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Sometimes you may feel like there is no point in continuing something. You would feel like “For what joy I am spending time for this. I have no benefit in this till now”. But Never lose hope like that.

For any ambition you have regarding your passion, you have to believe blindly that you will succeed one day, and you just have to spend your time on your creativity and Skill Set.

So that, even now when people don’t notice you. One day when they come across your works they will think about you. They will speak about you. They will speak about your works etc etc. It all takes a day to change your life.

So, Even though it’s your passion, don’t put it aside and touch or work on it like just once a month or something. You should practice it continuously and regularly to improve yourself there too. Else that will also become rusty.

I know people whose lives changed in One day. So, Don’t lose hope at any point of time. Remember everyone in this world has one or other problems. It is the priority they give towards those problems that makes them go forward. Always give priority for useful things, if you leave your problem alone for some time, it will get solved by itself. Problems will always come and go but life has to go on forever.

We are lesser in magnitude even than a dot in this multiverse of madness. There are always a lot of ways for us to come up in life. If one way is locked, choose the other. Some may be easy. Some will be harsh and rough.

People who come out through the easy way don’t get a lot of memories. But the one who is going through the harsh route will fall down, sweat himself, cry within himself, scream and slowly very slowly, day by day, week by week, will come up eventually with never give up attitude.

And if you’re that person, When you reach the Pinnacle point of the result of your hardwork, you will become the role model for many, you will be so happy of yourself in achieving that feet and also you will have a lot of memories and the eventful days to talk about later. Also you will be a true guide for motivation, hardwork and Never give up attitude. But all you need for achieving this is a proper mindset and a ever positive attitude. So, Just believe blindly “YOU CAN AND YOU WILL !!!. AND ONE DAY YOU WILL !!!!!!!” 💛💛💛💛💛


Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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