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Quotes Compilation 1 !! – Mine, My Brother’s and My Other Favourite’s !

No one feels what you feel in exactly the same way. These are your feelings and yours alone. Feel what you feel. Nothing is more yours than that.

It’s not her face
It’s something about her
It’s just being in the right place with her
It’s just the moment
It’s everything about her man
I don’t know what to say
It’s everything about her
No it’s not her face
It’s beyond that

All it took was one conversation with her for my heart to explode into a prism of colors.

Those who I can never trust again taught me the most.

Sometimes I welcome the anger as a reminder that I can still feel.

I know all I have is words but if you knew how long it took me to find them, to give to you. I swear to god you would believe in magic.

I think the root of my problem is I feel everything to the extreme.

Maybe the moon never talked about it’s loneliness and so we are just lost in it’s beauty.

You are like nothing I imagined but everything I could ask for.

If I were a moralist, and were to write a book, then from 100 pages of that book, 99 would be empty. The final page would contain: “I know of only one responsibility: to love”  – Albert Camus

Worrying actually means you suffer twice

Remember even your shadow leaves you in darkness

In a world of rap music, she’s an old fashioned love song.

Someone once asked me if I had learned anything from it all. So let me tell you what I’ve learned. I learned everyone dies alone. But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone, or loved someone. If even a single person remembers you, then maybe you never really die. And maybe, this isn’t the end at all.

A baby can’t see how far away the top of the stairs are, but they keep climbing.

She read his mind. She was the only character in his story.

I’ve tried being the good in the world but all I am is tired.

In the end, We’re all just hoping to live in color.

In the case of books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many of them can get through into you.

Anyone can make you smile but only certain people can make you happy.

Her beauty isn’t in the way she looks 
Her true beauty is in the way she loves…

Wanted to share my life with you like the Stars does with the sky

Some I write for you.
Some for the world.
But my favorites are the ones I write for me.

You need to stop looking for magic in those who only know how to play tricks.

People are lucky in different ways.
May be mine is love.

I think the root of all my problem is I feel everything to the extreme.

I waited for her all my life. At last she came and treated me like a waiter.

God is not the answer
God is the question I constantly ask myself

I wish that someday I will be so happy that when 11:11 comes I find there is nothing left to wish for.

People see same things and get different meanings.

I do things for people from the heart because I remember all the times I wished I had that help

When you’re young, you want everyone to like you.  When you’re old, you realize you need to like yourself.

You get to know me only when I choose to let you.

No matter what I feel, I’ll keep it inside me, if I have to cry I’ll cry on the inside, if I bleed, I’ll bruise, and if my heart aches I’ll let it.

Sometimes, they’re with you, not because they love you. But because you made them feel they could be loved. But then, you loved too much and they were done with you.

Sometimes I love how my words have no impact on anyone.

Maybe I don’t believe in God because he never really believed in me. 

Remember that the most beautiful things are the most useless. For instance: peacocks

Remember that the people who know how to listen also have a story too.

I don’t have the right words but I have the right feelings

I’m not a poet, what I write is what I’m thinking, this fucked up mind that won’t stop dreaming & wanting, it never lets up, even when I want it to so badly

 …and he met her, the one whose laughter was the sound of things finally falling in place.

She asked who are you.?
Between Broken, Shattered and Damaged & several such adjectives that crossed my mind, I chose to answer with my name.

Sad when you always assume the worst because that’s what you’re used to.

Pressure creates diamonds

If the one who misses you does nothing but keeps missing you, what’s missing?

Some stories end nowhere and that’s the best thing about them.

I hope you know me well enough to realize when i think of you, i feel love and it’s been this way since always

You know you’re fucked when you can’t find music to fit how you feel.

When you share your world with me i listen with my heart

When I was a kid I believed I was going to grow up and change the world.
When I was a teenager I thought I would change myself for the world.
Now I just don’t want the world to change who I am.

They say when you see beautiful girl butterflies will arise in your stomach !! Just catch them and kill them all !! You will grow up in life !!

I’m not saying i believe in magic but there was that one time i saw you smile from across the room before i knew you and it started my dead heart beating all over again

When all you want in life is something that’s not meant for you. That feel you can’t explain in words.

Don’t worry; I know how to love with a broken heart. I won’t let you get a glimpse of anything that has happened. That smile will still be there, always. Those eyes will still sparkle, always. That heart will still be yours, always.

I see dreams, but you give your faith to fulfill it. I live my life, but you put fun to enjoy it. I feel joy, but you give a smile to make it complete. So, without you, there is no place for me. Always be with me no matter whatever happens.


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