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You are your First support !!

Have you ever felt so stagnant in life ? Like you are standing in the middle of the road. And all you can do is just see people and their vehicles move to and fro. Something has caught your leg. You could not move it. It is as if you are cemented on to the middle of the road in a position of nowhere. Don’t worry, not all days are the same. Your life will change one day. It just means that you are yet to keep your forward step. You will break out with full force one day.

Only the one who failed in his life will know the true ecstasy of achieving success. So if you have failed don’t worry thinking about it. Achieving success at first attempt will be very boring. But when you – the one with failures if you achieve Success after putting in a lot of hard work, your Success will reach great heights, it’s sound will travel louder even over the mountains, it will make you fly to the clouds. So don’t give up and try reaching that.

Even if people push you down while they are rising up. You don’t care about what they are doing. Just prove to them that they made a mistake by pushing you down. Climb more height than them by trying again. Also help them climb too and make them realize their mistake of setting a sun by pushing it deep down into the sea when it has the capability to shine brighter, also to save and bring prosperity to the world. Just prove them. Don’t take revenge on them.

Believe me or not some of the wishes we have in our life get rejected sometimes so that we may not lose our peace, self respect and confidence. But what we do is we lose our peace, self respect and confidence by thinking about that rejection of our wish. Stop doing that. I have done that. I realized that. If you wish to live in peace in your life, don’t wish for anything. Just go with the flow. Remember If you want to enjoy a trip, you should take very less luggage with you. Likewise if you want to enjoy your life, have minimum wishes and desires in you.

First of all, Find out who are real in your life and who are not. One very good method to find that out is to uninstall all the Social Media apps from your phone for 2 Weeks. Don’t Call anyone or ping anyone for 2 Weeks. Wait for them to call you. How quickly you get a call from them is how priority they keep you in their life. Flush out people who never called you, from your life. Believe me this method will make you learn a lot of lessons in life. You will get to know that there are a lot of other things to do than chatting, scrolling memes, making sad statuses etc.

You will get an ample amount of time to explore yourself and the skills you have. You can experiment yourself in various things. You can find your own path of future. Believe me 2 weeks is more than enough. 2 weeks of hibernation can flush the waste out of your life and can freshen you up and boost your mood and mindset. Remember this – You can act like you are crying it out but you can never act like you are sweating yourself out without real hard work. 

Bring the change in you. Don’t run behind money. Run behind love. Not that love which will break your heart. The love and compassion to others – that love. If you focus on this, you will gain a lot of things. Believe me, if you show unconditional love to people. You will never be left alone in times of trouble. You will have at least one true loyal person from the world for you. It could be anyone. But there will be one always. Stop focusing on what you will lose if you choose a way of life and start focusing on what you can gain if you choose that.

Believe in Yourself always. If you don’t believe in you, No one else will. It is all in your mindset. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, believe me you cannot I promise. It is all in your belief. Always be strong enough to come out of any situation with a smiling heart. Say to yourself – “I can do this”. Even if you make a mistake. Tell yourself – “This is just a slip. This slip will not bury me forever. I am much more than this. I can do a lot better. I will prove myself.”. Have Faith that you will succeed in whatever path you choose for you. Without Faith in yourself and the path you chose, nothing can go forward. You will feel stagnant. If you want to achieve your dream, you be your Support first. Don’t wait for someone else’s support. It’s your dream why you need someone else. If you support yourself, eventually they will start supporting you. That is the reality. 

Learn to love being with yourself. Only then everything will improve in your life. If you are in constant search of somebody to give company to you. You will feel like a piece of you has got lost and also it would feel like it would be impossible to find that exact piece in this huge world. But actually you have not lost any piece. If you start loving your own company, you will get to know that you are complete all by yourself. You don’t need any additional piece. You will realize what you were searching for is actually within yourself. Actually this will make you hear the sound of your soul. It will make you realize how pure gold you are. It can make you clear out the bronze coating that you made upon yourself. It will show you who you truly are. It makes you find what you love. It will make you realize that it is you, who you love. Once you love your company. The world will start humming your song, will dance for the music you make, will sing chorus with you, will love you for you are. Have a Happy smiling face always. 

Be a good motivational book only for those who understands you. For rest of the world be an unsolvable riddle. That will make everyone curious. Your Ear is the first part which becomes active in your body before your birth and also the last part to become inactive during your death. So, hear out things but don’t hear everything. Don’t forget people who ignored you when you were in trouble and also don’t forget the people even though you ignored them, they came out in search of you and who helped to lift you up from the deep well you got stranded during your troublesome times.

Believe strongly, if you lose something, something better is coming your way. I have been through it and each time, it was becoming better and better. Eventually the most suitable thing will find your hands. Just think of your point 1 year back each time you feel low. You will realize you are growing stronger and stronger. You are learning things. You are experiencing life. You will know that you have made memories both good or bad. One day you will feel proud after succeeding for coming through this rough path. Even Though it was tiring, it will make you happy. It will make you a role model. 

Live your Life. Love your Life, Atom by Atom, Molecule by Molecule, Particle by Particle, From time to time. According to a saying, “Even God cannot be good to everyone”. But remember as a human you can just imagine everyone is good and live peacefully by your heart. But the truth is no one here is willing to behave as a human.Everyone here is living around like a wild animal hunting for prey by making use of everyone’s weakness.

Believe that everything will get solved and everything will fall in the right place at the end. If it is not getting solved at the end, then remember that is not the end. Your time will come. Till then build yourself in a right way. Be ready to do whatever you can in that time which is for you. So that you can shine as a sun above all other stars. Remember you ! – you are your first support.

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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