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Brother – The Best Friend of a Lifetime !!

They say in Tamizh “Thambi udayan padaiku anjaan” means If someone has his brother with him even if a huge battalion of enemies are coming towards him, not even a single stroke of fear would surge through him. He will have such a confidence in him, when he has his brother beside. That is the worth of a brother. Even if your brother is younger than you.

Lucky are those who has a brother. They are gifted by God with a best friend throughout their life. That is what my Mom would say. I am double lucky because I have two. If you are the younger one, you will have a best friend from your birth. If you are the older one. I am sorry you would have waited for at least 1 or 2 years to get one 😅.

Brother is an ideal example of a complete package. You will have both love and torture in a single person. You would feel like he is the best person at times. And also you would want to pull him, make him stand straight, remove his glasses if he is wearing one. And then slap the hell out of him at times.

A brother will love you like your father, care for you like your Mother, annoy you like your sister and support you like your friend.

A brother is a Partner in Crime, keeper of your secrets, the one who you always have on your side, the one who believes you are capable of great things but won’t show it outside unless necessary, who boasts about you to everyone when you are not there on the spot, who wants to succeed alongside with you, a best team mate and a very very close best friend for life.

If you are a younger brother you would never know how it is to be the elder brother. And if you are an elder brother you will never know how it is to be a younger brother. Middle born guys are those who are the unluckiest. They have to be both the elder and younger at the same time. And you will be the one who will be blamed for everything by your parents.

Elder brother makes the rules. Middle one is the one who is the reason why there is a rule. And the younger one is not applicable for the rules.

Brothers would say to your face that you are shit. But they would say there can be no one like my brother to others. Such is a brother’s love. Even though we don’t say that face to face, we all know how much we love each other.

My brothers never called me “Anna” in my life. But I have overheard them saying to their friends that,” My Brother is the awesome talent I have seen in my life. No one will get one like that ever. I am so lucky.” 😝.

Brothers don’t share their love eye to eye, they share it heart to heart. You will realize it only when you are in trouble, the only one who will never leave you in those times.

Actually if someone says whom you will give the award as “Best Brother”. I will give my Dad without even thinking about anyone else, even for a second. He is such a good brother and a great son ❤❤❤. He has done so much for his brothers, sisters and parents without thinking about himself and his future. Although he is now in a settled kind of life. If he had been selfish in life, he would have reached great heights. But he felt Share and care attitude is the most important thing than anything. You need people in your life when you are in some kind of trouble. I don’t know if I have earned such relationships in my life. But if there are any in my life, it’s all because of him. I want to be like him. Just helping everyone without hesitating even once. I love my Dad ❤❤❤. My Mom is also exactly the female version of that ❤❤❤. I love them both ❤❤❤. I never want them to bend their head down in front of anyone because of me ever in my life. If that happens, then that will be the worst day of my life and I would have lost all I earned in my life that day. I would never let that happen till my last breath. I promise.

Brothers always behave like they are knit together. If you see my two brothers. You will feel that. They are mostly the same in character. They actually look alike when they are sleeping with their face on the other side. I get doubts a lot of time on who is who. I used to kick the wrong one thinking he is the other one 😂😂.

Actually in childhood they were like opposite poles. They always fight with each other. But they will always be together. I was the referee for everything. My younger brother would shout at my middle brother and run to me and hide behind me If they are fighting 😂😂. And I had to save him by shouting at my middle brother. Sometimes they both join hands and black mail me that they will say to my mother that I have beaten one of them very hard. And My Mom will believe that 🙄.

I never felt alone ever from my childhood till my college because I had my brothers always. They would never allow me to wander around in the dark alone. Instead they would want to kill me in the dark so always accompany me 😂.

A brother is one who shares everything with you when you are a child. Your Parents, your toys, your house, your bed, your pets and sometimes your secrets and blames too.

