Ambikapathy Amaravathy !!

The Most talked about love story in Tamil History is Ambikapathy Amaravathy. Ambikapathy Amaravathy is the love story that got its birth in Tamil Soil. It is a love story that happened in Uraiyur in the early 11th Century under the era of Kulothunga Chola I, which is the current Mayiladuthurai town of Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. At the verge of success of their love, after nearly overcoming all the conditions that were laid across before them, due a mistake committed by Amaravathy in haste, Ambikapathy gets beheaded. This Love Story indicates that however deep your love is, however horrible the moment becomes or however sweet the moment becomes, both ways you should wait with calmness till the last second. Before everything is set up for you, if you do something in overjoy or curiosity even just before the right time arrives, your love life can burn down to ashes. This is common among most of the lovers of current century too. People should understand and learn from this story of how important it is to wait for the right time, wait till the very last second. Never do anything in overjoy beforehand and don’t feel for that later. Win over each other’s parents hearts. Wait till the last second. Act on something only if it needed. Don’t ruin it by doing something unwanted like running away when it was getting together. Keep Calm and wait till the last breath. This story is the best example of how “Haste Makes Waste”. This Story has lot of similarities in terms of context to Romeo Juliet.

Now Let’s see the Love tale from Tamil Nadu that occurred during the era of the Cholas.

In the Eleventh century, there was a rich king named Kulothunga Cholan I in Tamilnadu. He had a beautiful daughter named Amaravathy. The king showered affection on her. The young princess enjoyed full freedom. To feed her aesthetic sense, the king arranged a tuition under the most admired poet Kambar. Kambar was addressed using the title “kavichakravarthi” which meant the monarch of poets. He is the author of Kambaramayanam, the Tamil version of Ramayanam. Despite his erudite scholarship, deep learning of Sanskrit and Tamil and extraordinary poetic skills, Kambar remained a humble, unassuming, deeply pious man and a loyal subject of the King’s Court. All this earned Kambar a special place in the heart of King Kulothunga who treated him with utmost respect and affection. Ottakoothar was another great poet in the King’s court. King’s unabashed admiration for Kambar’s poetry made Ottakoothar a lot jealous of Kambar. Ambikapathy, Son of Kambar, learned the art of writing poems from his father by serving as his disciple. Once Kambar had to go on a tour for some time. He entrusted the teaching of poetry to his son Ambikapathy. He was equally good at teaching and writing poetry. During that period, the people hailed the poet as “Kambar veetu kattu tharium kavi padum’’ (Even the weaving machine of Kambar’s home could sing songs with the influence of the poet), so, there is no wonder his son was good at teaching poetry. Amaravathy cheerfully underwent the learning under the young and handsome Ambikapathy. It is in this backdrop the love story of Ambikapathy and Amaravathy blossomed. Amaravathy, the beautiful princess and Ambikapathy, the handsome and talented son of Kambar, fell in love. Ambikapathy is a bold, assertive and supremely self-confident youth, who even at that age, exhibited poetic skills equal to that of his illustrious father. When Kambar came back after his tour, he got to know about his son’s passionate love for the princess-student Amaravathy. To make it worse, the news and rumor of the love affair reached the king’s royal poet Ottakoothar and ultimately the king.

Ottakoothar was doubly dismayed. When he heard of this affair and with a brilliant, cunning mind at work, Ottakoothar had set about for poisoning the King’s mind against Ambikapathy and contrived to bring about various situations wherein Ambikapathy might fall to disgrace. Luck seemed to be on Ambikapathy’s side and he came unscathed through those traps. With the help of Kannamma, the daughter of Pugazhendhi Pulavar, he succeeded in meeting Amaravathy, and they planned to flee to Shenbaga Theevu that night. But their plans went in vain and both were caught red handed while trying to escape the palace. The King sentenced Ambikapathy to death. But Amaravathy intervened, claiming equal responsibility for whatever may have been the crime that Ambikapathy was said to have committed. In the ensuing argument between Amaravathy and the King , the King condemned Ambikapathy as sham poet, who could write only verses that cater to man’s baser instincts. Ambikapathy was outraged at this slur on his poetic capabilities. The King then challenged Ambikapathy that if he could sing 100 devotional songs in succession, he would promise him Amaravathy’s hand in marriage. The Main Condition is that Ambikapathy should sing 100 songs and all 100 should be based on Puram ( War and politics) not based on Agam ( Love and other instincts). If he failed in this challenge, he would be executed forthwith. Amaravathy visited Ambikapathy in prison that night and urged caution on the Challenge. Ambikapathy laughed away her fears, assuring her that he is wholly confident of his own capabilities. A relieved Amaravathy said that she would be counting the songs, and would appear before him at the end of the ordeal (100 Songs).

The court assembles next day at the vasantha mandapam, and in the presence of the King, ministers and scholars, Ambikapathy commenced his Poem recitation with a short invocation to Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning. Amaravathi mistakenly counted this as one of the hundred songs, and so at the end of the 99th song, she appeared happily in front of Ambikapathi to signal his victory. Overjoyed at sighting his beloved, and thinking that he had completed the hundred songs, Ambikapathy bursted into a verse in praise of Amaravathy’s appearance. Rising with grim satisfaction, Ottakoothar pointed out that only 99 devotional songs had been sung. He declared that Ambikapathy failed to complete one hundred songs as per the norms and conditions of the test. Only ninety nine poems excluding the invocation song he sang. Kamban’s anguish-filled plea for clemency fell on deaf ears, as the King ordered the death sentence to be carried out. Ambikapathi was put to death. In state of shock by the death-penalty to her beloved lover, Amaravathy fell on the dead body of Ambikapathy and died to reunite with her beloved in heaven.

In both Romeo Juliet and Ambikapathy Amaravathy, the hastiness of the Lovers lead to the death of both of them. In Romeo Juliet, If Romeo had got to know the real condition of Juliet before killing himself. They both would have survived and would have led a happy love life. Similarly if Amaravathy had waited a bit longer before emerging in haste in front of Ambikapathy. He would have completed the 100 Poems and they would have led a happy love life. It was “Haste” in both cases that made their “Lives Waste” and led to both of their death.

Everyone of us should understand and realize from this to wait till the last breath for our Love life to Succeed.

Super Hero !! – The Hero in all of us – Chapter 1 !!

Chapter 1:

It was around 9PM. The night was a bit more darker that day. I got down from my train at Chennai Fort railway station as always. It was my routine traveling each day from home to Office and then back from office to Home via the local trains. Local trains are the cheapest means of transport to travel here inside the city. It just costs only 10 rupees from Chennai beach to Tiruvanmiyur. My Home is in Tiruvottiyur. I Travel by bus from Tiruvottiyur to Chennai beach. And then from Chennai beach to Tiruvanmiyur via the trains and again from Tiruvanmiyur to Shollinganalur in one more bus. It is exactly the same while returning back except that I get down at Chennai Fort which is one stop before the Chennai beach. I prefer getting down here since the Broadway bus depot is nearby. And the bus to Tiruvottiyur actually starts here. It will be too crowded if I get into it at Chennai beach. There was a day when it was so crowded that I had to foot board. It could have been one of a tragic day of my life. I was nearly hanging from the last step with one leg on the footsteps and one leg in the air. My leg was dangling very nearer to the rear wheel of the bus. I was not sure how but suddenly my hand slipped from where I was holding. I almost tripped down. But a hand caught me and lifted me before I fell. If it was not for that hand, I would not be here now. That was a hand of a hero. The hero who saved me. I have not seen the face of that hand since people around me started shouting at me for nearly falling down. I just got down at the next stop and took an auto from there to home. But if I had seen that face of the hand, I would have thanked him a lot. That feel of missing to thank him always runs in my mind. But I could not find him right, I don’t even know who he is. The only thing I know about him was that he had a black casio watch and a roaring lion tattoo in his right hand near the wrists. Okay, Let’s leave that flashback there.

