Dandeli Adventures – A Daring Experience with Lifetime Lessons !!

24 – Feb 2020 – Bangalore:

It was around 4AM in the Morning. I have to go to the office today. I was feeling so tired. Both Me and Vikrant got down from the cab. I tapped on the head of Poonam before getting down and asked her to ping in the whatsapp group when she reaches her place. She is a strong girl that obviously everyone knows but still she is going alone to the final stop of our cab ( Her Apartment). So I wanted to make sure she reaches safely. So we got down from the cab, took all our belongings from the back of the car and walked towards our respective PGs ( Hostel like Rooms where we stay as paying guests). When we reached near Shoe Emporium ( A Shop below my PG), Me and Vikrant parted ways. He said, “Chill bro ! See you !! Need to have at least 6 hours sleep now, otherwise my metabolism will stop”. Yeah he is an intelligent guy, he speaks that way with complex words😅 (Prince of Airforce🤘). And we parted ways. I climbed up the stairs of my PG and reached my room. My Roommate was in a deep sleep. Without waking him up, I threw my luggage aside, kept my shoulder bag on the table, dumped myself in my Cozy bed with the headset in my ears tuning the music of “Bruno Mars – Just the way you are!!”.

I turned around in my bed and looked at the ceiling. I opened WhatsApp and there were a lot of messages from a lot of people that were unopened. Since I was in Dandeli and since “Idea – My Network provider” could not change my life, the network was not available for me to contact people  or update status on Facebook when I was in Dandeli. I opened our special Dandeli group first. It was loaded with messages from “Please anyone help” from Asha and Poonam to “Yeah bro, I reached safe” from Vinay. I thought about whether to call Poonam or not, anyways I know she will not pick up 😂😂. I asked Zilani to call her and ask if she reached safely. Both Zilani and Vinay confirmed at same time that she reached. She was the last one to reach. Actually she was the last one to get ready when we started also. Lazy Sleepy Moti 😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂. I kept my phone down and again looked towards the ceiling. 

Thoughts popped up in my mind about everything that made this lifetime experience trip possible. It all started one night. It was a Sunday night, I was travelling on a train towards Bangalore from my lovely close to heart hometown, Chennai. Zilani called me and said that since Feb 21st is a holiday, we can plan for somewhere. We planned for Gokharna in the beginning. We thought of gathering everyone who were part of Kudremukh trip for this too. But everyone started giving dumb reasons as we anticipated. So we changed our minds. Me and Zilani were strong in the fact that we are going somewhere on the long weekend of Feb 21. So we came to a conclusion and I pinged in the group, it’s okay if you say No also, but please say something. So many said No and thus the population for the trip sunk lower and lower. But we never cared. We thanked and respected the decision of those who said No. Thus an approximately final gang came into picture. 

Me, Zilani and Poonam had a conference call one night. I just heard two words from Zilani “Boldhiyae naa Poonam”. Then she asked me to look if tickets are available. She said she read about this beautiful place called Dandeli on the internet and there were a lot of adventure activities available there to try and have fun. I checked the tickets availability in IRCTC app at once. There were no tickets on Thursday night. Tickets were available only in JanShatabdi express that was scheduled on Friday Morning 6 AM. And for return journey, tickets were available only in Jodhpur express which was scheduled at 5.10 PM on Sunday Evening. I pinged in the kudremukh group to check if anyone extra was coming. But no response. I gave 10 minutes time for people to decide. After 10 minutes, I went ahead and booked the tickets for both journey towards Dandeli and also for the return journey. I could book only 6 at a time, since the IRCTC app allows only that. I booked for Zilani, Vinay, Vikrant, Asha, Poonam and Shivakshi together. I was in a dual mood. I was still a cat on the wall. I don’t know whether to go for the trip or not. My Life has deteriorated in the past 2 months. The end of 2019 was so harsh for me. I thought about it for a long time. Also that this trip is now with a gang in which everyone knows Hindi except me. That made me think. What if I felt alone or left out 🙄. I thought about it. Then I booked my tickets too for both the forward and return journey. Hubballi was the nearby station by which we can go by train to reach Dandeli. I booked a ticket from Bangalore city station to Hubballi and also for the return from Hubballi to Bangalore City. I took charge as Transport incharge 😂. So, it was decided 7 members are travelling towards Dandeli on Feb 21. As Days passed, Shivakshi was going to dual moods. She was saying I am not coming to me and also said I am coming to Zilani. I never cancelled her ticket. I thought she would come anyway, she was just playing. But in the end, she seriously asked me to cancel the ticket. And I know, I was indirectly the reason for many people not coming to this trip. 

Frankly saying from the new year 2020, I gave up many things. I gave up begging people to stay in my life, I gave up asking people to do something for me, I gave up being around people all the time. I realized that there are some things around you which you have to give up to stop you from giving up on you and your self confidence. I realized this from the Quote, “If you can’t change the people around you, just change the people around you !!”. 2019 has been really really harsh on me. After the Kudramukh trip, I thought my life would have an upward path. It did have a good start but everything started falling down slowly. My Heart was already broken in pieces. I thought people coming into my life would help me join all the pieces back but they did not . They started grinding those broken pieces too. So, I pushed all of them away. Now, I have only a very limited number of people in my life who showed they are really true to me. But I don’t know why the world is a lot selfish. I have never been so selfish in my life. If I do something, I will make sure others learn it too. If I go somewhere, I will call people with me too. Wherever I go whatever I do, I will take people with me. I will give them support. But atlast this selfish world made me a loner. No one even asks me even if you ate or not ? No one even wants my company too? Many People know that I am not alright. But no one ever asked me what was wrong with me. Many friends ditched me and found new friends and moved on. But all I can do is thank them for at least showing their real faces sooner. So, I stopped going behind people to stay in my life. I just showed a “Ta ta Bye Bye” and walked away.

So time passed by and Zilani was speaking to people from the resorts of Dandeli and he kept on rejecting them. Suddenly one day, Poonam pinged in the group that stay for everyone has been booked and it’s an OYO. She said that she and Zilani had discussed the resorts and homestays in Dandeli and that they decided to book an average room so that most of the money can be spent for Adventure activities. I believed in them and never opened that link. Days passed and we reached Thursday, the day before actually leaving for Dandeli. But still we had no idea on how we are going to travel from Hubballi to Dandeli and back to Hubballi from Dandeli. I have asked Zilani to research on that, but he gave dead ears to that. People started discussing traveling in a rental bike, Cab, bounce bike etc etc. But no one reached a final decision on that. Vinay asked me about this on the last day that still we have not decided about how we are travelling. Do you have any idea what to do? He said he searched in Google about things, but google showed there are no buses even from Hubballi to Dandeli. I as a Transport incharge took charge and discussed with people in my office who are from North Karnataka. I asked my colleague from Hubballi if there was a bus from Hubballi to Dandeli. He said buses are rare from Hubballi but if we go to Dharwad, there are frequent buses. I confirmed the same from another colleague who was from Dharwad. I shared this information with everyone. But still everyone kept the bus as the final option. And only on the last day, there was a twist. The uncanceled ticket was about to be exchanged and it is going to belong to a person who is 200 times crazier and bakchodi than Zilani Baba himself 😂😂. Yes, it was his Girlfriend, Manpreet. I never knew she was vera level before I met her. Such an awesome match to Baba. Both are Bakchodi bana di jodi.

And without any preparation and not even buying any snacks or anything we were ready to go towards Dandeli. That night Poonam called me and I guided her on how to book an Scheduled Ola ride. She will always say she was a topper in college and School but she can’t even book a proper scheduled Ola ride 😂😂. So the ride was set at 4.45 AM. It was scheduled to start from Poonam’s Apartment at 4.45 AM and it will pick us up near Aroma Hyderabad House, Nagavara. I got up at 4 AM in the morning. Took comfortable Steam bath, threw three shirts, 2 tracks and a short with other necessary things in my bag and walked towards the pickup spot since it was already late and nearly 4.45 AM. vikrant came in 5 minutes to the spot. I called Poonam at 4.45 AM to ask if she boarded the cab. First time, the call went completely and no one picked up. Second time, she picked it. She was just laughing at the other end when I asked did you board the cab. She said that she just woke up with this call from me. I was like “What the F**k dood ! I have not seen anyone as Lazy as hell like you 😂😂!!”. She quickly got ready approximately in 5 minutes and boarded the cab. I don’t know how she managed but in 10 to 15 minutes at around 5 AM, the cab reached the pickup spot. We picked up Vinay on the way and headed towards KSR Bengaluru railway station. Don’t ask me what is the full form of KSR now. I will tell you at the end. We reached KSR at 5.30 AM. Poonam said she was so hungry. We went to a hotel that was nearby. She ordered 2 Idly for her. She said two was more. She asked one of us to have one. Vikrant ate one of them. She took like half an hour to eat that One idli. Onnnneeeee iidlyyyyyyy !! right !!. So it will take time to eat completely 🙄. Then Vikrant and Vinay had to withdraw money from the ATM. When they were withdrawing money, Poonam told me that the resort we are about to stay in is like 2 hours away from the Kali river where Rafting happens and 1 hour from Jungle Safari. 

And atlast at 5.52AM in the morning we somehow entered KSR station. There was only nearly 8 minutes for the train to leave. We increased our pace and ran towards platform 8. The train was sooooooo longgggg. That we had to travel in our mind like 100 KMs to get near to our coach. The C1 – AC coach of the JanShatabdi express was playing hide and seek with us. It was moving away and away as we got closer and closer. At last we ran and crossed zilani, Manpreet & asha, and got into the train. It was an AC Seater Coach. My seat was at the farther end whereas all others were together. I said them 15 – 20 are your seats. Please get seated. And I moved towards my Seat which was 60 at the farther end. I sat down in my seat and looked up towards everyone if they were seated. But they started the bakchodi there only. They were standing in the middle of the aisle and were looking here and there. Manpreet shouted Hi from there. I got up and went towards them and showed them the seat to sit. And there it started, the complaints. Poonam and Manpreet said, the train is not good !! Bla ! Bla ! Bla !!. They said AC Seater is not comfortable. They needed an AC sleeper. And Zilani was supporting them. Only I knew how difficult it was to get this only. I said to them, I should have booked a Non-AC seat for you all. I made a mistake. Then somehow they all calmed down. I said don’t worry while returning we are coming in a 2nd Class AC Sleeper. You will feel all the comfort in the world in that. Now please adjust. And then I went and sat in my seat. I wore my chain type Bluetooth headset on my neck and started listening to the songs. Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” started playing, “Oh ! I found a girl, so beautiful and sweet. Oh ! I never knew you were the someone waiting for me. Cause we were just kids when we fell in love”. The music was so comfortable to my ears 😍😍. Zilani pinged me and asked me to come near to them and sit. I don’t know why the F**k he sent Poonam to get me towards them. Maybe since he is a Moti he could not get up 😝. When the princess herself orders, how can I say no 😂😂. So I followed her and we 4 sat together in a three seater seat. ( Me, Poonam, Zilani and Manpreet). That was the starting point of all Bakchodi. That was the beginning of all madness that followed. 

We talked A to Z of all 18+ things that exists in the world. Zilani was at his best, Manpreet was too much and Poonam was three much 😂😂. Vikrant and Asha were at the seat next to us which was two seater and Vinay was near the window seat of the three seater that was in front of us. Asha and Vinay were busy in their own ways. And we 5,started Bakchodi talks. Taking whatever that came in our mind. We were laughing laughing laughing. Poonam and I were trying to break Zilani and Manpreet up 😂😂😂😂. We saw another Zilani in front of Manpreet 😂😂. He is a Multipolar. As I have said to Paagals already many times, he is not chill as everyone thinks 😂😂. We teased him asking for his Aadhaar card to check his birth date. And each of us took turns to roast each other. But it was Zilani and Poonam who got roasted a lot. Even Vikrant was roasted for a language that he knows that he speaks when he is in UP😂. Time passed, but our laughter never stopped. 

At around 11.00, I went near the footboard of the train to check out the places through which we are travelling. We went through Davanagere, Harihar, etc etc. I found that when the train passed through each station something different was there everywhere. Some places had Brick building Spots. Bricks were arranged like small pyramids that looked awesome. Also as the train passed through different places, the vegetation that was being cultivated changed. I was just observing nature and the way the people are living according to the places. For me, travelling is mostly for getting to know places and the people and their cultures and their way of living. Not just sitting in a resort on a chair or a bed and just sleeping or chilling out or taking Instagram photos. For me, I want to know everything about that place we are travelling. I want to know how people living there are actually living there. During the trip, the train crossed an iron bridge which was support less on both sides and since I was standing in the footboard of the train, when I looked down it felt as if the train was floating in the air. It felt awesome. Under the bridge a river was flowing and at the banks of the river I saw people washing clothes, bathing etc. At around 12 PM, Vinay also came towards the Footboard of the C1 coach. I told him about what all I saw by standing there. I told him about how small we are, and how we are wasting our time by worrying about things that don’t even matter. We are all a teeny tiny dot in this universe. The life we have can be cherished in two ways. One way is living for yourself and the other is living for others. If you live for yourself without thinking about anything and worrying about anybody, at least you will be happy for yourself that you have lived for yourself and you will die peacefully. We are all in the line, death comes eventually for everyone. But we have to be ready and we should make up our mind that we do die in the end. So we can try and learn and cherish all that we can do in this life. Another one -You can live for other people by helping each other. And by this way actually you don’t die. Your love for people and other motivations will live forever. But you may not get satisfaction from achieving everything that you wanted in life. Sometimes the intersection of both occurs, but very rarely. Vinay said to me that there was a great saying in Telugu that ” There are 1 crore ways to succeed in life, don’t give up on yourself if you fail in one of them. You have 9999999 more to go. That was such an inspirational line. I will remember that forever. Train crossed through a lot of livelihood.I came across a lot of People who are living in a lot of different conditions. I saw people in thatched hut who were sitting together and laughing with each other and having fun. I also came across some kids who were playing cricket on the road with their friends. I like to observe people about what they are doing. I like to predict if they are happy or sad, what situation they would be going through. I would just imagine the situations they would be going through just by observing their body language. I write things sometimes based on this too. Seeing these things made me realize that whatever rejections I get whatever problems I face were all 0.0000000000***1% of things in this universe. If your love is getting rejected by someone, let them do it, you have 7 billion people in this world. If you are getting rejected in an interview, let them do it. Like I said you have more than 1 crore jobs in this world. Everything is in our mindset and also the capacity to control our emotions. If that can be done easily, then you can go to a very high level. Persistence, dedication and Hard work are the basic qualities of success. Fail, Laugh at your Failure, Fail Harder, Fail better. You will succeed in what you want one day. If you are failing in one path. Maybe you are destined for some other path. Like Rajnikanth is a superstar because his path changed to Acting. MS Dhoni is a legend since his path changed into Cricket. Likewise, if you fail in one path or you are hating that path, experiment yourselves in all different paths available, you will find yours eventually. I promise that. Explore yourself before you explore the world. Vinay and I then spoke a lot about what the meaning of life is. How a person should live. It was an inspirational talk. Then at 1.00, I went inside the coach and found that all of my gang was searching for me. They thought I got down at some previous stop 😂😂. 

At around 1.40 PM, the train reached Hubballi station. We got down from the train and directly walked towards the exit, where there was a sign mentioning “I Love Hubballi ”. We all were a lot hungry. But we decided to reach Dharwad and then eat. We exited the railway station but still we were not clear on how to reach Dharwad from Hubballi. A Taxi Wala came directly towards us. He said he will charge 2500 rupees for Hubballi to directly Dandeli. We ignored him and walked past him. He followed us and said he will take us to Dandeli for 2000 rupees. But we said it is too much bhaiya. We can’t give that much and walked past him. I asked Asha to get to know how much the bus ticket is from Hubballi to Dharwad, since she is the only one who knows Kannada. Yeah we are a gang of Unity in Diversity. My Mother Tongue is Tamizh, Vinay’s Mother Tongue is Telugu, Asha’s Mother Tongue is kannada, Poonam’s Mother Tongue is Oriya, Manpreet’s Mother tongue is Punjabi, Zilani’s Mother tongue is some Jharkand’s language and for Vikrant he had a specific language from UP. I am not sure of the exact name of it. So, we all went towards the Bus station and it looked somewhat different. It looked like a metro station. There was a ticket counter in the entrance of it. We went towards that. But that taxi Wala followed us all the way till there. We still ignored him and Asha bought 7 tickets to Dharwad. It was just 26 per head and it was an AC Bus. The ticket had a QR code which we had to scan in the entrance of the bus station to enter inside.we scanned and got in. There were gates adjacent to the bus entrance and it opens when a bus comes and stops near those gates. It is an awesome initiative. We got into the bus. It was an AC bus. This bus had Audio controls, No conductor, Air conditioning and crowdless. Only the driver is responsible for handling this bus. No one else. This bus is called BRTS buses in Hubballi. Actually Hubballi is equally developed to Bangalore. And this BRTS system makes it superior to Bangalore. I liked it. This BRTS bus has its own lane on the roads. There were separate bridges, separate routes etc. It is just awesome. It took 45 minutes for us to travel from Hubballi to Dharwad. It is more than 25KMs. Also the bus will never get crowded. Buses are Frequent and also if you take a ticket once you can go in any bus towards Dharwad. So people don’t get in if seats are not available. Also for making this a success. It is people’s coordination and responsibility that is more important. If this is introduced in Chennai/Bangalore, I can promise people will break open everything in a month 😂😂. This BRTS is also safety proof. Will tell you why in a later part of this story. 

We reached Dharwad. Actually Dharwad was a small town area. And the bus stand was not so awesome like in Hubballi. It was average. And there were only Non-AC buses. Also from Dharwad to Dandeli it is nearly 50 KMS. We checked with the Bus incharge who was sitting there, when the bus to Dandeli will come. He said wait for 5 minutes, there are regular buses that will come. On hearing this regular word, We decided to eat here only. We went outside the Bus depot. The whole area was scattered and empty. There were Bread omelette shops and some beeda Paan shops here and there. Only one hotel was there which looked decent and it was adjacent to a Bar. We went there and the waiter said nothing from the menu card was available except for Dosa and meals. Poonam and Manpreet ordered Dosa. Rest all decided to try Meals. It was a very small hotel. But the taste was very good. The meals had 2 jowar roti, Aloo sabji, Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, Curd, Pickle, Papad etc. Jowar roti is something which is made from Corn I guess and it was famous in North Karnataka. I was very hungry at that point of time. And this meal completely filled my stomach and my heart there. After eating, Zilani and his Co, went near the bar and bought some drinks to have for Saturday night. We decided to play “Never Have you ever” on Saturday night. But as everyone knows, I am a teetotaler so no one dared to ask me what drink i want. I said I will have Sprite when others have their own drinks. I guess Zilani and Co bought Magic moments ( Vodka green apple flavour). After all the settlements, we went inside the bus depot to move towards Dandeli. Something Poonam said in the morning came to my mind again. She said Our Resort is 2 hrs from the Kali river. To make sure, I searched for Oyo rajashekar resorts in Google maps.it showed nearly 17KMs away from Dandeli. I again searched for the exact location of it. It showed that it was the next stop to Haliyal Circle. The exact name I found it as Kesroli Cross. I informed everyone about that. That we have to get down at Kesroli and not go all the way to Dandeli. The rooms Poonam and Zilani booked were nearly half an hour away from Dandeli. Good job 😅😂. But what to do, to make the cost low they had booked this OYO, they said. We went to the bus incharge again and asked for the bus to Dandeli again. He said where were you all this time. Already 5 buses went, he said. Then he asked us to wait at a place and that he will inform us if any bus to Dandeli comes. We sat at a spot in the bus depot and started our Bakchodi things again. Poonam was playing with a street dog. What that dog did after that is, it went towards a spot and brought it’s wife and kid with it 😂😂😂😂. Now a Dog family was standing in front of Poonam and barking like anything 😂😂😂. Maybe they got attracted by her Hicuppp laughs 😂😂. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu tone 😂😂😂 !!!! Mazaa aaga yaa. It was boring, so me and Vinay started exploring the bus depot. We found that there were buses available from Dharwad to my dream destination, Goa 😍😘. I saw the name on the board – Vasco Da Gama. I promised myself. I am going there this year whatever and with Whomever. Then Bus Came and we got into it. It just cost us 25 rupees per head. Now we will reach our resort with less than 400 rupees only, but that taxi Wala asked for 2500 rupees. Good decision 👏. After sometime, everyone started sleeping and Zilani occupied the center position in-between the two girls, I will not say who they were. Bro, please boys are also coming to the trip not only girls. As a grown up, take care of your brothers, us also 😂😂. We reached Kesroli at around 4.30 PM. Our OYO room was the only building available in that forest area 😅. It was scarier. A broken bridge was there nearby. A dried River route too. Apart from that there was a hotel on an adjacent road which was a junction of three ways. Near that hotel was the bus stop. We got down there and walked towards the OYO rooms. The path was completely rocky and there were dogs all around.