Being an elder brother is a very tough job. You have to be a very good role model for your younger siblings. You are the one based on how they will grow up in life. They would see you and they would decide, ” I should be like him or I should not be like him”. You will become a role model in all cases. But you have to do a lot of sacrifices for your family. Since you are the elder one. If you start enjoying all the luxuries it will affect your brothers. So you have to always follow “SHARE and CARE rule”. Obviously you will get new clothes all the time since you grow first among the siblings. But now in my case. Both grew more than me 😓. But sometimes, there are also chances you will get your father’s old dress to wear 😂😂. So don’t be so happy.

Being an elder brother, by default you become a superhero 😝.

The Middle ones always imagine themselves as the good looking and the smartest one since they inherit the characters from both older and younger ones. Maybe it’s true in some cases. Some cases only 😂😂. This middle fellow is the one who gets all the blame from parents for all mischiefs. Actually he is the deserved owner of it too.

Being a younger brother is not good at times. You would be given the used clothes always of your elder brothers. You have to wear it till it gets torn. But also you have the freedom of doing anything since you are the youngest one in the family. You have the freedom to ask whatever you want.

A brother is someone who pushes you down to play with you and also the one who will lift you up and slap the one who pushed you, when someone else does that to you.

A brother is the one

  1. Who would hug you when you are sad
  2. Who will encourage you when you are feeling low.
  3. Who would tease you whenever they are bored.
  4. Who would say you are a shit in front of you but will say you are the best fit of his life behind you.
  5. Will make you feel gross by doing something mischievously
  6. Will love you no matter what
  7. Will always be there to make you laugh in any kind of situations.

A brother is whom you would miss the most after your parents when you are staying away from your family.

Brothers will be normal if they are away from each other but if they are together always some ruckus will happen for sure 😂.

If I recount my life and check with whom I had the most of my memories. It would be my brothers. Also if there is someone with whom you have discussed like we should grow up and own a very big company and buy a Playstation from the profit we get. I am damn sure, it will be your brother. I have said this many times, when my parents refused to buy a PS2 for me in childhood.

During School times I had many friends. But the true friends, who would always be with me were my brothers. I would wait for the School to end soon. So that I can play plastic ball cricket with my brothers in my home’s terrace every day. Our terrace was in such a way that if you hit offside, the ball will land in a vacant space that had only trees all around. And if we had to pick that ball again, we had to go all the way to the main road and ask permission to the owner of that place for taking that ball. So if any ball falls there. Actually at least one will fall each day. We would wait till the count gets five. And also every morning and evening before going to school and after coming from school we would check if the ball is still there or someone picked it up. Because that owner had a kid who would steal those balls and run away. And If we ask that owner, he would say there were no such plastic balls in that place. There was also a place in the offside in my house, which was for rainwater harvesting. And if ball falls into that place. We have to go and knock on the door of the family who was living in rent at the ground floor of my home. So we would do a lot of initial arrangements like covering the rainwater harvesting area with a plastic sheet or jute bags etc and also we will place a fielder in the offside to catch the ball from falling into that empty ground area. I guess we would have bought at least a 1000 plastic balls each of cost 5 rupees. That Shop Owner became rich because of us only 😂😂. He has a car now even. Our pitch design was as follows. There was a Sintex tank in my home’s terrace at one corner. There are 5 pipes that are coming down from it. The first three pipes are our stumps. And we have a place like 10-20 feet from those pipes where a pillar of cement was there. That was our bowler’s stump. And in 2 feet behind the bowler there was our boundary. And on the boundary wall we had the place where there was a light bulb which would be replaced each week. Someone will hit the ball directly on the bulb. Plastic ball is okay. Sometimes we would play with Pepsi ball 😅. And there were some neighbors who we don’t like. If ball falls in their home. They will hide it. And some will come and complain to my Mom like you have the worst kids ever like their kid is bill gates 😂😂. So, we used to play in such a pressure. No lofted shots and only straight shots that too only on the ground. Sometimes wantedly I used to bowl the ball wide of the stumps when one of my brother is about to win so that my brother would hit it in the offside hollow place and I would blame him 😂😂. We had Awesome fun while playing plastic ball cricket in my terrace. One pitch catch was also there. Sometimes 2 pitch catch also. Some buildings next to my house were tall in those days and the girls from those buildings used to watch us play 😂😂. So I would hit directly to them and ask for ball and start convo 😂😅. They would be like “What a man 😂😂😂😂😂”. May be that was assumption 😂😂😂. Maybe they thought who is this shit in trousers hitting the ball into my house 😂😂.

