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Leaf Lesson – A Life Lesson..!!

Anyone can love a flower, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. Love for a Leaf will be more true and special than a love for a flower. There was someone who loved this brownish orange coloured leaf to the core during Autumn at the verge of shedding off from the tree. This Leaf had lost its hope and became ready to fall off the tree. But She gave hope to it. She said you look so beautiful in this orange colour. She said I like you.She kept the leaf alive throughout the Autumn and Safeguarded it from falling off the tree. And it Ultimately, shedded off from the tree in winter like other fellow leaves of the tree. But then too, She looked after the leaf by placing it in a bottle of some specially prepared solution. She safegaurded it like it was the most important thing for her in the world. And at last when Spring came, She grinded it to the finest and made it as a fertilizer for it’s own tree and prayed to God each day that it’s soul should get attached to the tree again and that it should regrow again as it was before. Like she prayed, The Leaf got the boon of getting rebirth as the same leaf but now in it’s original green colour. And since it was Spring then, flowers started blossoming around it. She said, “Hey you are a Leaf ! Oh My God! I thought you were one of the flowers since you were orange in colour. Now that I found you are a leaf !! You are not the one I want !!”. My beautiful hair can match only a flower and not a leaf. The world will give weird looks at me if I keep a leaf over my hair. My hair would start falling too if I do that !!”. And She cursed the leaf for wasting her time and left. The Leaf said to it’s fellow mates, “I guess, It would have been better if she had let me shed off during Autumn, instead of giving me false hopes. She should have asked me if I was a flower in the beginning itself. She should not have assumed what I was. And she should not have ruined my feelings now. But one good thing is, She saved me from getting separated from my tree forever. Now I am in a strong connection with my tree. I also found fellow leaves who are giving me constant support and are making me realize that even if this beautiful girl goes. Just Let her go. And that my girl will come one day, She will love me as a leaf and pour me water and safeguard me truly from her heart. She will understand that if I am not alive, flowers can never be too. Until then I would save myself and will Live my Leaf life with my fellow leaves. Also I will help some flowers blossom along the way. So that my tree will respect me and be proud of having a leaf like me !!.”.

From the above, ‘Tree’ is your Life. ‘Autumn’ is your Bad times. You are the ‘Leaf’ (From Different Caste as the girl you loved or you have a Poor life Status or Other factors). ‘Girl’ is the Love you Lost. ‘Hair’ is the Life of the Love you lost. ‘Fellow Leaves’ are your Friends. ‘Flower’ – you know who will be that in your Life ( The one who is Same Caste as the girl or the one with Rich life Status or Other factors you know what all are there). Everyone has flowers around them in their life.

Now read from the beginning again and realize your Life if you had Experienced one such, else realize mine 😄😆.


Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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