We entered the reception of Rajashekar resort OYO room and there were three people there. One was a Old man whose mouth was completely filled with Beeda Paan and when he spoke only the vowels were audible. He was speaking like “uuuuu boooooookiiiiiiiii ooooonliiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee eehhhhhh. Kiiiiiiitnaaaaaaa roooooo ehhhhhhhhhh!!”. Also he was spraying from his mouth. Beeda paan was flying in all directions 😂😂. Shit man 😂😂. There were two allakais for him who were like deaf and dumb without replying any questions that we ask them. We paid for the rooms and Poonam along with Manpreet went and checked if the rooms were good. They said they want the first room – Room 101. We agreed. So all three girls occupied 101. Zilani and Vikrant occupied 102. Vinay and I occupied 103. Our room was of better average quality. Everything was working for us including the AC. But for Room 101, which Poonam said they want, 😂😂. It had cockroaches in it. The flush was not working. AC was getting switched off 😂😂😂😂😂. ROFL😂😂😂. All the girls were shouting “Haaaa Hoooo Haaaa 😂😂😂”. There were even some cockroaches in 102 also. But our room – Room 103 was marked safe from everything 😍😍😍. We are so lucky, in fact we got the left out room after everyone chose one for them 😂😂. It was around 5.30, everyone got freshened up and were chit chatting in their bed. Me, Zilani and Asha went down to that Beeda Paan vaayan and asked him if rental bikes were available here in Kesroli or maybe even in Dandeli. That guy said no bikes are not available. And that he can arrange for a cab which is 3000 rupees per day. We asked him to reduce the rate. He said it was a different person who handles it. So he asked us to bargain with him. We called that other person and he said it costs 3500 rupees per day. We got out of the resort and stood on the rocky paths and Asha started bargaining with that cab guy on the phone. I walked around. I looked around the place about how it looked. The OYO room was actually on the banks of a river, maybe a branch of the Kali river. But at this location, the river dried out and there were only fields and trees behind the OYO. Zilani sat on a Dio that was there and I stood near it. I started counting the number of buses crossing our OYO. It was like nearly 5 buses crossed and was moving towards Dandeli in 10 minutes. I realized there were frequent buses here. I said this to everyone. Also no one was aware exactly where all the adventure and sightseeing locations were. That was running in my mind for sometime. We asked that Beeda Paan vaayan when was the last return bus from Dandeli. He said it was at 9 PM. 

Vikrant was searching in the maps where all the adventure and sightseeing locations were. He said everything was around the Dandeli bus stand only just 5 to 6 KMs in different directions. But still no one was clear. I thought the only way left to clear this situation was going to Dandeli directly and finding out how it was. I asked if anyone is coming with me to Dandeli so that we can go now and check how it is and to return in the last bus. Everyone said everyone can go. I agreed to that. But again girls made it late. And we started at 6.30 PM from Kesroli towards Dandeli. After Kesroli Cross, it was completely a jungle. There were no streetlights even. They even switch off the lights in the bus, so that they will not attract any animal that is in the forest. The drivers just drive with freedom. They don’t care what vehicle is coming in the front and what is coming at the back. One time, the bike at the front stopped suddenly and it was just a miss. The bike would have flown in the air there. Also he missed a lorry by an inch once. He was driving like how karthi drived lorry in kaithi movie 😂😂😂. At around 7 PM, we reached Dandeli bus stop. We got down there and we looked around and realized we made a very big mistake. There were a lot of rooms and resorts here in Dandeli itself. But they booked it like 17 KMs from here. We looked around and we were thinking about where to go which direction to go. We had 2 hours in our hand before the last bus. We saw that buses were coming in line and people were getting down and down in crowds and walking towards somewhere. People there talked about it. We heard that there was a carnival being held there in the forest areas to celebrate the maha shivratri. Crowd was becoming more and more. Zilani and Co started checking if any bike rentals were available. They called many numbers that were available on Google. But everyone said it was not available. Then we tried bounce, but that too they said that it should be picked up from Hubballi. Looking around we saw a Bounce bike that was on the other side of the road. We walked towards that. There were two people standing near that. We asked them if that was theirs and if any bounce pickup stops are available in Dandeli. They said that we have to pick up bounce only from Hubballi. In Dandeli only 1 or 2 will be there which is very rare. We asked them which is the direction where River rafting takes place. And they threw a bomb at us. They said that no activity can be done by directly reaching there. They all should be pre booked through a resort . Holy shit !! 😱. Then if we had not come here this evening from Kesroli, then it would all have been in vain the next day. There was an Activity organizing dealer shop just adjacent to where we were standing. We entered inside. It was called “State Adventures”. We discussed with the two people who were inside, about why we came to Dandeli and what we wanted to do. There were two guys, one was Lawrence and the other was Mohammed. Lawrence was the one who did all the talking and Mohammed was silent throughout. He showed us a pamphlet and he asked us to mention what all activities we wanted to do. There was River rafting (Long/Mid/Short), Kayaking, Zorbing,Jacuzzi bath,While water Boating, Archery, Jungle Safari, Mountain Climbing etc etc. We said Lawrence on what all we wanted to do. The main thing we wanted to do was Rafting that one is what we came for. We asked for Long River Rafting. But Lawrence said since it was Mahashivatri and tribal people celebrate it in the forest. The Forest department had restricted us from going to Long Rafting, he said. So we decided to do Mid Rafting. Also we chose other Water sports and other Jungle Safari activities. Also Lawrence said that he will give some traveling to Sighting seeing things as complimentary. Also we asked him to arrange for a Bonfire, DJ night and Dinner. He said even Rain dance was available. But actually I thought this was not a very good idea. I said okay if everyone wants to go. Let’s go. Also Lawrence asked us where we were staying. We said we are staying at Kesroli which is like 20 mins away from here. He said he could have arranged for a very good resort if we had come to them at the earliest. Since now we have paid for OYO rooms we cannot change. He also said that after the DJ night and dinner, they would even drop us directly in our rooms at Kesroli. That made us feel happy since we heard that the last bus was at 9 PM only and for DJ night we know it would cross 11 PM. We paid for Mid Rafting alone and we came out of that shop.

It was around 8 PM. We were feeling so hungry. We went to a hotel that was nearby to that State Adventures. We ordered both Veg and Non Veg. There we Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores in our gang. Manpreet and Vinay were Herbivores, I was an Omnivores, and all others were Carnivores 😂😂. We washed our hands and went inside the hotel and sat down at an 8 seater table. We ordered 10 Tandoori Rotis, 5 Butter Rotis, Dal fry, Mushroom Masala, Chicken 65, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka masala, Pepper Chicken, Fried rice etc. It took us half an hour to order only. It was around 8.30 PM when he took order. But our last bus was at 9 PM. We asked the waiter how long it will take. He said some 10 to 15 minutes. We decided we will get a parcel. We told him to parcel everything. Vikrant and Zilani got out to buy Beers for them. They bought 2 large bottles of Budweiser beer. I as usual started searching for my things meanwhile. I found my favorite ice cream. A large cup of ice cream with a mixture of Vanilla and Chocolate. It was just 25 rupees but the taste was mouth watering. Seeing me all the girls copied and bought one for them too. Also we bought Sprite, 7Up and Coca cola for teetotalers 😍. At around 8.50 PM, the waiter gave us our parcel of food. We paid and then we walked towards the bus stop which was opposite to the hotel. We went inside the bus stand. But the buses which came were not picking anyone up. It was just dropping people. They said they were the special buses for Mahashivatri. We waited for the last bus for a long time. Meanwhile we discussed within ourselves that shall we go by auto or some other means. But since it will be costly, we decided over that. We waited for the bus to come. And the bus stand was getting crowded by each passing minute. In the beginning there were just 20 people but now as time passed, the numbers crossed 120. We thought we could run inside the bus quickly and any two of us could catch places for all 7. Bus reached the bus stop at 9.15 PM. Suddenly a wave of people started moving towards the bus. Everyone were pushing each other down and running towards the bus. I just don’t know how I was moving. But I was moving with the crowd. I looked around how people were running. Some 5 people got into the bus even before people got down from the bus. The Lady Conductor who was inside was scolding those five like anything. I guess she was scolding their past generations too. So, we thought if we have to get a place, we have to get into the survival of the fittest. We picked up pace and ran inside and pushed, pulled, climbed and jumped and entered the bus. When entering I saw a guy diving inside the bus via the window from the shoulder of his friend. And one other was throwing his shirt on the seat. Some people were throwing their bags, slippers, bottles, pants etc etc. Jatti (undergarments) was the only thing which was not used for reserving seats. When we got into the bus, all we could find was something as a mark on each and every seat. Comedy is that everyone respects this and if they see something like a bottle or bag on the seat. They are not sitting there. Vinay was the first one to get into the bus among us. But Vikrant was the only one who got a seat to sit. He asked Asha to sit but she said it’s okay. Wrong decision! Asha 😂😂, which you came to know later. We got into the bus, and people were coming and coming and coming. It would have burst out a long before if the bus was made of a balloon. It was completely full and everyone crushed each other. Bus actually started from the bus stop at 9.40 PM. And after some 500 metre, the bus stopped again and the conductor & driver got out and went somewhere. No one was really aware of what was happening. People started rumouring. I heard a lot of things. I realized how rumours actually starts. One guy said to the other that since the crowd was too much, they went to ask the bus incharge to arrange for another bus. One other person said, Bus brake is not working, so they are changing the bus. One woman said, one of the tyres got punctured, so they had to change the bus. One guy said, the conductor was not feeling well, she fell from the bus or something, so the driver also went with her. The rumours were rising and rising each minute. I could not take it anymore and the bus was too crowded. I pushed people, ducked under some People’s shoulders, jumped over some and reached the door of the bus. I breathed normally only when I got down from the bus which was stopped at a dark place for some unknown reason. Guys who are standing outside were speaking in kannada that the roll paper in the ticket vending machine was not enough and the conductor has gone to fill that up. Meanwhile Zilani and Asha also got down. I asked them if we could get a cab or something from here. They said it was not possible. We thought we should have taken an auto to kesroli. It took nearly 1 hour for the conductor to come back. This bus has only one door that too only at the back. Initially we were standing near the seat that was in front of the door. Now after getting down and again getting into the bus, we stood near the rear end of the bus. And that was a wrong decision mainly for me. When the driver occupied his seat and started the bus, we all got inside. And in 2 minutes, that lady conductor got into the bus, she was too fat, she pushed people aside and just punched, slapped and kicked while walking inside the bus. When she came near us, zilani was in front of me and he got scared of her and stepped a bit back and thus pushed me over the guy who was at the back seat, he was staring at me for a long time. I was hanging near the last seat of the bus with my hands catching the support rod that was above at the ceiling of the bus and my back near the face of the guy who was sitting in the last seat 😂. When the driver applied brakes, I applied brakes over his unexplainable region with my legs. I stamped once over it 😂😂. Shit man 😂😂😂. Asha, Me and Zilani were struggling inside and we heard the hiccup laughter sound of Poonam. She was laughing continuously like anything. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh !!!!! 😂😂. Awesome that’s a great attitude actually. But seriously it was irritating. She is enjoying all the fun 😂😂. People around her were looking at her only. Don’t know what they thought 😂😂. Either that she was cute or that who is this idiot hiccuping continuously that too in a flow and with rhythm 😂😂😂. Her Laughter is next level. You can just sit and watch her laugh if you are feeling frustrated 😂😂. You will laugh automatically 😂😂😂😂😂. The route the bus was traveling was so dark that no one can find what was ahead or what was behind. It was completely dark. All the lorries and other vehicles were just missing our bus by an inch. And in this dark, we don’t even know where Kesroli stop comes too. We thought of asking that lady conductor. But she already was scolding people like “Hey Stupid, where you want to go? Can’t you stand properly? Can’t you go somewhere front? Don’t show that shit face to me? Even if someone said my friend got a ticket, she said, give me money, I don’t know about your friend 😂😂. She mocked zilani also once 😂😂. Atlast she herself said, Kesroli Cross stop is here and we got down. Only after getting down, I could feel my backbone and legs. We were just laughing about what all happened on the bus. Just standing there and laughing. Nothing else.

Dandeli bus depot

We reached near the door of our OYO room at around 11.30 PM. The OYO room was locked from inside. People looked around and pulled the door but it was not working. My detective mind started working. I went around the OYO. I found that the window had no lock. I lifted the latch from outside. Slowly climbed over the window and got inside the reception and opened the door from inside. Everyone was shocked when I came from inside. They were searching for me behind them 😂😂😂. They thought I was some ghost. I explained to them how I got inside. And we walked towards our rooms. When Poonam opened room 101, it was like an army of cockroaches ready to attack 😂😂. But our room was still marked safe. Also we did not switch off our AC when we left for Dandeli, so the room was still so cool. But other rooms became so hot. Actually heat attracts cockroaches according to a theory.  After sometime, everyone freshened up and we opened our dinner, which was in the condition of a melted ice cream now. All the rotis were rubbery and the gravy was like Butter cold chicken, Cold chicken tikka, Dal fry Cold 😂😂😂. Since we were too hungry after that shitty bus trip, it tasted good for us. This return bus trip was a very big lesson for us. Actually I learn things from what I experience. One thing is that, this is how people travel here every night. And we are staying in the city complaining about how buses are very slow, unhygienic or not cost friendly. Also we fight with auto drivers, ola cabs etc for rides. But here these people are fighting with each other to get a seat in a bus. They have to sacrifice themselves and their bones to get a seat for their family. They have to stand all the way if they don’t have a seat. They are not even arranging an extra bus when 120 members got into a bus which has a capacity of 50-60 members only. Such is the condition of these people. Also food, now we have nothing available to eat and at this point of time, whatever is available tastes like it’s an elixir for us. But when we are at home with cozy comfortness of our parents we just throw our food away. I here saw a lot of people who are struggling for food for at least one time per day. We all have to realize that. I believe the HiFi girls would have realized how there is another life in this world too. You can have whatever money you have, but at some point in life, it will all go in vain. You have to cross some things like everyone else does. Like if any natural calamity comes, no one knows who will come to roads and who will become king after that. Life is a variable, it is not sure that how you are today either good or bad, you will be the same tomorrow. Anything can happen at any time. So, we should remember that. We should never forget our starting point ever.

After eating we did some chit chatting for sometime and then went to our respective rooms and slept. Our room 103 was in a very good state. AC was blowing air directly into our faces. And covering me with a blanket was very comfortable and was like heaven 😍😍. I just can’t remember when I slept also. It was that good with AC and sponge like bed. At around 3 in the morning, I heard someone knocking on the door. I was in a deep sleep, I couldn’t get my body up. I heard Vinay getting up and walking towards the door and I heard him saying, “I am Sleeping, I am not coming”. Then again the door closed. And I slept again. In the morning when I woke up. Vinay said to me that, “Power cut happened the previous night and Asha has pinged in a group that “Someone who is awake, Please help us !!” 😂. It seems power has gone out and it was sweating it out for them like anything. And that is why at around 3, Zilani knocked on the door and called Vinay to accompany him to complain about that. But me,Vinay and Vikrant were not in a condition of waking up at all. We were used to it because we have faced many situations like that. So he went and fought with the OYO room helpers and also called OYO support from the app and fought with them. And that is how power came back it seems. But I never realized such things happened. For me being a born and brought up in Chennai, a small increase in temperature doesn’t affect my body. Actually since our AC was on for a long time. We never felt that much heat. It was a very good sleep actually. We slept after dinner only since we had to wake up at 6.30 AM in the morning, so as to start towards the River rafting area in Dandeli. Vinay and I woke up at 6.30 AM. Vikrant, Zilani and Manpreet woke up at 7.30 AM nearly. But to wake Poonam up, it was like a very big task. She got up from bed at nearly 9.30 AM. After that people bathed, refreshed up and started towards Dandeli to have fun. There was a hotel at the bus stop near Kesroli. There we ate Poori set, Vada, Idly vada, idly, Dosa, veg pulav etc. After eating, We came outside and the bus came and we got into it. We reached State Adventures at around 10.15 AM. They  arranged a driver for us. He had an Omni – yeah the kidnapping car with slide doors. And that driver looked like an exact kidnapper. His face was as if someone made him sign an empty bond paper and took all his properties. He was just staring angrily at us all the time 😂😂. But that happens when we have such lazy and carefree people with us.