Apart from terrace cricket, we started playing in ground with the guys in our area. We would go every weekend morning and we would play a bet match. There was a time in my childhood when there was a fight between my younger brother and his friend on who has the best team. The boy was from the next street. We had a bet match 😂😂. And that day, I scored a fifty even 😂😂. It was an awesome thing playing with the kids and defeating them. That too It was 100 rupees match. That was a huge amount of money that time 😂. We played Playstation with that money after that. Also we had Rasna. Playing cricket and drinking Rasna while returning was a ritual for 90’s kids. We had a huge fight in one such bet match. My brother is basically an angry bird. He gets into fights easily. He doesn’t see who you are. He would just get into the fight if you are doing too much and showing attitude. That day it was a great ruckus. We all were throwing the bat and ball at each other. That was the day I stood up for my brother and went for a fight against someone. We quarrelled like anything and finally people came around and stopped us. That was a day I will remember forever in my life. That guy’s name is “Vivek” with whom I went against for a fight. He was taller and fatter than me. But we have to do anything for our brother right. At the instant, I just ran and jumped over him and caught his collar. I don’t know how that happened 🔥😅.

My PS2 times were all mostly with my brothers and their friends. My Middle brother was an awesome Smackdown player. It is very difficult to beat him. He knows some great tricks. He used to do too much. But One day I broke his streak. And I used fast hand technique and defeated him. That day he was shouting fluke, fluke. But I defeated the Champion 😂😂. That is enough. Me and my middle brother used to cheat my younger brother always 😅. And that was all my middle brother’s fault. I used to allow them to defeat me many times for bringing that smile on my brothers faces. Okay you are saying I would have lost only. If you don’t believe, then it’s Okay 😝.

There were times when my brother advised me when I cried for the results of exams. If you have read my earlier posts you would have known that I had failed on reaching my favourite English teacher’s goal in 10th Standard 😅. I cried a lot for that. Also during +2, I had the biggest heartbreak of my life. The Aim of becoming a doctor was burned to ashes. And I was also there, when they cried for their results. One of my brother after writing Maths exam cried a lot that he would get a very poor mark in Maths. He said he forgot everything and went blank in the middle of the exam. This was in his +2. I spoke to him, I consoled him. I said, “You know the people who corrects our paper never read what you are writing. They would just give marks based on their mood. You mark my words. You will get an awesome mark in Maths. Even if you get low marks it’s okay. You can match it by other subjects marks. So you go and concentrate on the next exam”. I also explained my previous experiences about it. Somehow I consoled him and made him to concentrate on his next exam. And when the results came out, he got awesome marks in maths which he never expected. Maybe it’s all my words. He got a very good total in +2. And felt very happy and responsible there after. Also for the other one, there is one huge memory on this topic. I had to do a lot to bring back his self confidence but now he blames me for that 😅. I can’t say it openly what and all happened 😅. But a lot of memories are there in this.

The first injury of my life with my consciousness happened when I was playing with my brothers. We were playing run and catch and while running, I never saw the water outside the bathroom, I got slipped and my forehead broke open with blood oozing out like lava 😂😂. Thank God we were a joint family in those times. I don’t know why, but I remember my uncle applying bru coffee powder on the place where blood was oozing and he tied it tightly with a cloth and everyone ran to the hospital that was half kilometre distance. There that doctor made nearly 9 stitches on my forehead. It pained like anything. She said it was nothing. The pain will go very soon. Those words are still ringing in my ear.

