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When you find your Death Date !! – My First Web Novel – Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

October 27, 2019

It was a rainy Diwali evening. It was drizzling in patches all around the city. Even in the middle of the rain, mild cracker sounds were audible here and there. I was sitting in a bus which was travelling towards Chennai Central via the En-fore Beaches. I got a seat along one of the window side. The bus was moving at a very slow pace and the window side gave an exotic view of the beaches. The waves kept hitting the sea side rocks at a very high speed and was splashing off in all directions. The cool breeze of the sea and the teary drops of the rain were hitting my face through the window. Tears were slowly flowing down from my eyes along with the drops of the rain. A lot has happened lately. I came here to my home for a short vacation out of my hectic office life. But now i had a fight with my Mom and i am going back to Bangalore even before my vacation days had ended. I was lost in deep thoughts thinking about everything that has happened in the recent past of my life.

First memory that was running in my mind was the negative speech i gave about me in a workshop to improve positive thoughts that was conducted by my company this recent month:

Hi All, I am Raghunath, Obviously a loser and apparently an Engineer who had a lot of aspirations but i am so unlucky that nothing good has ever happened in my life. I had failed in the finals of almost every important thing in my life. I work so hard towards everything I do but at the verge of success something will go wrong always and the victory will get snatched off my hands. I had also lost my self confidence recently and nowadays i am scared to do even the things which i knew i was good at. I am always scared that someone would say something if i make a slight mistake in doing things. I would have a thought that people would tease me and talk about me behind the back if they see me making a mistake. That made me to never learn any new things. I had always dreamed from my childhood to drive a motorbike, but the thought of someone seeing me and laughing at something which i could do wrong made me never to try it. I never had the chance of driving a motor bike during my teens since in my home we never owned one. My father never had a purpose for buying one since his workplace is very near to my home. I have joined a driving class and learned driving a car but still the Motor bike thing made me to run away from attending the Driving check at Road Transport Officer’s Office for getting a license. I was good at studies but i failed to focus and reach the pinnacle at the crucial times. Even when i had focus my luck never favoured me. Or may be that luck is a woman, if yes obviously she will not like me. I would top all the class exams till the final common exam. The result of the final common exam will never be in favour of me. Throughout my school life, college life and the office life, I have failed to reach the pinnacle which i should have and was destined to. I have failed to reach my Mom’s dreams which was the most hurting thing till date. She had a dream of making me a doctor. Whenever i am around my mom and if something about doctor comes up. I would get up and walk away from there slowly. It was that personal in my life. I have stopped meeting or going to my relatives house since i had a feeling that they would comment on me for each and everything although they may not. My looks got deteriorated. I was bright and lean during my school life. Now i became dark and fat gradually. I stopped taking care of my health and my fitness long ago. I had lost friends gradually throughout my life. All I had is temporary always. People or things will come and go out of my life very soon like a cyclone. Everyone coming into my life would judge me for everything. They would say, why are you like this? why are you like that? Even though i would think not to care. My Ego will pull me into it and will make me think about that. I never liked being me. I always hated for getting birth as me. I always have a thought that everyone in this world is hating me. That too people who are not close but have seen me once or twice would always hate me. Everything in this world was annoying me for some reason. I have come to this workshop to get something useful from it but i could see this is of no use. I am sorry.

Some quarreling in the bus interrupted my thoughts and I looked at the back of me. It seemed a thief snatched the chain of a woman and ran away into the slums near the beaches. I noticed that the bus had stopped near kasimedu and the bus conductor was speaking to the woman about that incident which happened like in less than a minute. Thankfully a police station was nearby. Conductor asked the woman to raise a complaint about that in the nearby police station. I looked around if someone ran behind that thief to catch him but for some reason no one did that. After the woman went inside the police station, the driver took the bus off the road and continued towards Chennai central. A feeble Old man got into the bus at Royapuram. He came near me and was standing near me looking at my face. I had a thought may be i should give him a seat but for some reason, I ignored him and looked out of the window and drowned back in the thoughts.