After all arrangements were done, the driver took us to a place where Rafting happens. State Adventures asked us to contact someone called Shahrukh Khan who was actually at the spot of river rafting. It was near the Bison resort. Today’s plan was completing mid rafting at Bison resort, followed by Water sports, jungle Safari and then Kali river Backwaters visit and at last DJ night, Bonfire and dinner at Jungle bell resort. We reached the spot where Rafting was happening. We went inside and showed the bill of mid rafting to Shahrukh. He took the bill, spoke to someone who was at some distance and came back and said Mid rafting is not available. He said Forest department had already sent out a message that people who went mid rafting sometime ago were doing ruckus there, where Maha shivatri festival was being celebrated. It caused disturbances to the tribal people he said. That felt like someone threw me down into a pile of mud. Because rafting was the major thing for which we came here. It was a special thing in Dandeli. Shahrukh said Short rafting can be done. That is allowed. We asked him what is short rafting and how long it is. He said short rafting is for 1 km. Just crossing one rift with the balloon boat and coming back. Shit man !!. It was like nothing. Then why do we have to travel to Dandeli for this. This we can do in the swimming pool only. We fought with him. We called State Adventures and fought with them. At last after a lot of calls, they accepted us to go for Mid rafting. And there we have had the best memory of our life. Shah rukh said Mid rafting starts from a point which is 2 KMs away from the current location and we have to go and start from there. So the driver took us to that spot and we waited and waited and waited. Meanwhile, a job came for Vinay’s DSLR. Everyone started posing for pictures for their Instagram. And it was very good actually. Vinay was not a pro. Actually this was his first time with a DSLR I guess, but he took some awesome pictures of both nature and people. Vikrant was a genius there too. He knew a lot about DSLR and he taught him about the various settings and other things in it. So this was going on. I don’t have a lot of attraction towards photos and Instagram bla bla bla etc. I started wandering around to check out the greenery that was available. There was a lot of greenery that day. Girls mostly from Kerala were gathered for this long weekend. Everyone went on short rafting one after another. Some did kayaking, Zorbing etc. I noticed the people’s zoo about what everyone is doing and all. Among them, I saw a proposal happening. A guy was holding the girl’s fingers with his fingers and he was promising her something. I should not hear their personal things right. So I left. There were a lot of Kerala girls there. They are two types. One – Awesome and Two – Bla Bla Bla 😂😂😂. Suddenly I locked eyes with a girl who was awesome 😍😍😍. She was of normal colour, not so white not so black. She was in her pink tops and dark blue pants. Her hair was loose. She resembled an angel. But I who was not even a 5% match for her. Just stood there, looking at her for sometime. She was giving out hypnotising expressions. She was laughing, splashing water and playing with her girl group of friends. Then at around 1.30 PM, our boat for 7 People was brought to that place. We got a guide called Kumar. He was also chewing Beeda Paan in his mouth. He was wearing a blue shirt and rainbow coloured Goa ¾ pants 😂😂😂. ROFL 😂😂. Poonam and him were wearing matching matching dresses 😂😂. He gave us all the safety gears. Helmet, Safety jacket to float on water etc. But these girls were taking photos non stop again and again. If I were a boyfriend of one of them, I would have pushed them into the water. At around 2PM, we got into the rafting boat. Each one was given a row (to steer the boat) in their hand except for Asha. She played the Queen role 😂😂. Kumar sat at the back of us and we all sat in lines. We entered the water and he gave instructions to us. Suddenly he became so strict and started scolding if we talked between us too. He said I am Kumar, I am your rafting guide today. We have to be very careful. I have seen people dying here many times. Please be careful or else I don’t know. I thought, “What the F**k man !! 😂😂”. I saw Poonam’s and Asha’s faces 😂😂. They were dumbstruck. He then explained to us how to sit on the boat and how to handle ourselves when a rift comes. Rift is nothing but a mini waterfall at specific points in a river. He explained to us what is Get down, Get up, relax, Forward row, Backward flap etc. He said while getting down. The row which we have in our hand should be in a position in between our hand and stomach. And the hand should catch the ropes on sides of the boat. So we started towards our first rift. Kumar said, Forward ! Faster ! Faster ! Also while rowing we should push our body front and should push the water from the river with the row backwards and this gives more speed to the boat. He was saying Faster ! Faster ! Faster ! Forward ! Forward !! After sometime we reached our first rift which was near the spot where we met Shahrukh. We decided not to take videos. Only photos are enough. Photos cost only 500 rupees whereas videos are like 1500 rupees. Also that for photos they will be taken only till the first rift. Videos will taken throughout the rafting. We decided photos are enough. So the first rift came, Kumar was shouting faster guys faster guys or else we will fall. We rowed as fast as we could. And when we reached very close to the rift, Kumar asked us to get down and we got down into the boat. And there came the first rift. Awesome one 😍😍. Water was splashing into us in all directions. It felt very very very damn good. Also on the right side of the rift was a guy who was taking photos of us. We were posing for him too while having the fear of falling into the rift. It was awesome after getting down the rift in the downstream direction. Kumar was controlling the direction of the boat actually, he changed the direction towards upstream. He asked us to row faster than our life. We rowed faster ! Faster ! So faster !! And we reached the tip of the rift again and Kumar said relax. The water flowing down pushed our boat again towards the downstream at a very high speed and it felt like a roller coaster. Awesome man 😍😍. We went at the speed of the river stream along with it. And after sometime we reached a spot where the River was a bit calm. There Kumar gave permission for us to jump into the water and to swim 😍😍. Who will miss this opportunity. We all dumped ourselves into the water slowly. But Asha jumped harshly that she went inside the water for like 2 minutes 😂😂 and she was suffering 😂😂. Others had a very good time swimming. I actually cannot swim but the safety suit made me float on top of water and it was so easier to swim now. I enjoyed it. Water was at a very good temperature and it tasted awesome. We were roaming here and there swimming in water. Mazaaa aaah gayaaaa 😍😍🤗🤗🤗😍😍. After the fun at Elneer falls, this was the best one for me. I enjoyed it to the core. We also learned that we need to swim 45° towards the downstream from the location if we want to reach to the exact location in a flowing river 😎. After some time, Kumar lifted us all into the boat. Manpreet alone did not get into the water since she was scared of it. Poonam’s swimming was at the next level of comedy which I don’t want to explain about. Kumar was teasing her like anything. Everyone got in. And for Zilani we used cranes to lift him 😂🤗. It needed three people to lift him into the boat 😂😂. Then we all settled in our positions. Asha took spot at the front of the boat catching hold of the ropes there like a queen. We started rowing towards the second rift. There were a lot of mini rifts in between. But there were 6 Major Rifts. We crossed all rifts with our hard work and with kumar’s guidance. It was very exciting. At each rift, water was splashing into us at a higher level. There were rocks and trees in between also. We had to cross that too. We had hit a tree on the way which was in the middle of river flow. We recovered and continued. Forward, Backward, Relax, Get up, Get down !! These commands I will never forget in my life. I loved my rafting experience. After some 7-8 KMs. We got down from the boat, at a resort. I guess it was Whistling woods resort. Actually it was a collection of all. Whistling woods, river edge, River view etc etc. We got down there and dried ourselves up. But these girls never stopped taking photos there also. I don’t know what they have in this. Photos, photos,photos everywhere. We thanked Kumar. And a Jeep was arranged for us from there. We went on jungle Safari after that. We spotted Deers, monkeys and other birds. But luck was not there, so Tiger could not be spotted. We took photos with Kumar, thanked him. He thanked us for taking photos with him. He said this was the first time a tourist has taken photos with him. We reached the water sports spot at around 4 PM. We did Kayaking then. Kayaking is nothing but, Single person on a small boat which was specially available for Kayaking. For me personally, Kayaking was boring after doing Rafting 😍😍. But Asha, Vikrant and Zilani enjoyed it to the core. They had fun. They roamed through long distance with it. It was awesome they said. Maybe it would have if I had done Kayaking before rafting😅. Rafting was still beating my heart. I wanted to go rafting once again. But actually it was not possible. We did not have that much time. After Kayaking, we did Zorbing, Boating and Jacuzzi bath. Zorbing is nothing but a Balloon into which you will be pushed and you have to run inside it and water will be splashed on to you by people around you. It was so artificial here. It was not the original Zorbing. I was not actually too interested in it. To go to Jacuzzi bath you have to go via boating. Boating was from the shore to the point of Jacuzzi bath. Jacuzzi is nothing but one of the rifts of the rafting which is at an average speed so that people can bathe in it and have fun around it. Jacuzzi bath was also awesome. But personally for me, Rafting ! Rafting ! Rafting !!! 😍😍😍😍. After all the water sports were done, we had to change our clothes and leave for the Backwaters of the Kali river. But we had to change our clothes. Driver said we can change it when we reach the resort where the Bonfire is happening. He said already it’s too late. But we decided to change it here only. We boys changed in the open with towels hiding our important region and also showing the six packs to all the girls who were roaming around 😂😂. Girls had separate bath rooms. We changed our dress in two minutes. But girls took 45 minutes to change only. And then after changing, they had started to open their paint boxes and started applying Nerolac, Asian paints Ultima etc on their face. They were even drawing arts with pencil in their eyebrows etc. It took like 20 minutes for them to get ready after changing. So totally more than 1 hr gone. The driver came to the place where we were and started staring at us angrily 😂.

7 Stones which represents all 7 of us which collected on banks of Kali river !!

We then got into the car. And moved towards the back waters of the Kali river. The view of that place was exotic. It was awesome, refreshing. It was great 😍😍. But, people started taking photos again. They took like Lakhs of photos here. I asked why so much, take one or two we can enjoy this moment. Lets sit together and communicate to each other about our past experiences. Lets get to know each other. Lets live this moment. But No, they never stopped. It was all Vinay’s DSLR’s fault. They were saying they are capturing their moment. Hello dood’s actually you are not having any moment. What moment you are capturing 🙄🙄🙄. People nowadays don’t love nature. They don’t enjoy nature. They just live for publicity. They don’t want to get to know about a place. They just want to post that they went to that place. This backwater spot has a very long bridge like path. Driver told us to travel via this bridge to 1 KM and see what was there. But no one cared. He said it would be awesome. But no one cared. They were all just taking photos, photos and photos. Actually speaking I felt all alone at one point here. And I sat there at a spot and my pasts and other feelings started running into me. I was looking around and just realizing how tiny we are in this part of scenery only. Then in this universe? I had a self realization moment there. I thought that I was coming out with people who were not even interested in this. I thought about my Mom, Dad, brothers etc. What if they were here with me? Will they do the same. Will they just care about taking photos. Absolutely No. I was realizing a lot of mistakes I made in my life while sitting there. Flashes of Memories were running inside me. I took out my headset and inserted it into my year. I started playing “The Life of Ram – Karai vandha pirage pidikidhu kadalai !! narai vandha pirage puriyudhu ulagai !! Netrin inbangal yaavum koodiye !! Nalai or artham aakume !! Vaazha en vaazhvai vaazhave !!”. I also recited a poem from that scenery into my heart which will come in a future post. I forgot I came here with people actually. I got up and started walking towards that other end of the bridge where the driver asked us to go. I walked and walked and then did cricket bowling action which all 90’s kids actually do while walking alone. I did Bumrah’s bowling action too 😂😂. I walked and walked and walked and found that the other side of the bridge led to the Supa Dam. Also there was a connection to the main road from the other side. But what to do I cannot leave these people alone right. They will start searching for me and my phone doesn’t even have a network. So I started walking back. We climbed down the bridge and went near the backwater of the river. It felt like a beach. But without huge waves. It was awesome. But still these photographers and models never stopped their work. They would have reached crore photos by now. It was frustrating to see such things actually. What is the point of coming all the way to Dandeli when all you want is to take photos. You can take fake stills in a green mat only. It is available in Bangalore itself. It was frustrating. There was no enjoyment or any company to enjoy. But I also gave ideas for taking slow mo’s and 360° shots etc etc. But for taking photos there is a limit. People should understand. Everyone should live the moment. Your brain is having a higher capacity than your phone to capture the moments. When you are dying, it is your brain which will flash your moments and not your Camera or mobile phone. Remember that. Learn to Live the moment. That’s all I can say. After some 1 hour, the driver came in search of us and started shouting again for making it late. 😂😂 I don’t know what problem he has. But he wants to do everything urgently. We walked back towards the car and on the way we took some photos.

Backwaters of Kali river

And the driver dropped us back at State Adventures near Dandeli bus stand again. Driver’s name was Zaheer Khan 😂😂😂. We got down at State Adventures and we went in and spoke with the people there. This time Lawrence was not there. Only Mohammed was there. We went in to thank him. He asked us about the dinner in the resort and other things that we are yet to do. Me, Vinay and Vikrant spoke to ourselves that rain dance and all is waste of time and since we are so hungry, we can spend all the money on food and have a very good dinner and play some games in the night and have very good sleep and continue whatever we do the next day. But Poonam and Manpreet, they were adamant. They wanted to do rain dance for sure. And this Zilani was always on their side. And so we had to accept and we had to go with them to Jungle bell resort for dinner, rain dance and Bonfire. We also informed Mohammed that we should be dropped back at Rajashekar resort which was at kesroli. He said okay and later communicated it to the driver. When we were travelling my favorite topic came into picture. We were traveling through darker areas of Dandeli and it was around 7PM. So it was too spooky. Zilani, Manpreet, and Vikrant told us some ghost stories from their town. Vikrant’s story was so engrossing. Suddenly I was understanding Hindi at a high level too. Maybe because of the interest. We spoke a lot about ghosts. He said about a village where people will lock themselves up inside the houses before 6PM only because of some rumours. And no one comes out after that. There were no street lights even in that place. So it will be very spooky. Zilani also explained how he felt the presence of a spirit once when he was 15. Asha also said about how she felt her grandma’s soul once. It was so engrossing and awesome. I love such talks. We also spoke about the 90’s cartoons and how awesome it was and also how poor it is now. We reached jungle bell resorts at around 7.15 PM. We had Tea and biscuits. It was very good. Asha had as usual Coffee. When we were having Tea, Poonam and Manpreet went to see how the rain dance place was. After sometime they came back having an awkward face. I looked towards that direction and found that there were completely only boys there and also Tamil songs were being played. And they were all wearing only jatti (Undergarments). And almost all were drunk completely. I came back and asked Poonam, you wanted to rain dance right. Go and join 😂😂. The F**k !! 😂😂. Wasted 😂😂. Money waste. But if we had come as a gang of guys that too if it was a tamil gang like my Gang 181. We would have had an awesome rain dance there 😂😂. Actually it was good, but it was completely filled with boys. At around 8 PM, dinner was ready. We asked the incharge there to arrange Bonfire for us. They arranged it. We took our dinner with us and sat around the Bonfire and ate our dinner. Dinner was not so good but average we can say. It had Chapati, Salad, Dhal, Cauliflower Sabji (Spicy), Jeera rice, white rice, sambhar, rasam, kesari etc. But still the work for Vinay’s DSLR never stopped. After eating we just sat there chit chatting and chilling. Meanwhile, Me, Vikrant, Manpreet and Vinay went to the spot where the Carrom board was there. A small kid from Goa came near us and occupied one chair. Manpreet tried talking to him. I lied to her that he cannot speak. She spoke with him in symbols. She was trying a lot. Then Vinay asked him where he was from – that kid”. He said, “I am from Goa”. Manpreet face expression at that point 😂😂😂. Her jaw dropped 😂😂. She ran behind me to hit me. 😂😂😂. It was fun. Then we played Carrom for sometime. And that driver started crying again to leave soon. We got into the Car. But there was no way to go out. A bus was in the middle of the way. And this driver was fighting with everyone asking them where the driver was. He roamed all round the resort searching for him. In the end, I saw a person getting into the bus. Vikrant asked him, where is the driver and he said he is sleeping in his seat in the bus only 😂😂😂😂😂. Thug life driver 😂😂😂. Hare Baap Rey !!! Mazaaa 😂😂😂 !! We were laughing laughing laughing 😂😂. Then the driver moved the bus slightly backward, so that the driver can take the car outside. Then we drove off successfully from there and then reached the jungle road again. And we started our journey back to our room.

We reached Rani Chennamma Circle from where we have to take a left turn towards Kesroli. But the driver went a different way. We thought maybe the driver was taking us through a different route. Since we were new to that area we were not aware of all routes. After 1 KM, he halted near a homestay. He asked us to get down and said we reached our homestay. What the F**k dood. We know our room. It is like 17KMs from Dandeli. Not just 1 KMs. Driver said that this is your Resort. Please get down. We looked at the board near it. It was mentioned Rajeshwari Homestays. We told the driver that it is Rajashekar resort and not Rajeshwari resort. It is in Kesroli we said. But the driver just repeated this is your resort. Please get down. Hare ! What are you joking? Don’t we know our resort? We are saying this is not our resort. You are saying this is. We explained to him again that it is Rajashekar resort and it is in Kesroli which is 17KMs away. He asked us to call State Adventures again. We called them but they were not picking up. We pinged Lawrence in WhatsApp also but he was not replying. So the driver said we can go directly to state Adventures again and decide what to do. I said to everyone, never get down from the car whatever happens. We are not leaving this car. Car reached State adventures. And the driver went in and spoke with Mohammed. Lawrence was also there. Mohammed came to us and said, you said Rajeshwari resort right, why are you not getting down when the driver dropped you. We said see Mohammed we said Rajashekar resorts which is at Kesroli. We also said we will not have a bus when we come back from dinner since it was late at night so we asked you to drop us. You said okay too. But now why suddenly you are doing something so weird. He said sir some misunderstanding or miscommunication happened. You said it as Rajeshwari and not rajashekar and we cannot drop you for 17KMs and all. I said everyone stay in the car, no one is getting down today unless we reach our OYO rooms at Kesroli. Mohammed then said it will cost 500 more to drop us at kesroli. We said we can’t give a paise more. Just drop us or we are going to police station. Lawrence was acting as if he did not see us. We shouted hey Lawrence, come here. He did not turn. We shouted at Mohammed, Call Lawrence else we will not get down. Lawrence came towards us. He said why you-all are doing this much ruckus. We dropped you exactly where you wanted to. And you are saying some other thing. Oye Lawrence. Are you mad or what? We told you that we are staying in Kesroli and since it will become late, you have to drop us at Kesroli we said. You also asked us if you have come directly to us, we would have arranged your resorts close by also. But Lawrence said, what Kesroli ? I never said that. You said some Raja resort and there is only one resort here in that name. And it is Rajeshwari. Don’t lie now. Hey Lawrence, it is you who is lying now. Don’t act too much. Lawrence started shouting. He said, get down now. Or else I will. And he stopped the sentence. We can’t get down Lawrence, you have to drop us at kesroli cross. He was just shouting walking here and there. We also shouted in reverse. Since girls were also there, some fear was inside us. But we were strong that no one gets down. We said to the people around him that he is lying now. He said another thing yesterday and now he is changing it completely. He was shouting to them also about us. Then they convinced him to make the driver drop us at our location. He shouted at the driver to go and drop us and come back. We said awesome Lawrence continue the same. You are doing a good work. Continue continue. He was just staring at us. But who cares. I still had fear since girls were there with us. I got relieved only when the driver dropped us in our OYO rooms at Kesroli. We thanked the driver. He said, “Its Okay and he left”. We entered the reception and went to our rooms. Everyone went to their respective rooms. Everyone freshened up and after some time we all assembled in my room. It was around 11.30 PM. Asha slept as soon as we reached. All others gathered in my room and we were speaking about what all happened that day. During that time Vinay did a destroyed in seconds joke. Poonam said we can scare Asha by slowing walking there and shouting Aaahhhhhh !!. Vinay said that all is not required, just wash your face and go she will automatically get a heart attack 😂😂. At around 11.55 PM, Vikrant said he will go and have a bath and come back. Poonam ran at once and went to her room and bought a Wonderla cake and that Magic moments green Apple Vodka. She kept the Cake in the middle and 4 cups of vodka around it for those who drink. Vinay and I dont drink, so we took the 7Up bottle. At 12 AM, we were ready for Vikrant to come in. But he was speaking to people in his locked room via phone. Maybe to his family who were wishing him “Happy Birthday”. After the call, at around 12.10 AM, he entered our room. When he came to the centre, Poonam switched off the lights. Vikrant moved from that center place. But we heard a Damaal sound. Lights were switched on and we saw that Poonam had hit Vinay on his back with brute force. She took revenge for being destroyed in seconds 😂😂. Vikrant is too tall, One can easily differentiate Vinay and Vikrant. So it was a perfectly executed plan from Poonam 😂😂.