We used to practice the Smack Moves of WWE after watching it on TV even though they mention “Do not try it at School, Home or anywhere” 😂😂. Once I broke the glasses of bero in my house by throwing my brother on it. Got carried on a bit 😅. Got the only slap from my Dad for that.

There were days when we used to plan for buying more crackers from my dad and also getting some extra from other relatives. We would plan a lot. Also for bursting crackers we had a schedule on which one to burst at what time. First one was always the waalas in the early morning. It will be 1000,10000 or even 100 waala. But the first one in the schedule was waalas. Then comes the lakshmi bombs, elephant bombs, tiger bombs and all other day time bombs which comes in tightly rolled papers cylindrically. Then comes the dangerous one of all. The green boy. Auto Bomb – That’s what we call it although it is called Atom Bomb 😂. Then comes the bijili crackers which we burst during free and boring time means the afternoon when there are no good shows on TV also. We would throw this bijli cracker onto the roads from the terrace after lighting it by catching it in hand. That was a great trick to do we thought in those times. How shit we were 😂😂. We would show off to neighbor girls on the roads with that. Like they would say “What a Mannnn” 😂😂. Then comes the night which we start off by double shots then followed by Flower pots, then at 7-8, it’s time for Fancy Sky Crackers followed by Chakras, snake crackers, and then the Sparklers and Atlast we would end it with Waalas again, A 1000 or 10000 waala. Then me and my brothers would go to my neighbor’s home and finish off their crackers or we would climb the place where the Sintex tank was and sit and watch the world bursting crackers till around 8.30 or 9 and then we will go home and continue watching “Gilli” movie in Sun TV which was a ritual telecast for every Diwali at 6.30 PM. Only then our Diwali will be satisfied for us.

Once when it was raining, my mom dried the clothes inside our house. The clothes will be dried in dryer before she hangs it in the rope for drying it out completely. We three used to pull the saree of my mom on all four sides and feel like we are in a fort. Sometimes we would think that as a mosquito net like they show in movies that covers the bed. we used to play business game with children’s money, snakes and ladders, WWE Cards etc while lying down on the bed sheet in that saree fort. When my Mom sees that it will lead to slipper shot. I washed the clothes for like 2 hours and you will make it dirty by building fort is it. How Sweet you three are 😂😂😂. That were very good days.

In my childhood, I used to sleep in between my brothers and will hold both their hands while sleeping so that I will get to know if ghost tries to kidnap them 😂😂.

There are times when my mom would go to my native for some temple festivals ( Thiruvizha) and me and brothers used to cook some bla bla stuffs 😂😂. I have cooked rice and made tomato curry in my 8th standard itself. That too it was tasty. I even made an Omelette 😍😍. But my younger brother is a mischievous idiot. Along with him, I tried a lot of fusion dishes 😂😂. Puliyogare sambar Biryani, sugared lemon rice, Omelette 65 etc 😂😂😂. We used to throw whatever available in the kitchen shelf like puliyogare powder, sambar powder, Briyani powder, chicken 65 powder, chilli powder all together in a combo of vegetables that were leftover in the basket that was there😂😅. But don’t know why always that tasted good, whatever we made 😂😂.

If I want to buy something, I will say to my brother that if we had that imagine how awesome it will be. And he will cry and make scenes till my father buys that to us. Likewise we bought nearly 3 cycles, a computer, video games etc. When we play games on a computer, me and my brother would share controls. Like in GTA I would control the direction while driving the car and he will control kicking the people walking by. In racing, he would control the speed and I would steer the direction. Likewise we have completed a lot of PC games together. One of those was X-Men Wolverine and Narnia. My Favourite those times 😍.

My Younger brother would go to shop for taking Xerox for me even at 11 PM. One day I remember, he circled the whole area searching for Xerox shop that was opened at 11 PM since the regular shop where we used to do Xerox was closed. He was such a sweet brother.