Okay, so now I got down the train and walked towards the exit of the railway station. Since it was night time, asusual the road was empty. So, I preferred to cross the road instead of walking over the over head sky walk. I reached the road, then started walking across it. When I reached the center of the road near the divider. I was standing exactly at a point where the vehicles behind me would navigate towards Chennai central and the vehicles before me will navigate towards Chennai Beach. I was so tired as usual that day. I was thinking about how exhausted my life has become. Nowadays I barely sleep like 5 hours. I travel, travel, travel everyday and every night. I was thinking about how robotic the life has become these days. Not only me many people have become robotic nowadays. I was thinking if I am really doing something meaningful for myself or for the society. From my childhood, doing some meaningful work and getting to know the benefit of my work in front of my eyes was all I wanted. I want my work to be something which will make people happy or atleast there should be a constant need for my work always. I started crossing the next half of the road. When I kept my first leg onto that half, Suddenly I heard a loud noise. The Noise of a woman screaming, the noise of the tire scratching the road and the noise of a bike crashing. It came from the left side of me. I looked at that direction. Something horrible happened in just less than a minute. There I saw a woman who was lying on the road with blood oozing out of her head, arms and everywhere of her body. And a Scooty bike which was lying near a lamp post crashed so hard that the front portion of it got bent in a nasty way. And also a pulsar bike in which two guys were sitting and which was skidding off the road. The guy sitting at the front was riding the bike and the guy at the back was holding something in his hands. I looked closer. There was a golden chain in his left hand which can be a chain holding mangalsutra and also a killer knife in his right hand. The bike whizzed past me in a hand distance. And the guy at the back winked at me and gave a wicked smile towards me. I don’t know which way to run first towards the pulsar or towards the lady. I was completely blank. I just stood there for sometime stunned by what just happened in front of my eyes. I should have ran behind that pulsar. But the knife he had, made me doubt of doing that. It can affect me. It can affect my life. Those guys may hurt me. There is also a chance that I can get killed. But I should catch them. I should surrender them to police. This incident should not repeat again. Lot were running inside me within the minute. If I run towards the lady, these culprits would get away. If I run towards the culprits, this lady could not be saved. What should I do. What Should I do. Don’t think! Just Run! Ravi Run! And I ran towards the lady by instinct.

When I ran near her. I found that she was still breathing. Within a minute people started gathering around. When I went to lift her, someone said , “don’t touch the body, call the police first”. I could not find where those words came from the crowd. Otherwise I would have slapped the one who said that. I ran to the road and stopped an auto. I ran to her again and lifted her and placed her in the back seat of the auto and said, “Anna G.H na, fast na”. Auto drivers are the best people in case of emergencies. If I had called 108. I know it would take at least 15 minutes for it to reach since I have to call and a lot other things are there. But She did not have that much time left. Rajiv Gandhi government hospital was just nearby in the next lane opposite to Chennai Central. Auto driver reached hospital in less than 2 minutes. I lifted her and ran inside the Hospital. I called a nurse and asked her to help her admit in the Hospital. But She was so lethargic. She asked me to wait. It took another 10 minutes for admitting her in the emergency trauma ward. They asked me to call for the police before starting the procedure. I called 100 and informed what had happened. They reached in another 10 minutes. I was not sure who her family was. All her belongings are still in the Scooty I guess. I did not care about that now. Saving her was the only thing that was running in my mind. It was around 9.30 PM now. And after some inquiries, the operation procedure started. I guess police has found her identity and informed her family about her.

Police took me to the Spot and inquired me about what had happened. I said, “I was there standing on the zebra crossing exactly in the position where the divider is. I was about to cross the road when two men in a pulsar bike whizzed past me. The One in the front was riding the bike and the one at the back was having something in both hands. In the left hand he had a gold chain and in the right hand he had a killer knife. He had that wicked smile on his face. The one at the front was wearing Helmet, so I was not sure how his face looked. But the one at the back, he was tall may be 6 feet and beardless, he had a long hair and also wicked smile. That Smile! That Smile! He was saying something with that Smile”. This is all I saw in a minute of the incident. I guess the lady was driving her scooty and these two men chased her at the back in their pulsar. And the one at the back snatched her chain which made her bike to skid. She fell from the bike hardly on the road and the bike crashed the nearby lamp post. This is what I assume. Police asked me to register a written statement about this and also give details on the appearance of the both guys along with their bike details in the nearby police station and said me that they will take care of this from here. I was absolutely blank about the bike details, I knew it was a pulsar but I forgot to note the registration number.

I rushed to the hospital again and to the emergency trauma ward. The family of that lady was there and they were all discussing with each other on something. I was relieved once I saw her family there. I went near them to ask about her condition. When I went nearby I saw that a grown man may be her husband I guess, he was crying hard sitting on one of the metal row of seats nearby the ICU. 2 kids may be her kids, one may be 8 years of age and the other may be of 6 years of age were running around playing run and catch. When I went closer, I heard this sentence from someone that froze me to hell, “Inform all the relatives that she is no more”. Someone else said, “I don’t know how he is going to manage growing up these kids without her. May be it was written for her to leave him alone and go at this young age.”. I just can’t bear to hear anything more than that. I ran away from that place with tears flowing down like a river from my eyes. That felt like a heated iron rod stabbed directly into my heart. I felt that pain even though she was not someone who I know. I just ran out of the hospital and onto the road just like that without checking if any vehicles are coming towards me. When I stepped on to the road, suddenly I got slipped since my leg landed on some small stone that was there. I fell on road with my face facing downwards. The tyres of the bus that was coming at a high speed just crossed my face at a distance less than a feet. The hot air from the tyres scratched my face. I got up and just ran before someone would scold me, without looking at any side, towards the bus stand in the central station.

There I saw 1C bus and got into it. It was sparse in crowd since it was around 11 PM now. I sat in the last seat of the bus even though it was mentioned only ladies. I just cried and cried and cried looking outside the window. When the bus crossed the murder spot nearby the Chennai fort. I saw the scooty was still there and also a police vehicle nearby. Also I saw someone standing nearby to the Scooty. It was him. The one who was sitting in the backside of the bike. The one who winked and also gave me a wicked smile. I shouted, “Hey Stop ! Stop!Don’t Run! Don’t Run. He winked at me with that wicked smile again. I got down from the running bus just like that without thinking what I am doing. I found that only the police vehicle was there. But Police were not. He started running, inside the Broadway bus depot. I ran behind him without thinking about anything. It was nearly a empty Depot at around 11.15 PM. When I almost ran him down, he jumped and sat on to the pulsar that was nearby. And there the other one was sitting in the front of the bike still with the helmet and they drove off at a high speed. I threw a stone towards them, but it missed. I kicked the ground in dismay. That guy at the back turned back looked at me and winked with a wicked smile. I screamed on the road. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!