This time the fight i had with my mom an hour ago came to my mind. I was lying down in my bed watching some random videos from a random Tamil you tube channel. My Mom came to me and said “Shall we go to a skin doctor for your skin and hair problems”. I ignored her. She asked me whether we can go to eye check up for checking the eye power and also for changing the spectacles. Still i ignored her and was watching some random video in the you tube wearing a headset. Then she said, shall we go to grandma’s house. All our sisters, uncles and other relatives are gathered there for Diwali. Come with me we can go there at least. We can go in our Motor bike. I wanna sit in the back of the Motor bike with you driving. Imagine how proud i will feel in front of everyone. This time i got up. And said her in a very harsh tone, “What is your problem Mom? why are you torturing me always? I am not in a very good mood to go out somewhere with everyone and if I come also someone will comment something about me. And i don’t want that.” No one will say anything come with me, she said. “Take Karthi and Madhan and go Mom. Please leave me alone. I am used to being alone. I am living outside of this home for like 2 years now. You know something, nowadays i don’t like when people are around me. I like being alone a lot. No one will complain anything about me, my looks or anything when I am in my Bangalore”, I said. “Oh ho! So you want to be alone. Okay! No One will disturb you. Be on your own. Don’t talk with anyone. Lie down inside this dark room in your bed. No one will ask you anything any more. And now I got that you only come here only for washing clothes and eating good food. It’s Okay. Who are we? Just some strangers right”, She said. I in anger replied, “Please tell me if i should not come for that also, I will not come here any more.” After saying that I threw the water bottle that was near my bed bang on the wall and left the bedroom. She started crying and my brother came there to console her. I walked to the terrace and sat there alone for sometime. When i came down i saw that my mom has left with my brothers for my grandparent’s place. I opened the IRCTC website and looked for tickets to Bangalore. But still there was like 3 days left in my Diwali vacation. I thought what will i do going back there. Even my room mates will come back only after the vacation. The website showed there were 12 tickets still available in Shatabdi express. Shatabdi Express was the most costliest express for Bangalore. The ticket rate was showing 1200. But the anger inside me made me book the ticket. After booking the ticket, I took bath, dumped my Office laptop in to my bag, closed the door of my house, locked it, threw the key on the window and walked out towards the bus stand to catch a bus to the Chennai Central railway station without informing anyone that i am leaving. I had a thought running in my mind like never coming back home for a long time. While walking on the road, some sentences which were said by many people in my life started ringing loudly in my years – “Am I as ugly as he is”, “He has too much Ego and attitude”, “He is The Mr. Attitude he never respects any elders”, “Look at your friends how stylish and talented they are”, “You call him an elder brother to me, he can’t even drive a bike”, “I thought you would reach great heights Raghu but you failed me”, “You are a very good guy, i like you very much but there are a lot of differences in us and if we go forward with this, someone will get hurt and we will lose each other for life”, “So you come here only for washing clothes and eating good food right”……..

