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Hope is a weapon…!!!

You know something, most of us are living our life only just by believing in the magic of the most important English word “Hope”. That thought of “One day I will” is what makes us do our day to day hard work, without giving up.

Hope is nothing but the positive feeling towards something. Actually, Everything you get depends on everything you think about. In Tamizh language, there is a quote “எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை” – “What you think you become”. Hope is nothing but constantly thinking everything that is happening is taking you towards what you dreamt about. Eventually it will lead you to your destiny.

Hope is nothing but a positive attitude towards everything you face. When you focus on the good in everything, everything that happens in your life will eventually be good. Please stop thinking about what all will go wrong if you do something, just thing about what all will go right if you do that.

People started eating fermented rice as medicine nowadays. But there are still people in this world like Farmers, Labours, Beggars and other Homeless people for whom fermented rice is the only food they have everyday to eat. But they never give up their life thinking of that. All they do is Hope everyday that they will have a better life soon. They also have the fear that what if their life would end up like how they are now, forever. But you know something, Hope is the only thing which is more stronger than fear. Increase in Hope inside you will decrease your fear towards something. That is the only thing that drives them everyday. Hope and fear are inversely proportional in everyone’s life.

If you think about your past, where you were months or years ago and where you are now, you will realize your improvement. That will give you Hope that you will reach higher than present in upcoming months or years.Hope is something which should come from your innerself and not from others. There is a famous quote – “Where there is hope, there is faith and where there is faith, Miracles happen.

There a lot of people in this world who succeeded only through hope. They achieved miracles only by their constant hope. Hope is the basic element of achieving something big. Remember hope is not just wishing, hope is believing. If the kid who delivered papers daily morning, in the streets of Rameshwaram didn’t have that hope in himself, didn’t have that belief that one day he will achieve big things which not many people did and that he will take his country towards the next level globally, we would have never witnessed our hero, our missile man, our most loved president, our role model, our close to heart human being, Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam. Hopes and dreams are interdependent. If you have hope, only then you can achieve your dream. Without hope, Dreaming about something is a waste.

Sometimes what we search for, will never reach our hand. But something similar to that would reach us instead. Some of us would accept what reached us whole heartedly. But most of us would think, no, this is not what I want, what I want is different and we would continue our search. And for many of us, our life ends in the journey of finding that, many times without finding that.

Hope is different, foolishness is different. Hope is accepting what reached us now and believing that one day, the real one will reach us. But foolishness is not accepting the one that reached you and also not finding the one that you wanted and ending up in a life of nowhere. So, Do what you are doing, accept what you are doing, accept what you receive with whole heart and also work towards what you want. One day you will reach. Miracles will happen, if you have faith in yourself, which eventually is having hope in what you are doing. Just think whatever you are doing is for your good.

Whatever pain you are getting now, is adding up atleast one percent hike to your happiness. One day when you think about it, you will feel like, that pain was one which bought me till here and you will laugh about how you were crying that how unlucky you were. Actually you will get to know that you were the luckiest person because you were able to experience all the emotions in life. The difference between a human and a Stone is only the ability to feel emotions. The more you feel, the more human you become. If people say, you are too emotional, it means that you are so damn human.

Most of us live our life, only in the hope of achieving things. Now as a kid or teen or a young adult, if you are dreaming something and having that hope in you daily and working towards your dream constantly. When you achieve your dream, there can be no one in this world who will be more happier than you. If your life is ugly, your success will be the most beautiful one.

There are many film stars who roamed around on the road from place to place with only their photographs in hand and with hope in their heart as companion, have achieved their dream today. If the beautiful word called hope never existed, then world would have never seen Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, AjithKumar, Akshay Kumar Sivakarthikeyan, A.R.Rahman, Vijay Sethupathy, Vadivelu, Yogi Babu etc etc.

Whatever you are doing, you should do from your heart. You should give yourself towards that whole heartedly. A bar of gold can become an ornament only when it is melted and it is shaped, A phonenix can rise from its ashes, only when it is ready to burn first, Like wise for succeeding and for becoming a greater person in life, you should experience all the emotions (Pain, Joy, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Love etc). When you travel through all the emotions, you should believe that not all day is the same. And whatever you are experiencing now is just temporary and you should have the hope in yourself that it will change and it will become as joyful as you wanted very very soon.

Most of the times, breakdown is what will lift you to an remarkable breakthrough. There are a lot of people for whom the miserable times had been the most important times for achieving what they achieved. Jack Ma, Kentucky, Steve Jobs etc are some examples for that.

There is a great quote – “There are 1 Crore Jobs in the world, if you lose one, you have 9999999 more to try”. So have that hope and go on searching yours. But continue doing something while searching for it.

You know everything is for everyone in this world. Don’t get demotivated at any point. Sunshine is common for everyone, Rain drops are common for everyone, Sky is common for everyone. So if one experiences it now. It is not like you won’t. Your time will come soon. Just wait for it with hope. Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the belief that they don’t last forever. That all the pain will be healed and every difficulty can be overcome. And that it will lead you out of the darkness and into the sunshine very soon.

There is a term called “Ray of Hope” in English. Never leave the Ray of Hope to fade away from your eyesight. Always be in a very close distance with it. It will lead you to whatever you need. So Hold on to that with hope. If you got stuck in a very deep well with no where to climb. Only thing that is left in you is Hope. Hope that someone will come to rescue you from there. And when you spot anything more encouraging towards getting saved, like hearing a voice from above. That is the Ray of Hope. If you see a Ray of Hope, you should make use of it instead of ignoring it and losing everything.

If you realize it and use hope as your primary weapon, little by little, day by day, what is meant for you will find your way. Remember good things come to people who believe, better things will happen to people who are patient enough and great things will be achieved by people who never give up. So Be Happy. Make Everyone Happy. Spread Love. And most importantly Never Lose Hope.

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