Relations of Life..!!

There are two types of relations in everyone’s life. One comes through blood links. They are people both from the maternal and paternal side who care about you. They are one type. 

The other ones are the ones we create by ourselves. The relations which get established by the connection of hearts. It is called Friendship. Friendship can occur between any age irrespective of gender. This can occur between people of the same age or between a kid and an old aged person. Friendship between a kid and an old person can teach a lot of life lessons for the kid.

Relations or the family people are those who we can call as the anchors when we are in rough waters. They would be the first person we would run to whenever our closed ones are in trouble. Not all relatives can be depended upon. But believe me, all friends can be depended upon. Relatives are bonded by blood but friendship is bonded by heart. But both are equally important in a person’s life.

I have many such people in my life who helped me and has been a pillar for me in many situations of my life.

First one for me is my Uncle – My Mom’s Little brother. He did a lot of help for us. But the one incident i will never forget in my life with him, happened during my Engineering Admission time. While filling out the Engineering Counseling application form, I found that it was required to submit the Income Certificate and Nativity Certificate of my Father. Since I was the yet to become first graduate of my family and since I was not aware of all the things that I should do to get those certificates ready that time. My Uncle came forward to help. He is the one we go to, when we were in need of such helps. He with the help of an agent applied for those certificates in Tahsildar’s office. Days passed but the certificate never reached us. We called that agent but that lady said it will come today, it will come tomorrow. But it never came. So the day prior to my day of counselling came and we still did not receive the certificates. And the agent’s phone was also switched off. So me and my Uncle went to the Tahsildar’s office and asked about the status of our application. They said it was not even pushed for processing. It will take atleast 2 weeks or more. We were very frustrated since we had applied for it a long ago and tomorrow is my Day of Counselling. I was so scared, that this will cause an issue in my Counseling procedures. We tried speaking to people there but since we were not a rich or an influential people, they just never cared. My smile dimmed and dimmed. We stayed in office from morning 9 to evening 4, we spoke to a lot of people but no improvement was there. Then my uncle did something which I don’t know if anyone will do for me in this life I have. He is a very dignified person but he fell on the legs of the officer saying that this is so important otherwise I would lose my Counseling opportunity. The officer’s heart melted on seeing that and he approved our documents in next 1 hour after verifying it. He said to my uncle, you have a great heart, you are going this down for helping your Sister’s son. I realized that. Next morning during counselling I found that Income certificate and Nativity Certificate is not that important documents for counseling and it’s okay even if we don’t have it. But that thing my Uncle did for me, still flashes in my eyes day and day. I studied hard in my Engineering for getting good percentage. One of reasons for that is I always said to myself that i will never leave my Uncle’s ‘self respect compromise’, to go in Vain.

Second One – My Other Uncle. My Mom’s Second brother. He has been the most important person of our life. If someone comes to my home, looks around and asks about the things that are there. The reason for it will be him. He is not rich on his own. We are not either. But he is the one who decorated our house after my father built it by putting all of his hard work day by day earning money towards it. Most of the things in my house are his ideas. He took care of our house like from even repairing the Switch boards to painting the house. He was not like a younger brother of my Mom. He was like an elder son to her awlays. That is how it was always. My Mom loved him so much. He was like a brother to me not like an Uncle. All work that needs to be done physically like carrying things around, going to a place to contact a person that all he did for me. And in return, all digital works like Applying for something online, bills payments, recharge things I did. There was a time when many people from my family started criticizing me that I was of no good. They told me that I am having potential but I am wasting it to the core. They said, maybe I will become a loser. Many demotivations came by when I lost the chance to study MBBS. But my Uncle was the only one, who was there behind me. He convinced me, he consoled me. He told me I have potential. Yes indeed and I have a lot of ways to show that out. There is never only one way to succeed. Success has many ways. It is my choice to choose whatever I want and go on working towards that. He said to me, He wanted to see me studying hard, Scoring a top mark and landing up in an AC room Job. That was his only dream of me.

Although, He was the one who motivates me and does a lot for me. His life was a mess. He had all the skills in the world to achieve big, but he never got that opportunity or spark to go big. He was hated by his own family as time passed by, because he started failing in everything he touched. If you get to know his full story, you will know how great a person he is from the heart. He sacrificed a lot in his life for others. But in the end, the people for whom he sacrificed started telling him a failure, useless and went against him completely. He said me once, look at me, although I have skills and talents, yet I am in a mess. Because I have never used it to the fullest. But you, you too have a lot of talents, but you don’t ever waste it. Promise me you will achieve big. You will make your uncle proud. I promised him that day. And I did work hard and I did land up in that AC room Job. I did start developing my passionate skills side by side too. But I lost my Uncle. He is no more. He could not see me succeeding. I am still only half way through in my career although I am in an AC room Job. But my Uncle would be proud to see me where I am now itself. The one person who I miss a lot today is him. He is a very good person from heart. He went to all the edge for his family (Wife and 2 kids) even with all the illness. But his family never understood him till the end. I know who he was, how talented he was, how lovable he was. He is the best multi-talented person I have seen in my life. He can do anything as I said from Painting the house to repairing the AC to anything you can imagine. He is a great person. I miss him badly. He went through a lot of pain before leaving us. Both Physically and mentally. And my eyes shed tears by itself even today for that. Such a good man with a bad ending. I want him as my Uncle if there were really 7 births for a human being. You too would have/ have had such a person in your life. If you have one make them proud of you in front of their eyes at least once. 