I still remember the day when my younger brother was born and brought to home along with my mother. I asked someone not sure who, may be my grandma. Who is this small kid they are bringing to our house. She said he is your brother and you have become a big brother now. I just ran behind mom and was looking at his face for a long time. The chubby cheeks he had in his childhood. My younger brother was a bubbly kid in childhood. Whoever sees him will pull his cheeks 😂😂😂. You so cute haan 😂😂. I used to be like a stick in childhood. Now it’s the exact opposite 😂😂😂😂.

We have a photo in which I was sitting in a chair at the centre and both my brothers were standing beside me because I was a lot taller than both. But now if we take that photo again, I should stand and they both should sit on the floor. That much taller they have become 😂😂. That was one great memorable photo my mom would keep it with her till the end. I guess that was the only photo we took together in a shop where they take photos. That has flower designed background, red colored floor etc 😂😂. The Classic way of taking family photo.

My brothers are the first students for the teacher in me. I would take tuition classes for them. That too maximum on the night before the exam. I have thought a complete chapter in Mathematics for my brother on the penultimate night of the exam day. And he did well because of that. Many such Occasions were there. In childhood, my mom would ask them to recite me the mugged paragraphs in English notebook 😂😂. I would torture them to mug it up again even if they miss a single word like “Is”,”Was” etc also.

We also have an album of photos taken during our housewarming some 10 years ago may be, which on seeing our faces in it we would laugh like anything always. We would be that funny. If we are bored or sad, if we take that photo album and go through it. Laughter will come out bursting automatically 😂😂

Once upon a time, whenever I go out to eat with my friends, I would always pick something up from the restaurant for my brothers. But now the life has changed. I should go back to that me now.

We used to go to movies together always in those times. When the internet was not there, my father used to buy tickets in theatre and would take us for movies. After the internet, I would book tickets online and am taking everyone to the movies. It would be very good feel whenever we go to the movies together. But it’s gradually decreasing since we all grew up and my brothers started to go out with their friends. And also since I am out of my Hometown. I want to move back home so that everything will become like the sweet old days.

The ones with whom I had the most of the ghost talks which is my favourite has been with my brothers. We have been on a journey in search of ghosts when we went to our native village once. There was a bungalow which was broken at places. People used to say to us that each Tuesday they will hear the sound of a Swing and someone crying inside the building 😅. We were scared to shit when we tried to discover the truth behind it 😂😂. Also in villages, people never have restrooms. So for Nature’s call you have to walk inside some random bushy forest areas or those. That will be an area where absolutely no one will be there. It was just an area which was covered with only trees and bushes on all sides and nothing else. Sometimes some animals too. Just imagine what will happen if you are feeling urgent at night for Nature’s call 😂😂. There was one such worst night for us 😂😂. We heard some weird sounds when we went to that place. We ran away when we heard baby crying sounds 😂😂😂. But now I realize that it was a cat. There were many other funny ghost experiences too.

The best moment was one day power cut happened in the night time and we climbed the place in my terrace where there was a Sintex tank and I explained my brothers about what and all were there in the Sky. I guess I would have been at 8th or 9th standard and my brothers (One at 6th and other at 4th maybe). That was one awesome night. Even though we were not great scientists. We had a discussion as if we are one such. I still remember many things my innocent, cute small brother asked me. He never knew about gravity those times. He asked me, “How come Earth is standing in the Space without any balance and if we stand on the bottom of the Earth and look down what will we see, will it be like some kind of very big sea?”. Even Though I was not as clear about that as I am now. I managed to explain him that. He also asked, ” if a Human cannot see the air which he breathes, then do fish also can’t see the water from which it breathes 😂😂.” Just imagine how great right. He was such an innocent curious kid those days. Even now he is a curious guy, but he has got to know a lot of things in the world, that he can teach me about things ❤❤. We even used to differentiate which was Mars, Saturn and stars in the night sky. We also tried to escape from my mom secretly to watch the Solar Eclipse with reflection from the Hand mirror since they said we should not see it with our naked eyes 😂😂. My middle brother is the intelligent one of us all. Also the responsible, talented and the most matured one. Even though he is younger than me he has matured in many cases with some silly exceptions. We loved the concept called outer space from our childhood. The only topic other than ghosts that we speak about a lot is Outer Space.

