Morattu Single – Naanga Gethu Da..!!!

Do you know who is an Agmark Morattu Single? You may have seen many memes which is popular about Morattu singles. You may have come across many people who would introduce themselves as Morattu Single. But are they really a Morattu Single? Does a Morattu Single even exist?

Let me tell you who is really a Morattu Single:

A Morattu Single is a hypothetical person. Frankly speaking, there can never be a person who will be Morattu single for life. It is just another tag which goes along with Single and Committed. Its just a phase in someone’s life.

If you had a One side love for someone or even a crush on a random girl, then I am sorry you are not a Morattu single. A Morattu Single is not a person who never got committed, he is a person who never got feelings for an other person in his entire life till date. He is the one who never even tried to find his Love Life partner till date. No one can be a Morattu Single till the end. Eventually every heart will fall for that one girl we all dream about. It can happen at any stage of our life. But it will.

A Morattu Single is someone who sees all the girls he gets to know as a Sister. Sometimes he never agrees to get in contact with a girl. He runs away whenever a girl comes nearer for speaking to him or if someone introduces a girl to him. He is a guy who ignores girls completely or gets angry when a girl asks him about something.

A Morattu Single is a person who helps many people with their love stories. He will be the main pillar for the Love story of other people but he will not have one such. So don’t think that being Morattu single is being ignorant of what Love is. Many of the Morattu Singles will be Saviours of Love. Most of the Morattu Singles are the ones who sign Witness Signatures for their Friend’s register marriages. He will try to break them up, but if he gets to know that his friend is truly, madly in love with that girl. He will be the Saviour for them against all forces of the world

Morattu Singles will always have this sad or angry feeling whenever they face a Happy couple. Their Mind will start running faster for doing something mischievous. They would also always think about what they are missing. But they will move on from that question very soon.

Most Morattu Singles that are existing today and who is a very rare piece have the following history:

  • They have studied only in Boys School from the childhood.
  • They have never been in a Co-education class whatsoever.
  • If they have been in a Co-education class and still a Morattu Single, then we have to worship them, since they are very rare. They have to be safeguarded in a Faraway place, since they are once in a lifetime kind of person.
  • And when it comes to college, most Morattu Singles would have studied none other than the same Royal branch of Engineering that I studied, “The Mechanical Engineering”. None of the Arts or Medical College student has a probability of becoming a Morattu Single. It is always the Mechanical Engineering boys. Mechanical Engineering will have mostly two types of boys. One – The players, who has quite a long playlist and the other is above – Morattu Single.
  • Most Morattu Singles will lose their tag when it comes to Office Phase of his life. That is the point where they find their Love.
  • Morattu Singles are formed mostly because of the gang of friends they have, there are a lot of gangs in this world, who would have a conversation which goes like this, “Dood! We will never fall for a girl or never marry anyone ever. We have to be Single for lifetime and we should go on tour to each and every corner of the world till we die. Promise me. That is one such.
  • There are many travel freaks and wanderlust people who travel a lot and get to understand how the world is at different places and most of them would get that so called wisdom and they would decide over the so called love, marriage and other confined things.
  • They will find a partner but for travelling and not for marrying and having kids and bla bla bla. They are one such.
  • Some Morattu Singles have family duties and responsibilities, it is the way they are grown up that will resist them from having a relationship from the beginning of their life. They would have been through a lot of struggle and pain and they would not like to share it with someone and make them suffer too.
  • But eventually like in everyone’s life, that one girl will come and she will become the most important person for your life. She will become the fuel for you to continue on, against all the hurdles.
  • Some lose their Morattu single tag at this point. Because as the famous saying quotes, “There is always a woman behind a success of a man”. For some it will be their mom. But for many, it will always be their life partner. And thus the tag breaks.
  • Some Morattu Singles are formed due to the continuous failures they faced in their life in terms of things other than love (Not a love failure, since a person who had a history of love failure is not a Morattu single). They would think if they approach someone for love, they would get rejected anyway. And they don’t want to ruin their life through others since they are more capable of doing it on their own by other ways. Some are formed because of their prolonged shyness towards girls too.
  • Morattu Singles are also formed by the Love situations their friends go through. They would have been observers of how their friends suffered because of being in Love. And they would become the learners from that. I have seen many such.
  • Morattu single, the name itself tells you how they will be – “Morattu is a Tamil word meaning Rough and Tough”. They will have a swag and a kind of vibe if they are around
  • You can also identify the Morattu singles by Facebook tags. Most of the Morattu Singles will be tagged in Playboy’s posts. If you go to a playboy post and look at the comments, most people out there will be Morattu Singles. That is the way how the Facebook world works.

Benefits of being a Morattu Single:

  • You don’t have to care about anything. It is okay for you to care about you, your family and your friends.
  • You are more resistant from getting into depressions and stuff because most of the people in this world are pushed into that because of these Love and Love failures. You never have to cry unless you lost someone forever in your life. You will not be addicted to anything that is for sure.
  • You can be carefree at any times. You can do whatever you want at any times. No one other than your parents will question you. You never have to do anything you don’t feel like doing. ‘Compromise’ is not a frequent used word in your vocabulary.
  • You don’t have to stay late for chatting with anyone, you don’t have to spend your money for anyone. You can have your own time table and do whatever the fuck you want. And if people wants to talk to you, its you who should decide and not them.
  • You don’t have to dress up to impress anybody. You don’t have to restrict your diet to be fit. You can eat whatever you want in this world, which you would like to (I am not saying about that Chinese people who ate bats and started Covid-19) .
  • You can travel to any place you want and with whoever you want without asking for permission from anyone, other than your parents. Your life will become a lot adventurous. You will have all the freedom in the world.
  • You would never have a mood out for fighting with a girlfriend. And it is not required to apologise or convince anyone that you are sorry, which will mostly be for no reason.
  • You don’t have to fight within yourself that you are right for someone or that someone is right for you. No Fights, No Overthinking, No Stress, No doubts whatsoever. You would have a peace of mind.
  • You have all the time in the world to work on yourself, your ambition, your life. You can experiment yourself in different things. You can get to know yourself better.
  • Most importantly, you can be anyone (Your inner self mood) you want, on any particular day. Also you can be completely selfish and you have no one to question you.
  • Your world will only be your Family and Friends. And believe me that world is super happier. There will be less secrets in your life. You will be an Open book.
  • The Biggest of all is “It is never required for you to settle”.

Being a Morattu single is a tougher thing to do. That is why I said it is hypothetical. But if you can be one, you would be one of a kind in this world.

Morattu Single is not gender specific. There are Girl Morattu Singles too. And everything I said applies the same to them also. Since I am a boy, I said it in boy’s point of view.

Be Happy ! Make Others Happy ! Spread Kindness ! Help the Needy !!

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