After that we joined together and gave Birthday bumps to Vikrant. Not much, because he is too tall and strong. But we gave as much as we can. Then we started cake cutting. We sang “Happyyyyyy Birthdayyyyyyy tooooo yoouuiuuuu!!!!”. Then I dipped a piece of cake in Vodka and inserted it into the mouth of Vikrant 😂😂😂. He said it felt tasteless 😂😂😂. Then they all took continuous shots of Vodka. Maybe three cups. Vinay and I were just sitting there and watching them doing whatever. Poonam poured a cup of vodka in our bed in between. And then an Aftermath was there. In between all these things, one guy knocked on our door and told us to keep quiet. But we did not stop. He knocked on the door again and said I am working in a local police station. Be quiet !. But why did he have to say that. What if Vikrant said, I am the son of an Air officer. You just F**k off 😂😂.  Also Some ROFL things that are secret also happened and that can’t be exposed. We sent off everyone to their respective rooms at around 1 AM and we locked the door after everyone settled in their rooms. Vinay and I started discussing Life again. He explained to me how his work life started? What was his first salary? How hard he worked to buy his Bike – Bajaj Avenger. How he helped in building a new house for his parents. How does he serve as a pillar for his family? etc etc. We talked about many other things about how different each and every person is. There are people who know all the ups and downs in life and how they strive each day to grow up in life. Also how other kinds are there, who doesn’t care about anyone. Who just enjoys all the luxuries in life without thinking about each other’s future. We were discussing a lot of things. Office things, about our friends, life, Money, society etc. We were having a conversation till 3.30 AM. At around 3.30 AM, he slept. But I was still looking at the ceiling and thinking when my life would turn in a good way and when I will grow up towards my Pinnacle. Although I give 200% hardwork in everything, luck lady is always not coming to my side. Something wrong is always happening. I don’t know when I slept but when I woke up, sunlight was directly hitting my face. It was around 8.30 AM. After sometime, Zilani came to my room and said to wake up so that we can go for breakfast. Vinay and I got up and got ready at around 9 AM. Vikrant too got up soon. And after that, to wake Poonam, Asha and Manpreet it took 10.30 AM. Even at 10.30 AM, Poonam asked us to go eat and buy something for her when we come back. Shit lazy !!. We went to that hotel that was near the bus stop. I ordered Puri set (4) with a Vada and also then Idly set with Vada. Everyone ordered what they wanted. We also bought a bottle of water for us for later purpose. For Poonam, we took 2 idly parcel and we came back to the room. The Beeda Paan vaayan owner said, we should check out at 11 AM itself, otherwise we have to pay an additional amount. We went back to the room, each one changed dresses soon, packed their things. Vinay took his DSLR to capture some nature photos meanwhile.

At around 11.15, we checked out of the Room. After checking out, we took a photo there. And we reached near the bus stand. When we reached the bus stand, Poonam said she wanted to drink tender coconut that was there. Asha, Vikrant and Poonam, went to drink that. Meanwhile, I had a plan. I told everyone that I took tickets for the wrong date. Everyone was shocked. Then I laughed and said, I played with them and that I took it on a proper date only. Then we made a plan to prank Poonam. When she came to us after drinking tender coconut, I said I took tickets on the wrong date and I don’t know what to do now. I said 24 was Vikrant’s birthday right. Today is 24 right. I took it correctly only I said. But it was 23 actually. Asha also believed it since she was also not aware of the prank. Poonam got tensed but she hided that with her cooling glasses. I said it’s okay we can go by Unreserved class 😂😂😂. I said, it is just 9 hrs travel. We can stand for 9 hrs on a train, otherwise we can occupy the bathroom 😂😂. She gave her phone to me and asked me to check if any tickets are available in IRCTC. Without even opening anything, I said nothing was available. She asked me to check for tatkal. I said time is over already. Then she asked me to check in Redbus, if any buses are there or not. I checked that and said even buses are not available. I said we can take a room in Hubballi and stay here today and go back to Bangalore with the tickets I booked on the train for tomorrow 😂😂😂. She totally believed. Meanwhile Vinay said the truth about the prank to Asha so that she will not join Poonam and start researching about the truth. Bus came to the stop, we got into it and we reached Dharwad at around 1 PM. In Dharwad, as usual we got to the BRTS buses. We bought tickets to the railway station. Vikrant took it. But we did not get into the bus that was there, since it was already full. We waited for the next one to come. Meanwhile Vikrant kept his bag in the gap between each of us where we sat. One between me and Zilani and the other between Manpreet and Poonam. And the next bus came and we all got in. Bus reached Dharwad around 3 PM. When we were about to get down the bus. Vikrant said, “Guys! Has anyone seen my big bag ?”. We looked around  and it struck our minds. It was in Dharwad on the bench that we were sitting waiting for the next bus to come. Vikrant’s face turned pale. I guess his purse or some other valuable thing was there in that bag. Happy Birthday Vikrant bro 😅. We ran towards the ticket counter and told them what had happened. They said, Don’t worry your bag will be safe if you have kept it in the seats within the BRTS stop doors. They called Dharwad station. And in Dharwad they said, yes a bag is available here. And they sent the photo of it through whatsapp. Vikrant confirmed that it was his bag and only then a smile came in his face. We asked if a bus driver could bring that to us. They said as per BRTS rules it is not allowed because we might say something is missing after the driver brings it to us. So they said the responsible person himself should go to the spot and confirm that it was his thing and get it and come back. Vikrant and Asha said they will go and bring it back. Asha went with him, since she was the only one who knows Kannada. If some explanation had to be given to the people in Dharwad, it would be difficult for him to explain to them as he doesn’t know kannada. So Asha and Vikrant left for Dharwad in the next bus after paying 100 rupees fine for missing the bag and making officials at Dharwad station to investigate. After they left, we moved towards our exit gate. Meanwhile Poonam asked me to talk to Satish (Her Office Manager). I asked why? She said he is from North karnataka and that he will arrange tickets for us to leave for Bangalore 😂😂. Shit we forgot about this in all the ruckus. She said he can get us train tickets or some personal Cab service or flight tickets for Bangalore. She asked me to speak to him. I said, Hey ! We pranked you, ask him not to book anything. We have our tickets for the 5 PM train today 😂. She chased me with slippers in hand like in Gangs of Wasseypur 😂😂😂.we had fun even in all those chaos time. She had hit me 3 times in my back. But I was just laughing and laughing and laughing. I couldn’t control my Laughter. I was running around everyone to stop her beating me 😂😂😂. Then We kept the ticket that has QR code on to the scanner. But it said it was invalid. We scanned it again and again, but it said it was not valid again and again. I read the ticket and found that it was bought till Hubballi HDMC and not till Hubballi railway station. But Zilani before that reached the officials there and showed the ticket and said it is saying invalid. Shit! They caught us. They said, we have to pay 100 per head fine to leave for the railway station. Awesome f**k up !! 😂😂 one after another 😂😂😂. After paying the fine, we left for the railway station. Officials there warned us not to repeat the same again. We said we were new to Hubballi so we did not know that exact stop. But it was our fault. We should have checked the ticket before entering the bus. The ticket we bought was for a stop that was 5 to 6 stops before the railway station. Once we entered the railway station, we withdrew money from the ATM. And we directly went towards the food plaza. There we ate Chicken Biryani, Egg Biryani, North Combo meals, Bread Omelette, Dahi Vada, Apple juice, Mosambi juice, Chocolates etc etc. Stomach was filled slowly and we felt very good. We were talking about many things sitting there. Zilani wrote a review about the IRCTC food which we ate, on the request of a staff there. One old lady worker told us to write bad about all the food 😂😂😅. Don’t know why 😂😂😂. We were laughing like anything when that old lady said that. At around 4.30 PM, Vikrant and Asha reached back with Vikrant’s bag. It took 1 and half hours to travel to and fro from Hubballi to Dharwad and from Dharwad to Hubballi. When they both reached, we started playing Dumbshrats. Vikrant was playing even while eating. He was very good at finding movies. He was a good finder. Zilani was a good actor. Poonam was the worst finder and Manpreet was the worst actor 😂😂. I know only a few Hindi movies so I am an exception. Many movies came into picture like Maasan, Befikre, Jaane tu ya Jaane na, Tanu Weds Manu etc etc. And atlast came the ultimate word 😂😂 – Cocktail. We were rolling down on the floor and laughing when Zilani acted on this word. It was the ultimate laughter. Tears came into my eyes 😂😂😂😂😂. Can’t stop laughing for 10 minutes. At around 5.10 PM, Jodhpur express reached Hubballi station. We got into our 2nd Class AC coach and I told them where all their seats were. It was awesome and comfortable with pillows, Bed sheets and warmers etc. It was great. Everyone thanked me for booking that. We got together in a cabin and we started playing Dumbshrats again. Now Zilani, Vikrant and Me were a team and rest all were a team. I don’t know much of a Hindi but the way Zilani acted made it very easy to find anything and everything. We found everything. He acted about a movie called Vasu in a ROFL way that even I found out. I don’t even know such a movie existed. Maza Aa aah gayaaaa 😂😂😂😂😂. We missed only one movie called Parched which also we missed by an inch. We found it like Par Chad. But we could not pronounce what it exactly was. We won it like 13 -1. And they did not find even one 😂😂😂. The movie names we gave were so sarcastic and ROFL 😂😂😂. Girls got frustrated and asked us to change the game. We then shifted to Raja Rani Police Chor game. But Zilani renamed it as Raja Rani Police Manager Team Lead Ch**tiya 😂😂😂. It was fun 😂😂😂. Poonam was playing bluff even in this too. But got caught again and again 😂😂😂. We missed bringing the cards, otherwise it would have become the next level of fun. Because the King of bluff is here. I am the King of Bluff. No one can defeat me in bluff 😂😂😂😂. We played the game for sometime and we counted everything and Vikrant won it as we predicted and i was second 😎. We then Ordered food. We ordered North Indian Thali, Veg pulav etc. Poonam captured this on her mobile phone. And this photo I would say is really a moment ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍. It was awesome train travel back to Bangalore. We ate our food and went to sleep at around 9.30 PM. Train was scheduled to reach KSR at 3.00 AM. And coming to KSR. What is KSR? Asha said it was called Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna. Zilani twisted it and said it is difficult to remember and so here after it is Krantiveer Suresh Raina 😂😂😂😂. And hence the name was changed by the great emperor Mohammed Ghulam Zilani. KSR became Krantiveer Suresh Raina. So for SBC which is short form for Bangalore City Railway Station. Zilani gave another twisted form which I cannot say 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Damn good 😂😂😂. Laughed hard 😂😂😂😂. We were remembering it and laughing while travelling in the cab too 😂😂😂😂. We got down at KSR 😂 at 2.45 AM only. Train was so fast. We reached soon. I had a good sleep on the train. But yet that sleep was not enough. We got down and Poonam started to sleep walking towards the exit. She sensed everything around with closed eyes and walked like a line follower robot 😂😂. She looked like some doll which was given a key to follow some path 😂. We reached outside the station. I took the phone from her and booked cab to her PG with Aroma Hyderabad biryani shop as the intermediate stop for us to get down. Asha’s father came to pick her up. Zilani and Manpreet booked a separate cab for them. So we all shook hands and left each other’s way at around 3.30 AM. Vinay got down in between near Veeranapalya. 

Today – 24 Feb 2020 – Current Date : 

I woke up at 9 AM. I felt tired and when I looked back on the 2 days, I felt good about the trip. Although it was not as emotional or memorable as Kudramukh. This trip taught us a lot of lessons. We did face a lot of problems and we had overcome all the problems by ourselves. We stood together in all problems and we had surpassed everything with courage, Hope and strong positive belief. I felt proud of going on this trip. But also it was too difficult to handle these lazy girls and their gang leader as part of this trip, that is for sure. If they were active enough and if we had reached all the spots early on time. We would have had a more memorable trip like Kudramukh. But this one was also equally good 😍😍. I went out with another language gang for the first time. This was the first time I never had a company of a very close friend and a person who can speak only my language etc. But I never felt left out because of my language at any point of time. People spoke both in understandable hindi and also English especially for me a lot of time. This trip will stay in my memory for a lot of reasons. Especially for Rafting 😍😍😍. I got up from my bed around 10 AM. Took a bath and left for the office at 10.30AM and my regular day started. 

Vinay said in one of the lunch hours that he had a poster with a quote that was stuck in his cupboard. It says “Live your life not by celebrating achievements but by overcoming defeats”. And that explains our trip very well. We asked help from lot of people but in the end we overcame all hurdles with our own efforts, courage, knowledge and self confidence. And that is awesome ❤😎👏💪🤘✌⭐😍😍😍😎🤗👍

Remember – “Traveling is not a reward for working, it is an education for living and loving ourselves and each other 😍 !!”

I guess my next will be Ghokarna or the dream destination of mine, GOA ❤.

Love is beautiful !!

Ever met someone and all you want to do is love them in a way that makes up for every moment they have ever felt unloved or unseen?

Have you felt like you wanted to tell them, “All the pieces of yourself that you hate. I love them. All the pieces of yourself that you’re proud of. I love them. All the beautiful pieces that makes you “YOU”. I Love them. The good, the bad, the new, the old. I love and want them all. Sometimes I can’t choose what I love about you the most. Your eyes are like books that tell stories i could never imagine, your heart beats like the gentlest of songs my ears could ever hear and your lips lifts and voices out the softest poems i could never recite. I’m not saying that I think we might belong together but I do think that I may have loved you in all of my lifetimes.”.

So Sweet ! right ? such words !

So how can one find out if they are in Love ?

Love is, the way she looked at him and how he felt it in his heart. It is the way her voice came out of her mouth and echoed in his head all the time.

Love is thinking about her when she’s not around and also being unable to think about anything else, when she is around. It is a kind of feeling where you can feel all kind of feelings that exists altogether.

Love is seeing her face when you close your eyes and also seeing her face in all the faces you see, when you open your eyes. It is something which sparks each other’s soul in presence of each other. It is something which makes you zoom into each and every pictures of her and do nothing but just keep staring and blushing.

Love is the beauty which you see in her, which no one else can see. It is when you think not only she looks beautiful. She herself is beautiful in all ways.

Love is when you think about her if she is feeling hungry, when actually you are hungry. Love is when you feel as if you are sick, when she gets sick. It is something which switches off your mind and overpowers your heart. It will make you to go to any extremes for doing something which she asked you for.

Love is when you hold her hand by instinct when you both are walking together alone or even in crowded places. It is something which makes you nervous in the beginning (budding) days when you are around her and then it makes you nervous when she is not around you as the time passes.

Love is feeling of an existence of link between the two souls. It is the meeting of two souls fully accepting the dark and light within each other, bound by the courage to grow together through struggle into bliss.

So, Love is indeed beautiful. Also one more thing, It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It can be perfectly imperfect too. Love is nothing but the bond based on trust, mutual connection & Unconditional commitment and it is also a feeling of touching each other’s soul.

I Love You !!

Dear ________,

It was not love at first sight, but it happened all of a sudden, that day you were standing among many people, but my eyes got stuck only on you. In the beginning I thought this is just infatuation. But no it was not, your bright eyes, your sweet smile, your moonlit face, your hypnotising expressions, it just started making my day everyday. I can’t get through my day without seeing you smile each day. Everyday even if I don’t intentionally come in search of you. I am seeing you one or other way. I am not saying I believe in magic but there was that one time I saw you smile among the people from across the room even before I knew you and it started my dead heart beating all over again. You are one of the sweetest and kindest souls I have ever met. The way you care for me and also the way you understand me, you do it like no one else ever does. Sometimes, I really do think that you can read my mind. As we know ‘Emotions’ are the most beautiful part of our life. And I never felt it earlier before you came into my life. Today, when I even think of you, your existence gives me a positive vibe, peace within myself, all the love and care I could ever ask for. You make me feel beautiful in every way. I find peace when you are with me. Every little action you do makes me love you more than before. It only grows more and more. Describing how it feels I get wordless. You are a blessing to me. You are like Aladdin Genie’s last wish for me. You are like the Woodcutter’s golden axe for me which he got from god for his truthfulness. They say “No one is more important than anyone. We grow up thinking we are in competition until we find that one person who doesn’t want to defeat us, who loves you. Who wants you to be yourself, who wants sacrifice but not only your sacrifice but each other’s, together you make up the union of loss, becoming all for each other”. You are that to me. My Life changed completely with the following line in one of my chapters – “….and he met her, the one whose laughter was the sound of things finally falling in place”. Whenever I don’t hear from you I feel like I have lost everything. I cry for you, but I could not tell you how much I love you. Before going to bed, after waking up from bed, I feel emptiness and the only thing my heart wants is you. I don’t want to open my eyes with a good morning text anymore. I want to open my eyes with a good morning kiss. Please come to me and be with me forever. I promise to love you in sickness and health, in happiness and sorrow, for better or worse. Till the death will do us apart! But I strongly believe even that will not. I propose that I will always take care of you. I propose that I will not let you feel lonely at any time. I propose that during your bad days I will handle all your tantrums and will pamper you. I propose that I will never sleep without giving you a hug and kiss on your forehead. I propose that I will never ever let a tear come in your eyes. I propose that my love for you will never degrade at any point of my life. More than love, we are true friends. And I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for all the times I have caused you pain. For hurting you with my words and actions. I am sorry. It was unintentional all the time. It’s just I love you so damn much that I don’t think sometimes when it comes to you. So, I just react. As friends, we do have our moments where we fight, when we get upset with each other, we have our differences. But at the end of the day, we fall asleep with that smile of contentment of being in love, whispering sweet nothings to each other. I will not say those cheesy romantic lines for you because it’s too old to say but I wanna say you are someone with whom I can give action to those wildest desires of mine which I hide with the world. You are my human diary. I wanna be with you, with your all perfect imperfections, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. And baby promise me, not to leave me ever, even if I tell you. Just hold on to me, till I calm down. Maybe when I am hurt or angry, I might tell you to let go of me. But never let go. Because you’re the reason for my existence. I live for you. You’re my world. Nevertheless, every moment, every ups and downs with you will be cherished forever. And I never thought that I would ever fall in love.But it happened when I came to know you and our love is growing stronger everyday.

I LOVE YOU Darlo ❤❤❤😘. I love you more than a digit that anyone can count !! I love you beyond the limits of the Sky !! Be with me as my soul saver and also as my soul mate forever !!

You are your First support !!

Have you ever felt so stagnant in life ? Like you are standing in the middle of the road. And all you can do is just see people and their vehicles move to and fro. Something has caught your leg. You could not move it. It is as if you are cemented on to the middle of the road in a position of nowhere. Don’t worry, not all days are the same. Your life will change one day. It just means that you are yet to keep your forward step. You will break out with full force one day.

Only the one who failed in his life will know the true ecstasy of achieving success. So if you have failed don’t worry thinking about it. Achieving success at first attempt will be very boring. But when you – the one with failures if you achieve Success after putting in a lot of hard work, your Success will reach great heights, it’s sound will travel louder even over the mountains, it will make you fly to the clouds. So don’t give up and try reaching that.

Even if people push you down while they are rising up. You don’t care about what they are doing. Just prove to them that they made a mistake by pushing you down. Climb more height than them by trying again. Also help them climb too and make them realize their mistake of setting a sun by pushing it deep down into the sea when it has the capability to shine brighter, also to save and bring prosperity to the world. Just prove them. Don’t take revenge on them.

Believe me or not some of the wishes we have in our life get rejected sometimes so that we may not lose our peace, self respect and confidence. But what we do is we lose our peace, self respect and confidence by thinking about that rejection of our wish. Stop doing that. I have done that. I realized that. If you wish to live in peace in your life, don’t wish for anything. Just go with the flow. Remember If you want to enjoy a trip, you should take very less luggage with you. Likewise if you want to enjoy your life, have minimum wishes and desires in you.

