Love is never wasted !!

Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest upon reciprocity..!! – C.S. Lewis

Love is never wasted. It is only that some people just don’t know how to receive our love or they always take it for granted. But giving love is never a waste. Giver should be happy for giving love, he/she should not expect anything in return from the taker.

If you give love to someone, they inturn will give it to other, the other will give to another and it goes on. Eventually we find “our people” who will love us back with the same effort and intensity. So Love can become a cycle.

Love provides happiness when we think about it. Love provides us responsibilities. Love makes us grow in a morale way. Love stops us from doing wrong things most of the times. It will make us think before taking any decision.

The kind of Love I am talking about is “The act of Kindness”. Imagine you are walking on the road, a small kid in his old stained clothes comes near you and tries selling a pen to you. And you hesitate on seeing his condition thinking about what could be wrong in his life. And he tells that, this only pen that you will buy will buy dinner for him and also his family. And you buy all the pens he has and you give him the money. And you ask about his parents and whereabouts. Do you do this in expectation that he will do some favour for you? No! right? This simple act of kindness is Love. This is rare you are saying. right? Okay now imagine you are standing near a pavement, you see a old man crossing the road. He is so feeble that he cannot walk fast. And you see a car or lorry coming very fast that way. You shout to him or run to him to help him right. This is also Love. Even telling a fellow rider that his bike stand is not pulled up also is a an act of Love. This all we do without expecting anything in return.

Not all people in the world shows such Love. They ignore people. They act selfish. But there are people who really really care. It may be due to some past experiences. May be someone had shown them similar Love when they were the victim in similar situations. That is how Love helps. It produces value that can go invisible to eyes too.

I have witnessed an incident where a family was getting into a running train. The Mother got in first. Then the Luggage was thrown in by the Father one by one. But train started picking up pace. There I was standing watching it. Before me reacting. I saw two boys running towards them and lifting their child into the train and then the Father and then the other luggages as quickly as possible. It was not necessary for them to help. Since the family was doing wrong by getting into a running train. But that act. Without thinking what is right or wrong. That pure act of kindness in a miserable situation made those boys Gods for that family that day. If those boys did not lend their help at correct time that day, then that family would have ended up in chaos completely. I will never forget this incident. I Understood that day, “Love is the true God”. Also in some medical emergency situations which if you come across, you will realize this statement is 200% true.

You know something, Love is the only other thing (apart from knowledge) that grows in you when you give it to others. It is actually inexhaustible. Do not fear giving it away. Give Love. Then a little more and then a little more. For tomorrow you will wake up to find that your heart holds more love than it did yesterday.

Love is something which can be given to anyone and anything. It can be to another fellow human or an animal or a place or a sport or a vehicle etc etc. If you give love to a fellow human, you will get back love more than that in one or other way from the same human or a different one. But you will get it eventually.

We all love something or someone. Also there is no limit in Love. We would go on a tour to a place and would love that place from our heart and would also decide to shift to that place in future and become a part of that place. Love is that interesting and addicting.

Love for Pets and other animals are also awesome things. Most of the people in this world Love dogs. Actually we get back all the love we give it in one or other way. That’s why we call it the most loyal one. Some will have love towards Wild animals and sometimes nature too. That is the reason why some people choose their profession in such a way that they can explore them deeper. Wild life photography is one such thing. Wildlife photographer should love the Nature and Wildlife to it’s core. Only then he can take stand out photographs of something new and refreshing.

Most of the people in this world have a love for their vehicles. Some people love bikes, some cars, some trains etc etc. We all know bikers who travel with their bikes to all around the world. I know people who travel to Leh-Ladakh every year in their Enfield bikes. Couples would go on a long ride via beaches sometimes to get to know each other. There at that moment one love gives way and spreads the other one.