A thought came now into my mind. Did I make a wrong decision? Should I have gone for the pulsar in the first place? Was she dead even before we took her to the hospital? Is that why someone called her a body? No I remember her having breath. Why did that murderer winked and smiled at me? Why is he repeating it again and again? What was he trying to tell me? Do they do such assaults to people on the road everyday? Why did he come back to the same spot again? Where did the police go? Did he leave something before for which he came back? Is this some random assault or a planned murder? A lot were running inside me. I walked back to the murder spot opposite to the Chennai Fort. Now even, the Police vehicle was also not there at the spot. I looked around for the Scooty. Even that was not there. I thought maybe the police have seized the Scooty to a nearby police station. I thought of informing them about what happened, the first thing in the morning. My Phone beeped. It was my Mom. I picked and said, “On the way ma” and had cut the call. I got into a bus that was coming towards me, again sat at the last seat. Oh no!, I should have ran behind that pulsar? And I remembered something. Oh no! What was the Vehicle registration Number? I remember it started with TN05 but after that. I concentrated on those guys and I missed to note the Vehicle number again. I slapped my hand on the seat I was sitting, screaming hard again. People in the bus turned and looked at me. I said Sorry and turned towards the window again. I bought a ticket to Tiruvottiyur from the conductor and laid myself down on the empty last seat of the bus.

Just a lot of questions were running inside me. When the bus reached Tiruvottiyur, I got down and walked towards my home. In a shop nearby, I bought a water bottle and washed my face with it and also drank some water from it. When I entered home, Mom asked, “What happened? Why are you so late?”. I said, “Train was late and the bus was so crowded so It became late to reach. I said her, I ate already and I went inside and had laid myself in my bed. But I could not sleep, “That wink and wicked smile of that murderer who was sitting at the back of the bike was still flashing in my mind continuously”. I turned all the sides over my bed but I could not sleep. At last I gave up and just concentrated looking at my ceiling and the fan. Then I realized, “May be he made that wink and wicked smile at me because I was actually there on that spot when the incident happened but I could not stop him from doing that and also he knew that I will not run towards him instead I will go towards that lady”. I felt suddenly ashamed of me for catching hold of him not once but twice. I screamed inside myself. But a fire rose inside me. He had gave life to the lion inside me. I stared at the ceiling for some more time and fell asleep after sometime in my bed not sure when. I never knew that night that,”The wink and the wicked smile of that murderer would turn my life upside down. That It would turn me into a Super Hero.”

**To be Continued**

Happy Pongal !!

Pongal also known as “Thai Pongal” is a 4 day festival celebrated majorly across all over TamilNadu and also as Makar Sankranti in Other parts of India. “Thai” in Thai Pongal indicates the 10th month in Tamil Calendar approximately around January mid, which is the month for harvesting the crops like rice, sugarcane, turmeric etc that are cultivated. It is a Hindu festival that is dedicated to the Sun God. It also marks the end of the Winter season and also the beginning of Spring Season. This was a festival celebrated by Farmers in earlier times for thanking and promoting Agriculture. It was celebrated by Farmers as a Thanksgiving ceremony for the current year’s crop harvest. Now this has become a festival to celebrate both the farmers and agriculture together. We are celebrating it as a Thanksgiving ceremony for farmers and agriculture together since they are the reason we eat daily. The festival is thus an occasion when the fresh harvests from the fields are shared in the form of food and sweets not only with the community but also with animals and birds. This is a festival, where people irrespective of their caste and Creed, wealth and status, gather together cook pongal together and eat them together. This was how they thanked the Sun and the rain which helped in proper cultivation of the crops they sowed in their fields.

During this Festival, People usually cook the dish called “Pongal” at their homes or at a temple or at a place where their family and friends reunion is happening. In Villages, People cook pongal together on temple grounds or near their crop fields together.

The Pongal which they cook are of two types

  1. Sweet Pongal
  2. Ven Pongal.

Traditionally for Sweet Pongal, People would use the freshly cultivated rice that is being harvested for the Pongal they make. Actually on Pongal day traditionally, Pongal is cooked and then offered mainly to the Sun God and also to other God and goddesses and then to the cattles. Only after worshiping the Sun God, people would start eating the pongal that was cooked. Sweet Pongal is tastiest dish that is actually prepared by boiling rice in a pot of milk and jaggery together along with Cardamoms, Cashew nuts, raisins (dried grapes), etc. Ven pongal is a type of Pongal that is prepared, which would have absolutely nothing not even salt. Only the freshly cultivated rice is boiled in water but the boiled rice will be in sticky form. And also as a side dish for this, they would prepare a Curry called “Kadhambam” which has a mix of a lot of vegetables in single curry. Some people make it as salt and savoury type also. But Most People cook Sweet Pongal that Ven pongal. In my Home, My mom does both on the day of Pongal.

Pongal is actually celebrated for 4 days.

Day 1 – Bhogi

Day 2 – Pongal ( The Day dedicated to Sun)

Day 3 – Maatu Pongal ( The Day dedicated to Cattles)

Day 4 – Kaanum Pongal ( The Day dedicated for get togethers and reunions with Friends & Family and also for visiting famous places in and around your Hometown)

Day 1 – Bogi:

Bogi is the last day of Margazhi. Margazhi is the 9th month of Tamil Calendar. Bogi is celebrated on the day before Pongal. On the Day of Bogi, everyone would burn most of the old useless things in their home. The things they burn are like Old Bed sheets, Old clothes, Old broken wooden furnitures, etc. People would do fasting (Nonbu) on the day of Bogi. The disposal of Old useless things is where all old habits, vices, attachment to relations and material things are sacrificed in the sacrificial fire. It represents realization, transformation and purification of the soul by imbibing and inculcating various divine virtues. In TamilNadu, Children would gather and play around the fire by making sounds with mini Bogi drums made from Skin of Cattles. Even people would throw that mini Bogi drums into the fire at the end. The Only thing is that you have to make your mind clear, leave all the negatives and unwanteds behind, have a fresh start from the day of the Pongal. That is the only required outcome of this.

Day 2 – Pongal:

On the day of Pongal, People would wake up early, they would make colourful rangolis called “Kolam” using Rice powder and colour powder in front of their homes. Mostly people would make a Kolam of Pongal Pots with sugarcanes on the sides. After rangoli, everyone would have a traditional style of bathing and would wear traditional dresses mostly dhotis and sarees. Then the Women in the house would make Pongal in a clay pot in a traditional clay stoves that uses logs for burning. Mostly in the cities on the terraces they would do this. Under the Sun. The Pots will have turmeric plantations on each side of the pots. And also 2 or 3 sugarcanes would be surrounding the pot. As I said earlier, Pongal was celebrated traditionally with the cultivated crops that are harvested. Mostly at this point of pongal time, people would harvest rice, sugarcane, turmeric etc. And so they are used around the pots. After cooking pongal, it is offered to the Sun God and then the family would sometimes visit the temples for worshipping. Then they would return back and eat pongal the whole day as breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t know about you. But in my house that is what is happening always 😅.

Day 3 – Maatu Pongal :

Maatu pongal is festival for thanking the cattles mostly bulls which helped in the cultivation. Bulls help in ploughing fields for crop cultivation. People would wake up early and make kolams which resemble bulls and also they would make kolams of sugarcanes and other things on their sides. Legends says that Lord shiva had once sent his bull, Basava, to earth with his message for the mortals, asking them to have an oil bath everyday and eat once a month. But Basava however, mistakenly announced that Shiva has asked people to eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. Enraged Shiva banished Basava to the Earth forever, cursing he would have to plough the fields to help people produce more food. Hence the association of the day to cattle.

