Happy New Year !! _/\_

So, Its a new year.

Yes, Its 2020.

The year APJ Abdul Kalam Sir dreamed of India becoming a Super Power with all the parts of each and every states becoming equally developed, with adequate and equal access to all resources like Energy and Water, with very good health care facilities which is available and equally affordable for every citizen of the country, with a very good education system which provides education equally in basis of merits and nothing else, with agriculture, industry and other sectors blossoming with joint hands, with improved literacy rate and also equal opportunities in terms of employment, with a reduction in poverty and also crime rates against Women and Children, all through a responsible, transparent and Corruption-free government.

If we think of whether it was achieved or can be achieved, I can say not probably in the near future. Actually we can see that the crime rates against Women and Children has increased a lot nowadays. Not Sure if it increased or actually are being exposed easily nowadays because of the improvement in technologies. Poverty Situation is still the same. The rich is still getting richer and the poor is still getting poorer. Clearly Industrial and other sectors took over Agriculture. Nowadays, Agriculture more than a necessity has become a business. Corporates entered the agricultural world and you can see clearly how the rates of some of the very basically used ingredient vegetables has been inflated to such a high rates. We can see a lot of farmers taking their lives day by day.

Everything is a business today. Health Care, Food, Education everything. Even the temples are a business centres nowadays. I have been to one of the temples in Northern parts of Tamil Nadu. Everything is a business there. Even the path you take to walk towards the sanctum of the temple is designed in such a way. Hospitals – We know what is happening there. Government hospitals are giving training to MBBS students by working in real life projects. A Noobie working with the life of a Human being. One of My relative was ill and was admitted in a well known government hospital in North Chennai. He was actually capable of walking when he was admitted in the hospital. And throughout the treatment time, Only the learning doctors were handling him and not the actual specialists. They are taking it as easy as a Mechanic Job. Just try and learn by mending this repaired bike. A Human Life is not that easy. It is critical. We lost the relative after 20 days of useless treatment. I hope you will ask why not a private hospital. That is the biggest Corporate World. If you go for a tooth ache, they would say you have tooth cancer or they will invent some other new disease and will make you sell all your jewels and properties for curing that unknown disease. I know a person who is actually perfectly alright. They said you are having BP and if you leave this without taking care it will lead to glaucoma, diabetes and also heart attack. And Now he is spending thousands of rupees for it. If Doctor fees is 500 rupees, then Medicine will cost you 1500 rupees.

Unemployment – The biggest issue of this decade. There are more than 550 Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu which provides degrees for lakhs of Engineers each year. Not Everyone who gets a degree is working as an engineer. Out of the lakhs merely thousands get placed in their colleges via the campus recruitment drive. A lot of Engineers are working as a delivery boy, some as a tution teachers, some are even applying for scavenger jobs. Not only Engineers, there are lot other degree holders without jobs or doing a job irrelevant to their stream because of very less amount of opportunities. Either the count of colleges should be reduced or the difficulty level of courses should be increased. Courses should become more practical than theoretical. Government should bring about more plans similar to “Make in India”. Else a lot of chaos will happen for sure in the upcoming decade.And I don’t want to talk about the government. We all know how great everything is going on now. At least nowadays a good thing is that every citizen is thinking what is required for each of us and are protesting against all wrong things and injustice.

All we need as a human being is nothing but a Peaceful, Healthy and Safe surrounding which disregards all differences & discriminations and a coordinated thinking towards global improvement. This need can be fulfilled, if each one treats each other as an equal and has a belief that no one is lesser in status than him/her in any sorts. This thought can eliminate terrorism and other social issues.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment are into picture a lot nowadays. We can see a lot of women with great potential are succeeding in a lot of fields. It is our duty to promote such things. A Country in which everyone irrespective of the gender is equally capable and co-existing with each other can become a Superpower for sure. There are some social psychos who call themselves as Feminists and Male Chauvinists. Feminists say they are working towards Gender equality but actually they are not. They are actually disrupting it. People calling themselves as Feminists are taking this opportunity as a potential for publicity. That is wrong. You should be true to whatever your motive is.

“நீயும் நானும் வேறில்லை !! வேற்றுமை என்றும் நமக்குள் இல்லை !! மனிதம் எனும் ஓர் சொல்லை !! மனதில் நாம் கொண்டு !! கூடி வாழ்வோம்  இன்று !!!”

