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Still not aware of the situation…Just Playing around !!!

Who is the one to be questioned or accused if Covid-19 cases increase because of the rallies and parades that happened in the streets of India today?

Many shops other than those which sell basic necessities for living have been shutdown. Also the shops for basic necessities are running on timings. People are suffering for everywhere for food each and every day. Even us.

Airports are shut down. Flights are stopped from landing or taking off. Harbours are shut down. Ships are stopped from entering the ports. Trains are stopped till further notice. Buses are stopped. Borders between states are closed.

Religious places like temples, mosques,churches are shut down. People were being beaten down when they tried entering those places for praying.

Industries, Offices, Powerplants and many other day to day technological factors are shut down. People who can work from home are working from home even amidst this crisis.

Roads were emptied out. Police officers were filled on the roads on each corners and they are working day and night away from their families and also they are risking themselves in getting exposed towards the virus.

Due to the prolonged shutdown, people have walked miles and miles to reach their hometown without food, without shelter in all pain, hunger etc etc. Even small children walked with them for miles, all this just for safety and food. There were many people who died while walking from where they worked as laborers to their hometown.

Some People who disobeyed rules and many people who had to go out to buy necessities for their families got beaten down. But then too they understood and believed in social distancing slowly.

There were warnings from many CMs of many states that people will be shot down if they are seen roaming on the roads for unnecessary purposes. And people started understanding that and also the sacrifice our Doctors, Police and Sanitary workers and military were doing.

They understood and they stayed in. But today all gone in vain.

Once because of that clapping activity, many such stupid things were done by people on the road. They did parades slamming plates. Everyone should have understood from that a lot. But again today, why is there a necessity today for lighting the lamps, bursting the crackers and going on parades together on the roads.

We succeeded in finding a Vaccine or a medicine? Is it? Active cases of Corona became zero? Is it? No one has died of Corona is it? Active cases crossed above 3000 in India. Death rate is increasing progressively each day.

This is not a time to burst fireworks or go on a parade by holding fire in hand. Also this is not a stadium where your team is about to win and you are enjoying by doing flashlights or a Mexican wave. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

If you light lamps calmly in your house as the Prime minister said, it is okay and good. It means may be you are showing that we are fighting this Covid-19 by staying wherever we are and in our homes.

But bursting crackers and going on parades on the roads is worse. Even illiterate people are not doing it. In many videos I have seen it has been the people who are living in rich Apartments are doing that. Just Educated illiterates.

Chanting Go Corona is great funβ€¦πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
But remember the world is mourning.
USA has crossed 2 Lakh mark in Active Cases. Italy and Spain are leading death cases. China is acting as if “I don’t know what Covid-19 is” for some reason.

We have to learn from Cuba,Germany etc. They are providing aid in helping people.
It should always be Humanity above religions or castes. A Doctor treating you if he says, I won’t operate him because he is not from my religion or my caste, just think what will happen. People fighting that this religion is the reason for spreading the disease, that is religion is the reason for spreading the disease should understand that.

Whatever religion you’re complaining about and whatever people you are indicating about, they also have a family, wife, mother, father, son etc. And no normal human would think his family should get affected by it. Understand. Will you think the same if you got it?

For everyone out there, Religion is something which humans made. If God made a religion and asked you to follow that, it will not be called a religion, it will be called dictatorship. So realize that always Humanity is above religion or humanity is the best religion. Your God will love you more than anyone if you believe in Humanity and help each other in all bad situations.

Just don’t comment on each other or blame each other because you are from different religions. Behave as Humans. Follow Humanity. Humanity is the best religion one can be in. All Humans are the same in this world. Everyone has equal rights. So everyone, Use your right properly instead of becoming a fool.

I felt ashamed when I saw people roaming on the road with fire in their hand and bursting fireworks like we have achieved something. It looked so stupid. Kalam sir said this year 2020 will be the year, when Indian youngsters will rise above the world and will take India towards becoming a developed nation. Please work towards that.

But for working towards that we have to save ourselves first. If we are selfish and save ourselves first, we can save others too. Please be selfish at least. No one asked you to save others. Please save yourself first. Please don’t waste this 21 days of shutdown and make it go in vain by doings like what was done today. Also we should be more careful than now when this quarantine days end. Those days are more vulnerable than today. Understand and act accordingly.

Remember, when Italy and USA are suffering that much. Just imagine what can happen if we don’t control ourselves and if we get into that situation. Also remember the population strength of our country. China is stronger than us in technology and development, so they survived it somehow. They may also have a different reason for their survival which we will find out very soon.

But we are still developing nation remember. And we have to rebuild ourselves after all this gets over. So Please Please stay at home, don’t do atrocities like last week or like today and don’t make yourself suffer or your family and surroundings too. Save yourself. Save humanity. Save the World.

Whatever you want to do, isolate yourself and do. Just don’t make crowds. If you want to slam plates or light lamps or burst crackers. Do it. But Do it alone. Don’t Do it on the roads forming crowds.

Please Understand!!
Be Isolated !!
Be Safe and Strong!!
We can overcome this!!
Thank You for reading !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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