All three of us know about how my father and mother have worked hard day and night to bring us to the position we are now. I am working in a Company which is completely Air Conditioned but my father till date is working hard under the heating sunlight on the market, selling fruits. All three of us know how important it is for us to prove his hard work was worth it. We will achieve great positions in life for sure. Earning money was never important for us but bringing respect to him is.

Unlike other people’s brother, I never took anything from my brothers and ate it without giving it to them. I used to share everything I get with them. Sometimes, if there are only 2 pieces of chocolate, I would give it to them and would say I don’t like that. I learned this from my mother 😅😍❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥.

For us watching cartoons like Dragon booster, Galactik football, avatar the last Airbender, kick buttowski, kid vs Kat, power rangers were like ritual. Every evening after school after PS2, we would sit sharply at 5 o’clock before TV for cartoons. Sometimes we do homework watching cartoons. My Parents were not torturers like other parents. They gave us freedom to do everything on our own. Because all three of us were good at Academics even though we were mischievous in other things. They believed in us ❤❤❤❤❤. So we paid back their belief by marks. We never went to tuitions for studying poorly. I prefer studying last day for exam. But Both my brothers preferred studying last night for an exam. They will study complete night and go to exam directly, complete it and then come and sleep. That is a very bad technique not at all good for your health. On the other hand, I would take leave and study the last day. Sleep well. Wake up early like around 5 in the morning although it’s tough and continue the exam day smooth and slow. That was my technique. Much better and healthy. Also I go chapter wise without looking at important questions. I would read the complete book once so that I would be knowing everything in the paper at least a bit and so I can choose and write which I know well. That worked very well for me a lot of times. Just saying this because if you want you can also follow. This is my reason for success.

Whenever some favorite cartoon is running, my father will keep news or old Classic movies and will torture us watching it. So, I would brainwash my younger brother to talk to him and divert him so that I can change the channel 😂😂. My Father listens to whatever my younger brother says. He loves him more than anyone in the world.

We three are like twins. If one gets sick, automatically the other will get it next day 😅. The excursions which we went together with my mom accompanying us, the day we went to VGP together as family on the third day of pongal, the trip to marina beach in childhood, the day at valluvar kottam, tiruchendur temple visits, the landing in rameshwaram and all other trips were the most memorable family times of my life ❤❤.

There were days when we had a fight and have not talked to each other for days. But, that never lasts. Eventually someone would laugh at someone and so both will laugh and we will start talking to each other. That is the speciality of Siblings.

Although we were not rich, we were always happy and satisfied with what we had. That was the best thing in our life.

There are lots and lots of memories in my life with my brothers. Each and every day of my life was a memory with them till I moved to a foreign place from my hometown for working. The above were just some highlights.

Many Times I have this feeling, “why did my childhood end so soon”.

I don’t know why I grew up. I changed a lot growing up. I am going far away from my family day by day. I don’t want that to happen. But I don’t know why I couldn’t control myself. I want my true self to be back. Lately a lot has happened in my life and I am actually in a mess now. But I want to go back to the life where no one was more important than my family. It’s all in our mindset. I want to trigger my mind back to those good old days.

We were that great that neighborhood aunties would say to my mom that there can be no one like your kids. How good they are and how always together they are. But my mom only knows all the truth 😂😂😂. She would say that to us 😂😂. World is believing in you my boys 😂😂😂😂😂.

I don’t know why but I have seen the closeness of brothers breaking when they grow up. Even my own uncles who were so close when they were a child now have grudge over each other in one or other form. They act like they are some kind of enemies. The Assets, Money etc all doesn’t matter when it comes to love and Affection. I don’t know when people are going to realize that. My Uncles realized that only when we lost one of them. In this world everyone is selfish in one or other way. If that continues then one day not even one joint family would exists. People should never compromise the Share and care attitude for anything. If you come up in life, you should at least bring your family up with you. Not just leave them and walk away. I have seen brothers having fight on who should take care of their parents. If such a thing comes then they should be ashamed of themselves. Their parents raised them up giving up everything and they are fighting on who should take care of them. I hate people who do such fights.I would give up all the assets, money etc if such a fight will come between me and my brothers in the future. I will never leave my parents in such a situation. Never I promise. I know my brothers won’t do that even.

