A Note to Myself !!

Nobody knows better than you that it hasn’t been easy all this while, the times when you felt that you have failed to make anybody understand what you are going through, the times you feel that nobody cares what you think, the times when you tried and tried hard but all the words of encouragement you read fell apart in reality. Yet you stayed strong and tried everything possible but that feeling of Gloominess was eating you up. 

For all those times when you displayed a courage that was unique, thank you for being who you are, in all those times when you thought you failed thank you for enduring, thank you for inspiring your family and friends because even when you were doing the little, you were making a big difference and it was that time you were coming closer to what you want to achieve, in all those times when people were misunderstanding you, you were coming closer to another set of people who love you and will always stay by your side, in all those times when you struggled not to give up, you came closer to your unique purpose. The best part is that the time will come when everything that happened would reveal it’s true purpose and everything will start making sense.

You are Incredible!! and loved by the Universe.

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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