An important village sport, called the Jallikattu or Manju Virattu, an integral part of the Mattu Pongal festival is observed with enthusiasm and expectations in the villages of Tamil Nadu. This sport is held generally in the evening of the Mattu Pongal day. In the past, it was the day when fierce bulls were chased by young youths of the village to retrieve the money that was tied to the horns of the bulls. In some villages it was held one day after the Mattu Pongal day, on the Kaanum Pongal day. In those days, people would marry their daughter to the person who can hold on to the hump like region on the back of fierce bulls (திமிழ்). Also Uriyadi (Breaking the Pots tied to a rope with eyes closed with clothes) is also a regular one during pongal times. Other than this Rekla Race (Bullock cart race), contest for Lifting huge stones (IlavattaKal), Silambam etc is also conducted on the Western parts of TamilNadu. Jalli Kattu is most famous in Alanganallur. The gate from which the bulls are sent out into the open path towards youths is called Vaadivaasal. There are other gifts like bero, chairs, grinders, TV etc nowadays for Jallikattu.

Day 4 – Kaanum Pongal:

On the day of Kaanum Pongal which is the last day of pongal, Everyone would visit their relative’s house and and greet them with pongal wishes. Most of the reunions and get togethers happens on this day. People would visit a lot of famous places in and around their hometown with their friends and family. Even special buses are arranged by the government on the day for helping people to travel around the city. I traveled to places like Marina beach, bessy beach, VGP, Valluvar kottam, Mahabalipuram, Kovalam, MGM etc in chennai on Kaanum Pongal day. Also all the theatres would become house full on this day. That too if it is a big actors movie that is going on. Then just forget about getting tickets on Kaanum Pongal day. Also on this day, people would offer the remains of the pongal that was cooked to the birds and other animals.

Happy Pongal Everyone !! Celebrate Hard !! If you could not start the year afresh from new year at least start it now. From this pongal, discard all negative thoughts, unwanted beliefs etc. Treat Everyone equally, Communicate to everyone, visit your relatives, give gifts to the children in your relatives side, meet your grandma and grandpa ask them how their health is. Ask your parents what they want from you this year and follow their way. Believe me you will never fail if you work in your parents way. Play with your siblings, visit places with your friends and family. Wear Dhotis, Wear sarees, Take photos, Smile, laugh, dance, sing. Spread Love to each other. We have only one life. Live it without hesitation. I am changing myself to the responsible path today. When are you changing? Just think. Take Care of yourself and also your family. Remember, Human is a social Animal. You need people in your life more than money. You work hard and earn money that is needed but don’t forget to earn people on the progress of your life.

உழவு தொழில் பார்த்து
ஊருக்கு அமுது ஊட்டும் விவசாயம் பார்த்து
நாத்து விட்டு நடவு நட்டு கலையெடுத்து கதிர் வந்து அறுவடை தயார் நிலையில் இருக்க தை பிறந்தால் வழி பிறக்க
சூரியனுக்கு நன்றி கூறி
புதுப்பானை பொங்கலிட்டு
பகுத்துண்டு பல்லுயிர் ஓம்புக
என்னும் மரபு மாறாத தமிழனின் பெருநாள்
தைத்திருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் !!

இனிய பொங்கல் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் நவரத்திரணங்களே !! சிரித்து கொண்டே இருங்கள் !! மென்மேலும் மகிழ்ந்து கொண்டே இருங்கள் !!!!!!!

Penne VIII !!!!!!!! – இது ஏனோ

நீ எங்கே இருக்கிறாய் என் அன்பே !!
நீ இன்றி தவிக்கிறேன் நாளும் நான் இங்கே !!
உந்தன் அன்பு ஒன்று இல்லாது !!
எந்தன் ஜீவன் என்றும் வாழாது !!
என்று உனக்கு தெரியுமல்லவோ !!

விடியும் வரை பேசிய நாட்களை மறந்து விட்டாயோ !!
பேசிப் பேசிப் புன்னகைத்த வார்த்தைகளை விழுங்கி விட்டாயோ !!
உன்னை கண்டபின் என் வாழ்வில்
என்றும் உன்னை எண்ணாத நாட்களே
இதுவரை கிடையாது !!
உன்னை காணாது தவிக்கும் என் மனதிற்கு
நீ திரும்பி என்னிடம் வரமாட்டாய்
என்று தெரியாது !!
என்றும் அது புரியவும் புரியாது !!

சட்டென என் வாழ்வை விட்டுப் பிரிந்தாயடி !!
நாளும் உன் நினைவுகளால்
என் கண்களை நனைத்தாயடி !!
வேரோடு பிடுங்கிய இளஞ்செடியானேனடி !!
சட்டென கிழிந்த புதிய சட்டையானேனடி !!
கரையோரம் ஒதுங்கிய உடைந்த படகானேனடி !!
புயலில் சிக்கிய குப்பைக் காகிதமானேனடி !!
இதுவெல்லாம் கெட்ட கனவாய் இருந்துவிடக் கூடாதோ !!
அல்லது நானே எழுதிய ஒரு சிறுகதையாய் இருந்துவிடக் கூடாதோ !!

அன்று என் கேள்விகளுக்கு நீ விடை தரவில்லை !!
இன்று அக்கேள்விகளே விடைகளாய் மாறிய மாயம் என்னவோ !!

என் கேள்விகளே என் காதினுள் வேள்விகளின் மந்திரமாய் அனுதினமும் ஒலிக்கும் மாயமும் தான் என்னவோ !!

சோகம் என்னும் போர்வை போர்த்தி !!
நினைவுகள் என்னும் தலையணை கொண்டு !!
வாழ்க்கை என்னும் கட்டிலில் !!
எப்பக்கம் சாய்ந்தும் !!
தூக்கம் வராமல் ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் தவிக்கிறேன் !! இது ஏனோ !!

எத்தவறும் செய்யாத என்னை
அடைத்து விட்டாயடி !!
சோகம் என்னும் இக்கொடுஞ்சிரையில் நுழைத்து விட்டாயடி !! இது ஏனோ !!

வலியும் இன்று சுகமென ஆனதடி !!
கண்ணீரும் வேர்வை போல் வழிந்தோடுதடி !!
நெஞ்சுக்குள் என்னென்னவோ காயம் !!
அது என்னுள் வந்ததென்னவோ பெரும் மாயம் !!

மாலையில் சூரியன் மறையுதடி !!
இரவில் நிலவு குறையுதடி !!
நான் நடக்கும் சாலையில் கூட்டம் நிறையுதடி !!
கண் முன்னே பூமி மெல்ல உறையுதடி !!
ஏனோ என் உறவுகள் இன்று என்னைவிட்டு மெல்ல மெல்ல கரையுதடி !!

கலராய் இருந்த கண்கள் இன்று மீண்டும் கருப்பு வெள்ளையாய் மாறியதேனோ !!
நீயும் நானும் ஒன்றாய் போகும் போது நீளாத பாதைகள் இன்று நீளுவதேனோ !!
பசும்பொன்னும் இன்று நான் தொட்டால் வெறும் மண் என்று ஆகுவதேனோ !!

