Happiness Quotient !! – The Pursuit of Happiness

  • What is Happiness ?
  • How do you measure Happiness ?
  • What is the main source of happiness ?
  • How to improve your Happiness ?
  • How to Stop your Happiness from depleting.

Happiness is a state where your mind is fresh, spirited, highly motivated and devoid of any unwanted external Influences.

What is a Quotient ? Quotient is nothing but a degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristics. It is a measure.

There are many Quotients of Happiness (i.e.) there are many factors which induces happiness in us in varied amounts. Which Quotient gives them more happiness is each one’s perspective.

Let’s see some Quotients of Happiness below:

Happiness is something which is not a result of what is happening around you. It is something which is much more dependent on your inner self. It is only you who can make you happy. No one else can. Even if others take steps to make you happy, if you do not make an effort towards it you will never become happy. It is all based on the emotions you feel within yourself. You should control / prevent yourself from feeling low, demotivated, heartbroken etc. If you can control your emotions, you can be a lot more happy. This is the Emotional quotient of Happiness.

Being Healthy can also lead to Happiness. Mostly you become unhappy only when you become sick. Being Fit can provide a lot of positive energy and thus it will boost your happiness. You will feel good about yourself. This is the Physical Quotient of Happiness.

True Happiness can be achieved only if the small amount of happiness which each one gets is being shared with others. When one person supports another person for something, it induces belief that someone is there for him and promotes happiness into the person. When people are around you and they are comforting you in one or other things, you will feel a lot of happiness. If someone makes you happy, make them happier. This is one of the majorly influencing quotients of happiness – The Social Quotient of Happiness.

If we complete our job in time. If we get appreciation from our client. If our business is getting a continuous growth. If we enjoy the job we do. We get a lot of happiness. This happiness can give you self confidence and boost you morally. This is the Occupational Quotient of Happiness.

If you solve a puzzle, If you answer a tricky riddle, if you find a solution to an unsolvable question, if you solve a Rubik’s cube, if you write something which connects to people, if you draw something which comes out a masterpiece. The happiness we attain from this type is called Intellectual quotient of Happiness. It makes us proud of ourselves.

If you travel to a place full of greenery, with a lot of trees, full of fresh air, a good view. It boosts a natural kind of happiness into you. This happiness gives you an infinite emotion, it may cause goosebumps to you sometimes. If the place you are living in (your home) is sophisticated with all the facilities, it gives a kind of happiness to you. If your physical surroundings where you are living in is inducing a good positive vibe. This is Environmental/Surrounding Quotient of Happiness

Understanding yourself and attaining inner peace can boost a kind of happiness. Feeling at peace makes your mind fresh and gives a positive energy into you. This can be achieved by realizing who you really are and how good you are being yourself. This is Spiritual Quotient of Happiness. This can be attained through Meditation, Yoga, Spending quality time for yourself etc.

Which Quotient gives more Happiness is purely based on the individual. For some people, being social and spiritual may induce more happiness. For some of them physical happiness might be the most potent one, so they hit the gym daily and work out a lot to keep themselves in a Fit Condition. For some people travelling to natural places will be the most joyful thing, for them the green environment, the cool breeze of a Hilltop etc may be the most fantasizing thing. Occupational happiness and intellectual happiness are sometimes co-existing. Emotional happiness is the one which is there is everyone of us. So which one gives more Quotient of Happiness is purely dependent on each one’s situation, Habits, surroundings etc.

Most People believe Happiness is an objective or a goal which needs to be achieved. They believe that if they work hard and reach that goal, they will be happy. This is a delusion. Happiness is nothing but the satisfaction we get while doing things we like while reaching towards that goal. The little things you do to make yourself better is happiness. Happiness is not the result of the hard work we gave. It is the feeling of satisfaction from the hard work we did, whatever the result/ outcome may be. Appreciate yourself for every little progress you are making and every little step you are achieving.

The best trick to becoming happy is eliminating the views and thoughts of others and also realizing who you are, how worthy you are, how capable you are and most importantly believing that.

If you are in a situation, just think whatever situation you are in is Okay. You can come out of it. Never think if it had been like this or if it had been like that, I would be in a better chance of coming out successfully. Just think of how to take care of that particular situation.

