When you find your death date!! – Chapter 3

When you find your death date!!


November 6, 2019


“What are you reading this late in the night Mr. Inspector?”, his wife asked.

Inspector replied, “Nothing, it’s just the diary of the accused number 1 of Rawther’s murder case. It’s been 3 days since the murder of Rawther. There is not much of a clue where this Number 1 accused, Raghu can be. We are not even sure of the motive behind it. There has been no contact or a past feud between Rawther and this Raghu. What could have been the cause? An educated normal youth murdering a rogue gangster. That is not that easy. There should have been a sketch and a big hand behind all this. That is why I am damn sure I guess he was pushed into doing this. Someone was behind all this. I am reading this diary to find out clues. I guess it is working. Someone has been behind him all the while chasing him day and night”. 

But is it really required for you to find clues by reading this at 3 o’clock in the night, his wife asked. “It’s a duty of a policeman, Paru. You have a good sleep, I will sit there on the sofa and will continue. Good night!!”, Inspector replied

(Inspector starts reading the Diary again)

October 29, 2019


“You ran inside your home to see if your mom is sleeping right. But do you really know she was only sleeping?”

I ran to the hall at once on seeing this message. She was lying down without any movement. I took my hand near my Mom’s nose to check her breath. My heart was beating at a very high speed! Lub! dub! Lub! Dub! LubDubLubDubLubDub!!!!! And when my hand reached near her nose, I froze in shock. My shock was not from my Mom’s side. My Mom’s breath touched my fingers. But my heart beats increased since I felt the presence of a 6th person in the home. It felt like someone was watching me while I was checking my Mom’s breathe. And I felt that image standing right behind me. Right when I turned to check on who it was. That image caught hold of my hands from the back and closed my mouth too. It was so powerful for me. I couldn’t even try getting out of the hold. It was that strong. It dragged me slowly out of the hall, closed the door slowly at the end of the hall and then dragged me to the Veranda of the house. Since it was dark I could not see how it looked. It was just a black silhouette that I can see. He pushed me down onto the floor with his hands still holding my mouth. But his knee completely pressuring my back. Yes I am 99% positive that this is for sure a man.  It was such a strong hold. He kept a button knife near my side. Then he covered my head with a plastic jute bag. Since he took off his hand from my mouth for doing that…I tried shouting, “Appa”…..!!! He pushed me bang with a huge force to the ground and took off in the direction towards the staircase. I removed the jute bag from my face at once. I ran towards the balcony at once. When I looked out at the street there was no one there. I ran down the staircase, but the gate of my house was still locked. I ran up to the terrace gate. It was closed too. I was totally bizarre about what was happening. I searched the nook and corner of the house. If all the gates are locked. Then he cannot escape. He should be inside somewhere here. But he was nowhere to be found. The Only possibility is he jumping out of the balcony and that is foolish. He would break his ankles if he did that. I was totally confused. I went near the Veranda, took that Button Knife in my hand, then went inside the hall and took the key chain that had the set of keys from the table. Slowly and silently moved inside the bedroom, took my phone, placed it in my pocket, and took Karthi’s Bike keys too. Then I walked towards the terrace steps, opened the terrace gate and sat on the cement pillar that was at the center of the terrace and I started crying out loud. This is now more than torture. There is a limit for anything. I can’t take it anymore. But the one behind this is Mr. Death or Joseph?? But why then Mr. Death asked me to go and check my mom. It must be him. I wiped off my tears, took my phone out. Switched on the mobile data, went to play store and checked for True Caller App. I remember Tamizh telling me this, one can find the owner of any mobile number if he is registered to this app or even if someone who had registered had saved his name in his phone too. This app uploads all the contacts list from your mobile into its cloud server and then when you search for it, it retrieves that data and shares it to you. If I am lucky, I can find his Name somehow from this. I installed that App and searched for that random number. I was really shocked when it showed the name as Mr. Death. I got up and kicked the cement pillar. That was a foolish idea. My Legs hurt like hell on doing that. I also have heard, there are websites online for tracing the mobile number location. I typed in google, “How to trace a lost mobile sim by using its mobile number”. It showed various sites. I opened one of its which was at the top, I typed that random number and clicked on Trace. It showed a spot around Chhattisgarh as the location. Actually I have heard before from friends how mobile number tracing works, they triangulate the spot using the network towers that are around the place where the mobile number was mostly active. I tried the second website and it showed Norway. Third one showed Bangalore. Then the fourth showed some random place in the coastal areas of Kerala. How pathetic these websites are, I thought to myself. I closed the browser. Then went to text messages to check if I received any new messages that I may have missed. But the last one was still, “You ran inside your home to see if your mom is sleeping right. But do you really know she was only sleeping?”. My blood started simmering on seeing that again. I went near the edge of the terrace and looked around but there was no one around and the night was still calm and cold. I came and sat at the same spot again. I was clear that this button knife was clearly a point. With this he showed me, he can do anything to anyone. A ripple of fear increased and I started panicking. Now I have to find out by any way possible who this Mr. Death is. So there came an idea, I decided to check the old conversations in my social media apps to check if I had offended someone which may have led them to do such things. I opened the browser and typed, “Facebook.com”. Entered my username and password. I checked the notifications. There was absolutely nothing. The last notification was like a month ago. Someone liked a comment that I posted on a RCB IPL team related post. Then I opened the messenger and checked for messages. There were messages from Tamizh and some of my colleagues and Bangalore roommates. It was just some chit chats, nothing special. I closed the browser. Then Installed WhatsApp. It took 10 minutes for loading and setting up all the back up. Backup was more than 3 GB data of messages, media and other things. Once it was all set up. 