If you see injustice happening before your eyes, please never ignore and walk away. Have the feeling of empathy always. Help others in critical circumstances. Remember every help you do today will eventually come back to you in some form. Karma is a boomerang not only for bad things. It is a boomerang also for good things. If we people don’t involve in the safety of each other and the future, we cannot stop the increase in crime rates. Nowadays even the people whose responsibility is to safeguard us is becoming the source of crimes. If you see someone behaving in a wrong way to women or children, just slap them then and there. Even if you get hurt, you will become a Hero. It is time for everyone of us to become a Hero. Learn to be a Comrade. Be a Friend and a soldier!!

ஏழையாய் இருப்பதை விட !!

கோழையாய் இருப்பதுதான் இழிவடா மானிடா !!

மார்க்கவசம் அணிந்த வீரனைப் போல் !!

ரௌத்திரமென்ற போர்க்கவசம் அணிந்து !!

வாழ்க்கை என்னும் போர்க்களத்தில் !!

துணிந்து போராடு !!

The Change that can be brought about to the society to make it more better is actually the change which needs to starts in each and everyone of us.

Dhanush K Raja in one of his speech in an award function said, “If 4 People join hands they can change the fortunes of their Home. If 4 Homes join hands they can change the fortunes of their street. If 4 Street join hands they can change the fortunes of their Area. If 4 Area joins hands they can change the fortunes of their district. If 4 districts join hands they can change the fortunes of their State. If 4 States join hands they can change the fortunes of their Country. If 4 Countries join hands they can change the fortunes of the World.”

Actually that is what is needed now. Change is not something which happens outside. Change is something which happens inside each and everyone of us. We should change first to change the Society and its System. “This did not happen for me”, “I did not get this”, “I need this for me” Stop saying these. Instead of using “Me” in everything, if everyone starts using “We”, the change that is needed to make the World a better place to live in can be achieved very soon. Thinking of Each and Everyone’s benefit is an important thing which will take this world to next level.

So what kind of change do we need to bring inside us?

This is a fresh year starting with a potential of lot of new fresh Opportunities. Leave the pain you had till now behind. Leave all the rough and harsh memories you had the previous year behind. Leave all the insecurities and negative thoughts you had till now behind. Discard the Unwanted Company of relations and friends you had. Make your mind fresh and free. Be ready to explore. Take along with you all the best persons in your life till now who were your support during the bad times while stepping into this new year. Never leave their hands. Believe me, you will get to know who is the real friend in your bad times. People who celebrate your success with you are not the true friends. People who are holding your hand and letting you know constantly that you are talented, you are capable of achieving great things, you can do it, and also reminding you to don’t give up are the real ones.

To those middle class masters like me, Remember this, Do what you think is exciting for you, which is a passion for you and also in parallel do something which will feed you. If you are doing a job which both feeds and excites you is excellent. But for those like me, which is different. One hand is holding my passion and the other is feeding me. Don’t drop any of your hand before you feel you have succeeded enough in your passion. Join both your hands and hold on till you succeed in your passion. One Day! “You know One Day your Day will come”. When things will turn out good. And Everything will fall into place like you wanted it to. Until then hold both your hands and work hard. Keep you motivated.

Remember something, We are all actually Stories in the end. And Stories change worlds and also it changes peoples. Hold on! Your Story will take that right path, you will end up in that awesome life changing plot twist, you will become that Hero One day. What makes Life beautiful is its unpredictable nature. No one knows what is in the next page or next chapter for them. You will know only after moving to that page or that chapter. And that is what makes Life Lovable. That is what is adding Spice to it and makes it interesting. Just go with the flow if you don’t know which way to go. It will take you somewhere instead of ending up nowhere.

You know something people who commented on other people’s mistakes or questioned their success are still commenting or questioning. While the people who have been commented on or been questioned on have succeeded. They have succeeded not easily but due to their resilience from comments, constant and sheer hard work. They failed, failed better and succeeded. Believe strongly everything is a passing cloud. No one is permanent in your life except you. Always have a smiling face.

Remember the Proverb “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”.

Everything happening in your life is just a phase. Eventually that phase will pass on. If you fail in something it is the phase that failed and not the entire life. Life has both Ups and Downs. You have to make yourself strong to come out of both with the same mindset. Be humble always no matter what.

If you end up in one such phase, just sit back, formulate what you want to do, how to push yourself up, and bounce back. Ask yourself, “Why did we fall?”. Remember we fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up. So Fall down, Pick yourself up and rise among everyone.

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with” – Tony Stark

Remember, When the path gets narrow and tough, when thorny bushes and steep edges starts to come, when you are completely sweating it out, when that thought of giving up is running into your mind. But you never give up and make you believe that there is just One more step ahead each time. You will eventually reach the top and the believe me the view from there would be awesome. I learned this as part of one of my trekking trips.

