Will You Be My ? – A Proposal of Friendship !!

I am a Shinchan

Will you be my Kazama !!

The Best Torturer !!

I am a Nobita

Will you be my Doraemon !!

The Best Support !!

I am a Timon

Will you be my Pumba !!

The Best Companion !!

I am an Ash

Will you be my Pikachu !!

The Best Trainee !!

I am a Kid

Will you be my Kat !!

The Best Enemy !!

I am a Kick Buttowski

Will you be my Gunther !!

The Best Fan !!

I am a Tom

Will you be my Jerry !!

The Best Rival !!

I am a Dora

Will you be my Bujji !!

The Best Friend !!

I am a Woody

Will you be my Buzz light-year !!

The Best Toy !!

I am a Jackie

Will you be my Julie !!

The Best Partner in Crime !!

I am an Aladdin

Will you be my Genie !!

The Best Saviour !!

I am a Mr.Bean

Will you be my Teddy !!

The Best Emotion !!

I am a Kenichi

Will You Be My Ninja Hattori !!

The Best Guide !!

I am a Phineas

Will you be my Pherb !!

The Best Sibling !!

I am an Oswald

Will you be my Penny !!

The Best Pet !!

Will you be my All in One !!

To Be Together !!

Forever !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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