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The first thing that I saw was the last message from her. I wanted to close it and stop reading it. But I could not. I started reading it again,

“Raghu, I never knew we would get this close as we now call it as best close friends. I don’t think I can confine it within this word. I have never ever seen a person who cares, who loves, who supports, who scolds, who makes fun of me like you in my life. The thing is I can’t hide any of my issues or any silly funny thing that I come across from you. I just always wanted to see your smile, just wanted to go out with you in the evenings, just always wanted to scold you as idiot, psycho, mad, stupid, Mr. Attitude, more and more. Because you are my idiotic friend. And I love doing that. If there was a competition for finding who is the best fan of you. I will never ever let anyone win over me because I should be the first one in the list always. I always see you as the world’s best in whatever you do. I don’t know why. I am damn sure, the girl who comes into your life would be the most precious queen than anyone who lives in this world. I wish to hear from you one day like, “See this is my queen, she is my everything, she is the one for me, thank you a lot that you made me realize you are not the one”. I’m waiting for that day. You would always say, “I know everything that I am saying”. But No I never knew most of the things that came out of my mind, I was the one and only foolish person on earth for the mistake I have ever made. May God give me good thinking in the upcoming days. I will miss you a lot as you already know. I missed you every day when you stopped speaking and coming out with me, by always saying lame excuses. I don’t know how to make up for those days. I always say this to everyone. I like Raghu because he is the best friend anyone can have. You know that. I always have no reason for anything that I do. It is because mostly I don’t know the reason or just don’t have a clear idea about the reason. Please forgive me for those things. I want to be that best close friend of you always. When you gave me that Friendship bangle, I felt that. I thought to myself I got the best gift/weapon in the world which will keep me safe from any bad thing. I will always keep it with me. I’m getting all the support and strength if it is with me. It is all because of you. It replaces you in your absence. Some of the words you say, I don’t know how it all created some great impact on me. Even if you say something about your other friends also. I would always feel like yeah, such genuine words. I would feel like you are saying it from your heart. Like you know everything. Like you are a genius. Hey don’t think that I am lying. I will kill you…That was my wish, to kill you, you also know that but you know this also that I can’t see you in trouble and hurt. On one of your Facebook posts on your friend’s birthday, I guess it was for Tamizh. You said no one can be like him in friendship but I want to say, want to say proudly, you are my best close friend. How Tamizh is for you. You are that for me. So no one can be like us as best close friends. You are one of a gift anyone can get. The chocolates you bought me unexpectedly that one day was the one thing that made me happy and think that this idiot is actually not that bad. You became a good Psycho inside my heart. The One and only thing I don’t like in you is, sometimes you start speaking completely negative things, like in that speech you gave recently in our Office Workshop. Please Stop doing that, you are best in all your own ways. Don’t hear what others say about you. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Saying this to you seriously once again. If you think negatively again about you, I will kill you. Seriously I’m always jealous of your relationship with other friends. As you are only hearing and listening to their words and you never listened to my words most of the time. Now I am leaving from here soon. We both know the reason for it and I believe you will be that “Nalla pullai” for your Mom and Dad. Don’t fight with them because in your life, the only constants you have will be them. Don’t worry. If you want to fight with words, come on do it. I am Okay with it. But if you start to take mouna viratham. It will start to pain in my heart. I have cried several times when you do that… Tell me one thing, Why are you like this? Why are you like an emotionally attached psycho? Don’t be like this and don’t skip your food and all okay. Don’t think that you are not good looking and all. You are mad if you think like that. I’m saying, you are good looking. More than your looks, your heart shines brighter. See who is appreciating you. The Miss World (Me). So be happy for that okay. I’m here friend as your irritating torturing idiot, be happy for that and thank god always. I know you will not thank god, but still just for me always do that. Sometimes that is good even if you’re a believer or non-believer. All the best for your future. You would always tell me, you want to prove to everyone that in fact you are good at something. You wanted to make your Parents proud. You wanted to prove to your mom that you are in fact happy with what you do. Do it. Prove it. I will be happy seeing you achieve that, my best close friend. Have that fire inside you always. And as always be the best performer and do your work with concentration…!! Forget all the Misunderstanding we had and come back to me as that best close friend that I ever wanted to have in you. You know all the reasons. We have discussed that already, I don’t want to touch that part again. So take your time to pardon me and come back to me as my Best Close Friend again.