Suddenly the loud horn sound of the bus made my thoughts to disappear and pulled me back to reality. I realized that the bus had crossed the beaches and now the it is waiting in the crowded Chennai Central signal which was jammed because of the heavy rain. I thought it would take a long time for the signal to get cleared. So i got down at that signal. I ran and stood under the Window shed of a shop. I removed my bag from my shoulders. Took out my umbrella. Opened it. Then I wore my bag in front on my chest so that the laptop inside it would not get wet. It was my company’s laptop. It would cost 80000 if something happens to it, which was nearly equal to my 4 months salary. So I became careful and more aware. Then I started walking towards the Central station. My Phone beeped suddenly. I let it ring. I know only one person would call or ping to check up on me. I crossed the road from the signal instead of the subway since i know it would be filled with lot of water. I had an experience during a previous rain when a sewage broke out and a mix of both stagnant rain water and running sewage water was making bad smell over there. After crossing the road, I walked across the bus stand that was in front of the railway station. Phone stopped beeping. And within 30 secs, It started beeping again. I ignored it and started walking towards the platform via the luggage check section. Luckily the policemen were not checking any luggage today. So i crossed them and moved towards the screen showing the platform of my train. I used to travel in Shatabdi Express when returning back to Bangalore. That was so comfortable and also they gave dinner. So it was not necessary for me to eat again after reaching my PG. It would cost me a bit less like 500 to 600 rupees if i book the tickets like two month in advance. The time was now 3.30 PM. Train was scheduled to arrive in platform 2 at 5.00 PM. That was reserved only for Shatabdi Express. I walked towards the empty platform and sat on an empty chair along side the platform. I took out my phone and saw there was 5 missed calls from none other than my only moral booster, the only companion in my low times, the one who is always with me even though he is at a very long distance from me. Yes, he is my best friend, Tamizh. Seeing his missed calls bought a smile to my face. I called him and his hello changed my smile into tears. I poured down everything to him on what all happened that day. Everything like how i had a fight with my mom and why i am returning back to Bangalore on this Diwali day. And all the others thoughts I had while travelling in the bus. He said i was doing a wrong thing by leaving for Bangalore even before the vacations are over. He said she would be feeling very sad and would cry if she gets to know this and that i should go back home and apologize to my Mom. He said me to throw away all such negative stupid thoughts. He said i am becoming a stupid nowadays. I am not myself nowadays. He said I should go back home and complete the holidays and then go back to Bangalore. He also said he will come home this evening at 6 to meet me at home. I said him, Listen Tamizh, “Even you are not understanding me. I thought you are the only one i had in my life who would understand me and would be on my side. But you too are taking their side. I am saying one thing now, i am going to Bangalore now. There is no change in that. I am not coming back home for a year or may be more than that. And please don’t call me again if you are taking their side”. And I cut my phone. I still had 2 hours to spend in the station. And the rain was pouring out heavily. There was a chance that the train may get delayed. I hoped such thing will not happen. I took out my headphone, plugged it in and played Yuvan Shankar Raja hits in it. And i Kept my phone in my pocket. The first song started playing. “Kaatrukulle Vaasam Pola ada enakul nee….!!!!!” I was just sitting on that platform side chair and was looking around the people walking here and there. Suddenly I felt One lyrics hitting me deeply “Nadukaatil thanimai vandhadhe….!!!”. They say you will hear only the music when you are happy and the lyrics will hit you only when you are sad and in deep thoughts. The song was going on for like 5 minutes. Then after a silence of 10 secs, the next song started playing. It was “Aarariraro! naan ingae paada! thaaye nee kan urangu! ennoda madi saayndhu…!!!”. And then the third song started. “Yedho Ondru Ennai thaaka yaaro pola unnai paarka….!!!”. Tears starting rolling down my eyes without my knowledge. “Ennai unnidam vitu selgiren edhum illaye ennidathil..Enge povadhu yaarai ketpathu yella paathayum unnidathil..En endhan vaazhvil vandhai en idhayathil thanimaiyai ootri ponai…!!!!!”. And I burst out in tears. I took my headphones off. And i sat there staring at the sky with tears rolling down my cheeks. I thought may be i did a mistake. May be i should not have shouted at my mom. May be i should not have booked tickets at last minute and should not have come out of the house without informing them that i am leaving. May be i should have said good bye at least. But still my Ego never allowed me to go back home. I just sat there without moving anywhere.

Again i fell into my thoughts. This time the thought of her came into me. I had a love in my school time which i never conveyed and then one which at the verge of saying realized she had a boyfriend. And the third one after proposing rejected me. I would have not cared if she had said i did not like you but for god sake instead she said i love you but this cannot happen. You are a very good guy, i like you very much but there are a lot of differences in us and if we go forward with this someone will get hurt and we will lose each other for life. First thing is we are close friends and that relationship we should never lose in our life. You and me are a kind of friends who can make anyone feel jealous by looking at us. After second love, i was at a thought to never love again. But i fell third time because of all the care and love and everything she showed me. She gave every hints while speaking to me. Initially i thought this should not happen, i should not fall. But the hints and signs made me fall. And now i am hurt to the core. i uninstalled every social media app from my mobile phone and i isolated myself from everything in the world. I know me doing this would hurt her a lot. But speaking to her like nothing happened would hurt me a lot. She was the most sweetest girl i have ever seen in my life after my Mom. Tears were flowing out non stop from my eyes. I could not control it. I hurt both the sweetest women of my life. The train sound from the platform behind me woke me up from the thoughts.

After some half an hour, My phone beeped again. I took my phone out of the pocket. It was not a call. It was some text message from some random number. I opened it. It was as follows. “Do you want to know your life span. Are you so curious of how long you would live. Click here to know your Death Date. I promise you this is 100% accurate”. The word ‘Click here’ was a hyperlink with the following URL – ‘’. I just laughed seeing that message suddenly. Is it a coincidence? I was laughing and crying at the same time. I closed the message and then sat there looking around. But all the negative thoughts were still inside me haunting my mind. Don’t know why I did that. But i took out my phone and clicked on that link at once. It opened a web page in the browser of my phone which had a Skeleton picture in the Top of the page that was followed by the following content. “So you very curious of when you will die and you want to know the time remaining in your life. This mysterious tool will tell you when your time will come. Believe me or not this tool is 100% accurate always. Can’t wait longer? then come click here to fill the death date form”. The word Death date form was an URL – “http://Whenyoufindyourdeathdate.Org/s/death”. The site will process the data in the form and will tell your death date. Please provide correct details and don’t forget to fill all mandatory fields before submitting. And Remember….You are using this site at your own Risk.”.