First of all, Find out who are real in your life and who are not. One very good method to find that out is to uninstall all the Social Media apps from your phone for 2 Weeks. Don’t Call anyone or ping anyone for 2 Weeks. Wait for them to call you. How quickly you get a call from them is how priority they keep you in their life. Flush out people who never called you, from your life. Believe me this method will make you learn a lot of lessons in life. You will get to know that there are a lot of other things to do than chatting, scrolling memes, making sad statuses etc.

You will get an ample amount of time to explore yourself and the skills you have. You can experiment yourself in various things. You can find your own path of future. Believe me 2 weeks is more than enough. 2 weeks of hibernation can flush the waste out of your life and can freshen you up and boost your mood and mindset. Remember this – You can act like you are crying it out but you can never act like you are sweating yourself out without real hard work. 

Bring the change in you. Don’t run behind money. Run behind love. Not that love which will break your heart. The love and compassion to others – that love. If you focus on this, you will gain a lot of things. Believe me, if you show unconditional love to people. You will never be left alone in times of trouble. You will have at least one true loyal person from the world for you. It could be anyone. But there will be one always. Stop focusing on what you will lose if you choose a way of life and start focusing on what you can gain if you choose that.

Believe in Yourself always. If you don’t believe in you, No one else will. It is all in your mindset. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, believe me you cannot I promise. It is all in your belief. Always be strong enough to come out of any situation with a smiling heart. Say to yourself – “I can do this”. Even if you make a mistake. Tell yourself – “This is just a slip. This slip will not bury me forever. I am much more than this. I can do a lot better. I will prove myself.”. Have Faith that you will succeed in whatever path you choose for you. Without Faith in yourself and the path you chose, nothing can go forward. You will feel stagnant. If you want to achieve your dream, you be your Support first. Don’t wait for someone else’s support. It’s your dream why you need someone else. If you support yourself, eventually they will start supporting you. That is the reality. 

Learn to love being with yourself. Only then everything will improve in your life. If you are in constant search of somebody to give company to you. You will feel like a piece of you has got lost and also it would feel like it would be impossible to find that exact piece in this huge world. But actually you have not lost any piece. If you start loving your own company, you will get to know that you are complete all by yourself. You don’t need any additional piece. You will realize what you were searching for is actually within yourself. Actually this will make you hear the sound of your soul. It will make you realize how pure gold you are. It can make you clear out the bronze coating that you made upon yourself. It will show you who you truly are. It makes you find what you love. It will make you realize that it is you, who you love. Once you love your company. The world will start humming your song, will dance for the music you make, will sing chorus with you, will love you for you are. Have a Happy smiling face always. 

Be a good motivational book only for those who understands you. For rest of the world be an unsolvable riddle. That will make everyone curious. Your Ear is the first part which becomes active in your body before your birth and also the last part to become inactive during your death. So, hear out things but don’t hear everything. Don’t forget people who ignored you when you were in trouble and also don’t forget the people even though you ignored them, they came out in search of you and who helped to lift you up from the deep well you got stranded during your troublesome times.

Believe strongly, if you lose something, something better is coming your way. I have been through it and each time, it was becoming better and better. Eventually the most suitable thing will find your hands. Just think of your point 1 year back each time you feel low. You will realize you are growing stronger and stronger. You are learning things. You are experiencing life. You will know that you have made memories both good or bad. One day you will feel proud after succeeding for coming through this rough path. Even Though it was tiring, it will make you happy. It will make you a role model. 

Live your Life. Love your Life, Atom by Atom, Molecule by Molecule, Particle by Particle, From time to time. According to a saying, “Even God cannot be good to everyone”. But remember as a human you can just imagine everyone is good and live peacefully by your heart. But the truth is no one here is willing to behave as a human.Everyone here is living around like a wild animal hunting for prey by making use of everyone’s weakness.

Believe that everything will get solved and everything will fall in the right place at the end. If it is not getting solved at the end, then remember that is not the end. Your time will come. Till then build yourself in a right way. Be ready to do whatever you can in that time which is for you. So that you can shine as a sun above all other stars. Remember you ! – you are your first support.

Penne IX !!!!!!!!! – யார் இவள் ?

சூரியன் மறையும் அந்தி மாலையில் !!
கருமேகங்கள் கூடிய அவ்வேளையில் !!
சூரிய ஒளியை மேகங்கள் தடுக்க !!
தடுப்பைத் தாண்டிய சூரிய ஒளி மழைத்துளியை பிடிக்க !!
லட்சமழைத்துளிகள் வெள்ளி அம்பு போல் !!
சாலையின் தரையைத் தாக்கியது !!
எண்ணற்ற படிகப்பூக்களாய் சாலையை நிரப்பியது !!

கையில் குடையோடு நான் நடக்க !!
மழையின் வாசம் என் மூச்சை கடக்க !!
தென்றல் காற்று மரங்களின் இலைகளை அசைக்க !!
மழைத்துளிகள் என் குடை மேல் விழுந்து மேளமிட்டது !!
சாலையில் செல்லும் வாகனங்களின் ஒலி தாளமிட்டது !!
சாலையோர மின்விளக்குகளின் ஒளி அவ்வாகனங்கள் மீது கோலமிட்டது !!
என் கண்களோ என் மனதிற்கு ஒரு திசையை நோக்கி பாலமிட்டது !!
கண்டேன் அக்காரிகையை !!
இறக்கை இல்லா தேவதையை !!
சாலையோரக் குட்டையில்
மழைத்துளியை கால்பந்தாடினால் !!
மழழையைப் போல மழழைகளோடு
மழையின் தாளத்திற்கு இசைந்தாடினாள் !!

யார் இவள் ?

கதிரவனின் கடைசி மகளோ இவள் !!
வெந்நிலவின் இளைய தங்கையோ இவள் !!
நட்சத்திர கூட்டங்களின் தலைவியோ இவள் !!
தேவலோகத்தின் தேவதையோ இவள் !!
பூலோகத்தின் இளவரசியோ இவள் !!
இறைவனே செதுக்கிய செம்பொன் சிற்பமோ இவள் !!
வானவில்லே வரைந்த ஒவியமோ இவள் !!

புதிதாய் பூத்த பூவோ இவள் !!
பூவுள்ளம் கொண்ட பூந்தேரோ இவள் !!
பூவினது தேன் போன்று இனிமையானவளோ இவள் !!
பூவினை தொட்டுச் செல்லும் தென்றலோ இவள் !!
பூக்களால் ஆன பூச்செண்டோ இவள் !!

ரோஜா மலரோ இவள் !!
மூங்கில் துளிரோ இவள் !!
மார்கழிக் குளிரோ இவள் !!
மலையில் ஏற்றும் மகரஜோதியோ இவள் !!
வளமான பச்சை வயல்வெளியோ இவள் !!
என் வாழ்வின் முதல் மழைத்துளியோ இவள் !!

பால் வண்ணம் கொண்ட அன்னமோ இவள் !!
மஞ்சள் பூசிய மலைக்குயிலோ இவள் !!
பிறைப் பொட்டு வைத்த வண்ண மயிலோ இவள் !!
பஞ்சு மெத்தை மேனி கொண்ட பஞ்சவர்ணக் கிளியோ இவள் !!
சில்மிஷம் செய்யும் சின்ன சிட்டுக்குருவியோ இவள் !!

நெற்றி முடியை இவள் ஒதுக்கும் பொழுது !!
நாணம் கொண்டு இவள் சிரிக்கும் பொழுது !!
அங்குலம் அங்குலமாக இவள் அழகில் !!
என் உயிரை உருக்குகிறாள் !!

யோசிக்கிறேன் !!

உலகம் அழகாய் தெரிவது உன்னால் தானோ !!
கடல் அலை கரையை நோக்கி வருவது உனை வருடதானோ !!
சூரியன் உதிப்பது உன்னைக் காணத்தானோ !!
நிலவு இரவில் ஒளிர்வது உன் அழகைக் கூட்டதானோ !!

கண்களைக் கொண்டு கதைக்கிறாய் !!
உள்ளத்தைக் கொண்டு ரசிக்கிறாய் !!
கால்களைக் கொண்டு காற்றில் பறக்கிறாய் !! பேரழகே !!

தத்தித் தாவ தோனுது மனசு !!
நித்தம் நித்தம் ஆனது புதுசு !!
இது என்ன தினுசு !! தாரகையே !!

The Interesting Story of the Mother Earth !!

We all had this curious question from our childhood. How did our Earth come into existence? What are these Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes? How were they formed? How life started on Earth? From where did the species called Human come from? Can life exists in other parts of the outer space too? Are we not alone in this Universe?Are we humans trying to contact species which may be available in outer space?


The Age of our Mother Earth is nearly 4.5 billion years. Scientists believe that life on Earth could have started only 3.6 billions years ago. The fossil records supports this theory. But to reach that point there were a lot of things that happened in the passage.

Universe with lot of galaxies

Let’s go 13.8 billion years back from current date. At this point of time, the universe existed in a singularity where no physics laws work, a point with zero radius, zero time, no matter or form or structure. It existed as a superforce (Super force means the combination all fundamental forces – Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force). A sudden explosion kind of phenomenon occurred in this singularity that it started expanding. This is the Big Bang theory. As the universe expands, it created space and thus the Stars, galaxies and all other things in the universe got created. It is believed that the expansion of the universe will stop at a point. And after this point the universe will start contracting till it reaches the point of singularity again.

Nebula in Milky way Galaxy

The clouds of interstellar gas and dust started forming all around the universe once it started expanding. Those clouds were called Nebulas. Nebulas cover several light years of space. After the universe started expanding, nearly 9.3 billion years later. (i.e.) 4.6 billion years ago from the current date. One such Nebula in Milky Way Galaxy started collapsing (means contracting) due to a shockwave created by a star that exploded nearby (SuperNova). This made all the gas and dust particles to swirl around the space. It gathered speed by angular momentum as the swirling continued. The gravitational potential energy of the cloud of dust and gas got converted into kinetic energy. Thus as the speed increased, the space covered by the nebula decreased. The dust and gas particles of the nebula started colliding with each other. This induced heat energy which got collected in the center of the nebula along with the cloud of gas and dust particles. The temperature at the centre got increased to very high level as high as 10 million Kelvin. The collision was so violent that it led to nuclear reactions and thus the sun got birth as a star. The sun at the center with all other clouds of particles circling around at a high speed which is the first version of our solar system.

Super Nova

As the time passed by, the small particles circling around the sun bound together by the force of gravity, into larger particles. Thus forming asteroids and meteors. These asteroids and meteors got collided with each other and got bound to each other, thus forming the rocky planets.The solar winds swept away the lighter particles from closer radius of the sun. Thus forming heavy rocky planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars around it. But the solar winds were ineffective when it comes to larger radius of the nebula. Thus the gas giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune got formed on the outer radius of the Nebula. Gas giant planets completely consists only of interstellar gas and dust particles and not the rocky surfaces. Earth was a molten state in the beginning stage. When many interstellar rocks collided with Earth, it formed heat and also the binding force of the rocks had set the molten earth to spin around its axis. Slowly earth started cooling. And thus the crust formed and the molten core went deeper and deeper. Earth’s core is believed to be hotter than the surface of the sun. During such transformation of Earth, it got hit by a very large body than it (may be nearly the size of Mars) and thus some of it turned into interstellar rocks again. These rocks got bound by gravity again to form the moon. Once the moon was formed, it moved towards the Earth. But it moved in a way tangential to the Earth’s gravitational field thus it started revolving around the Earth like ball tied to string that is swung. Instead if it had moved directly perpendicular towards the Earth, it would have collided on earth like any other meteor. But since it moved in a tangential way, and may be due to its high speed instead of colliding with earth it started revolving around it due to the gravitational force of the earth. And thus the moon that we know now has formed. Like the ball tied to the string which is being swung, in a similar the moon is trying to escape the gravitational force of the earth. Approximately, the Moon is moving 1.5 inches away from Earth each year. The day on earth was very less in this point of time relatively less than 9 hours.

Collision of Earth with Thea which later let to the formation of the Moon
Earth’s Moon
Earth 4.51 billion years ago

And thus now at 4.51 billion years from current date, we have our Solar System, Earth and the moon. But the Earth was not exactly the same blue planet as of now. It never had any life in it at this point of time. It was completely a hot rock with molten core inside it. Lot of Meteors were falling on the surface of the earth at this point of time since there was no atmosphere even. This induced a lot of volcanic eruptions. As the time passed, earth cooled and the crust got thicker and thicker. Slowly traces of water started accumulating at places around the Earth. It was believed the first trace of water may have originated from both asteroidal material and also from gases left over from the formation of sun. Researchers noted that since comets contain a lot of ice, it could have supplied some water too. Slowly water started covering the surface of the crust. The temperature on the surface of the earth decreased to 60-70°C. But still it was not habitable. There were mega thunderstorms and hurricanes at very high speeds common all around the Earth. These things occurred since the moon was a lot closer to earth. The gravitational pull between the moon and the earth caused very high waves as high as a current skyscrapers. But as time passed by and the moon moved away from Earth slowly, the waves became calm and also the rotation of the earth slowed down. The Crust was cooled but the core was still in a very hot condition. This induced volcanic eruptions often. The lava from the volcanic eruptions cooled down when it flowed out and it formed tiny islands all around the water that covered the surface of the earth. But still since earth has no atmosphere, the land regions were too hot and toxic for life to sustain or begin. But it was a lot cooler deep beneath the water level. The meteors continued falling on the surface of the earth. Now as they fell, they reacted with water. As the Meteors started dissolving, it reacted and it released all the minerals from it. It also transported the carbon and other primitive proteins like amino acids from outer Space to the bottom of the ocean. Somehow the sea water seeped into the crusts and reacted with the heat inside the surface of the earth and it formed hot water fountains or chimneys that blew out hot water inside the Ocean towards the surface. Thus hot water mixed with amino acids and other minerals and it formed something which we can call a chemical soup. This mixture of chemicals gradually lead to formation of microscopic organisms like bacteria which are single celled. Slowly as the time passed by. The bacterias gathered/accumulated over the surface of the rocks under the sea. These colonies of bacteria on the rock surfaces were called Stromatolites.

Stromatolites acquired the sunlight and also the carbon dioxide that was dissolved in the waters and started producing starch/glucose. This is the process we call photosynthesis. As a result of this process, the most essential ingredient of life was released as a byproduct – The gas called Oxygen. Slowly the oxygen started dissolving throughout the water level and it also reacted with the minerals like iron to form rust which deposited into the rocks under the sea level. These iron rich rocks are one of the basic resources, the extracts of which we use today for building bridges, constructions of houses and also many other most essential things in life. As we go up above the water level, the oxygen started accumulating even there too. As the time passed by, oxygen level continued increasing. The rotation speed of the earth also slowed down thus the length of a day increased to nearly 16 hours. Now the earth has water, land and oxygen. Slowly the Earth crust started breaking and moving. The tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust moved all the islands towards each other and it formed a single large supercontinent Rodinia. Slowly, the oxygen level increased above the surface of the earth. Thanks to the hard work of the Stromatolites. The temperature at Earth’s surface reduced to 30°C and also day became 18 hours long.

Rodinia super continent

At 750 millions ago from the current date, the Rodinia supercontinent broke away into two pieces due to the heat energy under the surface of the earth. Slowly both part of it moved away from each other. These activities increased the volcanic activities on the surface of the earth. The volcanic eruptions released carbon dioxide, smoke and other gas into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide increased the temperature level as it trapped the sun’s light. The evaporated water and carbon dioxide mixed together to produce acid rain. And these acid rains fell on the surface of the earth and got locked up there. Since the earth is covered by a lot of rocks now almost all of the carbon dioxide got locked into the rocks as acid rain deposits. Thus the temperature above the surface of the earth decreased with decrease in carbon dioxide level. Thus leading to the longest ice age. Slowly earth got covered by ice. The ice covering the crust was more than 3 KMs thick. The earth now transformed into a ball of ice which was a molten ball once upon a time.

First and longest Ice age on Earth

But as the time passed by, the heat inside the core got disturbed and volcanic eruptions started again breaking open the icy covering at many places over the surface of the earth. This time the carbon dioxide from the volcanic eruptions got accumulated in the atmosphere level since there were not a lot of rocks to trap it. All rocks were now covered in ice. This carbon dioxide accumulated over the surface of the earth trapped the sunlight inside it, thus increasing the temperature level again. This melted all the ice and it made fissures and other things on the surface of the earth. The melting of ice caused a lot of chemical reactions and it rocketed the releasing of oxygen to a very high level into the atmosphere. The ultraviolet light from sun rays reacted with the icy surface of the earth to produce hydrogen peroxide which dissolved over the ice and now it indeed helped to increase oxygen levels too.

At around 540 Million years ago from current date, the day was 22 hours long. Under the Ocean now the bacteria that existed as Stromatolites evolved into plants and other primitive multicellular organisms. The life under oceans started blossoming from microscopic bacteria to a large multicellular organism. But still the land is not ready to accommodate life although oxygen level is higher. The only explanation why is the sun. The sun is still sending out the harmful ultraviolet radiations from it to the earth’s surface which is not allowing any life forms to exist. But gradually as time passed by the oxygen level in the atmosphere started reacting with the sun’s radiation and formed a new gas, which we call the Ozone. Gradually Ozone level increased and it started covering the earth’s surface like a blanket thus preventing it from exposure of harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Ozone layer blocks UV radiation to enter into the Earth Atmosphere

At around 375 million years ago from current date, Ozone layer got thicker and thicker as time passed by. And this became the starting point for life on land to blossom. Small mossy algaes and primitive plants started forming on the land surface which released more and more oxygen into the atmosphere. It was at this point of time when the organisms from water tried to move towards the land. Gradually the fishes (Sea water Organisms) evolved and moved towards the land. Thus the first tetrapods, the amphibians were formed. Amphibians have gills like fish. Later the reptiles had evolved from amphibians and made the land their home. The reptiles had developed lungs to breathe in the oxygenic gas. The fins of the fish evolved into the legs of the tetrapods gradually. Fish lay eggs in water and the water had all the nutrients for it to hatch. But now the animals on land started laying eggs that contained water and nutrients within itself. This was a great evolutionary breakthrough. Thus life started evolving on land without the necessity of moving inside the water. Slowly the reptiles started flying. The legs of the reptiles evolved into wings. Dragonflies were one of the flying organisms in those times. But actually all these organisms were giants. They were of very huge sizes. Dragonfly as huge as an eagle was there. Also Mammals started evolving from reptiles which gave birth from inside it’s own body instead of the eggs. May be the eggs were not safer means for birth at that point of time, so this sort of evolution was needed. Also after birth, mammals started feeding glucose from its own mammary glands. This is how mammals got evolved. As like birth, death was also important. All plants and animals started dying after death and deposited on the surface of the earth and it got buried gradually deeper and deeper and thus gave rise to the coal which we use now. Likewise in water, they buried deeper to become a source to oil. The reptiles on land started growing bigger and bigger. They got divided into Herbivores, Carnivores and also the omnivores. Just when life started evolving, the volcanic eruptions started again and it induced acid rain again and it killed most of the life on the earth.This acid rain produced sulphuric acids and it released heat on reaction with water. Also methane got released into the atmosphere as the temperature of sea water started to increase and it started to accumulate in the atmosphere and this increased the temperature level more to nearly 40°C. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is a lot more dangerous than carbon dioxide. This lead to the Permian extinction. This lead to the extinction of a lot of organisms on the earth. Almost 95% of life was wiped out.