You idiotic best close friend,


I long pressed the WhatsApp icon on my home screen and clicked on the “x” button over it. It got uninstalled. I then just locked the screen of my phone and I don’t know why, I just sat there looking at the sky for the next 1 hour speaking nothing and distracted by nothing. Cold started getting heavier and soon I started shivering. So I decided to go back down to the room and sleep. I was just lying down in my bed, looking at my ceiling thinking why in the world I am like this, and why I have hurt so many people and why is someone hurting me now. Maybe this is the same way they too have felt when I hurt them. Many many things were running in my mind along with tears. I was not aware when I slept but I did gradually.

At around 5.30 in the morning, I woke up and checked my phone but there was no message from Mr. Death. I started wondering why there was no message yet. Did the person who was here yesterday, was that him? Did something happen to him when he tried escaping? I was just in complete chaos. I got up, took the bike and drove towards the En-Fore Beach. I parked on the road side and went inside the beach, climbed on the seaside rocks, went to the far end of it and sat there looking at the awesome view of the rising sun. The golden waves were hitting the rocks second after second. I was in deep thoughts about her again. That last message from her had already made an impact on me. It felt like I was the most miserable creature on earth now. But still I had no clue who this Mr. Death can be? Not even one? I had to find at least one as soon as possible before any miserable thing happens. I thought about the second riddle that I found on the terrace yesterday. It was “I can’t walk but you can walk with me! I don’t run but a part of me can! I am a drinking addict but I am steady only after drinking! If you want to get work out of me, you have to buy me a drink! I always prefer drinking only foreign drinks! If I fall down alone I will have less damage! But if we fall together you will have more damage than me! You wanted to be my best friend for a long time!! But you were shy of the world!! But we are friends now yet to be best friends!! Find me!!”. I was thinking and thinking and thinking but nothing came to my mind. 

While thinking about this, Tamizh was the one who came to my mind. He was actually very good at solving puzzles and riddles. There was a day during our college time, both I and Tamizh with a gang of friends attended a Symposium in SSN College. There was a Treasure Hunt there too. And since as you know I was from Mechanical and it was a mechanical symposium, it was completely based on the subject topic and was so boring. But Tamizh loved solving them very much. It was around 6 PM. I called Tamizh by phone. He attended it. He replied in a Sleepy tone, “Helllllllooooo! Haan!! Tell me da!! What do you want so early in the morning? Anything important?”. I said to him, “Nothing important da, just wanted a help from you”. 

“Okay tell me”, he said. 

“I want you to solve a riddle for me”, I replied.

“What? Are you mad? Calling this early in the morning and asking me to solve a riddle? Go and Sleep you idiot”, he scolded.

I said, “Listen to me Tamizh this is important, don’t ask me why. But help me solve it”. 

“Okay, tell me”, he replied. 

I started telling him the riddle. He stopped after the second line, “This is a stupid riddle, as simple as that, who made up this, and I can tell you what it is from the first line only”. Seriously you couldn’t find it? Let me break this up, into pieces. I can’t walk but you can walk with me! I don’t run but a part of me can! Answer is Bike dood. It can’t walk but you can walk with it by pushing it with the handle. It can’t run but its Engine can. Rest you figure out, you can relate the rest of the lines by yourself. I am going to sleep. Bye. And he had cut the call. Now everything was completely clear to me!! Even the rest of the lines I could relate to very easily. Actually Tamizh is great. I felt proud of having him as a friend. Always did. 

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I ran towards the bike at once. There is only one place in the bike where any paper or anything can be. I opened that zip, and checked if anything was there. Yes there was. A Paper with my Third Riddle. This guy calls himself Mr. Death but acts like Mr. Alibaba who has hidden his treasure somewhere? What the hell is this!! I opened the paper, it had absolutely nothing. It was completely empty. A blank sheet of paper. I felt like, “What?”. And Boom came the text message with a vibration in my phone. It read the following, “Hello Raghu! Hope you will take everything seriously from on! You would have understood how serious I am in this now. I can see you found the second clue now. And I can see your face completely biased on seeing the blank paper. Yes you should be. But it indeed has a clue with it. But to use this 3rd clue to find the next clue. You have to find the answer to this riddle, “I can be sparkling but I’m not a star. I can run but I don’t have any legs. I can fall but I don’t get hurt. Wash me and I will become unclean. Don’t wash me and then I am clean. What am I?” Find it and use it to find the next clue from the third clue. Be serious from now on. I am not only watching you. But I am so close by to you too”. 