The last sentence flashed twice in my eyes. You…are….You are using this site at your own Risk. But I don’t know why, i ignored everything and i clicked on the Death date form. It was an online form. It had the following fields to fill:

1. *Why do you want to check your death date.

2. *Name

3. *Birth Date

4. *Gender

5. Height

6. Weight

7. Stimulants (Cigarettes/Alcohol/Drugs)

8. *Phone Number

9. *Email ID

10. Do you have any Medical Issues: If Yes, Mention it in below box.

When I saw Phone number and Email ID are Mandatory. I closed the website and kept my phone back in the pocket. But again my curiosity never leaves me alone. I took my phone again. Clicked on the link again. Opened the Death Date form and started filling it. First Field was “Why do you want to check your death date”. I wrote all the stories and thoughts I had this afternoon in that box for like 100 words which i should not have. Then Entered my Name – “Raghunath”. Birth Date – “08 Feb 1996”, Gender – “Male”. I filled the Non Mandatory fields also so that it will not deviate from accurate result. I heard from the friends I had during school days that such websites are available. And they said they had tried this at their dad’s personal computer secretly at home. And it showed their death date like they will live for 60 years, 70 years etc. I filled the Height – “168” in Cm’s, Weight – “72”in Kg’s, Stimulants – I left empty since i have no such bad habits. Then came the phone number part – I entered 8681… then thought on it whether to go forward. Then I typed 8681XXXX52. And also filled my mail id – I left Do you have any medical issues Field empty since i had no medical problems till date. Then I clicked on Submit button on the bottom left of the page.

The Page started loading and it loaded for like a minute and it became blank. It was completely white without showing any result. I checked my data and found that network was lost. I clicked on Air plane mode once and de-clicked it again. Network came back in a minute and i went to that page and refreshed. While that page was loading My phone beeped and i got a text message from that same random number from which I clicked on the link. I Ignored it. I knew it would be some thank you for checking out our web page kind of message. After some 30 seconds, the results from the web page got loaded. It was Showing the following results:

1. Predicted Death Date: 03 November 2019

2. Time left: 168 Hours

3. Percentage of Life Passed: 99.88%

4. Time left in Seconds: 6,04,800.

The First thing that i looked at was the Time left – It was showing 168. I thought what? This is what you call 100% accurate, this is showing 168. No One will live 168 years. Then something next to it in small font caught my attention. It was displaying a word “Hours” next to it. Hours? 168 hours? OMG!! I was shocked. Actually I am good in Maths. I knew 168 hours was 7 days means one week. Next one i saw was the Seconds – It was in large font with seconds running was showing 604800..604799…604798..604797…………..Then I saw the Predicted Death Date. It was saying 03 November 2019. Today was Diwali (27 October 2019) and seven days from today was 03 November 2019. The percentage of Life Passed was showing 99.88%. Only 0.12% remaining. “Is this some sort of Joke”, I thought. But some sentences like “Believe me or not, this tool is 100% accurate always.” and “You are using this site at your own Risk.” were flashing in my mind again and again. I closed the website at once. And I opened the text message which I received some time before. It was as follows: “I said you are using the site at your own risk and the result is 100% accurate always. Now you have to face all the consequences. You have only 7 days to live and your seconds started counting”. My Heart Stopped suddenly on reading that. I had a sudden panic inside me. My Face became pale. I looked around if someone was noticing me. Everyone were still roaming to and fro out of platforms, trains and the Station. I closed the message. I thought it was some kind of prank. I kept my phone in the pocket and sat there waiting for my train.

