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Love is beautiful !!

Ever met someone and all you want to do is love them in a way that makes up for every moment they have ever felt unloved or unseen?

Have you felt like you wanted to tell them, “All the pieces of yourself that you hate. I love them. All the pieces of yourself that you’re proud of. I love them. All the beautiful pieces that makes you “YOU”. I Love them. The good, the bad, the new, the old. I love and want them all. Sometimes I can’t choose what I love about you the most. Your eyes are like books that tell stories i could never imagine, your heart beats like the gentlest of songs my ears could ever hear and your lips lifts and voices out the softest poems i could never recite. I’m not saying that I think we might belong together but I do think that I may have loved you in all of my lifetimes.”.

So Sweet ! right ? such words !

So how can one find out if they are in Love ?

Love is, the way she looked at him and how he felt it in his heart. It is the way her voice came out of her mouth and echoed in his head all the time.

Love is thinking about her when she’s not around and also being unable to think about anything else, when she is around. It is a kind of feeling where you can feel all kind of feelings that exists altogether.

Love is seeing her face when you close your eyes and also seeing her face in all the faces you see, when you open your eyes. It is something which sparks each other’s soul in presence of each other. It is something which makes you zoom into each and every pictures of her and do nothing but just keep staring and blushing.

Love is the beauty which you see in her, which no one else can see. It is when you think not only she looks beautiful. She herself is beautiful in all ways.

Love is when you think about her if she is feeling hungry, when actually you are hungry. Love is when you feel as if you are sick, when she gets sick. It is something which switches off your mind and overpowers your heart. It will make you to go to any extremes for doing something which she asked you for.

Love is when you hold her hand by instinct when you both are walking together alone or even in crowded places. It is something which makes you nervous in the beginning (budding) days when you are around her and then it makes you nervous when she is not around you as the time passes.

Love is feeling of an existence of link between the two souls. It is the meeting of two souls fully accepting the dark and light within each other, bound by the courage to grow together through struggle into bliss.

So, Love is indeed beautiful. Also one more thing, It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It can be perfectly imperfect too. Love is nothing but the bond based on trust, mutual connection & Unconditional commitment and it is also a feeling of touching each other’s soul.

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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