The Bubble Gum theory of Happiness…!!

Chewing Bubble gum taught me a major lesson.

Imagine a ball of chewing gum that never loses its flavour. Now that would be a total aberration right, because that first succulent bite, which gives an awesome feel, will lose all its values. So the bubble gum should lose its flavour gradually with each bite to make it more interesting.

Since every bite, every subsequent bite would not have that exactly identical taste and so strangely enough the boring bits (i.e.) the bits between the first bite and the last bite (till at the point of spitting out the chewing gum) are very essential in understanding the essence of happiness. I found that those boring bits are actually more essential for understanding, realizing and learning on what it means to be Happy. In this case, the happiness is the first bite.

So the point I want to make is !! That boring bit which is a vacuum of happiness is where we become more alive to happiness, most aware of its existence around and also our need for it.

But I am not saying, Boredom is most essential to find happiness, but it is a skill which must be mastered to get to know the value of happiness. We have to endure ourselves to overcome boredom like while chewing the boring bits of the gum, we found an interesting thing like blowing a ball of air out of it, like a balloon or a swelling. We tried things like blowing balloon of bubble gum to the biggest size possible and we resisted the happiness from going out of us during those boring bits.

We sustained ourselves through those boredom periods somehow. That is how we can feel, we can realize the true flavour of happiness. Happiness is something we find from within. Whatever situation we are in, it’s only us who can find the much needed happiness.

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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