Money vs Love – A Comparison

Money Comes today and goes back tomorrow in the same way it came !!

Love and affection ( Paasam ) is the only one that is always stable !!

Don’t ever ignore love and Affection for Money !!

Nowadays the respect we get for Money and Beauty is not the same in case for good Character and Courtesy !!

One who doesn’t have Money even if he works in a Hotel he will come and eat only in his home !!

One who has Money even if he has food in his home, he will go and eat in a hotel/restaurant !!

One who doesn’t have Money will walk or ride a bicycle to fill his Stomach !!

One has Money will walk or ride a bicycle to reduce his stomach !!

One who doesn’t have Money he will run throughout his life and work hard everyday for Food !! Food !! Food !! only. Both for him and his Family. (Soathukaaga oduvan)

One who has Money will run his life everyday for increasing his Wealth and Property !! Property !! Property !! (Sothukaaga Oduvan)

One who doesn’t have Money will pretend and act like he is rich. He wants to and always have that thought of becoming rich one day. We can notice maximum spendthrift people are poor people.

One who has all the Money will Pretend or act to show that he is poor. We can notice maximum stringent people are rich people.

When we are Happy and Peaceful, we run behind achieving all money !! When we have money, we run for achieving Happiness and Peace

In this world the only deciding factor for people to lift you over their head or throw you in ditches is “Money” !! (Eppavumae Gunathuku Mela Panam than Inga)

Money is always “Ultimate” here !! 

Remember !!

We can exist without Love but we cannot exist without Money and we can live without Money but we cannot live without Love !!

Money is important to survive but it doesn’t always love you back.But love and affection is the only thing in the world that lasts forever. 

Love is hard to find, whereas money can always be made one way or the other. The only difference is that if you lose all your money, you can always get it back. But not in case of love !! Once hurt it stays hurt forever !!

Its good to have money and the things money can buy, but its good too, to checkup once in a while that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy !!

Money is just a tool !! Having More money will not make you rich !! Even People with more money suffer a lot !! 

But Love is an Energy !! If it increases you really become rich !! You will get Self Confidence, Support, Happiness,Healthiness,Kindness,Connection with People, also can lead you to self Discovery and even source for money can also be possible !! 

Money can find you a fine dog, but only Love can make him wag his tail !!

Becoming thirstier for Money will lead you to bad ways, but becoming thirstier for Love will for sure bring you a lots and lots of fortunes !!

Some People are so poor that all they have is only Money in their Life and absolutely nothing else !! Life is not about becoming rich in money !! It is all about becoming rich in Memories and Moments !! In the End you take away only the Memories with you !! nothing else !! 

When you are alive collect Moments not Things !! Earn Respect not Money !! And enjoy Love not Luxury !!

With Love – The One among you !! The One who doesn’t run behind money !! The One who runs behind a Simple Love one can show to everyone !!  Who thinks Love and Money are both the balanced Breadwinners !!

Do what you Love and the Money will follow you eventually !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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