I kept the paper in my pocket and started the bike. Just when I got near the T-way road on the turn for En-Fore beach towards Tiruvottiyur. I found a Police Car there with sirens on. I panicked a little since I don’t have a license. I looked straight towards the road and speeded my bike without looking at the Police Car when passing by. Just when I crossed it, it started following me. I continued driving without looking back. Though all the panic in the world was inside me, I stayed calm and continued on. As I reached the end of the road, I took a right turn and the police car took a left turn. I was relieved only after that. Then I drove back home and laid myself on the bed again.

At around 9 AM in the morning, I woke up. The extreme brightness of the tube light in our dark bedroom actually woke me up. I could see Karthi getting ready for college. I got up from bed, I was still feeling a little bit of pain in my leg which I earned myself by kicking that cement pillar. I walked out towards the balcony. It was a cloudy day. It may rain this evening or night that is for sure. When I look at my street, always I remember the way how I explained about my area to a friend in Bangalore. 

I said, Listen and picture what I am saying dood so you can understand it. My street is more tightly packed. Houses are in lines one after another with no gap between them. Like if I get into one of the houses in my street. I can easily reach the last house via the terrace itself. During my school times, there were a lot of kids of the same age in most of the houses of my street. They have now eventually moved on to different directions due to work and other sorts of things. We used to do terrace jump races. My street is a dead end. My house is the last one of the street at the dead end. We used to race from my house till the house that connects my street with the market road. This is not just another race, this had risks. We did get injured. So, don’t try this at school, home or anywhere. Even we do kite runs like this. Also our area is built up like rectangular blocks. Like a bunch of buildings with many dead ended streets at the center and roads covering on all four sides. My dead end street is just one such small street inside that rectangular block.  I can even travel from one end of the rectangular block to another which is nearly 300 meters apart via the terrace itself. This is how our area is built up. And the market road I said you is one of the roads covering my rectangular blocked island on one side. On that road, people used to sell all the day to day necessary things. That is why it is called Market road. Similarly Tiruvottiyur consists of a lot of rectangular blocked islands surrounded by roads one after another. Can you picture my area now? Yes you should. If you can’t then forget about it. Hahaha…!!

Karthi shouted from the bedroom, “Hey Raghu someone has text messaged you it seems. Your phone gave a ring”.

I ran at once to the bedroom, unlocked the phone and checked the message. It read, “Good Morning Raghu. I am feeling very excited to welcome you to this great exciting day. You are going to follow my orders blindly today. If you do that, by the end of the day, I will give you a prominent clue on finding who I am. I think by now that will be the biggest question running in your mind. So there is a big benefit for you in this. You want to stop me right. Then follow my orders blindly today. But do remember all the basic things that I said to you the first day. Behave well towards me. Don’t try to be smart with me. In the end it will be you who will suffer. As I said, if you behave well it will only be you who will be coming with me. Else I have to take a lot of you who you love with me too. Remember that statement like you’re taking a breath. Okay so my first order is, Take your brother with you to the police station and withdraw the complaint now at once. Also take that parcel you received yesterday with you. After complaint withdrawal, wait for my orders by standing in the bus stop. Also ask your mom to collect the parcel which you will receive today afternoon since you will not be in the house to collect that. Cheers!!”

I said to Karthi, “Come with me, let’s withdraw the Police Complaint about your bike. We should not be late on that, else we would complicate that. I said to mom to collect the parcel and left for the Police station”. We went by bike to the police station, dropped it outside and went inside. We reached out to the head constable there. I said, “Sir! Yesterday my brother gave you a complaint about his bike that got lost”. The Head Constable stopped me there at once. He said, “See son there are a lot of cases to be handled here. Our Area has a lot of higher priority cases to be solved. So it will take time to start the investigation of your theft case. We will call you if we get any clues, Leave your number at the information desk and go. Now stop disturbing us. Inspector will be here at any moment”. I said, “Sir! Sir! Sir! Our bike was not stolen. We actually came here to withdraw our complaint”. “What?”, the head constable replied. “It’s just his friends that had played with him sir. So if you let us know the procedure we would withdraw and leave at once sir”, I said. With a stern look the head constable said, “Okay go to the information desk and ask the person there. He will tell you what to do”. I replied, “Okay Thank you sir”. Just when I turned someone dashed over me and my bag fell off my shoulder. I hoped nothing would have happened to the parcel. I should not have broken it. I picked it up, said sorry to the person and moved towards the information desk.