Pangea super Continent

Around 225 million years from current date, there was only a supercontinent called pangea which stretched from Pole to Pole. Gradually as time passed by, the temperature stabilized, acid rain neutralized and the left out plants and other living organisms from extinction started blossoming. This era gave rise to the most dominant species to live on the earth – Dinosaurs. They were also of all three types – Herbivores, Carnivores and omnivores. These dinosaurs are the evolved species of lizard like reptiles. They existed on land, sea as well as air. They swam,walked as well as flew in the air. They were of many types – Raptors, Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Pterosaurs etc. Dinosaurs were the most dominant ones ruling the earth in those times. They were the King of all the reptiles. All other mammals and other minor species used to hide from them and were of no comparison in front of the mighty dinosaurs. Mammals used to live on trees and also underground at this point of time in hiding from the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs reigned earth for 165 million years.


Around 100 million years ago, the supercontinent got separated into two and they moved away from each other thus giving rise to the Atlantic ocean. And slowly the world started taking shape same as today. It induced a lot of geological activity as it took its shape. As this gradually proceeded, the organisms adapted to the changing environments and got evolved with it. Fishes and other land organisms grew bigger in size and also developed big teeth to adapt to the quote “Survival of the fittest”. Even many bird types had evolved. But still Dinosaurs ruled the world, they dominated the earth for a long long time. But as the time passed at one point of time, a huge asteroid travelled towards the surface of the earth which was 11000m height and the size of Mexico hit earth. It released a very high energy as it impacted on the surface of the earth. The energy was higher than what even a millions of nuclear bombs cannot produce. Due to the impact, earthquakes were high, tsunamis attacked the lands, volcanic eruptions increased and smoke and ash covered the atmosphere. This had extinct all the dinosaurs once and for all. As the dinosaurs became extinct, mammals came out from underground and started taking over the world. They were safe underground under all such geological happenings. Mammals started consuming each and everything on the earth’s surface. Actually rodents (Rats) were the primitive mammals. Slowly as time passed, the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust moved apart from each other forming relatively equal to the continents as of now. The rats got evolved into a lot of other mammals as they got adapted to the environment. One such mammal is the “Darwinius masillae” of type primates which was believed to be the ancestor of humans. Darwinius masillae evolved into monkeys, apes and eventually us – Humans.

Darwinius Masillae with the Human

At around 50 million years ago from current date, Earth’s tectonic plates started moving again. Now the Indian plate moved towards the Asian plate. It started to buckle up and contorted upward to form the Himalayan mountain range, the height of which increased to more than 8000m. And thus the highest mountain on earth got formed, the Mount Everest. It was covered by ice on top. When this ice got melted it gave rise to rivers and rivers helped in improving vegetation and life.

The Himalayas

At around 20 million years ago, the earth was exactly the same as it is now except for one thing, it is us – Humans. Near East coast of Africa, the tectonic plates started to become active again thus it formed ridges which pulled up the surface higher and higher and thus forming a lot of mountains. The apes and other types of monkeys were living on the trees those times. But these new mountains that were formed blocked the moisture from the Indian ocean to enter the land surface thus the vegetation got affected and the land became drier and drier, it lead to the formation of arid lands. Thus, it affected the habitat of the living creatures. This made apes to adapt to the situation and go in search of food towards places. Slowly they started walking on two legs instead of using all four legs which made to increase their speed while attacking and hunting. Initial humans were called Homo erectus who evolved from apes. Later they evolved into Homo Sapiens. Thus humans (Homo Sapiens) evolved from the apes gradually.

Homo Erectus

Around 70000 years ago, the sea level decreased and the sea became shallow and the distance between continents decreased. Thus Humans traveled from Africa and into Europe and Asia. The Earth cooled again at this point of time due to natural changes in earth orbit, co2 levels and water level on earth led earth to the second ice age with Homo Sapiens in it.

Around 20000 years ago, there arose a strip of land at the northern hemisphere emerged between Siberia and Alaska. It was the starting point for humans to move from Asia to North America and then gradually to South America through the Panama canal. Around 14000 years ago, the ice started melting again and it created the many lakes and rivers that are existing today in America and other continents. Around 6000 years ago, gradually the ice retreated to the polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic) as time passed by. Thus the world which we see today came into existence exactly as we see it. There were a lot of natural and manmade disasters that are occurring day to day. But we overcome it and adapt to it. As the Humans came into existence and the time passed by they invented many things. The first one was ways to produce fire for heating the hunted animals. Also they started regularizing the sounds they make into a speech to communicate with each other thus a language was formed. After that they wanted to find a shelter in which they can safeguard themselves. Thus they started to build houses from trees and leaves. Also for covering their body parts they used the leaves from the plants. Thus a civilization started. To travel from one place to another by walking with huge loads was getting difficult, so they invented the wheel and used it to make a two wheeled vehicle with which they carried loads from one place to another. Initially humans pulled those vehicles, gradually they used cattle, donkeys and horses for it. Slowly as population increased hunting never gave them enough food, so they started cultivating food in their own lands. They used Cattles and other things to do agriculture. Thus Agriculture came into existence. Slowly the Houses with Trees and leaves were changed to Houses made of stones and rocks when they realized that they were not safe enough in times of disasters. Then gradually they used metals along with rocks to stabilize their houses for safeguarding in times of disasters. People started living alongside the rivers for making use of the water to produce more cultivation. So many people occupied the nearby land of rivers. One of the earliest Riverside civilization was the Indus Valley Civilization. Once the vegetation got sufficient for themselves, they exchanged the cultivated vegetables or fruits with others for what others cultivated (Maybe rice). Thus the Barter system came into existence. People started exchanging whatever they cultivated. Then eventually they thought exchanging things are not working out, if the opposite party doesn’t have anything in exchange. So Money came into existence. They accounted the lending of things in terms of money. Initial money were in terms of coins made of gold, copper which was being exchanged for goods. Then people gradually moved from barter system to Money controlled system. Gradually coins turned into papers. People started to invent things to earn more money and to develop the world as it has formed now. So they invented many things from wheel to light bulb to cars to airplanes etc. Thus the money started playing a major role in the economy. To keep all people in control and to avoid chaos because of this sudden growth in economy, leaders started emerging among them and they become powerful among everyone. They named themselves King. Kings promised that they would take care of all the people generations after generations. There were laws and customs that were designed. Thus a society/kingdom was formed. People started splitting into various societies and kingdoms with various kings. Each kingdoms had different languages and separate cultures and traditions. Also in each kingdom, they segregated people based on the work they do and money started playing major role in ruining people’s life from there on. Also the intelligent people in all kingdoms gave ideas to the kings to how to make people live together and also in loyal to the king. Thus came into existence castes and religions. Some religions started spreading based on the followers of great people who lived in the world and became martyrs whom they believed as their ultimate leader even above the king. Some others were adopted from the preaches from the very intelligent people in the society/kingdom. And others were just some mythical beliefs that came into existence for preventing people from doing sins. There were a lot of back stories that were developed for these religions and castes which were made into books. These books became the Constitution of every religion. Initially Kings accumulated all the coins and other things with them and provided it to people based on the needs. But gradually money started playing a major in the status of people’s lives and it ruined everything. Thus some of them got richer and richer and earned more powers. While others got poorer and poorer. Kings were dethroned by other Kings. And so the leader got changed again and again. Then after a long time, people started moving from monarchy to Democracy, communism etc since they believed that king is a lot dominating and is not of much help. So in democracy they elected in unison (using votes) one among them to lead them and thus the current world with presidents and prime ministers came into existence. They have dwelled in both inventions and also arts. They have built huge monuments, temples and other places of arts. Along with making world useful, they also made the world beautiful. And thus the history of colonizations and inventions of the world followed which we already know. If needed it can be covered in a different post. Since this is already too biggggggg !!!.

As the colonies expanded and people started conquering the world. They also had an interest in getting to know how the world was formed. After a lot of struggle and once they got to know that sky was not actually blue and it goes on till infinity. They wanted to know if people like humans are in outer space too. So they started sending spacecrafts like the rockets into outer space. This had been a lot challenging to achieve. Then they sent a human to moon and also an unmanned space shuttle till Pluto even. They also built a space station to control things from outer space. They have sent satellites which were the most important means of today for Navigation and Communication.

Radio Waves transmitted to the Outer space

Even today NASA is sending RadioWaves with encrypted messages into outer space so that if there are any other intelligent species on outer space they would respond. There is a lot of possibility that life can exist on any part of the universe like it is existing in Earth(which is actually just a very very very minute dot in the universe) You may have realized after reading this that there must be life in outer space too because the life through which the earth has traveled. There is a possibility that another planet revolving around another star in the same or different galaxy could have been through the same life.

Earth is still only half way through its life. Minimum there is around 4.5 billion years more to go for earth in this Universe. Now they even say that there are lot universes too. Means Universe is not single. Multiverse is possible. In this huge broad space, we are just a tiny dot. If you think of this from your inner heart, you will realize whatever happening in your life is nothing and you here to just enjoy the life and not care about anything. Have a Smiling Face always. Love Everyone. Make Everyone Happy. Importantly Believe in Science. Thank you readers _/\_ !!!!!

Harishchandran: The Man of Truth and Vow!

Harichandran (aka) Harishchandran was a great Indian ruler of Ayodhya belonging to Ikshvaku dynasty, who is renowned for never uttering a single lie in his life and also for never going back on a promise that he made to someone.

Even after several years since his marriage, Harishchandran did not have a blessing for a child. So both he and his wife (Taramati) decided to pray to Lord Varunan (the Rain God) in order to invoke his blessings for a child. Varunan was pleased with them and blessed them with a son. However, he also wanted them to sacrifice the child to him. The couple was helpless and was forced to agree to the condition laid down by Varunan. In due course of time, a son was born to Harishchandran. While they were in great joy for the birth of their first child, they were also anxious when they realized that they had to keep up their promise to Varunan.

A few days later, Varunan appeared before them and demanded that the child should be offered to him as a sacrifice, as they had promised earlier. Harishchandran pleaded with God and requested him to let the infant stay with them until he developed his teeth. Varunan agreed and returned once the child developed his teeth. Still unwilling to let his son go, Harishchandran kept making newer excuses and Varunan kept agreeing to them. A few years went by this way, by which time, the boy was old enough to understand everything going on around him. He came to know the story behind his birth and that he should have been handed over to Varunan a long time ago. Disappointed with this parent’s lack of integrity, the boy absconded from home. This enraged Varunan, who came again, wanting the child back. By this time, Harishchandran was afflicted by a deadly strain of dropsy (a condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body). Seeing his pitiful condition, Varunan himself relented and told him that he did not want the boy back. He also blessed the king that he should be free of his disease. Harishchandran realized his mistake and knew that this was his punishment for not having fulfilled his promise to God. He felt really bad that he had cheated his own Lord and vowed then and there, that he would never lie or go back on his promise anymore. Thereafter, he stayed true to his resolution and lived a life of truth and righteousness. He lived in such a way after that, that he got a name for himself as the follower of truth (Satyavrata)

One day, in the court of Indran (the God of the Gods) some earthly matters were being discussed by the sages and Devas present there. Indran raised a doubt whether there were at all any honest and truthful human beings on earth. Sage Vasishtar mentioned the name of Harishchandran. This incensed Indran, who was aware about how the latter had cheated Varunan by not fulfilling his promise. To this, the sage replied that the king’s past was of no consequence now, because he had truly changed and had become a pure and honest man now. He also confidently stated that, if he was proven wrong, he would dismantle his jadai (tightly wound locks of hair), letting his hair loose, and also walk away, bare-bodied. Vishwamitrar opposed Vasishtar that Harishchandran is not so truthful as he was and it was all a fake story or mirage.

When all these discussions were going on, Naradar asked sage Vishwamitrar what he would do if Harishchandran had really stuck to the path of truth, as he had promised. Vishwamitrar replied that he would give the king half the quantum of divine blessings and grace that he had earned throughout his lifetime, and that he would make him a world-renowned monarch. Vishwamitrar then decided to test Harishchandran and see how well he really fared in his life. Thus started the most difficult phase in the ruler’s life. Vishwamitrar returned to earth after the celestial meeting and put his head into planning ways and means by which he could test Harishchandran and lead him on the path to sin. He planned to rid him of all his wealth, to see if he would lie at least then. In the meantime, the ruler, blissfully unaware of what was happening around him, continued to be the ideal husband, father and king.

Some followers of Vishwamitrar approached Harishchandran and informed him of a religious sacrifice (Yagna), also stating that he would be the most qualified person to conduct the same. Harishchandran heard them out and then promised them that he would make all the arrangements to conduct it, along with the other sages. One of the conditions of the ritual was that the king should distribute unlimited gifts and wealth after the sacrifice, means he should give away whatever anyone asked for, even if it eventually hurt him to do so. King Harishchandran was well aware of this condition, and yet he agreed to conduct this sacrifice. He gave away much wealth, gifts and food to the poor and the needy. By the end of the yagna, his subjects and the sages conducting the ritual were all pleased and satisfied.

Vishwamitrar, however, wanted to test the king even further. He approached the king and demanded that a man should stand on the top of an elephant and toss a coin in the air, up to a certain height. He then said that the king should pile up money and jewels so as to measure up to that height and give the same away to him. Harishchandran instantly agreed to this demand and arranged for the wealth to be sent to the sage’s ashram. Bewildered by his integrity and generosity, also disappointed in his own failure, Vishwamitrar left the wealth and gifts there, saying that he would send someone to pick up his gifts, at a later time. Harishchandran had clearly won the first round of tests.

Vishwamitrar was getting more worried by the minute. He had not succeeded in this round and would be ridiculed by the Devas if he failed once again. Ever since the yagna, Harishchandran was earning more and more respect from everyone around. The sage thought for some time and then decided to completely rob the king of his power, so that he would have no other choice, except to lie for his survival. He used his siddhis (magical powers) to create several wild animals and let them loose inside the kingdom, so that they could make the subjects suffer to the maximum.

The wild beasts, pests and insects that the sage created wrought immense damage to the kingdom. They attacked farmer’s fields, destroying crops, food and other supplies and also damaged people’s homes. The subjects went to the king seeking help for their issues. The king assured them that he would do everything in power to set right the great misfortune that had befallen his kingdom. He then set out to hunt the animals causing the damage and to kill them. Reaching the interiors of the jungle, he spent all day finding and slaying them. As he proceeded yet deeper into the jungle, he unexpectedly came upon a sanctuary where wild animals lived together in a peaceful environment. On venturing ahead, he approached a hermitage he had never seen before. As he neared it, he realized this was the ashram of his family teacher, sage Vasishthar. The locale was calm and serene and soothed his frayed nerves. After taking the blessings of the sage, he told him about his errand and then left to travel yet deeper into the forest.

By afternoon, he reached another hermitage – that of sage Vishwamitrar. But as he neared the place, he could feel a tangible change in the atmosphere. Tired, he decided to rest a little before visiting the sage. He lay down with his head resting on his wife’s lap and soon went into a deep slumber. When Vishwamitrar came to know that the king was near his ashram, he started feeling restless and his feeling of revenge came to the fore. Still smarting at his humiliation the previous time, he vowed to defeat Harishchandran this time. Using his yogic powers, the sage created two beautiful girls. However, as his intentions were evil, the girls were made of filth and dirt. He then ordered them to go to the king and tempt him to commit sin. Sage Vishwamitrar was rather infamous for his spiteful and vengeful nature. Once he decided he did not like someone, he could harbor ill-will against that person for a very long time.

In the meantime, Harishchandran, who was sleeping, had a horrible dream. He sensed something inauspicious was about to take place. On getting up, he described the dream to Taramati. She tried to placate him, as did his son and minister. At this time, the two girls sent by the sage approached him and entertained him with song and dance. Their main purpose was to tease and annoy him, finally distracting him from the path of righteousness. They then demanded that he should marry them. At this, Harishchandran flared up and referring to them as lowly beings that did not deserve to marry a mighty monarch as himself, asked them to leave immediately. When they refused, he beat them with a sledge hammer and drove them out. The girls in tears, rushed to Vishwamitrar begging for his help. This moment was just the one the sage had hoped for. Burning with indignation, he approached the king and stood angrily before him. The monarch respectfully greeted and welcomed him, apologizing for any fault shown in his duty towards him. All the while, Harishchandran could not help noticing the difference in the aura between this sage and sage Vasishthar. The latter had been so calm and graceful, whereas Vishwamitrar’s whole being seemed to be one contorted bundle of hatred and rage.

Vishwamitrar mercilessly shouted at Harishchandran for killing his animals, as also for beating up his girls. He demanded that the latter marry them forewith. When he refused to do so, the sage grew even more resentful and abusive. Finally, in order to placate the sage, the king offered to give up his kingdom to him. The sage agreed in a trice and asked Harishchandran to give up his entire kingdom to him. The monarch agreed without batting an eyelid. The sage, however, was adamant that he pass on his power to him in the presence of all his subjects. Agreeing to the sage’s wishes, he seated the sage in his chariot and followed him on foot, all the way back to the kingdom. Once back in the palace, he summoned his minister, court officials and all his subjects, and handed over all his royal and administrative powers to sage Vishwamitrar, in their presence. In spite of all this, Vishwamitrar was still not satisfied. He demanded that the king take off all his jewels and those of his wife and child as well. He further gave them cheap garments and asked them to hand over their expensive silks and other clothes to him. Harishchandran then requested Vishwamitrar to give them permission to leave. The sage, still resentful, half-heartedly gave his consent. On stepping out of the palace, the citizens were confused on seeing their king and his family in such a sorry state. He consoled them, telling them that Vishwamitrar was now their ruler and proceeded to walk away from them all. Still not satisfied with all his newly-gained possessions, Vishwamitrar stopped Harishchandran in his tracks and demanded the gifts that he had earlier agreed to safeguard, till the time the sage came to claim them. The latter had nothing else to offer now – he had handed over everything to the sage. However, Vishwamitrar stubbornly insisted that he expected those gifts back and gave Harishchandran a time period of 48 days, within which he would have to return those gifts to him. The sage then asked one of his followers, Nakshatraka, to follow them and relentlessly torture them, till the time they had paid up their dues. He himself decided to take the shape of terrible storms, fire, thirst, hunger and various wild animals, in order to make them lose their way; finally forcing Harishchandran to utter at least one single lie.

Harishchandran was now a pauper and could not hope to pay Vishwamitrar’s debt. He decided to go to Kasi or Varanasi and collect money by taking a huge loan and then working hard to repay it. They had to travel through a dense jungle in order to reach Varanasi. While that was difficult in itself, Vishwamitrar created limitless troubles for them. They all suffered immense trauma, both physically and mentally. However, Harishchandran never once swerved from his vow of truthfulness and righteousness. Additionally, the power of Taramati’s chastity also protected them all from permanent harm. On reaching Varanasi at last, they felt even more lost in a strange town; among strange people. They then went to the temple of Lord Vishweshwara (Shiva) to offer their obeisance to him. They were all wondering how to clear all their debts, when Taramati suggested that he sell her and their son, in order to pay up all their debts. Harishchandran was shocked when he heard her utter those words. He could not even think of doing something so lowly. She insisted, even as he started mouthing his refusal. Eventually, the once-powerful monarch, a descendant of the mighty lineage of Lord Rama himself; prepared to sell his wife and son. He wandered from street to street, offering his wife and son for sale. After a long time, one Brahmin seemed slightly interested. He, however, found fault with the wife, saying that she looked too old. He also said that son looked too weak. Then, after much haggling, he bought them both for cash.

