂😂😂 Pure Hearts both !! ❤❤

The most innocent pure hearts I have seen ❤ !!

I am not an atheist !! But I don’t have that much belief towards God !! For me “A Person Showing simple act of kindness / sharing a Simple Love / Taking a Good Care of People is God” Whenever we fell sick !! Like my accident / Chickenpox times / One big tragedy which I can’t explain in words, She will wake up early in the morning go to temple !! Pray for us daily !! The Only things which runs inside her is somehow he should get back to normal !! she will pray each and every minute !! I will ask Why ma !! If you go to Temple daily How will this get cured !! She will say u close your mouth !! U don’t know anything 😅 !! Really Is it me who don’t know!!! 😂😂 But that Love she shows without expecting anything back is God !! My Mom is God !! All of our Moms are God ❤ !!

She likes to go to her native for the Kovil Thiruvizha ( Temple Celebrations ) which happens every year !! She likes only ! I said !! But She misses it each and every year because we have Annual exam or Special classes bla bla bla !! She went only twice in 10 years 😅 !! How can l leave them alone and go she will say !! Even the two times she went !! She will call and ask Did you eat ? Did you eat ? Did you eat ? 1000 times ❤

The best thing that happened in the last vacation !! I secretly entered my house at night and Table fan was near my Dad when I entered !! Then I slept near brothers !! And in the morning when I woke up !! I can feel fast air hitting my face !! Table fan was near me !! My Mom’s work !!

Here comes the best part:

❤ That Innocence of Mom ❤…She taught me how to write the first ever word “அ”…I taught her how to Sign in English..She taught me how to bargain in a shop…I taught her how to use Internet and order online…She taught me how to cook Maggi/Omelette…I taught her how to watch Cooking/Tailoring Videos on YouTube..She taught me Tamizh…I taught her English…She taught me how to walk…I taught her how a motor bike works..My First best Friend..Amma❤..The best Company ever…This how I became what I am today 😎🙏

The Most important goal I have in my life is to take her on a Plane One day !! And Show how it feels !! We had that talks in my Childhood !! That is my Ultimate Dream !! Taking my Family on an Aeroplane to any destination !! It will be Madurai !!

As any parent will tell you, the practice of raising a child can be extremely difficult, and mothers definitely deserve our thanks and praise.

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother !! If I had a single flower for Every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my Garden !!

Thank You Amma for all the time you were there for me and also for all the time you will be there for me !!!

Love you 3000 Amma ❤❤❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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