We withdrew the complaint and Karthi left for college on his bike while I stood there at the bus stop waiting for the next order. It sounds like I’m working as a delivery boy in Swiggy right? What a miserable person I am. This is all happening due to my own karma. I waited for more than 15 minutes. I checked my phone like every 3 minutes, but there was no message at all. I sat there on a steel slab in the bus stop and watched the vehicles going here and there. It made me think of college days. I used to travel by bus to my college. Me, Tamizh and many other friends from my area used to footboard casually. We did get horrible scolding from the conductors but we never cared. I miss those days. Anyone will miss those School and college days right. There was a day when we had to bunk our class because of Tamizh. Like every day, we got into our bus to KK Nagar, that day the bus was having an average crowd. Just after Simpsons stop, a girl got into the bus. She was so pretty, like a girl made out of Rasmalai. But I gave up on her. Since I have never seen Tamizh so enthusiastic in my life ever. He was doing all kinds of stunts on seeing her. He was combing his hair, laughing with 64 teeths (Just don’t ask how come there are 64 teeths, this is just for explaining his enthusiasm), blushing like someone was praising him endlessly. Even she too was seeing him through cross eyes. What can I do? He compelled me to bunk the class and to come with him to follow her. We did follow her from Simpsons to Express Avenue. She got down from there. And that was the first time, I visited Express Avenue Mall, all credit goes to him. I told him, “Dai Tamizh, if she is going to such high end malls, she must have a boyfriend da. Stop, it’s a waste of time. Come Let’s go to college”. He was so confident. He said, “Its okay da. Come with me, I just want to look at her face the whole day. That is more than enough for me”. What can I do? He is my best friend. I went inside with him. The mall was huge. There were lots and lots of shops all around. We searched for her each and every floor. He was praying she should not have a boyfriend. I was laughing like anything. Floor after Floor we go, sign after sign we search, he started getting more and more anxious. And then we found her. She was working in Soch, a Saree shop. We went inside and talked to her. I said, “Sister, Please show us some sarees. I want to buy one for my Sister”. She asked me, what kind of Saree do you want? I asked Tamizh, Dai what is a kind of saree da. A saree is a saree right? Tamizh said to her, “Show him the Ones his Sister can wear. It will be better if it is in Green or blue color. Even a mixed of both will be perfect. It can be a Silk or linen but it should be a designer Saree. It will look perfect on her”. I was just looking at him like he was a genius in Sarees. “Saree for his Sister or yours? You are choosing what will be right for her!!”, She asked. “Yes it is for his Sister, but I was the one who found that Angel sister of his in the bus today. I don’t know if they made her right out of Rasmalai or something”, he said. I was shocked to hear that, that was my dialogue. “She shines that much brighter in my eyes and my heart. I don’t know if that Angel from heaven is single. Do you know?”, He asked. She stared right into us. She called the security. And we ran away from there.  That was a memorable day. Haha..!! But eventually Tamizh did capture his Rasmalai angel. She said to us that she laughed like anything when we started running from there without even turning back. She is a perfect girl for Tamizh. Her Name is Poornima. Still they are together. They will get married soon. But what about me..!! 

