What will happen if you don’t stay inside your home now !!

If you are not staying inside your home and if you are roaming around outside like you don’t care about Covid-19. Just think about it after reading the below:

  • If you don’t get infected by the virus it is well and good but by chance if you get infected by the Covid-19 virus, Remember, you are not only infecting yourself, you are going to infect everyone who are in close contact with you. You will become a start of an Apocalypse. You one will spread to 4. Those 4 will spread to 16. Those 16 will spread to 256 and it will grow exponentially.
  • There is a clear chance that, One of that infected person can be a member of your family too. It can be your Mom,Dad,Brother, Wife, Child etc.
  • Now Remember this, Leave yourself. You don’t care about you right? Just in case one of your family member got infected by the Covid-19 virus and the test results say they are really positive. They will be taken away from you and will be isolated.
  • Remember for Covid-19 cases, there are no visiting hours to visit the patients. You are strictly prohibited from getting into close contact with them.
  • You are never allowed to take care of them, even if you are their Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Husband or a Wife. They would never care about who you are. You are not allowed near them.
  • If they recover after the rigorous treatment they will be sent back home and you will be able to see them.
  • But by chance if they do not, then it will be very difficult to get their bodies back. You would have to struggle very hard. And if you are not that influential enough, then forget about seeing that person’s body anymore. Now in India since the death count is less, they are allowing maximum of 4 people to watch the bodies of the dead patient before disposing it off. But if the death toll level increases, then forget about that too.
  • Once a patient with Covid-19 dies, they will not wait for you to make funeral arrangements, they will inform you that the person is dead and will take care of the rest.
  • Discharging the body will be taken care by specific hospital staffs to make sure the disease will not spread to anyone else. Person getting in contact with a patient died of Covid-19 is more dangerous and it is more potential for spreading the disease.
  • I am not assuming this or something, this what has happened in China and it is happening now in Italy and other countries and it will happen here in India.
  • So now, if you really care about your close ones and you don’t want this to happen to them, please stay inside your house and ask them to stay inside also.
  • This is not some holiday or vacation time to go on trips and to do parties. This not a time to travel to a homestay, this is the time stay home. And this is not a Joke.
  • And to those heroes who get together and make gangs on the road, playing cricket and stuff and running away when they spot a Police Car. This is not a Joke.
  • To those who are taking their bike and going on a patrol around the city taking video of the empty roads and getting slammed by the Police. This is not a Joke.
  • To those genius people with IQ level above 200, who slammed the steel plates on the roads and went on a massive parade. That is not a Joke.
  • To those Cameraman’s who were taking selfies at the panicked and crowded bus stand. This is not a Joke.
  • I will not say wrong about the people who travelled yesterday in crowded buses from Chennai to their respective villages or towns in the south of Tamil Nadu, they had to because of the Shutdown of the city, lack of food supply and due to the state of his/her and their parents mindset. But you all remember, many of you would have taken the virus with you to your remote villages too and that is more dangerous and not a Joke. So quarantine yourself for sometime.
  • To those foreign returns who are hesitating to go for a Covid-19 checkup after landing here in Indian airports and those who are not taking Self Quarantine as seriously as possible and roaming around the city. This is not a Joke. The Government has announced your passports will be blacklisted if you are caught.
  • To those who are sitting inside their Air Conditioned home after buying out the things more than required (buying out things sufficient for like 3 months). This is not a Joke. You are killing your neighbours. You are killing your fellow street mates and area mates indirectly.
  • To those who are selling the things in their shop at a very high rate like food items, masks, hand sanitizers, provisions. This is not a Joke. You are the filthiest human being on the Earth.
  • To everyone who were not used to stay inside their homes for a long time. Please think this as your sacrifice for your family, for your neighbours, for the human race, for the world.
  • I am a middle class guy, I am the eldest son of my family, I know how difficult this is going to be to cross this first 21 days of quarantine. But we have no other choice. We would have to go out to get food and other necessary things. That is Okay. At least one from your family will have to go out to buy the necessary things atleast once a day. But we have to be very careful to not get infected during this.
  • I also believe the government is taking necessary steps along with the police department for making necessary arrangements for the homeless. If possible, if you can make any arrangements for them please help from your side too. But don’t make crowds and cause ruckus for this too.
  • So, Please! Please! Understand and Help! I am begging You!! Be Safe ! Be inside your Homes !

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