Life is a journey – Enjoy the Ride to the Core !!

A religious person will do what he is told !! No matter what is right !!
Whereas a spiritual person will do what is right !! No matter what he is told !!

There are a lot of young people who suffer for one main reason.
They believe that they should have their life ‘figured out’.
And I can’t fault you for having that desire.
Society has beaten into your head that you’re degenerate, or that you are worthless if you haven’t figured it out.

Life doesn’t rhyme !!

Get caught in the rain. Get Drenched.

Walk and Speak Emotionally with someone in the rain. Dance in the rain with friends.

Play football on the street with friends in a heavy rain. Eat Hot Bujji and Chai in the very Cold Rainy Evenings !!

Laugh out loud while you are alone. Please don’t infront of everyone wearing an headset totally forgetting where you are !! I have such experience and it will be very awkward. hahaha !!

Go on adventures and get lost. Have a gang of minimum 5 friends who will be there for you to go on a trip anytime whenever you are tired of work/feeling pretty low.

Paint even though you are not an artist.

Really get to know people. Make new friends.
Have a close friend of Opposite gender who will be Supportive in any case, as your chatterbox, as your go to person, as your Therapist/ Psychologist who gives free advice, who can be your mother, sister, friend all in one

Get your heart broken and put all the pieces back together.

Put your hand up in classes only to get you wrong.

Wonder about things.

Read a Very good emotional book and fall in love with the characters, that you will start searching that character in your real life

Remember that sunrises are free.

Let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.

Work through bad hair days.

Get drunk and tell people how you really feel at 4 am. People like me don’t even need to get drunk, after 11 PM it will all become emotional.

Try out for the team.

First of all, Love Your Family.

Have feelings for your best friend.

Believe that everything happens for a reason.

Look at the stars and finally realize just how small you are.

Travel for a year and look at the world differently when you come back.

Eat that Redvelvet Cupcake.

Never regret anything – at one time it was exactly what you wanted.

Forgive and Forget.

Don’t hold anything back.

Love the music and the memorable moments.

Because Nobody lives forever, and life is really really short !!!

Here’s the truth:

Life’s a journey !!

Journeys do not require that subject be at a particular point.
Journey require the subject to grow, to learn, to gain new experience and knowledge.
Before going to bed, remind yourself that you’re on your journey, and let go of the obsession to ‘figure your life out’.

Stay in the present !
You will succeed one day !*
You have given so much, You have worked so hard, You have fought through so many things just to make it here.
You have taken the leap and you have waited.
You have not given in to shortcuts. But sometimes the soul needs to be reminded

The work you are putting in is not going to go in vain. You will reap your success one day.

Be Happy !! SPREAD Happiness and love ♥♥

Remember this following Story always whenever you face a hard situation in Life :

A Young Guy scolded an Old Man who was walking very slowly in the narrow stairs.
The Old man was just laughing.
A Person standing nearby asked the Old man.
He is Scolding and you are just laughing.
Why did you not scold him back ?
In this Old age how can you walk so fast ?
The Old man replied, “I am Happy that he did not Hit me”.
Okay if He had hit you ?
Would you have scolded him ?
No ! I would be Happy that he did not kill me.
Okay if he killed you ! then ?
I would be Happy Because he would have then given me freedom from this Useless Mortal World.
Then the Old man said: Whatever situation you face in Life !!
If you are Happy !!
Then Nothing can reduce the level of your Happiness !!
Find Positivity in everything you Face !!
Life is for Living happily not for worrying !!
Be Happy !!
Laugh at the Frustrating Situations and Move On !!
Understand if you are Happy !!
Then People around you will automatically be Happy !!
Spread Happy and Positive Vibes !!

Each day is born with a sunrise
and ends in a sunset.
The same way we open our eyes to see the light,
and close them to hear the dark.
You have no control over
how your story begins or ends.
But by now, you should know that
all things have an ending.
Every spark returns to darkness.
Every sound returns to silence.
And every flower returns to sleep
with the earth.
The journey of the sun
and moon is predictable.
But yours,
is your ultimate.
It is in your hands to decide how to travel your Life’s Journey.
Whether to make it Boring and Exhaustive or Awesome and Memorable.

Realize life is a journey not a destination !!
Enjoy it to the fullest !!
Make use of the time you have in doing what you love to do !!
Live the Moment !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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