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The thought about me broke my thoughts. Also I felt the vibration in my pocket. I took out the phone from my pocket. The message read, “Get into the Bus number 101 which is coming now”. I looked towards the right end of the road. Yes, I could see bus number 101 coming towards me. I got into it. I sat on a seat that was one row before last. Bus was filled in all seats. And we reached En-Fore Beach and the same feeble Old Man whom I Ignored on the day I was leaving for Bangalore came near me and stood near me again. But this time, I said to him, “Grandpa, Please sit in my seat. I am going to get down”. He said, Thank you son, You are a good boy. I smiled and moved near to the door. Next moment the next message came. I felt shocked when I saw that. It read, “Snatch the handbag of the woman in red saree when she gets down at Kasimedu and run for your life. Just follow my order blindly, don’t even think about not doing it”. I started feeling nervous now. I looked around and it felt like everyone was watching me. I started sweating like anything. The Old man had seen my face as well, what if he gets down at Kasimedu as well. What if someone caught me while snatching the bag? First of all why am I doing this? Everything was running in my mind. The woman in red saree was standing near the other door. I tied a Kerchief around my face incase no one can register my face in their mind. Even the old man could not remember me that accurately, since he was so feeble. I believed that. I slowly walked towards her. I stood right behind her. I looked around if anyone was watching me. It felt like everyone was watching only me. I don’t know why. Suddenly one guy got up from his seat and walked towards me fastly. I panicked. He came to me and said, “Thambi”. I started sweating. He said, Can you move? I want to get down here. Uffff…I thought that was close. I moved, so he went to the footboard. When the Kasimedu stop came, the Lady slowly went near the footboard. I followed her from behind. Step by step I followed her. Just when she was about to keep her stop out of the bus. I snatched her handbag, pushed her down and ran like anything without looking back towards anyone. I just kept running. But I don’t know why no one followed me to catch me. It was as if this was regular here. Not even one followed me. But I kept on running till Royapuram, the next stop. I opened my shoulder bag and kept the handbag into it while running. I entered Hotel Pandiyas in Royapuram and sat there with my heart beating more than 100 LubDubs a minute. I felt horrible about me. I pushed a woman today. I snatched a handbag today. Is this why I have studied? Am I alive here for doing such a yucky thing? I slapped myself in anger. The kerchief flew in the air in reaction to that. People around looked at me like I was mad. I took my bag and walked out. Next minute, the message came, “Empty that Handbag in the dustbin behind the Idreams Theatre. And throw the bag wherever you want”. I was so frustrated reading this. If I find this fucker, I don’t know what I will do. Better he should run away now only. I was biting my teeths and controlling my anger. I did just as the message said. Emptied the Items from the handbag on to the dustbin and threw the handbag high into the walls of Idreams Theatre. And ran away from there. I prayed to God this time, like she said in that last WhatsApp message. Please there should not be any CCTVs in this place. I looked all around carefully. But there was nothing around. I felt relieved. But there can be one on the way I ran from Kasimedu to Royapuram. Or there can be one in that Hotel Pandiyas. I started panicking again. I don’t know what the intention for making me do this was. But I hoped it was for good. Although it doesn’t look like it. I sat on the pavement near the front gate of Idreams theatre with a lot of thoughts in mind. And got the next order, it read, “Go for a Movie now, and spend your next 3 hours inside Idreams”. I got a ticket for Kaithi movie. It was the one running for that show in Idreams. Kaithi. What a coincidence. I thought. Yes, I will be one soon. In the checking counter, they opened my bag. They asked me what that parcel was. I said, it was a gift for a friend. It’s his birthday today. They said, Okay, convey our wishes to him too. I was like, “Woah”. Movie started in less than 10 minutes. I was so into the movie. That I forget about Mr. Death completely. At the interval, I got up to go to the restroom. Just when I reached the entrance of it. I heard a voice that I have heard before. I looked inside, it was that lean guy who was with Joseph yesterday, whom I slapped a Palaaaarrr !!!. He was standing there joking about something to his friends. I walked fastly out of there and sat on my seat. I hoped he was not nearer to me. I am alone now, I don’t have Tamizh or Karthi now. What if Joseph is also here? But that’s not possible. He cannot be here, since he would be at hospital now. But I am into trouble even if this guy sees me too. I have to be careful. When I was thinking about all this next message came, “Hey Raghu! I forgot to tell you what was in the parcel right?”. The movie is awesome right. Like a Bomb. Vera level right…!! The same is in your bag. Don’t open it. Idreams will go kaboom if you open the parcel. And you have roamed with this inside a Police Station, inside a Hotel and now inside a theatre too. How horrible you are!! Be very careful, don’t open it or throw it down harshly or something”. I felt a sudden surge of fear. I remembered that I dropped it on the floors of the police station when I dashed against someone. I started panicking. I could not concentrate on the movie. I looked around if someone was noticing me. If that Mr. Death was close by. But everyone was watching the movie so interestingly with their faces glued to the screen. I kept my bag slowly below my seat so that I would not disturb it. Not even a word from the movie was going to my ears. I was completely distracted, I was just looking up and looking down at the bag again and again. After some time, my concentration fully went on the bag. I had bent down slightly to take the bag. Just at that moment, the sound went bang…dum..dum…dum…dum…dum…!! I felt like my heart stopped. I looked up, it was Hero Karthi who was shooting the Machine Gun in the movie. I felt like the biggest stupid that can ever be. I took the bag and walked out of the theatre. They said, I have to wait till the movie ends. And that it will end in 10 minutes. I stood there near the door, which was at a higher position over the steps and I watched all around the theatre. In 10 minutes, the movie ended and the lights were on. Everyone got up from their seats. I looked around if someone was noticing me, but I made a mistake. That lean guy shouted, “Maame! He is the guy who broke Joseph’s hand. Catch him. They ran towards me. The crowd slowed them down. I ran exactly like when I ran after snatching the handbag means I ran for my life. I ran to the bus stop, got into a 101 bus. From the footsteps, I looked out behind the bus. They were still running behind the bus. I went and stood near the front door of the bus in case that if they reached the bus, I could jump out of it. But they stopped. And walked back. I took a deep breath only then. Then I sat on a seat behind the driver. Only then I remembered, “Oh My God! The Bomb”. I shouted, “Stop the bus”. And ran out of it. I had to throw this now somewhere safe. I ran and ran and ran to Kasimedu and then to Enforce beach. I walked over the sea side stones to the edge of it so I could throw it if anything happened. The stones were so hot in the late afternoon. Just when I reached the final rock, I got a message, it read, “You believed me right Raghu! That It was a bomb. See this is how fear works. Hahahahaha…!! It is not a Bomb. Don’t worry!! Cool yourself, it’s so hot out there!!”. I had hit my bag along with parcel madly again and again on the rocks and screamed as if someone has stabbed me….Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Thaa…*****…*****…*****…*****…*******……All the bad words you can imagine came from my mouth. Even I don’t know what some of it are. I have just heard it from somewhere. I just sat there looking at the never ending ocean, thinking all about my never ending misery. They say, “As you sow so shall you reap” and I am reaping now, absolutely everything. 