Third one: My Best Friend – Not only he is bigger in height but also by heart. There was a time when i was staying in Hyderabad for working in one of my projects. When the project got over and when I was about to leave Hyderabad. We made a plan to add one last trip for the Hyderabad days memory. It was a bike trip towards Kuntalla falls, near the borders of Telengana, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra. That was an Unforgettable day of my life. I saw who he really was that day. I was very proud of having a friend like him that day. When I said to my Mom and Dad about what and all he did for me that day, they were so proud of me for having such a great friend like him. Actually why I am saying this? Why is he great? Why I love him more than any other friend in my life. Yes I will tell you. I met with an accident during our bike trip. That day he took great care of me. He was like a Mom to me that day. I don’t know if I thanked him that day. But I am saying, “Thank you machan”. Whatever new friends I get through passage of my life time. He is my best friend and a friend for whom I can give my life to. He took me in his bike for more than 15 Kms I guess in search of Hospital. I Still remember the words he said to make me forget the pain that I faced because of the injury. We went in search of hospital in that forest area. Accident occurred in a mountainous forest which was like a middle of nowhere. He asked me, How are you? How are you? 5 minutes once. Although it was only Finger injury. I still remember Sitting at the back of his bike while we were riding back to Hyderabad. I saw a Godly friend in him. You know I am emotional. That day and those moments were the most emotional for me. He never left me alone after that. I cried that day thinking of him. How great he was. What and all he did for me to make me feel positive. He booked a flight for me and sent me off to Chennai for my mom to take care of me. I came home and said my mom about Him ! Him! Only him. But the real incident still no one knows in my Family. They know only the story we faked. So sushshshhh. Although I know him for like more than 15 years till date that day was the day that showed me who he really was and how great one can be. I learned from him a lot that day.

Fourth One :- My Moral Support and Best Friend. This guy was a enemy to me when we met first actually. We fight and quarrel always in the college always. It never worked out between us those days. We hated each other like we are the ice and the fire. We hated seeing each other even. But suddenly one day I was in pissed off mode, this was during the beginning of my career. I was placed in an MNC from college. And after intern the manager asked me to join chennai location for my new project. I joined there and after 2 days, he said me that I am transferred to Hyderabad and should leave for Hyderabad at once. he said me that if I don’t join the project in Hyderabad next day, severe actions will be taken on me. I was completely blanked out that moment. I was so pissed. How can I suddenly move to a unknown city overnight and settle there. Although one of my friend is already there. It was difficult for me to digest this decision by my manager. That was the day, this enemy became my best friend and the best support of my life. I was completely biased that day. I made a status in whatsapp that I am pissed off. He was the first to respond. He asked me all the thing that had happened. He said me don’t worry you are travelling to Hyderabad by plane today. I am here you don’t worry. I will pick you up and will drop you at the airport. You don’t have to worry, I am here for you. Although I booked ticket by myself, took a taxi to airport and crossed all airport Procedures for the first time without any prior knowledge. That support from him, that confidence he gave that I can do it, I will never forget in my life.

I know how bad was my mindset that day. I was at the verge of quitting my job. Since I am from a poor family. And I have not been in an aeroplane or that sort of stuff before. So I was totally biased and in complete chaos. But he was the one who gave me a clear piece of mind. He said me that I will get over this soon. That I am capable of surviving in a foreign city with ease. It is just a case of time. If I give time, I will get used to it. That day he gave me all the confidence in the world which even my parents did not. Also after I landed in airport, in Hyderabad and the aftermath years he was there with me through phone everyday. He is the only person I talk to everyday. He was suffering a lot at that time without a job, going through a tough time. But he provided me all the confidence in the world. He became an integral part of my life after that. I have teased him, I have fought with him, I have travelled with him, I have cried to him, I have laughed hard with him. He is like a brother I got out of nowhere. Love you machan.

Fifth one:- This person is travelling along with me in my life since a long time. Actually I have been the Guru for him at times. We discuss about the success stories of the people around the world while walking to a mall to watch a movie, after coming out of a movie, while sitting in a railway station platform, when lying down in our hostel bed. He is like my disciple. I learn a lot from him and he too learns a lot from me. We share each other’s knowledge at all times and will make sure we cover all our bases. We want each other to become big in our life. He has been through a lot of problems lately but he has grown into a strong responsible person now and I strongly hope my disciple will become the greatest disciple ever. He is the one with whom I always discuss about how to achieve something big. So he is special too.

Like wise, you would have a lot of people in your life too. Respect them, safeguard them. Make them proud of having you in their life.

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