The king paid this money to Nakshatraka, thereby debiting some amount. However, a large part of the loan remained unpaid. As the day for the full repayment of the debt neared, the king got more and more panicky. He decided he would sell himself as well and so, he roamed around the streets of Varanasi, yelling, “I am a king of the Ikshvaku dynasty. I now offer myself for sale”. Finally, a man offered to buy him. This person was Veerabahu, an outcast, who was in charge of the burning-ground. He was obviously drunk and his breath reeked of alcohol. For a moment, Harishchandran wondered if he was doing the right thing by accepting this drunk’s offer. After all, he came from the exalted Ikshvaku dynasty and this was way below his caliber. However, there was no other way he could repay his debt and so, he accepted Veerabahu’s offer. He told him about the amount he had to repay, telling him that he would have to stand atop an elephant and toss a coin – he would then have to pay up gold and money that reached up to that height. The latter asked him what Harishchandran would do for him if he were to pay up the required wealth. The king promised him that he would forever remain his servant and do his bidding for the rest of his life. Veerabahu agreed and paid the money to Nakshatraka, thereby clearing all of Harishchandran’s debts. Nakshatraka was amazed at the amount of money heaped up before his eyes and also felt bad at the way his Guru, Vishwamitrar, had tortured a pure soul such as this noble king standing humbly in front of him. In any case, he did his duty and took all the money back to his Guru. When Nakshatraka came back with all the money, Vishwamitrar got even more angry and upset. He had never failed in any challenge and this defeat was too much for him to take. He decided to unleash even more tragedies on Harishchandran. Taramati and her son, Rohitashwa, were serving at the Brahmin’s house. The Brahmin was, in actuality, an evil manifestation of Vishwamitrar himself. He kept harassing them endlessly. They were already being treated badly out there – slaving away for him, being starved and scolded all day long. They though struggled through it all, kept hoping and praying for better days.

One day, Rohitashwa went to the forest to gather wood. There, he was stung by a poisonous serpent. Taramati came to know of his death only late evening. She was completely heartbroken. Her son was the only little solace to her and he too had gone. However, she tried to compose herself. She realized that she was all alone and was the only one to cremate her son’s body. Even to do so, she had to take her master’s permission. The evil man gave her permission for only one day. Weeping inconsolably, she went into the forest, in search of her child’s body. Finding it, she wept her heart out. She then lifted his lifeless body and walked to the cremation ground. Placing him down gently, she went in search of firewood for the funeral. Since she had no money, she had to collect it all herself. Finally, she collected enough firewood and was about to light the fire, when Harishchandran, who was guarding the ground, snatched the firewood from her hands and holding the boy’s dead body by the toe, hurled it away from the funeral pyre. Taramati shed bitter tears, beseeching him to permit her to cremate her dead child. Not recognizing her or the child, Harishchandran demanded that she first hand over the boy’s clothes to him and also pay the prescribed fees for the cremation. She told him that she was penniless and, therefore, could not pay him. He suggested that she pawn her mangalsutra (symbol worn around the neck by married women) and bring him the required money. Taramati bemoaned her condition and the fact that her son – a prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty – had to endure this unceremonious funeral.

Vishwamitrar, who was repeatedly facing defeat at the hands of Harishchandran, made a final bid to trap him. The same night that the boy died, some bandits kidnapped the prince of Varanasi and killed him, in order to take all his jewels. Hearing the child cry for help, Taramati, in her distraught condition, thought it was her son crying out for her. She rushed to the dying boy and tried to soothe him. The bandits quickly packed up his jewels and left the place before anyone could spot them. Seeing Taramati near the boy, the king’s men misunderstood the situation and thought that she had murdered him. They forcefully took her to the king’s palace. When she was brought before the king, she looked disheveled and benumbed. She was not even in a position to speak up and explain her position. The king felt sorry for her, but decided that she must be executed for her crime. He ordered Veerabahu, the public hangman, to execute her. Veerabahu, in turn, ordered his new assistant to complete the execution of this woman.

In the meantime, Harishchandran was awaiting the woman, hoping that she would return soon with the money to cremate her son. Now, he had to go and execute another strange woman. He led the woman to the gallows and asked her to say her last prayers. He did not know who she was and did not care anyways. Taramati squatted on the ground and offered her salutations to her Guru, sage Vasishtha. She then looked skyward and loudly prayed for her husband, Harishchandran, taking his name, wishing that his name lasted forever and that his son came back to life. She also wished that Vishwamitrar became immortal. With that, she asked the executioner to strike the blow. Hearing her words, Harishchandran was shocked out of his stupor and immediately recognized this shriveled woman, who was actually his wife. He also realized that this was the same woman who had brought her son to the crematorium, in order to burn his body. In spite of knowing this, however, he realized that he was merely a servant to his master and hence, had to do his bidding. He had no right to defy his master’s orders and therefore, he had no choice, but to kill this wonderful woman, who was the love of his life. His pulse racing and tears coming to his eyes, he raised the hangman’s sword and prepared to bring it down on his wife’s neck.

Dawn was just arriving and the Sun was rising on the mountains. Suryadeva (the Sun God) was gazing down at the brilliant glory of the Suryavamsha (the dynasty of the Sun) and was taking pride at the honor and integrity displayed by his descendant. All the Gods and angels too assembled to witness this heavenly event – when a mortal king would achieve Godhead. Vasishtha was fervently hoping that Vishwamitrar would at least now realize his folly and liberate Harishchandran and his family from all their terrible troubles.

Just then, Vishwamitrar appeared before Harishchandran and told him that he would pardon him and bring his son back to life, also giving him back all his wealth and power, on one condition – that he married the 2 girls that had entertained him at an earlier time. Only then did the king realized that all he had endured was not a result of karma, but occurred due to the evil machinations of this Guru standing menacingly in front of him. He had enough and with determination ringing in his voice, refused his Guru’s offer, saying that he would not yield to any sort of temptation. Saying thus, he lifted his sword and prepared to behead his wife. Just before the blade could touch her neck, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma, appeared before them. This was the ultimate triumph of truth. They blessed Harishchandran and revived his dead son, Rohitashwa. Vishwamitrar prostrated before the Lord. He went on to speak about the feud between himself and Vasishthar and how that became the prime cause of Harishchandran’s suffering. He then also explained that all that suffering was an illusory drama and that the evil Brahmin, who bought Taramati and Rohitashwa, was actually Lord Agni, the God of Fire. Veerabahu, who bought the king, was actually Yama, the God of Death. The sage then officially stated, in front of all present there, that Harishchandran had indeed won the challenge and that he would give back all the wealth and power, and also half of all the grace that he had earned in his lifetime of penance. The angels showered flowers on the king and his family, also returning him to his kingdom. All his suffering turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the world had been witness to the true power of his truthfulness and virtue.

Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi had him as his idol and used to follow his virtue

# One of the Stories that I loved while reading !!

When you find your death date !! – Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Area Map

At around 5.00 in the morning, My Phone rang. I woke up spontaneously and picked up the call. There was nothing but silence on the other side. Then the call ended at once without anyone speaking. I opened my inbox and checked for text messages. There were 5 Messages everything reading the same, “Wake Up Raghunath. Let’s start the ride of your last 7 days with a ride.”. Phone beeped again. I left the bed and went to the hall. Dad left for work as usual at 4 in the morning and Mom was still sleeping. The hall was dark. I walked slowly outside to the balcony and checked the messages again. It read, “Pick the key of your brother’s Motor bike, also the helmet and follow the following instructions:

1. Stand on the left side of your bike. Get over the bike from left hand side. That would always be easy. Take out the stand and balance the bike with your legs.

2. Check if the kill switch is off ( It will be near your thumb if you hold the right handle with your right hand). Then place the key in the holder and turn it towards right to ignition position.

3. Check if the gear shifter on the left leg side is in neutral position. Then start the power ignition switch which will be near to the kill switch. You are a Mechanical Engineer you obviously know these things.

4. Pull the clutch lever. Press the gear shifter to first gear. Release the clutch slowly and gently twist the throttle. As the bike gains forward momentum, put your feet up on the pegs.

5. If you want to change gears, pull the clutch lever again and shift the gear shifter.

You would think why i am taking you a bike riding lecture. I know you know all these things already. But there is an important thing you have to do with this bike soon. So for getting you ready i am asking you to do such things. Take your bike and ride it till the En-fore beach and come back. You are going to do this every morning of these 7 days at 5.00. Now come on ! Ready! Set! GO! Hahaha!!”. I literally had no idea what was going on. I just sat there in my house’s terrace steps for sometime. My Phone beeped again. The new message read, “I hope she is sleeping. You remember what you read in that paper in that kid’s pocket yesterday right. Now go on Chalo! Bhaag! No Not Bhaag! Go and Drive! I am closely watching you.” I looked out the Balcony. But there was no one around. It was just an empty road at 5.30 in the morning. 

I took the keys and my helmet and went down near the Motor bike. I sat on it, inserted the key and pushed the gear to neutral. Then I started the ignition and pulled the clutch, shifted the bike to first gear and released it slowly. Before pressing the throttle. Bike stopped. This was the issue i face always. I pulled the clutch again and shifted the bike to neutral. Then started the ignition and changed the gear and released the clutch slowly again. Before pressing the throttle. Bike stopped again. I looked at the side mirror in the bike and spat at myself. I decided to give it one last try. I pulled the clutch again and shifted the bike to neutral. Then started the ignition again, changed the gear again and released the clutch slowly again .This time i pressed the throttle at the right time and the bike started moving forward slowly. I lifted my legs and kept it on the pegs. It felt good when it moved slowly. I have driven Tamizh’s bike once before. But not so long. I took the bike out of the street. Then into the market lane towards the main road. Then after reaching the road, I took a right turn. Then I pulled the clutch and shifted the bike to second gear. The bike gained speed. It felt good when the air hit my forehead through the helmet. Then I took a left turn towards the En-fore beach at the toll gate. I stopped the bike at the En-Fore beach, picked the keys and went into the beach. The sun was rising over the beaches. It was an awesome view in the morning. I sat there on the sand thinking about that random number, the so called Mr. Death. The same questions which were running in my mind the previous night were flashing again. I looked around and saw that there were old people jogging here and there near the beach. After half an hour, I took the bike back home, parked it at the usual place and laid down myself at the same position of the bed before everyone woke up.

At 10 in the morning, My Mom woke me up before leaving to join my dad at work. She asked me to eat the breakfast she made and then take a rest. My brothers had left for college it seems. They were not there when I woke up. I got up, refreshed myself and sat down to eat breakfast. Then I took my phone out. There were no messages from that number. I scrolled up the text message conversation and clicked on the website link. The website still showed only the following “Error 503: The Server is currently unavailable or under maintenance”. The only thought that was running through me was what if I die? Should I go to the police before this becomes anything serious? But those words in the paper flashed my mind. I was thinking about everyone I knew in my life. My mom, dad, brothers, grandparents, uncles, friends and other relatives. It triggered some emotional sensation into my heart. I fell into my thoughts. This time my childhood at my grandparent’s home came into picture in my thoughts. There was a day when I fought with my mom in childhood to send me and my brothers to my Grandparents home for annual holidays. I had three uncles, who were brothers of my Mom. Two of them owned a provision shop and other was an AC Mechanic. One of my uncle’s shops is nearby to my grandparent’s home. Whenever I go to my grandparents home, I would always stay in that shop. I was good at math, so my uncle would asking me for any complex addition before checking calculator. Sometimes he would believe my total blindly. I was that accurate all the time. Helping my uncle in his shop was a great past time for me. We used to discuss how big I will become in my life when I grow up. He dreamed a lot about me. He loved me so much. I would help him open the shop as well as close the shop. While opening and closing, we had to arrange the things in the shop. My uncle would ask me to arrange the tender coconuts and other cool drink bottles while he handles all other heavy things. Tender coconuts were famous in my uncle’s shop. He had regular customers for it too. My grandpa was very good in cutting the tender coconut. I would watch him cutting it and also inserting a straw. Sometimes he would ask me, do you want one. I would say to him if we ourselves finish everything in our shop, them what will be left for the customer. He would say you are the sweetest customer for me. And for sweetest customer we will give a free frooti also. I enjoyed those days. I used to sit with my Grandma and my brothers in my grandparents’ home and would compel her to watch Mr.bean. In the beginning, she would ask me to change the channel since she never understands it. But gradually, she herself started to say. Keep pogo TV. It’s time for Mr. Bean. She loved Mr.Bean. We would eat together after my uncles return back from their respective works. We would sit in a line. I along with my brothers would sit in between my uncles. And my grandma would serve the food to us. Grandpa used to sit and admire us doing mischiefs. Karthi was the most mischievous of all. After eating, we would sleep alongside my grandpa. He used to tell us ghost stories while sleeping. It was a lot interesting. I love ghost stories. I would ask for more, but he would tell us only one per day. Sometimes when we were bored and if my uncle’s were in leave, we would play cards too. I was good at bluff even in those days. I thought them that. It was awesome to play with them. Obviously we played cricket too. We would cry to return back home when the holidays get over. Even after one month of stay, we were that eager to stay long. Mom and Dad used to drag us home even though we would cry. But now, it’s been more than two years since I have stepped into my grandparents home. Even if they come to our home, I would go to my bed and would use phone or  would sleep without having a conversation with them. My Mom once told me, they felt very bad for coming when we were not interested to meet them. That day I just ignored it. I hesitated to go there because one of my uncles teased my appearance very badly in front of everyone. He was joking and trying to have fun. But that hurt me that day very badly. From that day, I never stepped into their home. Even my grandparents did that sometime too. Nowadays I don’t speak properly to anyone except my friends. Lifestyle has become like that. Social media and mobile phones changed us. But now I am realizing it. They have very less time left in their life. Everything they say is for our good. I should not show such ego towards them. I should speak to them freely. Even if they say anything. Who are they? they are our relations. Who else have the right to speak about us. I should meet them soon. But what if I had only 6 more days to go? What if I die before meeting them? Will I die? I should not. I have a lot of responsibilities in my life. I should not. A cat’s noise woke me up from my thoughts. It was the white cat that roams around my house daily. It tried coming inside. I shouted, “Usshshhhhhhh!!!”. And it ran away.

After eating, again I went and laid down on the bed looking at the ceiling and thinking of how to find who was behind this prank. But my mind was absolutely clueless. I knew it was a prank since the person who is behind this is knowing me very well. He knew I had fear in riding the bike which a lot don’t know. If I find out who is behind this, I am going to slap him so hard. He is playing with my life saying i will die in 7 days and that is not a joke. And he is threatening that he will do something to my mom. I shouted, “Daiiiiiiii !! Who are you?!!!!!!!”

At around 11.30 in the morning, my phone beeped. I opened and read the text message. “Get Ready and come to Bus Stand. Come in 10 minutes soon. I am standing here. I can’t wait for so long. Come and meet me soon.” I got up at once. I ran to the door. I looked around for the lock but it was nowhere to be found. I just closed the latch on the outside. Without locking it with a lock, I ran down to the ground floor to the gate. Just when I reached the gate, I realized that I forgot to wear the slippers. I ran up again, took the slippers in my hand, ran down again and when I got down the steps and reached the gate, I threw the slippers down on the floor from my hand, Inserted my legs into it and started running towards the bus stand. I ran into the street at a very high speed. I remember someone standing on the side asking me, “What happened Raghu? Where are you running?”. But I did not look back at who it was. I just ran towards the bus stand. The Only thing running in my mind was to see who was that random number (Death). 

When I reached the bus stand, I looked around in search of someone. Yes it is someone only, because I don’t know how will that person look like right. I ran around the bus depot to all corners. But I just can’t find who that can be. I called that random number. The Phone ringed. I also heard a phone ringing sound somewhere around me. With my phone in my ear, I ran around the bus depot. There I saw a phone ringing in someone’s pocket. The Owner of it was a teenage boy. His hair was spiked with a yellow colored dye on it. He had a stud in his right ear. I ran towards him. He took the phone in his hand and clicked on something. At the same time, the call from my phone was also picked. And it was a complete silence at the other end. I caught the front of his T-Shirt and shouted at him, “Hey! who are you”. My phone was still in my ears. If it was he, who was at the other end of the call. I would have heard my voice through his phone but I did not. Still holding his T-Shirt Collar in my hand, I was in thoughts. And then, he shouted suddenly, “Mamae, come fast this guy caught my collar and he is trying to hit me”. I was still hearing if I can hear any sound from other end of the call. I shouted “Hello!! Hello!! Hey, Are you there! Who are You! I am here in the bus stand! Where are you! Hello!! Hello!! Hello!!”. The call ended without an answer. And when I turned to see the guy whose T-shirt I was holding, I saw the palm of someone coming towards my cheeks. Just at the right time I ducked in reflex. It was his friend. He was a tall fat guy. I left hold of his collar and said, “A mistake happened. Sorry!! Sorry!! Sorry bro!!”. But they both came forward for hitting me. One of them said, “What Sorry bro! You will catch our shirt and will scold at us and we have to accept your sorry”. I said, “Sorry bro!! A Mistake happened. I was in search of someone else. I mistook your friend for him. I am really sorry”. Don’t know what he thought he said, “Okay don’t repeat this again. Now go away. I should not see you anymore”.

When I turned, My Phone beeped. And the message read, “Slap that tall fat guy hard now or face the Consequences”. I just turned, Went towards that guy. He was turning towards the other direction and was speaking to his friend. I called him by touching his shoulder. He turned and said, “Dai ! B**** You are still here!!”. And Banggggggggggggg!!! My hand smashed into his cheeks like a train crashing into another train. I was in so much anger that I gave all my power towards his cheeks. The other stud guy came towards me in reaction to what I did. I caught his collar again and slapped the most powerful slap I have ever did. Palarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! The Stud guy fell down. Then without looking back at them again, I just ran from there. After running to some distance, I looked back if they were chasing me. But no one was there. Then I started walking slowly towards my home. 

Oh Shit! What just happened? It’s been a long time since I have hit someone like this. It was long back some 4 or 5 years ago, I slapped someone when he tried to hit karthi during a fight in a Cricket match. But now, why did I hit these guys? Oh no! All unwanted things are happening in my life! What if they come in search of me with a lot more guys? What will I do then? I should not have done it. Okay now, Where is this person? Why did he ask me to come to the bus stand in the first place? And where is he now? Is he still there? Or is that guy who I slapped is an enemy of this so called Mr. Death. I sat down on the chair that was near a tea stall. And looked down at the road with my hand holding my head.

Phone beeped and the message read, “Hi Ragunath, You were not in a very good mood. That was the reason I did not meet you today. I don’t want to see you with that face. Also one more thing, don’t waste your time by calling me again. It will always be silence at the other end. Now go home and collect your parcel from Amazon. Don’t open it till I say. Now go”. It was around 12 PM. I hesitated but then got up and walked home. I reached home and when I came to the first floor, I saw that the door was open. I shouted, “Maa! Maa! But no sound !! I ran inside and found that everything was in its place in my house. I shouted Maa !! again. But no response.  May be she has gone to a nearby Shop, I thought. I laid myself down on my bed. I got a call after some 10 minutes and the delivery boy requested me to tell him the exact location of my house. He reached my house in 5 minutes. It was a cash on delivery order. It costed 1100 rupees. I asked him what it was. He said he was not sure but it was some kind of toy. I asked him from whom the order was sent to me. He said me, “you are joking right. You said you are Raghunath. Then obviously It was you who ordered this”. I paid him the money and went back up to my bedroom with the parcel. I thought of opening it. But decided not to and I kept it inside the drawer in my bed.