Never hurt yourself by going behind anything or anyone. If you are destined to be together with someone, wait for the destiny to-get-her to you.

Always aim for the Moon so that at least if you miss your target, you will end up in stars.

To make people hungry, you have to pick up your plate of food, sit and eat before them and should tell them how tasty the food is. Then they will automatically eat it. To make people to crave for success, you have to succeed before them and show them how good it feels to succeed.

It only takes a spark to ignite an inferno.

Believe me nothing is more beautiful than a smile of a person, who struggled through a lot of pain and who broke open his/her shackle of fears. Smiles are like band aids, they just cover up the pain although it hurts. But if you get the power of controlling that pain, you will go to a lot higher places in life.

If Someone cries in front of you, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t control the tears. It is just that they thought you would wipe their tears. From this new year be a support for such people and wipe their tears whenever necessary.

Are you feeling like things should have been better the past year or the year has not been how it should have been or a thought like you have achieved nothing is running in your mind. Just remember all the mountains you climbed, all the rough paths you crossed, all the times when you fell over but got up again. Those are not because of accident. They are because of what you did this past year. You are not the same now. You grew both physically and mentally. You got the strength to resist pains, humiliations and everything. You never gave up. You are living, you are still breathing, things will get only better from here. Now you have more in something than you had yesterday.

Make the following as your personal Resolution this year:

1. Be very clear on what you want to achieve this year that will take you towards the path of your bright future.

2. If you make a mistake. Don’t hurt yourself by thinking about it again and again. Just move on. And Remember not to repeat that mistake again.

3. Just give your best in everything, Don’t fear in advance that you will fail. Be an active participant. Results doesn’t matter. Only the satisfaction matters. If you feel so good on how well you fought with your competition, you have obviously succeeded.

4. Embrace Change. Develop new habits that can improve you. Work on your fitness. Take Care of your health

5. Let go of the things and people that needs to go. Don’t beg anyone to stay.

6. Wait for the time. Be Calm. Just think of that “One day” – The Day when you will succeed. Hope that it will come very soon.

7. Be Kind and Love everyone equally. Don’t lie, unless it is really necessary for the situation.

8. Heal all the wounds you had till now at once.

9. Stop doubting yourself and improve self confidence by having right people around you.

10. Communicate to everyone effectively, learn something from everyone. Importantly, try to be happy all the time. Make People around you to laugh always. And spend the next 366 days meaningfully.

There are three things which I am going to make sure I will follow this year.

1. I will never hurt anyone intentionally.

2. I will never cheat anyone financially.

3. I will treat everyone equally as an individual without any partiality or difference.

The One Mantra which I am going to repeat to myself everyday – “You can’t achieve everything in One day, but if you have that never give up attitude and work hard continuously you will achieve everything One day”.

With this year we are ending this decade. This is a decade in which I have experience a lot of things – First Cake Cutting for my Birthday ever, My First College, My First Degree, My First Mobile Phone, My First Computer which I dreamed of buying from Childhood, My First One Side Love, My First Love, My First Job, My First Salary, My First Accident, My First Long Distance Trip, My First Travel Experience out of Tamil Nadu, My First Hostel, My First Heartbreak, My First Blog Site etc. This decade has a lot of Memories for me. I have grown a lot throughout this decade. From a Studious lovable School kid to a passionate Writer cum Engineer. I would like to thank everyone who was with me through all the times throughout this decade. I hope you will be there with me, disturbing me, torturing me, supporting me and also loving me in the next one too. Thanks for everything !!

If you want to have a great 2020. Stop lying down on your bed and sleeping Everytime. Do something useful. Spend your time on improving you in any way. Don’t wait for something to Happen for you except love. Go Out. Get Hold of it. Make a change. Smile a lot. Get Excited. Try out new things. Be Open for learning. Travel a lot. Travel with a new gang. Travel Solo. Read a good Book. Unfollow negative people. Think Positive. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Don’t Gossip. Show gratitude. Do things that will challenge you. Be strong and brave. Be Supportive. Be Responsible. Be a Gentleman.

“அச்சம் தவிர்த்து

ஆக்கம் கொண்டு

இளமையில் கற்று

ஈச்ச மரம் போல் வாழ்வில்


ஊக்கம் பெற்று





ஓடையைப் போல் நேர்க்கோட்டில்


அஃதே வாழு”

Happy New Year 2020 Everyone !!!!! Let you all achieve your plans and goals of this year and take a next step in the path of your dreams. Be Happy !! Make Everyone Happy !! Spread Love !!

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Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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