கூட்டத்தில் சிரிக்கின்றேன் !!
சிரிப்பதையும் குறைக்கின்றேன் !!
தனிமையில் அழுகின்றேன் !!
அழுவதையும் மறைக்கின்றேன் !!
கனவில் கூட நினைத்துப் பார்க்காததெல்லாம் நடப்பதேனோ !!

நீ என்னை விட்டுச் சென்ற பாரம் !!
ஏனோ இன்னும் என்னை விட்டு விலகவில்லை பெண்ணே !!
நான் அழுகை மழையில் நனைந்த ஈரம் !!
ஏனோ இன்னும் காயவில்லை கண்ணே !!
மெல்ல மெல்ல நான் கடக்கின்ற வாரம் !!
ஏனோ இன்னும் உன்னை மறக்கவில்லை தன்னே !!

எழுதுகிறேன் !!
எழுதுகிறேன் !!
எழுதுகிறேன் !!
உன் நினைவை !!
அப்போதாவது என் அழுகையில் !!
காகிதம் நனைந்து !!
நிறுத்தி விடுவேனென்று !!
என் அழுகையின் அளவைப் போல் !!
காகிதமும் அளவில் நீண்டு செல்வதேனோ !!

அமிர்தம் இன்று விஷம் போல் கசக்குதம்மா !!
விஷம் இன்று அமிர்தம் போல் இனிக்குதம்மா !!
உடைந்த பானையாய் வாழ்வு மாறுதம்மா !!
வாழ்ந்து என்ன பயனென தோன்றுதம்மா !!
இது ஏனோ !!

நிலவும் நட்சத்திரங்களும் வானினை பகிர்ந்து கொள்வது போல !!
நானும் உன்னுடன் என் வாழ்வை பகிர்ந்து கொள்வேன் என்றெண்ணினேன் !!

ஆனால் !!
இச்சூரியனுக்கு !!
நிலவும் ஜோடி இல்லை !!
நட்சத்திரமும் ஜோடி இல்லை !!
என ஆனதடி !!
இது ஏனோ !!

நெருக்கமாக இருப்பது காதல் என்றால் !!
கடைசி வரை மறக்காமல் !!
வெறுக்காமல் !!
இருப்பதும் காதல் தான் !! என் கடைசி மூச்சு வரை !!
உன் நினைவை இழக்கமாட்டேன் !!

அன்பே !!
உன் கைக் கோர்த்து !!
காலம் எனும் வாகனத்தில் !!
வாழ்க்கை எனும் பாதையில் !!
பயணிக்க எண்ணிய நான் !!
இன்று உன்னை பிரிந்து தனிமையை நாடுகிறேன் !!
தினமும் வாடுகிறேன் !!
இது ஏனோ !!

Brother – The Best Friend of a Lifetime !!

They say in Tamizh “Thambi udayan padaiku anjaan” means If someone has his brother with him even if a huge battalion of enemies are coming towards him, not even a single stroke of fear would surge through him. He will have such a confidence in him, when he has his brother beside. That is the worth of a brother. Even if your brother is younger than you.

Lucky are those who has a brother. They are gifted by God with a best friend throughout their life. That is what my Mom would say. I am double lucky because I have two. If you are the younger one, you will have a best friend from your birth. If you are the older one. I am sorry you would have waited for at least 1 or 2 years to get one 😅.

Brother is an ideal example of a complete package. You will have both love and torture in a single person. You would feel like he is the best person at times. And also you would want to pull him, make him stand straight, remove his glasses if he is wearing one. And then slap the hell out of him at times.

A brother will love you like your father, care for you like your Mother, annoy you like your sister and support you like your friend.

A brother is a Partner in Crime, keeper of your secrets, the one who you always have on your side, the one who believes you are capable of great things but won’t show it outside unless necessary, who boasts about you to everyone when you are not there on the spot, who wants to succeed alongside with you, a best team mate and a very very close best friend for life.

If you are a younger brother you would never know how it is to be the elder brother. And if you are an elder brother you will never know how it is to be a younger brother. Middle born guys are those who are the unluckiest. They have to be both the elder and younger at the same time. And you will be the one who will be blamed for everything by your parents.

Elder brother makes the rules. Middle one is the one who is the reason why there is a rule. And the younger one is not applicable for the rules.

Brothers would say to your face that you are shit. But they would say there can be no one like my brother to others. Such is a brother’s love. Even though we don’t say that face to face, we all know how much we love each other.

My brothers never called me “Anna” in my life. But I have overheard them saying to their friends that,” My Brother is the awesome talent I have seen in my life. No one will get one like that ever. I am so lucky.” 😝.

Brothers don’t share their love eye to eye, they share it heart to heart. You will realize it only when you are in trouble, the only one who will never leave you in those times.

Actually if someone says whom you will give the award as “Best Brother”. I will give my Dad without even thinking about anyone else, even for a second. He is such a good brother and a great son ❤❤❤. He has done so much for his brothers, sisters and parents without thinking about himself and his future. Although he is now in a settled kind of life. If he had been selfish in life, he would have reached great heights. But he felt Share and care attitude is the most important thing than anything. You need people in your life when you are in some kind of trouble. I don’t know if I have earned such relationships in my life. But if there are any in my life, it’s all because of him. I want to be like him. Just helping everyone without hesitating even once. I love my Dad ❤❤❤. My Mom is also exactly the female version of that ❤❤❤. I love them both ❤❤❤. I never want them to bend their head down in front of anyone because of me ever in my life. If that happens, then that will be the worst day of my life and I would have lost all I earned in my life that day. I would never let that happen till my last breath. I promise.

Brothers always behave like they are knit together. If you see my two brothers. You will feel that. They are mostly the same in character. They actually look alike when they are sleeping with their face on the other side. I get doubts a lot of time on who is who. I used to kick the wrong one thinking he is the other one 😂😂.

Actually in childhood they were like opposite poles. They always fight with each other. But they will always be together. I was the referee for everything. My younger brother would shout at my middle brother and run to me and hide behind me If they are fighting 😂😂. And I had to save him by shouting at my middle brother. Sometimes they both join hands and black mail me that they will say to my mother that I have beaten one of them very hard. And My Mom will believe that 🙄.

I never felt alone ever from my childhood till my college because I had my brothers always. They would never allow me to wander around in the dark alone. Instead they would want to kill me in the dark so always accompany me 😂.

A brother is one who shares everything with you when you are a child. Your Parents, your toys, your house, your bed, your pets and sometimes your secrets and blames too.

Being an elder brother is a very tough job. You have to be a very good role model for your younger siblings. You are the one based on how they will grow up in life. They would see you and they would decide, ” I should be like him or I should not be like him”. You will become a role model in all cases. But you have to do a lot of sacrifices for your family. Since you are the elder one. If you start enjoying all the luxuries it will affect your brothers. So you have to always follow “SHARE and CARE rule”. Obviously you will get new clothes all the time since you grow first among the siblings. But now in my case. Both grew more than me 😓. But sometimes, there are also chances you will get your father’s old dress to wear 😂😂. So don’t be so happy.

Being an elder brother, by default you become a superhero 😝.

The Middle ones always imagine themselves as the good looking and the smartest one since they inherit the characters from both older and younger ones. Maybe it’s true in some cases. Some cases only 😂😂. This middle fellow is the one who gets all the blame from parents for all mischiefs. Actually he is the deserved owner of it too.

Being a younger brother is not good at times. You would be given the used clothes always of your elder brothers. You have to wear it till it gets torn. But also you have the freedom of doing anything since you are the youngest one in the family. You have the freedom to ask whatever you want.

