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Doctor Darlo..!!

Hey you! My Darlo !!

I know you are gonna be such an amazing Surgeon but like I had written this before, try me !

I’m so much more finer than your scalpel. I can hold your hands with more precision than your needle holder can hold a needle. Unlike those sutures, I wouldn’t slip from under your fingertips.

I will protect you from any harm more than your Surgical gloves, caps and masks. I will make you feel a lot safer and comfortable when I am with you, than when I am not. I will make you feel like I am your home.

And if you hold me close, I will hug you more correctly than your scrubs and fit more perfectly than your OT flip flops.

You can count on me more than your retractors, I will hold things, for you, in place.

You can count on me more than your scissors, I will cut off all the negativities and unwanted things from your life, for you, if needed.

You can count on me more than your dilators, I will expand all the tight and narrow paths you have to take for succeeding in your future, with all my might, for you.

So You ! Turn around and let me steal your voice for a change. You amaze me and Your gaze makes me blush and go giddy in head.

Your voice gives me butterflies and even a distant glimpse of you makes my day bright.

Please be with me to make my whole life brighter. My Lovable Lovely Surgeon.

I Love You !! Doctor Darlo ❤❤❤😘


Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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