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Being rich by heart > Being rich by money

Someone’s trash will always be a treasure for someone else. So Please practice Sharing.

Anyone can become rich by money. Money can be earned via any ways. You can work hard to earn money. You can cheat others or betray people to earn money. You can Steal or make a heist to earn money even. There are many ways as I said.

But to become rich by heart, there are not many ways. All you have to do is have empathy, be honest and also a heart to give respect to your fellow people, which each one of us deserve.

As we all know Money is indeed a business, we expect back something equal to what we give or sometimes more than that based on many reasons. That is how money works.

But Love is not a business to expect back something on which how much we give them. It is a feeling. You give and as you start giving, you grow to an unimaginable size, infact you become richer, precisely saying richer by heart. And it is the best thing you can see in a human.

The world gets richer not because of the people who are richer by money but by people who are richer by heart.

There were many moments that I have came across in my life which proved me this statement is absolutely right.

Once upon a time I was travelling in a crowded bus. Not so heavily crowded but crowded to a reasonable extent. I was one among those who were standing . One old feeble man got into the bus at one of the stop. He was so weak that his legs were bit shaking while he was standing. I looked around hoping that some one will get up and give their seat for him. But no one even looked towards his side. Some did, but turned their face at once.

But Suddenly I found a kid may be 7-8 years of age, walking out of her favourite window seat to give space for the old man to sit. That moment I felt something. I would say that kid was the richest person in the bus than anyone of us. Even me who didn’t even dared to ask a person for a seat to make the old man to sit. But that kid was awesome. She went and sat down on the lap of her mom after that. The Old man’s face gave me answers to thousands of questions that day.

In another instance, I saw a video of some YouTube channel which also made me believe in this statement more. That video was a interview of a homeless man who was staying on the roadside. One of the person in that team, gave a parcel of food to that homeless man. And another person dressed up as homeless came to him telling that he was so hungry and he had not ate in like 5 days. That moment what that homeless man did made me realize what is the real of meaning of being rich.

That homeless man at the verge of starting to eat,stopped eating and gave the food to the person who was dressed up as homeless and asked him to eat saying that he is not hungry now, he will eat later. But anyone who watches that video can predict that homeless man was so hungry. That heart of giving what he has to others even in the expense of him suffering is another level of richness of heart.

One other instance, I came across a message that was spreading in whatsapp for helping towards the donation for a child with a liver failure. It was said that the mother came forward to provide a part of her liver for her son, but they don’t have the enough money for paying the hospital for starting the operation procedures and other financial things.

I don’t know why but that made some impact inside me that there are many people in this world who are there who need some help in one or other way. But I was not sure if they are being helped really. That fundraiser was going on via an App called Milaap. I went to the link of that app for providing some reasonable amount of money which I can for that child.

Only after navigating to that link, I found that there are any people in this world who are indeed richer by heart. Nearly 12 Lakhs were denoted from various sources into that fundraiser. I saw many people contributing from 10 rupees to 10000 rupees based on their capacity. But I respect those who made their decision to given even a single rupee towards that child. I would say they are indeed richer than the Ambani’s and gates of the world.

Even now, during this beginning period of Covid-19 in India. Rathan Tata came forward and donated nearly 1200+ crores towards the welfare of the nation and to protect the nation from the effects of Covid-19. There I saw a man who was richer by heart and who won millions of heart by his true and pure heart.

Not only this there were many other incidents where I have seen people donating whatever they can to people across states and world like during times of Kerala Floods, Odisha floods etc.

Most important one is Chennai floods in 2016 and also Varadha Storm. December was always worst for TamilNadu in one or other way, once it was due to Tsunami. And most of the times due to Heavy rains, floods, storms etc. During this 2016 floods. People got stuck in their first floor, second floor, terrace etc. That was the time when Youngsters of chennai stood ahead as Volunteers and served in a lot of ways to the community by serving as suppliers of food, transporters of pregnant women from their home to hospital etc etc. They had put their life at risk to serving their people. That is also called being rich by heart. But the people who were rich by money were actually the one who needed help at those times. So money actually became nothing at that point.

I know a person in my life – A Old Lady, who once was to travel in a bus from Tiruvottiyur bus stand to somewhere she wanted to go. She was waiting for the bus very early in the morning at 6 o’clock. The bus depot was completely empty. There was only one bus that was standing there. She went to the waiting place at the center of the bus depot and waited for her bus. Meanwhile the bus which was standing there, started from the depot. When the bus started, a handbag fell down from the bottom of the bus. This Old Lady saw that. She took it in her hand and looked at what was inside. There were some bundles of Indian Rupees inside it. At that point of time, there was absolutely no one around her at the depot. She could have taken it with her and have gone away. But what she did proved there are people who are really rich by heart. She thought she would wait there for the next 1 hour and see if someone came in search of that hand bag. If no one comes, then she would decide whether to give it to police or the bus depot officers. She decided to sacrifice her travel for the next one hour. Exactly after half an hour, a mid aged lady came running inside the bus depot looking everywhere. Her eyes were teary. She ran everywhere. This Old Lady called her and enquired what she was searching for. She said she was searching for a handbag which has 2 Lakhs Money, she has lost it this morning here and it is so important for her to find that money since it was for the medical treatment for her husband. She cried a lot it seems. This Old lady gave her the handbag and advised her not to be this careless always. This time she was there, but not all the time. That mid aged lady fell on the legs of this Old Lady and said, Mother, you are like a god to me. I don’t know who you are. But you and your family will live happily forever. Thanks a lot. That happiness that old lady saw on the face of that mid aged lady after she got back her lost money, she said she has never seen in any face in her lifetime. That Old Lady is none other than my Mom’s Mom. The best Human I have seen. Hats off. I am very proud of being her grandson. Not many people would have done this. Most of our corrupted minds would think in the wrong way always. But only those who have seen everything in their life can do this. She has been through the same situation early may be, I have not asked her that. She was not rich either. But that heart is the richest heart / purest heart which makes her the richest one.

I also had a friend who once, while we were going for a trip together opted out of the trip at the final stage, since he was not having enough money to afford for the trip. On hearing this, another friend of mine came forward to sponsor for two of my friends. He was not rich, he was just as equal in moneywise as anyone of us. But he said me that day, this trip will not happen without even one of them. So we need everyone. we are all friends, so we can share the money and be happy and enjoy the trip to the core.

Also there were many times when he would just give money to people, whenever someone asks him without any hesitation. I have seen him help many people with money related things. That is all because only because of the belief he had in them and also the heart to give. I have learned a lot from him. By seeing him, I realized money is not a matter at all in fact, it is just a material to run our day to day life luxuriously. If we give someone today, they will give us back one day. In terms of money, mostly whatever you give, you get back. But in terms of love, you all receive more than you give them.

Money can come today, and go tomorrow. Being rich by money is always a variable. It may change. You can be rich today and can also become poorer tomorrow even within a second. Only time can answer that. But if you are richer by heart and you are helping someone in need today without thinking about the money. Then One day when you are in trouble, you will have someone who will support you and will stand with you through all the storms.

So I would say Being rich by heart is always greater than Being rich by Money.


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