A brother is someone who pushes you down to play with you and also the one who will lift you up and slap the one who pushed you, when someone else does that to you.

A brother is the one

  1. Who would hug you when you are sad
  2. Who will encourage you when you are feeling low.
  3. Who would tease you whenever they are bored.
  4. Who would say you are a shit in front of you but will say you are the best fit of his life behind you.
  5. Will make you feel gross by doing something mischievously
  6. Will love you no matter what
  7. Will always be there to make you laugh in any kind of situations.

A brother is whom you would miss the most after your parents when you are staying away from your family.

Brothers will be normal if they are away from each other but if they are together always some ruckus will happen for sure 😂.

If I recount my life and check with whom I had the most of my memories. It would be my brothers. Also if there is someone with whom you have discussed like we should grow up and own a very big company and buy a Playstation from the profit we get. I am damn sure, it will be your brother. I have said this many times, when my parents refused to buy a PS2 for me in childhood.

During School times I had many friends. But the true friends, who would always be with me were my brothers. I would wait for the School to end soon. So that I can play plastic ball cricket with my brothers in my home’s terrace every day. Our terrace was in such a way that if you hit offside, the ball will land in a vacant space that had only trees all around. And if we had to pick that ball again, we had to go all the way to the main road and ask permission to the owner of that place for taking that ball. So if any ball falls there. Actually at least one will fall each day. We would wait till the count gets five. And also every morning and evening before going to school and after coming from school we would check if the ball is still there or someone picked it up. Because that owner had a kid who would steal those balls and run away. And If we ask that owner, he would say there were no such plastic balls in that place. There was also a place in the offside in my house, which was for rainwater harvesting. And if ball falls into that place. We have to go and knock on the door of the family who was living in rent at the ground floor of my home. So we would do a lot of initial arrangements like covering the rainwater harvesting area with a plastic sheet or jute bags etc and also we will place a fielder in the offside to catch the ball from falling into that empty ground area. I guess we would have bought at least a 1000 plastic balls each of cost 5 rupees. That Shop Owner became rich because of us only 😂😂. He has a car now even. Our pitch design was as follows. There was a Sintex tank in my home’s terrace at one corner. There are 5 pipes that are coming down from it. The first three pipes are our stumps. And we have a place like 10-20 feet from those pipes where a pillar of cement was there. That was our bowler’s stump. And in 2 feet behind the bowler there was our boundary. And on the boundary wall we had the place where there was a light bulb which would be replaced each week. Someone will hit the ball directly on the bulb. Plastic ball is okay. Sometimes we would play with Pepsi ball 😅. And there were some neighbors who we don’t like. If ball falls in their home. They will hide it. And some will come and complain to my Mom like you have the worst kids ever like their kid is bill gates 😂😂. So, we used to play in such a pressure. No lofted shots and only straight shots that too only on the ground. Sometimes wantedly I used to bowl the ball wide of the stumps when one of my brother is about to win so that my brother would hit it in the offside hollow place and I would blame him 😂😂. We had Awesome fun while playing plastic ball cricket in my terrace. One pitch catch was also there. Sometimes 2 pitch catch also. Some buildings next to my house were tall in those days and the girls from those buildings used to watch us play 😂😂. So I would hit directly to them and ask for ball and start convo 😂😅. They would be like “What a man 😂😂😂😂😂”. May be that was assumption 😂😂😂. Maybe they thought who is this shit in trousers hitting the ball into my house 😂😂.

Apart from terrace cricket, we started playing in ground with the guys in our area. We would go every weekend morning and we would play a bet match. There was a time in my childhood when there was a fight between my younger brother and his friend on who has the best team. The boy was from the next street. We had a bet match 😂😂. And that day, I scored a fifty even 😂😂. It was an awesome thing playing with the kids and defeating them. That too It was 100 rupees match. That was a huge amount of money that time 😂. We played Playstation with that money after that. Also we had Rasna. Playing cricket and drinking Rasna while returning was a ritual for 90’s kids. We had a huge fight in one such bet match. My brother is basically an angry bird. He gets into fights easily. He doesn’t see who you are. He would just get into the fight if you are doing too much and showing attitude. That day it was a great ruckus. We all were throwing the bat and ball at each other. That was the day I stood up for my brother and went for a fight against someone. We quarrelled like anything and finally people came around and stopped us. That was a day I will remember forever in my life. That guy’s name is “Vivek” with whom I went against for a fight. He was taller and fatter than me. But we have to do anything for our brother right. At the instant, I just ran and jumped over him and caught his collar. I don’t know how that happened 🔥😅.

My PS2 times were all mostly with my brothers and their friends. My Middle brother was an awesome Smackdown player. It is very difficult to beat him. He knows some great tricks. He used to do too much. But One day I broke his streak. And I used fast hand technique and defeated him. That day he was shouting fluke, fluke. But I defeated the Champion 😂😂. That is enough. Me and my middle brother used to cheat my younger brother always 😅. And that was all my middle brother’s fault. I used to allow them to defeat me many times for bringing that smile on my brothers faces. Okay you are saying I would have lost only. If you don’t believe, then it’s Okay 😝.

There were times when my brother advised me when I cried for the results of exams. If you have read my earlier posts you would have known that I had failed on reaching my favourite English teacher’s goal in 10th Standard 😅. I cried a lot for that. Also during +2, I had the biggest heartbreak of my life. The Aim of becoming a doctor was burned to ashes. And I was also there, when they cried for their results. One of my brother after writing Maths exam cried a lot that he would get a very poor mark in Maths. He said he forgot everything and went blank in the middle of the exam. This was in his +2. I spoke to him, I consoled him. I said, “You know the people who corrects our paper never read what you are writing. They would just give marks based on their mood. You mark my words. You will get an awesome mark in Maths. Even if you get low marks it’s okay. You can match it by other subjects marks. So you go and concentrate on the next exam”. I also explained my previous experiences about it. Somehow I consoled him and made him to concentrate on his next exam. And when the results came out, he got awesome marks in maths which he never expected. Maybe it’s all my words. He got a very good total in +2. And felt very happy and responsible there after. Also for the other one, there is one huge memory on this topic. I had to do a lot to bring back his self confidence but now he blames me for that 😅. I can’t say it openly what and all happened 😅. But a lot of memories are there in this.

The first injury of my life with my consciousness happened when I was playing with my brothers. We were playing run and catch and while running, I never saw the water outside the bathroom, I got slipped and my forehead broke open with blood oozing out like lava 😂😂. Thank God we were a joint family in those times. I don’t know why, but I remember my uncle applying bru coffee powder on the place where blood was oozing and he tied it tightly with a cloth and everyone ran to the hospital that was half kilometre distance. There that doctor made nearly 9 stitches on my forehead. It pained like anything. She said it was nothing. The pain will go very soon. Those words are still ringing in my ear.

We used to practice the Smack Moves of WWE after watching it on TV even though they mention “Do not try it at School, Home or anywhere” 😂😂. Once I broke the glasses of bero in my house by throwing my brother on it. Got carried on a bit 😅. Got the only slap from my Dad for that.