My Phone beeped once again. Nowadays having a mobile phone will never allow you to sit quiet and alone for 5 minutes. I took out the phone and it was my Mom who was calling. I had cut the call at once and stared angrily towards one side. She called me again and again. I thought what if there was some emergency like in Velai illa pattadhari movie. I attended the phone in the next ring. I kept the phone in my ears and could hear her crying. That evoke a ripple of sadness in my heart. I felt bad for coming without informing anyone. I felt bad for making her cry. The first thing she asked is where are you. I said, “Amma, I am in the railway station. I am going to Bangalore. It seems office is working tomorrow and there is an urgent work to complete. So they asked me to come at once. Sorry for not informing, you were not there and i had to catch the train soon. So, I left without informing. I thought I would call and say.”. My Mom was so innocent that she believes whatever i say is true. I lied to her, “Mom train came. I have to go and I had cut my call”.

I checked my watch and it was showing the time as 4.30. Still there was half an hour for the train to arrive and 1 hour for the train to depart from Chennai central towards Bangalore. As the time for the arrival of train is running down, the crowd started increasing in platform number 2. I saw a family walking across where I am sitting. There was a husband and a wife with 2 small kids. The two kids were running around and playing with their Mom and Dad without caring about anything. One of the kid ran towards me and asked, Uncle! The train for Bangalore will come in this platform right? How long will it take. It will come very soon thambi, I said. He said Thanks Uncle. “Okay, why are you going to Bangalore thambi”, i asked. He replied, “We are going to see our Grandparents for Diwali. My grandpa said he bought crackers for me which we will burst together. My Grandma made many sweets too. I cant wait to go there.” Great da thambi, go and enjoy with your brother I said.

That so called innocent happiness the kid had, I lost that. It has been long since i have laughed hard or met my grandparents. Whenever they came home also. I would go sleep in my bed. Instead of playing with them and talking to them. In childhood, I used to go to my Grand Parents place during annual vacations and used to stay there for like a month. Those were some awesome days of life. The nostalgic thoughts were interrupted again by beeping sound of the phone. There was a text message from the random number again. The Message was as follows: “Hi Raghunath, What are you doing still sitting in that chair in platform number 2. Why are you wasting your time. You have only 7 days of time left. No, exactly it is 6 days and 23 & 1/2 hrs. Go and use it valuably. If you go to Bangalore something tragic will happen here in your house. Go back to your home as soon as possible. That’s all i can say. Manage your time left carefully and with those who will miss you so much after you leave”. After reading this i looked around if someone was watching me. I stood up from there, walked forward and looked towards each end of the platform. But there was no sign of anyone looking at me. I came back and sat again in the chair. I became nervous. Something was not right. Who can this be? Why is he messaging me? Why he is asking me to go home? May be this is some prank. May be some stupid is playing with me. I ignored it and sat there waiting for my train.

Again phone beeped and a new message popped up from same number as follows: “You wont believe me right!! Let me prove you. Go to the kid with whom you were talking some time ago and check his shirt pocket.” After reading this, I ran to the kid at once and checked his shirt pocket. There was a paper with following written on it “Hi Raghunath, I am Death speaking, I will be following you for the next 7 days. I would decide whether to take only you with me or more people from your family and friends based on how well you are coping up with me and completing the tasks i am giving in these 7 days. I hope you will take everything seriously now. Whatever wrong things you will do or failure you make in the tasks i am giving, will cost something from your life. Tear this paper after reading and never inform about this to anyone. I am watching you closely. In fact very closely. And if you inform about this to anyone or if you switch off your phone anytime in these 7 days. I promise the one whom you made to cry will not be there to cry any more. I am assuring you in advance that this is going to be some entertaining and emotional ride of 7 last days for you. All the Best Mr. Raghunath. Now you can Go Home”. After reading the paper, I asked the kid in somewhat harsh tone, Hey thambi who kept this paper in your pocket. His father came towards me, caught my shirt and said, “Hey what do you want?”. The kid said, “An uncle who was wearing the kerchief mask and was sitting behind you gave me that. He said he was going to rest room and his pant has no pockets. So he asked me to keep it. So that he will get it when he comes back in 10 minutes. Please give that paper back. He will ask me that”. I tore the paper and threw it down and went and sat in the same chair. Phone beeped again, “Go home Raghunath, For whom are you waiting.” I ignored it. Again the phone beeped. And it had the same message again. Again and again and again…my phone was beeping continuously. The sadness inside me became burning anger. I was about to throw my phone. But stopped and kept it in my pocket. I replied to that message “Who are you and what do you want? Why are you torturing me without any cause? Have I did anything wrong for you also? Are you a psycho? Do you want money or something? Please tell me what do you want and stop torturing me. I know this is some kind of prank. Please stop this. I am not in a state of having any fun”. I waited for the reply. But all i got is the “Go home Raghunath, For whom are you waiting” in loop.