I called Tamizh at once. Tamizh, Come soon to En-Fore beach, I am sitting at our usual spot. I have to tell you something. He just cut the call without replying. We have that much of a connection. He knows when I am in trouble. I sat there waiting for him. 

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An incident came into my mind. There was this day during our final year. When a first year boy named Fairoz joined our college. His father asked me and Tamizh to take care of him since he is new to the college. He also asked us to take him with us to college since he has not traveled often by bus. One day while we were traveling together to college, I asked him why you are wearing your ID card even before entering the college. Don’t spoil the senior’s name. If you are wearing an ID card, please don’t come with us. He removed it and kept it in his pocket. I said such words only to make him keep it in his pocket so that I can snatch it and make fun of him for some time. The plan worked out very fine. When we reached our college stop. He started shouting, “Bro! Bro! My ID card is missing. Did you see it”? I said, “how come I would see it. Do you think I took it from you secretly and threw it somewhere? You are not a kid anymore, you have to safeguard your things”. “That is the reason I wore it in my neck bro. It was you who asked me to keep it in my pocket”, he said. “I don’t know man, if you don’t have your ID card, you can’t come inside the college. You know that right. Go and search it, maybe it fell somewhere while we were walking from the bus stop to college. Go and find it”, I said him. He went running towards the bus stop and we went inside the college. Tamizh did not know anything about this. So we both went inside the college. I thought I will make him search for at least 15 mins and then anyways he will come here and ask the watchman in the gate. I will give him that at that time. Since I had some important project related work that day I completely forgot about him. And only in the evening, I realized what I had done. Since he did not have his ID card, he quarreled with the watchman. And they had to call his HOD on checking if he is really part of their department. And his bag was also searched that day and it seemed he had bought his mobile phone for the first time to college. And Mobile phones are prohibited in our college. So it was snatched and a message was sent to his parents as well for his ill disciplinary activities. And eventually his father had to withdraw him from the college after some days due to some reasons and made him join another college. But all these things would never have happened if I had not taken his card that day. No one knows about this, not even Tamizh. Now I am understanding how painful it would have been for Fairoz that day. I slapped myself again.

I heard Tamizh’s voice shouting from a far distance, Raghu! Raghu!. I turned and looked at him. He asked me to climb down from the rocks and to come to the sandy area of the beach. We both sat there and he asked, “Tell me what happened?” 

I stammered, “Tamizh! Ta! Tamizh!” 

“What is there to hide to me? Tell me openly whatever it is we can solve it. I am here to solve it for you. Tell me”, he said. 

I said, “Okay! That day I was sitting at the railway station right, after fighting with mom and with an idiotic cowardly mind of running away to Bangalore and never coming back. That day someone called mom and gave some false information right? Do you think that was really a false information and do you think there can be any bad intention behind that?”. 

“Don’t think too much da that was just some wrong call. Like I said to you that day, that person on the other side of the call didn’t even mention your name. He just randomly said your son met with an accident and had cut the call. Don’t think about that, leave that. Refresh your mind. Think about how you can make your day happy if you are sad. If you are happy, think about how to make it happier. Don’t think about such useless things. They waste your time and happiness”, He said.

I said, “But!”. And my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I decided not to tell about Mr. Death to him as of now. So I wanted to divert the topic. 

He said, “Hey Sir! What are you thinking deeply about?” 

“Yesterday night, I reinstalled WhatsApp da. I saw her last message. I don’t know why it is not going off my mind at all. Although I uninstalled WhatsApp again. The message got registered in my mind and I can see it in front of my eyes everywhere”, I said.