As a child, I loved trains. I loved the sound it makes. I was curious of how hard it would have been to lay tracks for this long. And I loved the way how everything moved backwards when train moved forwards. In the night times, I love to watch my body guard “Miss Moon”, travelling with me along the sky and looking after me wherever I go. I would say, “Hi, to her”. In the morning, she makes her assistant Sun to take care of me. But he is one angry guy. That too in the Afternoons, he will be at peak of his anger. At times he sleeps in the morning by covering himself with his cloud bedsheet. But I don’t know why he never learned that the while sleeping you should not wet your bed. He wets his own bed and also us who are living beneath that. That is one cute imaginations of my childhood. Obviously as we grow up, we learn physics and everything and we will get to know all the things. But that childhood imaginations and that infinite cute love we share towards each and everything is priceless. When we grow up, we would realize all that and would smile within ourselves for that. Whenever we are sad, if we think of our childhood we would become happy one or other way.

As a child, we showed love towards our toys, bedsheets, pillows and everything. I as a child, I used to safegaurd my toys from thief’s who I thought would attack my home at night. I used to hold my toys around me and sometimes would cover all of them in my bedsheet to safegaurd them. When we safegaurd our toys this much. Then remember how well we would have planned to safegaurd our siblings from the ghosts. I used to sleep in the middle and catch hold of the hands of my brothers, so that I will know if someone takes them away from there. We used to sleep with holding hands those days 😂😂. That is one of the unconditional, innocent and infinitesimal love.

Love is the only thing which is giving hope for many middle class people like me from giving up. Every middle class people will face humiliations, depressions, failure etc in their life in each and every stage. But the only thing which makes them to forget everything and move on is Love. Their Family & Friends support and also the belief their parents have on them, that is what is making a person to give 200% shot towards his dream. It will give him confidence to suffer in all ways, just in the belief that he has someone to hold on to the ladder which he is climbing, till he can climb the top of the ladder that he always wanted to. He can sustain the snake bites that he would get along way since he knows he has people to go to if any help needed.

Obviously the universal fact as we know, Parents give all the love in the world they can to their child. Do you think should parents claim a refund of their love for their kids, because their kids grew up to forget them, or maybe kids grew up to get busy with other things around.

As parents, we showered love because we loved doing that, it fulfilled our hearts with happiness, not to sign an agreement of never falling apart. It’s Okay, if things didn’t turn out the way we wished. Just bless them to be happy in whatever way they want. You did all you could to make them happy. Now it’s their duty to give it back. If they give it, you accept. If they don’t then just bless them and be happy for them. Parents will not stop loving their child thinking their child will grow up and will not give the same to them. Parents love is always unconditional.

As we know there are people who grow up in Orphanages and grow old in Old age homes. They are some of the people who are deprived of the love, they deserve. If you listen to most of their stories, your eyes will bleed to tears. Shower all the Love you have towards them too if you get a chance. You will realize that they will give all the love back in turn to you without you asking them. They know the value of being loved by someone. You will feel so happy in helping someone you don’t know, that is one awesome feeling.

Love and respect come along together. If you love your fellow people genuinely. Most of the times, they will stand for you, with you, when you are in trouble. They will join hands with you whenever required. With more Love you get more respect. Love is only investment that yields returns at unexpected times.

Never consider Love as a waste. True love is pure, honest and does not ask for any exchange or return. Love is given unconditionally, you shared it with kindness, showed it patiently to a person you are longing for or instantly gave it to the one who needs it. Love is unexpected, there’s no way you can bring back the love you gave however it will not be called love if you ask it in return from the people who you gave. It should come naturally. Love cannot be forced.

Love Everyone. Express your feelings. Love from your heart. Say it to People. Show it to People. Life is finite and fragile as we all know. So what is there to hide here. People who are there today will not be there tomorrow. So why to hide, just say them what you need to say, show them the love, support them at all times. Express and Experience. Everything in the world is temporary, it is only the love that we express that outlives us all. So, Spread Love

We never know the outcomes of the love we choose to give. We just have to trust that it will be always be more than enough and useful. Remember, No matter the outcome, Your Love is never Wasted. Be Happy. Make Others Happy. Spread Love.

Thank You all for your Love that you showed me one or other way in this 24 years of my Life. ❤❤❤❤❤🤗

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