Time was 5.00 and i could see the train entering the platform number 2. My Phone beeped again, this time it was my Mom calling. I picked up the phone and she said Where are you? Are you fine?. I said, “Yes Mom, I am. I am sitting in the train now. It is going to leave. Why what happened? She said, “Someone called me and said that you met with an accident. You don’t have to go to Bangalore. You come back home at once. It’s okay if you lose your job also. You come back. Come home if you truly love me. I had cut the phone and i made a decision to go back home. My phone beeped again. I received a text message as follows: “So you will obey only if the responsible person says. And you will not obey me. This is the first and last time i am accepting such behaviors. From next time, you will see the consequences. I will not reply for any of your messages. Your only job is to obey me so that only you will come with me and not any one else. Now Go Home as your Mom said and never make me call your Mom again”. I left platform 2 and reached the bus stand outside the Central station. The rain had stopped and I stood there waiting for the bus number 101 to come for going back home. I looked around everywhere to find if someone was watching me. If some one was watching me it has to be him. There from a corner i saw someone coming at a fast pace towards me. A ripple of fear surged through me. I turned around and starting walking towards the right side of the bus stand. But he was following me in whichever direction I am going. I stopped, turned around and asked him, “Who are you and why are you following me”. “Sir, Where are you going. I will take you sir. Auto sir. Ola Auto. I will accept same money as in the App.” He said. My Anger increased but i controlled it and said, “No Thanks Brother, I am going by bus”. And I moved towards the bus which was entering the bus stand. People were getting down continuously in both entrance of the bus. I waited alongside others patiently. And after everyone got down, I got into the bus and i could see that all the seats in the bus were full now. I stood near the door and said to the conductor, “One ticket for Tiruvottiyur”. He said me come up and stand inside the bus. The bus started moving. When it reached Beach Station, A huge crowd entered the bus and it became very difficult to stand inside. It was so crowded that the bag i was wearing was hitting people on the face and they were staring at me in anger. I went towards the back entrance of the bus and started foot boarding. My Phone beeped again. The Message said, “Don’t die now itself, you have 7 more days left in your life. Please come inside the bus”. I was sure now he was inside the bus. I went inside and looked at everyone in the bus face to face. Suddenly a hand reached me and patted on my back. I turned back. It was a lady, she asked me to pass the money to get a ticket for her to Royapuram. I passed on that money and searched for him. But it was so crowded that i could not judge who would be him. After the bus reached Royapuram. The population in the bus became sparse and i got a window seat. I looked around and there was no sign like someone was watching me. I sat down and just thought about how worse my day got into. I cant even judge who it can be. I just sat there and laid my head down in the iron bar in front of the seat and looked out the window towards the beaches. Time was 5.45 and the Orange waves of the sea looked beautiful in the sun setting ritual of the evening.

Bus reached Tiruvottiyur at around 6.10. I got down somewhat before the bus stand since my house is in opposite direction from the bus stand and walked towards Home. Phone beeped again, “Good Job Raghunath, you cleared the first task. Go Home and take rest now”. While walking home, there came a thought. Maybe i should have tried with fake details first before entering my original details. I took my phone and clicked on the same link again and it took me to that website. But this time i got some server error. It said “Error 503: The Server is currently unavailable or under maintenance”. That gave me a shock. May be this was some planned execution from someone i know. I thought i had to be more careful from now on.

I entered my home and walked over the stairs to reach the first floor where we live. There i saw My Mom sitting in the chair and speaking with Tamizh who was here as he promised me. She came towards me, checked up on me and said you are Okay right. Do you know who was that who called me? Please don’t go away like this without informing me. I was so scared. Only now my heart beat slowed down after seeing you. Okay where is Karthi? He went to bus stand to pick you up in the Motor bike. Suddenly, a sentence came to my mind, “Whatever wrong things you will do or failure you make in the tasks i am giving, will cost something from your life”. I dropped my bag down and moved towards the stairs again. “Where are you going”, My Mom asked. Nothing, I forgot something. Will come back in 10 minutes. Tamizh said, “I am also coming with you”. And when we both moved towards the stairs. I heard the Motor bike sound coming from the ground floor. I saw Karthi walking up over the stairs. I was relieved. He came towards me. I saw tears in his eyes for the first time in my life. He said, “Please don’t repeat this again. I waited for you in bus stand for a long time and when you did not come. I thought something happened to you”. Tears started flowing down his eyes and he ran inside. Then both Tamizh and me followed him inside and I apologized to him. My Dad came home earlier from the workplace may be Mom called him i guess. He was not aware of anything that happened.