There were days when we used to plan for buying more crackers from my dad and also getting some extra from other relatives. We would plan a lot. Also for bursting crackers we had a schedule on which one to burst at what time. First one was always the waalas in the early morning. It will be 1000,10000 or even 100 waala. But the first one in the schedule was waalas. Then comes the lakshmi bombs, elephant bombs, tiger bombs and all other day time bombs which comes in tightly rolled papers cylindrically. Then comes the dangerous one of all. The green boy. Auto Bomb – That’s what we call it although it is called Atom Bomb 😂. Then comes the bijili crackers which we burst during free and boring time means the afternoon when there are no good shows on TV also. We would throw this bijli cracker onto the roads from the terrace after lighting it by catching it in hand. That was a great trick to do we thought in those times. How shit we were 😂😂. We would show off to neighbor girls on the roads with that. Like they would say “What a Mannnn” 😂😂. Then comes the night which we start off by double shots then followed by Flower pots, then at 7-8, it’s time for Fancy Sky Crackers followed by Chakras, snake crackers, and then the Sparklers and Atlast we would end it with Waalas again, A 1000 or 10000 waala. Then me and my brothers would go to my neighbor’s home and finish off their crackers or we would climb the place where the Sintex tank was and sit and watch the world bursting crackers till around 8.30 or 9 and then we will go home and continue watching “Gilli” movie in Sun TV which was a ritual telecast for every Diwali at 6.30 PM. Only then our Diwali will be satisfied for us.

Once when it was raining, my mom dried the clothes inside our house. The clothes will be dried in dryer before she hangs it in the rope for drying it out completely. We three used to pull the saree of my mom on all four sides and feel like we are in a fort. Sometimes we would think that as a mosquito net like they show in movies that covers the bed. we used to play business game with children’s money, snakes and ladders, WWE Cards etc while lying down on the bed sheet in that saree fort. When my Mom sees that it will lead to slipper shot. I washed the clothes for like 2 hours and you will make it dirty by building fort is it. How Sweet you three are 😂😂😂. That were very good days.

In my childhood, I used to sleep in between my brothers and will hold both their hands while sleeping so that I will get to know if ghost tries to kidnap them 😂😂.

There are times when my mom would go to my native for some temple festivals ( Thiruvizha) and me and brothers used to cook some bla bla stuffs 😂😂. I have cooked rice and made tomato curry in my 8th standard itself. That too it was tasty. I even made an Omelette 😍😍. But my younger brother is a mischievous idiot. Along with him, I tried a lot of fusion dishes 😂😂. Puliyogare sambar Biryani, sugared lemon rice, Omelette 65 etc 😂😂😂. We used to throw whatever available in the kitchen shelf like puliyogare powder, sambar powder, Briyani powder, chicken 65 powder, chilli powder all together in a combo of vegetables that were leftover in the basket that was there😂😅. But don’t know why always that tasted good, whatever we made 😂😂.

If I want to buy something, I will say to my brother that if we had that imagine how awesome it will be. And he will cry and make scenes till my father buys that to us. Likewise we bought nearly 3 cycles, a computer, video games etc. When we play games on a computer, me and my brother would share controls. Like in GTA I would control the direction while driving the car and he will control kicking the people walking by. In racing, he would control the speed and I would steer the direction. Likewise we have completed a lot of PC games together. One of those was X-Men Wolverine and Narnia. My Favourite those times 😍.

My Younger brother would go to shop for taking Xerox for me even at 11 PM. One day I remember, he circled the whole area searching for Xerox shop that was opened at 11 PM since the regular shop where we used to do Xerox was closed. He was such a sweet brother.

I still remember the day when my younger brother was born and brought to home along with my mother. I asked someone not sure who, may be my grandma. Who is this small kid they are bringing to our house. She said he is your brother and you have become a big brother now. I just ran behind mom and was looking at his face for a long time. The chubby cheeks he had in his childhood. My younger brother was a bubbly kid in childhood. Whoever sees him will pull his cheeks 😂😂😂. You so cute haan 😂😂. I used to be like a stick in childhood. Now it’s the exact opposite 😂😂😂😂.

We have a photo in which I was sitting in a chair at the centre and both my brothers were standing beside me because I was a lot taller than both. But now if we take that photo again, I should stand and they both should sit on the floor. That much taller they have become 😂😂. That was one great memorable photo my mom would keep it with her till the end. I guess that was the only photo we took together in a shop where they take photos. That has flower designed background, red colored floor etc 😂😂. The Classic way of taking family photo.

My brothers are the first students for the teacher in me. I would take tuition classes for them. That too maximum on the night before the exam. I have thought a complete chapter in Mathematics for my brother on the penultimate night of the exam day. And he did well because of that. Many such Occasions were there. In childhood, my mom would ask them to recite me the mugged paragraphs in English notebook 😂😂. I would torture them to mug it up again even if they miss a single word like “Is”,”Was” etc also.

We also have an album of photos taken during our housewarming some 10 years ago may be, which on seeing our faces in it we would laugh like anything always. We would be that funny. If we are bored or sad, if we take that photo album and go through it. Laughter will come out bursting automatically 😂😂

Once upon a time, whenever I go out to eat with my friends, I would always pick something up from the restaurant for my brothers. But now the life has changed. I should go back to that me now.

We used to go to movies together always in those times. When the internet was not there, my father used to buy tickets in theatre and would take us for movies. After the internet, I would book tickets online and am taking everyone to the movies. It would be very good feel whenever we go to the movies together. But it’s gradually decreasing since we all grew up and my brothers started to go out with their friends. And also since I am out of my Hometown. I want to move back home so that everything will become like the sweet old days.

The ones with whom I had the most of the ghost talks which is my favourite has been with my brothers. We have been on a journey in search of ghosts when we went to our native village once. There was a bungalow which was broken at places. People used to say to us that each Tuesday they will hear the sound of a Swing and someone crying inside the building 😅. We were scared to shit when we tried to discover the truth behind it 😂😂. Also in villages, people never have restrooms. So for Nature’s call you have to walk inside some random bushy forest areas or those. That will be an area where absolutely no one will be there. It was just an area which was covered with only trees and bushes on all sides and nothing else. Sometimes some animals too. Just imagine what will happen if you are feeling urgent at night for Nature’s call 😂😂. There was one such worst night for us 😂😂. We heard some weird sounds when we went to that place. We ran away when we heard baby crying sounds 😂😂😂. But now I realize that it was a cat. There were many other funny ghost experiences too.

The best moment was one day power cut happened in the night time and we climbed the place in my terrace where there was a Sintex tank and I explained my brothers about what and all were there in the Sky. I guess I would have been at 8th or 9th standard and my brothers (One at 6th and other at 4th maybe). That was one awesome night. Even though we were not great scientists. We had a discussion as if we are one such. I still remember many things my innocent, cute small brother asked me. He never knew about gravity those times. He asked me, “How come Earth is standing in the Space without any balance and if we stand on the bottom of the Earth and look down what will we see, will it be like some kind of very big sea?”. Even Though I was not as clear about that as I am now. I managed to explain him that. He also asked, ” if a Human cannot see the air which he breathes, then do fish also can’t see the water from which it breathes 😂😂.” Just imagine how great right. He was such an innocent curious kid those days. Even now he is a curious guy, but he has got to know a lot of things in the world, that he can teach me about things ❤❤. We even used to differentiate which was Mars, Saturn and stars in the night sky. We also tried to escape from my mom secretly to watch the Solar Eclipse with reflection from the Hand mirror since they said we should not see it with our naked eyes 😂😂. My middle brother is the intelligent one of us all. Also the responsible, talented and the most matured one. Even though he is younger than me he has matured in many cases with some silly exceptions. We loved the concept called outer space from our childhood. The only topic other than ghosts that we speak about a lot is Outer Space.