I want my brothers to reach the Pinnacle they want to achieve in their life. All their big dreams should be achieved overcoming the small worries of failure that would hit them like it hits everyone in some phase of life. I want them to stay strong and never give up. There is no need for them to carry more than they can hold. That is why I am here. I want them to carry how much they would like to carry and never have a regret that this or that could have been better in their life. I want them to get the love they deserve and lead a very happy and rocking life. That is the only wish that runs in my mind always. I would sacrifice anything for them. Literally anything.

என் உடன் பிறந்த என் உயிர் நண்பா !!
நீயின்றி என் குழந்தை பருவம் இல்லை !!
ஓர் நாளும் நாம் பிரிந்து இருந்ததில்லை !!
இன்று நான் என் வாழ்வை திரும்பி பார்த்தால் !!
அதில் நீ தான் எல்லாமுமாய் இருக்கிறாய் !!
ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் நாம் சேகரித்த ஞாபகங்கள் ஏராளம் !!
பகிர்ந்து உண்பதில் நாம் என்றும் காட்டவில்லை தாராளம் !!
அட்டைப் பெட்டியில் கோட்டை கட்டினோம் !!
அழுக்குக் குட்டையில் கால்பந்தாடினோம் !!
அடக்க முடியா சேட்டைகள் செய்தோம் !!
மழழைக் குரும்பினால் சிரிக்க வைத்தோம் !!
அன்னை எதிரில் அடம் பிடித்தோம் !!
சுற்றத்தோர் மனதில் தடம் பதித்தோம் !!
நாம் உடைக்காத கண்ணாடியும் இல்லை !!
நாம் பகிறாத பொருட்களுமில்லை !!
நீயின்றி நானில்லை !!
நானின்றி நீயில்லை !!
என் அழுகையை துடைத்தாய் நீ !!
உன் அழுகையை துடைத்தேன் நான் !!
நம் வாழ்க்கையின் தூண் அல்லவோ நாம் !!
சுட்டிக் குழந்தையாய் இருந்த நீ !!
கெட்டிக்காரனாய் மாறியுள்ளாய் இன்று !!
வியக்கிறேன் நீ வளர்ந்த வேகம் பார்த்து !!
உயரம் வளர்ந்தது போல் வாழ்விலும் மேன்மேலும் உயருவாயாக !!
மழழை வயதில் கண்ட பல கனவை
இன்று நினைவாக்க உழைப்பாயாக !!
நம் தந்தை தாயாருக்கு பெருமை சேர்ப்பாயாக !!
அதுவே இந்த தமயன் தம்பியிடம் நிறைவேற்ற கேட்கும் ஒரே ஆசை !!
வீடு என்னும் கோவிலில் !!
தாய் தந்தை என்னும் தெய்வத்தின்
தீவிர பக்தனாய் வாழ்ந்து வந்தோம் !!
நாம் வேண்டிய அனைத்தையும் தெய்வம் நிறைவேற்றியது !!
இன்று அத்தெய்வத்தின் வேண்டுதலையே நிறைவேற்றும் நாள் வந்துவிட்டது !!
நன்றி மறவாது இன்றியமையை புரிவோமாக !!
பெற்றோரை பெருமை கொள்ள வைப்பதை விட வேறேதும் கடமை நம் வாழ்வில் உண்டோ இளவலே !!
வாழ்வின் இறுதிவரை பிறர் பொறாமை படும் சகோக்களாய் கூடி வாழ்வோம் !!
பல்லாண்டு வாழ்க !! என் உடன் பிறந்த நண்பா !!

I am thanking God if he is really there for my birth in this life, in this family, as a child of my mother and my father, and as an elder brother of my siblings.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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