Mom came back home in sometime from the Shop. She went straight to the kitchen without speaking to me and started to cook lunch. I heard her speaking to herself, “If we are having a shop to sell things, doesn’t mean we are their servants. We have our own respect. How can that guy speak like that. He said he is some big gangster of the area. He said he is from Rawther’s gang”. She was actually crying. I went inside the kitchen and asked her, “Ma, Why are you crying? What happened?”. She said some moron spoke harshly to my father for not giving him extra fruits. She said he used strong words towards him and also raised his hand to hit him. And also that no one around the shop came forward to stop him from doing that. On hearing that, Anger peaked inside me. “Ma, Who is that? Where is he from? Is he still there? See me what I am doing now. I walked faster towards the steps”. My Mom stopped me. She said, “He was some roadside begging stupid illiterate who had no other job. But you are not that. You should not involve in such useless things.”. I said,“Let me know if he comes back again and I went inside the bedroom”. But I want to break the hand which he raised towards my father. Anger was boiling inside me. It was simmering inside me. I said to my Mom that I am going to meet Tamizh and I went near my Dad’s shop. I stood there watching if anyone was there who resembled the one my mom said me now. But no one was there. My dad was there standing inside the shop speaking to a customer.

I took my phone out and called Tamizh. “Dai, where are you? Come quickly near my Dad’s shop”. But Tamizh said he was not at home and would meet me in the evening. It was around 2 PM. I went back home and the lunch was ready now. I switched on the TV and started watching a movie while eating my lunch. Phone beeped again, while I was eating. I opened the message. It read the following, “Let’s play a game! Shall we!! Let’s test your brain! Shall we!! Okay Solve this riddle Ragunath! ‘I am a part of your house. If you lie down with your spine resting on me, and look upwards. You would feel something which can never happen and which is impossible. Find me and Come in search of me for your next clue’.”.

I was already so much frustrated and this increased it so much. After finishing the lunch, I threw my phone into one corner of my bed and I laid myself down with my spine on my bed and looking upwards at the ceiling. What impossible thing can I feel if I do this. Is he some sort of idiot. Or is he thinking I am an idiot. When I was looking at the ceiling and the fan without taking my eyes off it. I fell into my thoughts again. The day I met her for the first time came into my mind. She was a friend of my friend. Myself along with my group of friends went to a Dandiya celebration party that was conducted by my client company . That was the day I saw her for the first time. I have heard her name before from my friend. But have never seen her. When we entered the party, the dj night had already started and the song that was playing when we entered was badtameezdil !!  We started moving our legs and hands based on the rhythms right when we stepped our foot into the crowd. We started dancing hard. I started dancing by singing aloud too, ” Hey Badtameezdil !! Badtameezdil !! Badtameezdil !! Maane na !! Maane na !! ” While I was jumping around in excitement. I just froze when I saw her. She was looking so beautiful. She looked like an angel moving through the rhythms. It never felt like she was dancing based on the musical rhythms. It was as if they are playing the music based on how she was dancing. I just froze at my place and watched her dance. She was moving around with her steps as perfect as a peacock. I was just standing there and admiring her all along the song. I wanted to be friends with her. I just want to be beside her all the time. Then came, “Saree ke fall sa Kabhi match Kiya rey !! Kabhi chhod diya dhil, Kabhi catch Kiya rey !!” . I just ran near her and started dancing for it with her. She and her friends joined me dancing. Then started the Dhandiya.They gave the Dhandiya sticks and atlast they played a Tamil song. Dhandiya aatamum aada !! Dhassara kootamum kooda !! Gujarat kumarigal aada !! Kadhalan Kadhaliya theda !! We were dancing in circles and were hitting each other’s Dhandiya sticks based on the rhythm . When my turn came with her, I blushed. It felt great to dance with an angel. After the party got over and when we were walking together towards the PG, My Friend introduced her to me that she was the one she used to speak about. She was a Kerala girl. She knew my Tamil too. I liked the way she spoke cute Malayalam with my friend. She said to me, “Enda per Karthika. Unga per enna?”. “I know your name already Darling”, I thought. I just laughed upon hearing what she said. Actually on the way how she said. I said to her, I am Raghunath. Call me Raghu and your Malayalam is so cute. I am not flirting, just a compliment from my side. She laughed hard on hearing that. That was our first meet. I gave a friend request to her on Facebook after that. She accepted it that night only. I sent her a “Hi”. And that is where it all started. We Spoke a lot that night about each other. That is the point where I gave my heart for free to her. I never knew that night that she will become my best friend and also more than that in some time. Mom’s sound woke me up from the thoughts. She shouted from somewhere,”Dai Raghu! When are you leaving?”. I shouted back, “Where Maa”. “Bangalore Only”, she replied. I said,”Not sure I will tell”. I noticed that the power was out and the fan stopped spinning. It was so hot that it started sweating. So I went to the terrace to get some fresh air. It was around 4 PM. It was cloudy and I guessed that it may rain that night. I just looked around everywhere thinking what could be the answer to that riddle. My terrace had a tank at one corner and a lot of pipes emerging from it. Then 3 cement sheets that were lying just below the vacant space where the tank is located. Also there are trees on one side and houses on all other sides. This was the most common place to sleep in our childhood when power went out. Me,my brothers and my father would sleep here together watching the moon and the stars.While walking from one corner to another, I stamped on a cricket ball that was there on the terrace. I was in thoughts so I did not notice that. I fell down with my back towards the floor. When I fell down I looked upwards and found the answer to that riddle. The answer was the place I am now – “Terrace”. When I was lying down with my spine on the floor and with my face lifted upwards. It felt like I was falling into the Sky. But actually I was not. And it is impossible to fall towards the sky. I got up and searched for the second clue. There under the cement sheets I found a sheet of paper which had the following, ” Hi Raghunath, Great! You are having a brain indeed!! You found the Second clue. This riddle is not that easy as the first one. Let’s see if you can crack this to find the next clue. Since this is going to be hard you can take time till tomorrow for finding the next clue. So here it is, ‘I can’t walk but you can walk with me! I don’t run but a part of me can ! I am a drinking addict but I am steady only after drinking ! If you want to get work out of me, You have to buy me a drink ! I always prefer drinking only foreign drinks ! If I fall down alone I will have less damage ! But if we fall together you will have more damage than me ! You wanted to be my best friend for a long time !! But you were shy of the world !! But we are friends now yet to be best friends !! Find me !! And come to me for the next clue!!!’. That is a lot of clue right. Hope you will find it sooner.”. I went to my thinking place (i,e) My bed and my Ceiling. I thought about it for a long time. Who can it be? Is it some Physically Challenged alcoholic friend whom I am having? But why would I be best friends with an alcoholic? I don’t drink even? I hate alcoholics? Who can it be? I kept on thinking for a long time. But I had no idea.

At around 6 PM in the Evening, Tamizh came to my house to meet me as he said. I said to him about what happened in my father’s shop that day. He said to me, “It’s okay it happens, Don’t worry. We will take care of him if he comes back again. Such guys get beaten up always. Who knows he would be admitted in some hospitals now even. You leave such people alone. They are useless parts of our society. You clear your mind up. You are Okay right ?”. I said,”Yes, But!”. He said,”Come, let’s go to Babloo shop and have some Mushroom chaat !! Yummy yum yum !!”. We both went to Babloo shop which was a famous Chaat shop in our area. Everything they make will be so tasty. We love Mushroom chaat a lot. We used to eat this from our school times. 

While we were standing and eating the mushroom chaat I Babloo shop. My phone beeped. I thought, “what does he want now. I already have a riddle to solve. What is he wanting from me now?”. I opened the message. It read, “Run for your life Raghunath. The one you slapped in the morning is here with his friends. Look around you. You are needed for 6 more days. Don’t die now itself and pay the penalty for that.”. I kept my phone back in the pocket and looked around. It was so crowded as usual . I can’t find who could be his friends and where he is standing. I said to Tamizh, “Tamizh! Run along with me ! We are in trouble !! I have no time to explain !! Just follow me and run !!”. And I started running. Tamizh followed me. When we started to run, I saw people come running towards me at various sides. And there I saw that tall fat guy. He shouted, “He is the one, Kill him”. 5 people chased us. I ran into the perumal temple that was at the end of the market lane. It was on the other side of the Babloo Shop completely in the opposite direction to my house. When we entered the temple, and reached the vacant space that was there. Tamizh asked me to stop. He asked why are we running. Who are they. I said, “I said what had happened in the morning without telling about Mr.Death. He said, “Stop! Come let’s face them”. We stopped. Turned around. Yes right, why are we running when you are here with me. We walked straight towards them. They surrounded us completely in all directions. We both in the centre and they surrounding us in a circle. Someone among them shouted, ” hey Joseph! who is the one among the two”. Oh! So his name is Joseph, I thought. He said, ” That fatter one in black T-shirt”. Thaa!! What you said. I ran towards him and jumped on him. Everyone came running towards me.  Tamizh pushed one of them down and jabbed the other. Meanwhile the other two caught my hands. I pushed them and punched Joseph on his teeths. He pushed me and got up. Now we both were at the middle with 2 on one side and 3 on the other side surrounding us. Actually three on my side and two on his side. Just when I started running again towards them. I saw one of them falling down. Everyone’s face turned towards that side. There he was, Karthi. He was running towards us. Everyone were looking towards him and were distracted. This was the time to do the surgical strike. I ran towards the other one who was opposite to me and kicked his stomach very hard. He fell down. Joseph caught my shirt and dragged me down. Karthi caught his neck and they both fell down. Tamizh kicked one of the two opposite to him in the dangerous underground area. That guy fell down screaming in pain. The other one pushed Tamizh down and stamped him with his legs. I took the sand near me and threw it towards that guy’s eyes. He fell down not able to see anything. Now it was only Joseph. He caught karthi with hand and lifted Karthi by catching his neck. I took the potted plant that was nearer to me by instinct and dragged it. It was so heavy and I don’t know why i shouted this. But i did. “Sangiliii Karupe !!!!!!!!” And I threw the pot over his right hand. When it had hit his hand, it made a breaking noise. Joseph shouted, “Ammaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!”. I shouted Karthi, Tamizh run ! Let’s get out of here! We ran towards the temple gate. There I saw that Karthi had left the two wheeler on the road there. May be he came running seeing us by dropping the vehicle onto the road. Tamizh sat on it, and we both got on to it at the back and he speeded it towards the Old School. I said to Tamizh, “Dai! Will this be a police case. I think I broke his hand. I heard a bone breaking noise”. Tamizh said, “Don’t worry, but be careful from now on we never know when he will come again with more people. I am damn sure, he will not go to police. I think I knew him. He is one of the members from Rawther’s gang. He is already an accused, who is being searched for a lot of cases. We all have to be a lot careful from now on. Thank God. Karthi came there suddenly that too in perfect timing.”. I said the same reason of why they chased me to Karthi as I said to Tamizh. Tamizh got down near Old School and walked back home. He told me to be careful and not to worry about anything. Karthi drove me home. He dropped me at home and said he had to meet his friend for something and that he will be back in sometime. I said, “Not now please come home. It is not safe now.” . He said, he is going nearby and will come back soon and he left. 

When I stepped on the last footstep of the first floor. My phone beeped. I screamed,” Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Porambokuu naaye!! What do you want you f***ing A****ole.”. I was so frustrated with this random number now. It is all happening because of him. If it was not for him, I would have not been in this trouble. Neither do Karthi or Tamizh. Now they are in danger too. I just Switched off my mobile and threw it aside. I went and laid myself down in my bed. Time went on. My mom asked me to eat. I said i am not hungry and I am not eating. My Mom, Dad and younger brother, Madhan started eating. She asked me, “Do you know where karthi went. Time is 10 PM. What is he doing outside at this sort of time”. She said he left his phone too at home. A ripple of fear ran through me. I called Tamizh and said, karthi has not reached home yet. He said he will come soon. You don’t worry. He will be at his friends house. Actually Karthi used to spend a lot of time in his friend Dinesh’s home. Time went on. It became 11 PM. Still he did not come. I asked Madhan do you know Dinesh’s phone number. He said it maybe in Karthi’s cell phone. My small brother was the one who knows all the lock patterns in all the phone in my house. I called Dinesh from Karthi’s number. He said, karthi had left at 9.30 PM itself. He asked me did he not reach home still. And that struck my heart with a bomb. I had cut the phone and said my Mom. “I will meet Tamizh and come. It is a birthday for one my friend. I will go and come back soon. Karthi is also coming with me”. I ran outside my home. I called Tamizh and asked him to come soon. I ran searching him on all the roads. Tamizh came on the way. He picked me in his bike and we searched all the roads. We searched in the market lane. We searched the main road. We searched near Dinesh’s house. I ran into the Perumal temple to the spot where the fight happened but he was nowhere to be found. I called his other friends and asked if he came there. But no one knew where he was. I was in thoughts, ” What would have Happened? Where is he? Is this the consequences of Mr. Death? Or is it someone from Joseph’s friends?”  Some sentences crossed my mind. “I am watching you closely. In Fact very closely. And if you inform about this to anyone or switch of your phone anytime in these 7 days. I promise the one whom you made to cry will not be there to cry anymore”. I said, “Tamizh! I am scared da. Nothing will happen to him right! What if Joseph’s friends had attacked him. Come Tamizh we can go to police station and let them know what happened. That is the only thing we can do right now”. Tamizh said okay let’s go. And he started the bike and drove it towards the Police station. When we reached the police station, I saw karthi coming out of the police station. I ran towards him. “Dai ! Why are you here at this time? What happened? Where have you been?”, I asked. He just hugged me and cried. He said someone stole the bike when he got down. He said someone pushed him. Got into the bike and drove it away just like that. He chased him but he could not catch him. He said he don’t know his face because he was wearing a helmet already. “So, I came here to give complaint”, he said. “Idiot! You should call me if such things happen. Why am I your brother here”, I said. He said, “I left my phone at home. If I come home, Mom and dad would scold. Even now I don’t know how to face them.”, He said. I said, “It’s okay. At least you are safe. Nothing will happen to the bike. Police will find it. Come let’s go”. Tamizh start the bike. When we reached our streets, I just could not understand what was happening in front of my eyes. Exactly in the spot where we park our bike. There our bike was standing with the key in it’s holder. Karthi ran towards it and checked the bike. He took the key in his hand and ran towards me. He said, the bike was returned as it is how it was when it was stolen. I looked at Tamizh, He looked at karthi. Karthi looked at me. I screamed, ” Aaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Thaaaa who are you !!!!!!”. Someone is playing with us da. Are we some kind of joker. What the F***!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!! I screamed like a psycho on the road. Tamizh and Karthi calmed me. When I was about to say about Mr.Death to them, something stopped me from doing that. I remembered something. “I promise the one whom you made to cry will not be there to cry anymore”. I said Tamizh you leave. And I ran towards my home.  I ran towards the first floor. I relaxed only when I saw my mom sleeping. My Dad and Madhan was also sleeping. Karthi and me went inside slowly without waking anyone up. I said him, “Don’t let anyone know that someone took the bike from you and now it came back randomly. Update that you got your bike back in the police station tomorrow first place and leave this matter as such. Don’t panic Mom and Dad by saying this to them. He said, “Okay” and went to sleep. I went towards the place where I threw my mobile phone some 3 hours ago. I took it in my hand. And switched it on, It showed 9 new messages and 1 missed call. I opened the messages.The first and the second was different. 3rd to 9th were all the same as the second one. The first one read, “Well fought Raghu! You have such a loyal friend and brother ! But be very careful. They are not some roadside Romeos who will not care for what happened. They are gangsters and they will come back stronger. Be like a Hawk !!”. The Second one read,”I am taking your bike for some urgent use. I will bring it back as soon as possible. Don’t panic !!”. Anger rose like a fire inside me on seeing that. But I calmed myself down. I went to my bed and laid down in between my brothers. And my phone beeped again at around 12.30 PM. I read the Message and it stopped my heart for a second. It read,” I have given you a pardon already once for not listening to my words. But you disobeyed me again. I thought I had to prove to you what I was capable of, only then you will never repeat such behaviors. I am Sorry, but you have got your punishment for switching off your phone already. You ran inside your home to see if your mom is sleeping right. But do you really know she was only sleeping?”. I ran to the hall at once on seeing this message. She was lying down without any movement. I took my hand near my Mom’s nose to check her breath. My heart was beating at a very high speed ! Lub ! dub! Lub ! Dub! Lubdublubdublubdub !!!!! And when my hand reached near her nose, I froze in shock.

**To be Continued**

To the Girl who used to be my Best Friend !!

I seriously don’t know how to express the feelings I have now for you. But one thing I can say is thank you for all the time I have spent with you. The infinite memories you gave me when you were with me. Thank you so much for the times when you made me forget my worries and persuaded me to enjoy the moment. Thank you for boosting my morale up and letting me know that I was capable of something. Thank you so much for being like a mother, a teacher and a supporter of mine, even when it felt like no one was on my side.

You were my everything once upon a time. Day in and day out, it was only you who I would speak my heart out those days. But now it has become a complete void, it feels like I am stranded in a very deep well. I guess this is how one looks back at Friendships that does not exists.

I wish everyday that it’s all a dream, I hope I’ll wake up in the morning and would see you by my side everyday but then I realize you’re gone for good and I just have to live with that heartache. I just don’t think anything would get normal again anymore. I would feel like I would want to talk to you at times, but my other self would control me from doing that. I don’t know but I have become bipolar now. There are two people inside me now. The arrogant & ferocious me and the Cool & Calm real me. You know that even if I get angry I would just leave that place or would just sit down controlling myself. But nowadays, I am shouting at others and getting into fight with people if I am angry.

When you left, you left with the joyful part of me, that part that laugh, that smile and that the sweetest part of me, now I’m just left with an empty hole that you created in me, I’m left with a sad, angry part of me. You’re missed that is for sure. And you would also know that obviously because you were that close to me. I hope you’ve found what you needed. I wish you the best of everything. I will always love you.

We had some amazing memories. Whenever we had fights, I apologized over and over again just to keep you in my life. But that one important time I could not. I would not. Never. I felt like a fool don’t know why. Nothing was my mistake. But still I ask myself why did you come into my life, why did you give so much sweet memories and why did you leave me with such a bitter memory.

Sometimes, I would feel it was my misunderstanding. But, then I realize No it was not. I miss the us we were before. No one swam the same waters with you like I did and also with me like you did. No one has been and will be more loyal and dedicated to you as I was and as you were to me. No one can replace your place in my life. I will live my life with the imaginary you by my side.

You were the only eager reader of mine who I had, who reads every posts anything and everything. I guess still you are doing that. But I don’t have anyone like you to read and pour me the emotions out of it now. Nowadays without you, It just feels like living around some kind of robots which are designed to carry out their missions and not to care about others feelings or anything happening around.

I am just roaming around the world, acting like a robot in search of a real human among all the robots. I hope, I will not find that you were the only other human left in the world of robots.

I saw this quote one day in social media, ” ஒட்டவும் முடியாமல் ஒதுக்கவும் முடியாமல் சில உறவுகள், நினைக்கவும் முடியாமல் மறக்கவும் முடியாமல் சில நினைவுகள், அழைக்கவும் முடியாமல் அழிக்கவும் முடியாமல் சில எண்கள் எல்லோர் வாழ்விலும் இருக்கத் தான் செய்கிறது. This quote explains my situation perfectly.

I will remember you and will love you till the end. My One and Only Love. Thank You for everything ❤❤