The Last Chapter of the Last Battle

Gentlemen, this mission that we are going to perform in this next hour is the most important duty we are going to perform in our lifetime. Although it is not a mission that can be compared to the Surgical Strike that was performed on Pakistan. But an equally important mission. If we fail to accomplish this mission, it will bring a great black mark to our reputation. Remember, Even if we die we should kill at least 4 people per head from the enemy camps and die with dignity. There may be those among us who will not see the end of this battle and for them there will be no sorrow during the battle. We will mourn or grieve for them later. The enemy should be in no doubt that we are their nemesis and we are bringing about their rightful destruction. But remember it is a big step to take someone’s life and it is not going to be done lightly. But there is no other go now. Be ferocious in the battlefield. Don’t Spare any enemy. Kill them all. Comrades! Are you ready? Yes Sir!, Everyone Shouted. Army Doctor, Are you ready? Can you supply the medical Supplies in time and also help in reviving the injured people whenever necessary? Yes Sir!, The Army Doctor replied. Alright Gentlemen, How’s the Josh? High Sir!, Everyone shouted in Unison. Not enough! this is not the sound I expected. How’s the josh Comrades. High Sir!, Everyone roared back. Good. Now follow me this is going to be one hell of a ride. Come get into the plane with pride and make yourself ready to face the enemies in their own location.

After the plane reached the enemy location, I shouted. Grab on your parachutes and follow me comrades. Enemies can be anywhere sometimes everywhere. We have to be very cautious. Look around like a Hawk searching for its prey. Everyone followed me and we landed using our parachute in a school in the enemy’s location. Search around if the enemies have left any guns and Army doctor you search for the medical kits that can be useful for us during the process of this mission. Remember everyone, everything will be useful in one way or other. Pickup everything. Believe me, I have been through a lot of situations in my previous missions when such things became helpful at crucial stages. When I was communicating such valuable messages. We heard some footsteps nearby. Everyone be cautious and ready. I guess, the battle starts here. I took the gun which was on the ground and lifted and aimed at the bush nearby and fired the shot. The bullet traveled at nearly 3000km/hr and pierced the head of the enemy who was hiding under the bush and spying us. Come on comrades! Move! there is no time for break from now on. More Footstep sounds started coming. I said them to always stay together. And Cover each other. Now Move. Everyone ran towards the location where footsteps were coming. There came running a gang of enemies. Everyone split in two’s and take control, I said. When other comrades concentrated on that gang. I took out the sniper from my back and aimed at the one who covering the gang from the terrace of the hospital that was nearby. I adjusted my scope, took the aim again and fired the 5.52mm bullet towards his head. Bang!! It pierced his head and he fell from the terrace like a ripe fruit falling of the tree. Meanwhile I saw that one of the enemies had sneaked in and was close to one of the comrades. I took out my pistol and Shot him without any hesitation. I was good in handling pistols. Cautious Comrade Akhil! Cautious! Remember Be like a Hawk. Thanks Sargent! He shouted. Okay Move now. Meanwhile other 3 members of the enemy gang were killed. Come on comrades, we can do better. Follow me, Lets move towards the enemy base. When we moved towards the zone where the enemy base is located. There came a lot of hindrances. Enemies were hiding in all buildings and bushes. We split directions and I informed all the comrades before splitting that those who are alive at the end of this battle meet me at the enemy base which the last zone we will reach, It is the central. There are IC chips which is inserted into your uniforms. I will know your location and whereabouts always. Just contact me through the wireless if you find more enemies and I will come with the team to the location at once. Now Go on comrades! Make your Sargent proud. And we split. I took Akhil with me and others went the other way. When we reached the other side of the hospital. Suddenly a bullet whizzed past me and pierced the chest of Akhil. He fell down to the ground. I looked at the location from where the bullet came. But there was no one except the bushes. Again a bullet whizzed past me which came from the same location. I ducked and laid down my body on the land horizontally and looked around at that location again. I called the Army doctor and asked him to help Comrade Akhil. But he died before the army doctor could come nearby. A good comrade gone down. It gave a pain inside me. But I remembered the mission was important to complete and looked again at the location of origin of the bullet. And one more bullet came firing towards me and it hit the land in front of me. I saw a sniper protruding from the bush. I stood up, took aim towards the bush and fired the shot. The man who was wearing a dress as a bush fell down with blood oozing down his throat. Then I ran towards the enemy base. In the progress, I killed more than 10 enemies. I saw that very feeble amount of them were left actually in the last enemy zone. I saw that only one came out alive from the split comrades. Even the Army doctor was killed. This place had a large stones to hide and a lot of grass on the ground. I thought it was some farm. I signaled Comrade Bose who was standing near one of the large stone that this was the last zone. We both laid our body down horizontally and crawled our way into the grass field which was now the ultimate final battlefield. There was a farm house building at one corner of the field. I looked around and there was no one in the grass field. So I signaled Comrade Bose towards the building. And we both ran towards it without hesitation. We reached the building. Comrade Bose opened the door and entered inside while I was covering him from the back. He climbed the stairs and there we found the leader of the enemy gang standing with a grenade. He shouted at us, “If I go down I am taking everyone with me”. And he threw the grenade down on the floor. It blasted and the fire spread all around. I jumped out of the building through the window. I fell down on to the grass field, While farmhouse burned completely down to ashes. I shouted. Yes! Yes! Yes! We defeated everyone of our enemies in this room match. Yes Sargent Hurray! We did it. Everyone of my comrades who were spectating the game after dying shouted. And then it poped up. “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”. 16 Kills and 9 Medals, Achievement level – sSs. Now we can bash him on face tomorrow in the office. What did he say, “No one can play PUBG like me, I am a Pro, My team is a Pro and you all are nothing in front of us”. Vaangaleyyyyyyyyyy!!! And then I jumped from My Bed in excitement and my phone fell from hand and split into Two pieces. My Brother who was standing nearby shouted. “Wastedddddddddddddddd”.

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