I went and sat in the Chair between Mom and Tamizh. When i sat down, My Phone beeped. A ripple of fear started inside me. I started sweating. I opened the lock of my phone. It was some random caller tune message from my Network Provider. I got up from there and called Tamizh and said my Mom that me and Tamizh are having a work outside. We will come in some time. Dad said take the Motor bike and go. I acted like i did not hear that and left towards the stairs.

Tamizh got into his Motor bike and i sat on the back. He drove us out of the street. He stopped the Motor bike in the lane next to my old school and said, “Tell me all the truth, what happened and who called Mom and said such things”. I was about to say him everything about the random number. But the following crossed my mind, “Never inform about this to anyone. I am watching you closely. In fact very closely. And if you inform about this to anyone or if you switch off your phone anytime this 7 days. I promise the one whom you made to cry will not be there to cry any more.”. I said him, “How will i know da Tamizh”. He said, Okay leave that. We will take care of him if that call comes again. May be it was a wrong number. The caller never mentioned your name it seems, he just said your son met with an accident and had cut the call. When Mom tried calling back, the caller number was switched off. Then he said anyway you came back. That is happy for everyone of us. I saw that happiness in your Mom’s Face when she saw you walking up the stairs today. Promise me you will never make her cry again. I promised him that Diwali night, “Not only Mom, I would not make anyone cry because of any of my act hereafter.” I went to Tamizh’s home and met his Mom, Dad and family. I greeted them, “Happy Diwali”. His Mom gave me Adhurasam and Murukku. I ate some two to three pieces of it. It was so tasty. We then bursted some crackers and after half an hour I said Tamizh that its late and i am going back home. Tamizh said he will drop me back. I compelled him to continue bursting crackers and said him that i want to spend some time alone. I bid good bye to everyone and left for home.

When I was half way towards home, My phone beeped again and the message read, “Happy Diwali Raghunath, Spend this last one of your life happily with your family. You may never get another chance. Good Night!! We have a very big day ahead.”. When i reached home Karthi and my small brother Madhan were bursting crackers in the terrace. It seemed my brothers along with my Dad went and bought crackers when i went out. I joined my brothers and my mom and dad joined us after sometime too. My brother gave me the long lighted agarbati and he asked me to light the fancy Single shot. When i ignited it, It boosted off the ground with a huge sound and it traveled like 10-20m towards the Sky and the sparkles of golden color came out of it. I felt the nostalgic moments of my childhood. When my uncle used to bring us crackers and we used to burst it along with everyone. Unknowingly in a very sad day, a ripple of happiness surged into me towards the end of the day. I was so happy that i forgot about the so called Mr. Death for sometime. We bursted a lot of crackers like Single fancy shot, 7 Shot, 25 Shot, 60 Shot etc. I loved Whistle rockets a lot. I used to check the morning after Diwali for the parachutes falling out of it. After bursting crackers, we completed the dinner and i went inside the bed room to sleep. When i got into bed and laid down my body near to my brothers. Again the thought of Mr. Death came into me. Why is he saying I have only 7 days to live? How come he knows I have only 7 days to live? Is he predicting the destiny? Or is he going to kill me on the seventh day. Who is he? Who can he be? Why has he not asked me to do something very bad till now? Will he ask me to do something very bad in the coming days? What does he want? Is he after me for some money or something? Should I tell about this to everyone? Should I go to the police before something dangerous happens? He said he is watching me closely, how can he do that? First of all is Death – He or She? All sorts of random thoughts were running inside my mind. I could not sleep. I checked my phone 5 minutes once if some message will come. But it was not coming. I lost my sleep that night. Death took over all other thoughts which i had this evening. There came a thought like, “What if everything was true and if i die on the seventh day.”. I got up from bed, went out to the hall and sat in a chair near where my Mom and Dad were sleeping. I sat there in deep thoughts watching them sleep for like an hour. I whispered sorry and thanked them for everything they gave till date. Then I went inside the bedroom and slept in between my brothers.

**To be Continued**

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