Happiness is mostly affected when people started comparing them with others. Stop comparing yourself with others. Whatever situation you are in, just think on how to come out of that. Just think about how to make yourself better so that you would not end up in the same situation. Don’t compare yourself with others like in what situation they are and in what situation you are. Comparing has the most potential to decreasing Happiness. The only person you can compare yourself with is your yesterday self.

Happiness comes when we forget all the issues we have, stop complaining about them to someone else, starting to work towards solving them or thanking ourselves that we did not end up in a much bigger issue than what we have in hand now.

Never gossip about someone or speak Ill of yourself to someone. Never take anything personally. Never take others words to your mind. Communicate with everyone without being shy so that you can stop misunderstandings. Always give your best in anything you do. These things will induce Happiness always

Never take loneliness as being alone or a bad thing, think of it as a freedom to do something useful for yourself. Utilize the alone time to achieve things which you dreamed of. Finding Happiness in loneliness is the best and most difficult thing. If you find Happiness in loneliness, people will start coming in line to be with you.

Believe that if something bad happens to you, it is only a bad day in your part of life not that your life itself is bad.

If 1 good thing and 100 bad things happened to you in a day. Think about that 1 good thing repeatedly and speak about it 1000 times to everyone instead of the bad things. That will keep your happiness at a stable level (neither decreasing nor increasing). Do whatever it takes to keep you Happy. Never lose your Hope for anything.

Never assume how your life story should be, just try to find happiness in the life story you are living.

Happiness always resides in your thoughts. What you think, you feel.

There things which induce Happiness into me:

Getting a phone Call from my Mom when I am feeling alone or low.

Calling a friend and speaking to him for more than two hours.

Listening to a favourite playlist. Singing a song in perfect sync with the song being played. Dancing in a friend’s wedding.

Watching my close to heart movies and showing it to a friend to make it close to heart movie for him also.

Getting a window seat in a bus, getting a lower berth in a train

Having a hot cup of milk or tea or Coffee in a cold morning/night.

While reading a great Science Fiction book or an awesome love story or differently narrated novel etc.

Writing something which makes me emotional like Laugh, cry, Happy etc.

Getting emotional outpouring from readers saying that they were realizing their own life events and Emotional memories while reading my writings.

Eating desserts at midnight induces joy and happiness and makes me sleep peacefully. For me personally Angori Rasamalai is the favourite dessert. 

A Special Surprise from friends and special ones on the birthday. Bike Ride with best friend with no destination. Speaking to my gang of friends teasing each other. Walking along with the special one for long distance. Spending great time with Family laughing for a long time. Making a new gang of friends and getting to know each other and connecting perfectly.

Man stands between boulders on summit, arms out

Looking at stars and finally realizing just how small we are.

Taking a fake sick leave and enjoying the day.

Buying a gift for someone I love. Also getting something as a gift which I was longing to buy.

Going on a trip with random people and getting so so close to them at the end of the trip. Getting to know new places and experiencing new things through travel.

Taking a peaceful nap.

Playing Football in the rain.

Watching a child play with toys or a sleeping child.

Showing a random act of kindness to someone and helping the needy. 

Hugging someone i love and saying them I am here for you when they are feeling low or in trouble.

Making my parents proud in front of others. Achieving my parent’s dreams etc.

What do Happy People follow:

  1. They live with Simplicity
  2. They tell the truth no matter what
  3. They never make excuses
  4. They listen to everything that someone says
  5. They don’t hold grudges on anyone
  6. They speak well of others
  7. They choose friends wisely
  8. They have great control of themselves
  9. They dream big
  10. They see problems as challenges
  11. They nurture social relationships
  12. They avoid comparing them with anyone
  13. They treat everyone with kindness
  14. They accept anything with full heart if that thing cannot be changed
  15. They don’t seek approval of others
  16. They Express gratitude towards others
  17. They exercise, meditate and eat well
  18. They have a great work and sleep timing.
  19. They long for intelligence ( getting to know things)
  20. They “Live in the moment” etc.

A Person’s beauty can be measured by their Happiness Quotient.

If you are Happy, it makes people curious and also it drives them crazy.

Be Happy. Make Other Happy. Spread Love. Work Hard. Fail. Get Up. Fail it again. Get Up. Do a little better. Get Up. Repeat the good work. Enjoy your life. It’s a one time journey. Show kindness. Help Others. Never stop being a good person because others are bad.

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