“See Listen to me, let me tell you a short story. Just try to understand it. Let us say One day you hear a secret news from someone that they have found pearls in the beach by the sand. There were oysters with pearls which had been pushed to shore by some way. By Any way that is not important here. And you rush out here to find a pearl for yourself too. You started searching all through the sand, under the rocks, everywhere around the beach. And while searching for the Pearl, you had come across a pebble which was also shining under the sun. You took the pebble in hand and you were so happy to have found it. You just sit here with the pebble in hand forgotten all about why you really came here. You are just enjoying yourself with your pebble. You are throwing it in the air and catching it. You are washing it with the water of the sea. You are lifting it and showing it to the sun. You forgot yourself and you believed that this pebble is the thing which is going to change your life. But suddenly you see me 

Walking by the shore. Maybe I was the one who gave you the secret news. Even I started searching for what I wanted all around. I dug holes around in the sand to search for it. I searched everywhere like you. Even I came across a pebble in between. I kept the pebble in my pocket. But I never forgot why I came here. I still continued searching for the Pearl and at last I got one. A beautiful oyster with a shining beautiful Pearl. I showed it to you and then you looked at your pebble and realized what you have done. Still you just sit there and complain and cry and cry and cry. That your pebble is not shining as bright as a pearl. You just keep blabbering about how your pebble is not shining, instead of continuing your search for your pearl which you deserve. I told you the secret news. I said to you there are a lot of pearls out there that came to the shore. Not a single one. So instead of sitting and complaining. Go and search your pearl, you will get one. Maybe yours can shine brighter than mine who knows. Even if you can’t find one here in the seashore, why do you have to worry about it? Just think that it was hard luck. You have your parents with you. They would get you a pearl one day, if you believe in them. Just don’t worry with this pebble in your hand. Keep it with you and use it for your fish tank if you want. Else throw it away back into the sea. The ball is in your court. But you never have to worry that pebble is not as shining as the Pearl. That is foolish. Come on cheer up!! I can help you too in searching for pearls. Even my pearl knows a lot of pearls. If you know what I mean..Hahaha..!! Don’t worry dood. We all go through this. Take it easy and move on. She is not the only girl in the world. She may have cared for you, you may have felt it to the core. But she is not meant to be your pearl. She is just a pebble for you. Your Pearl is somewhere out there waiting for you to pick it up. Think about it. That’s all I can say. Anything else is bothering you? Tell me about it”, he said. 

“Yes, Today near Idreams I saw some friends of Joseph and they started chasing me to hit me”, I said 

“Idreams? What! You dash you left me and went for a movie. What! You found a Pearl? So you forgot me? You betrayer!!”, he said.

“I was around here for a work dood. Suddenly came a thought, so I went for the movie. Sorry man”, I said.

“Wait, we have to do something about this Joseph and his friends. We couldn’t forever be careful of not running into them. Come with me, let’s try to speak to Rawther on this”, he said

“What? Rawther? Are you joking? How will we be allowed to see him? For them we are just some kids roaming around doing mischief everywhere. Remember that. And it is dangerous to get into Rawther’s area. I mean Kasimedu”, I said.

“Okay Genius! Do tell me a better idea. Shall we go to the police?”, he said.

“Nooo!!!”, I shouted.

He said, “Calm down, Are you still scared if Joseph will complain about you in the police station for breaking his hand? That will never happen like I said yesterday. Come with me, we have no idea than speaking to Rawther himself. Let’s tell him in a good way that this was a fault of both Joseph and us. And that we will not come across their way anymore any time hereafter. He will understand. And I have never seen him before in person. At least for that come we can go. Anyways we will never get a chance to meet him. He will have a left and right hand. And those left and right hands will have their series of left and right hands. I believe this will be smoother. Let’s see what happens”.

We both got up and started walking back from the beach. I took my phone out and checked the message that I received from that random number. It had 2 Messages. My Heart skipped its beat for a second on reading the second. 

The first one read, “Sorry that I played with you for some time by making you believe that the parcel in your bag had a bomb in it. I am really sorry it was not for hurting your feelings. Just wanted to check how you are handling that situation. You should enjoy a thrill moment too right in your life since this is just gonna last for the next 4-5 days only. 

The second one read, “Now shall we make it more interesting. Shall we? The Parcel you are having is a fully loaded Gun. If you don’t believe me, just open it and check it. But after opening it you are going to make a very important decision in your life. This time you don’t have to follow my orders blindly. Only for this time. Think and Do. Take the Gun and Shoot Tamizh now. Remember you asked your mom to collect a parcel right. The one delivering it is ready now at the footsteps of your house. He will act based on your decision here. You shoot Tamizh, He will leave your mom alone. Else you leave Tamizh alone, He will shoot your Mom. Now decide for yourself – Mom or Machan?!!

Tamizh was walking a bit further before me. I said to him, “Tamizh stop and turn around”. He turned around. I said, “Machan! I am sorry da for doing this”. “Sorry for doing what?”, he said. “For this”, I said and Bangggggggggg flew the bullet.

**To be continued**

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