All three of us know about how my father and mother have worked hard day and night to bring us to the position we are now. I am working in a Company which is completely Air Conditioned but my father till date is working hard under the heating sunlight on the market, selling fruits. All three of us know how important it is for us to prove his hard work was worth it. We will achieve great positions in life for sure. Earning money was never important for us but bringing respect to him is.

Unlike other people’s brother, I never took anything from my brothers and ate it without giving it to them. I used to share everything I get with them. Sometimes, if there are only 2 pieces of chocolate, I would give it to them and would say I don’t like that. I learned this from my mother 😅😍❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥.

For us watching cartoons like Dragon booster, Galactik football, avatar the last Airbender, kick buttowski, kid vs Kat, power rangers were like ritual. Every evening after school after PS2, we would sit sharply at 5 o’clock before TV for cartoons. Sometimes we do homework watching cartoons. My Parents were not torturers like other parents. They gave us freedom to do everything on our own. Because all three of us were good at Academics even though we were mischievous in other things. They believed in us ❤❤❤❤❤. So we paid back their belief by marks. We never went to tuitions for studying poorly. I prefer studying last day for exam. But Both my brothers preferred studying last night for an exam. They will study complete night and go to exam directly, complete it and then come and sleep. That is a very bad technique not at all good for your health. On the other hand, I would take leave and study the last day. Sleep well. Wake up early like around 5 in the morning although it’s tough and continue the exam day smooth and slow. That was my technique. Much better and healthy. Also I go chapter wise without looking at important questions. I would read the complete book once so that I would be knowing everything in the paper at least a bit and so I can choose and write which I know well. That worked very well for me a lot of times. Just saying this because if you want you can also follow. This is my reason for success.

Whenever some favorite cartoon is running, my father will keep news or old Classic movies and will torture us watching it. So, I would brainwash my younger brother to talk to him and divert him so that I can change the channel 😂😂. My Father listens to whatever my younger brother says. He loves him more than anyone in the world.

We three are like twins. If one gets sick, automatically the other will get it next day 😅. The excursions which we went together with my mom accompanying us, the day we went to VGP together as family on the third day of pongal, the trip to marina beach in childhood, the day at valluvar kottam, tiruchendur temple visits, the landing in rameshwaram and all other trips were the most memorable family times of my life ❤❤.

There were days when we had a fight and have not talked to each other for days. But, that never lasts. Eventually someone would laugh at someone and so both will laugh and we will start talking to each other. That is the speciality of Siblings.

Although we were not rich, we were always happy and satisfied with what we had. That was the best thing in our life.

There are lots and lots of memories in my life with my brothers. Each and every day of my life was a memory with them till I moved to a foreign place from my hometown for working. The above were just some highlights.

Many Times I have this feeling, “why did my childhood end so soon”.

I don’t know why I grew up. I changed a lot growing up. I am going far away from my family day by day. I don’t want that to happen. But I don’t know why I couldn’t control myself. I want my true self to be back. Lately a lot has happened in my life and I am actually in a mess now. But I want to go back to the life where no one was more important than my family. It’s all in our mindset. I want to trigger my mind back to those good old days.

We were that great that neighborhood aunties would say to my mom that there can be no one like your kids. How good they are and how always together they are. But my mom only knows all the truth 😂😂😂. She would say that to us 😂😂. World is believing in you my boys 😂😂😂😂😂.

I don’t know why but I have seen the closeness of brothers breaking when they grow up. Even my own uncles who were so close when they were a child now have grudge over each other in one or other form. They act like they are some kind of enemies. The Assets, Money etc all doesn’t matter when it comes to love and Affection. I don’t know when people are going to realize that. My Uncles realized that only when we lost one of them. In this world everyone is selfish in one or other way. If that continues then one day not even one joint family would exists. People should never compromise the Share and care attitude for anything. If you come up in life, you should at least bring your family up with you. Not just leave them and walk away. I have seen brothers having fight on who should take care of their parents. If such a thing comes then they should be ashamed of themselves. Their parents raised them up giving up everything and they are fighting on who should take care of them. I hate people who do such fights.I would give up all the assets, money etc if such a fight will come between me and my brothers in the future. I will never leave my parents in such a situation. Never I promise. I know my brothers won’t do that even.

I want my brothers to reach the Pinnacle they want to achieve in their life. All their big dreams should be achieved overcoming the small worries of failure that would hit them like it hits everyone in some phase of life. I want them to stay strong and never give up. There is no need for them to carry more than they can hold. That is why I am here. I want them to carry how much they would like to carry and never have a regret that this or that could have been better in their life. I want them to get the love they deserve and lead a very happy and rocking life. That is the only wish that runs in my mind always. I would sacrifice anything for them. Literally anything.

என் உடன் பிறந்த என் உயிர் நண்பா !!
நீயின்றி என் குழந்தை பருவம் இல்லை !!
ஓர் நாளும் நாம் பிரிந்து இருந்ததில்லை !!
இன்று நான் என் வாழ்வை திரும்பி பார்த்தால் !!
அதில் நீ தான் எல்லாமுமாய் இருக்கிறாய் !!
ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் நாம் சேகரித்த ஞாபகங்கள் ஏராளம் !!
பகிர்ந்து உண்பதில் நாம் என்றும் காட்டவில்லை தாராளம் !!
அட்டைப் பெட்டியில் கோட்டை கட்டினோம் !!
அழுக்குக் குட்டையில் கால்பந்தாடினோம் !!
அடக்க முடியா சேட்டைகள் செய்தோம் !!
மழழைக் குரும்பினால் சிரிக்க வைத்தோம் !!
அன்னை எதிரில் அடம் பிடித்தோம் !!
சுற்றத்தோர் மனதில் தடம் பதித்தோம் !!
நாம் உடைக்காத கண்ணாடியும் இல்லை !!
நாம் பகிறாத பொருட்களுமில்லை !!
நீயின்றி நானில்லை !!
நானின்றி நீயில்லை !!
என் அழுகையை துடைத்தாய் நீ !!
உன் அழுகையை துடைத்தேன் நான் !!
நம் வாழ்க்கையின் தூண் அல்லவோ நாம் !!
சுட்டிக் குழந்தையாய் இருந்த நீ !!
கெட்டிக்காரனாய் மாறியுள்ளாய் இன்று !!
வியக்கிறேன் நீ வளர்ந்த வேகம் பார்த்து !!
உயரம் வளர்ந்தது போல் வாழ்விலும் மேன்மேலும் உயருவாயாக !!
மழழை வயதில் கண்ட பல கனவை
இன்று நினைவாக்க உழைப்பாயாக !!
நம் தந்தை தாயாருக்கு பெருமை சேர்ப்பாயாக !!
அதுவே இந்த தமயன் தம்பியிடம் நிறைவேற்ற கேட்கும் ஒரே ஆசை !!
வீடு என்னும் கோவிலில் !!
தாய் தந்தை என்னும் தெய்வத்தின்
தீவிர பக்தனாய் வாழ்ந்து வந்தோம் !!
நாம் வேண்டிய அனைத்தையும் தெய்வம் நிறைவேற்றியது !!
இன்று அத்தெய்வத்தின் வேண்டுதலையே நிறைவேற்றும் நாள் வந்துவிட்டது !!
நன்றி மறவாது இன்றியமையை புரிவோமாக !!
பெற்றோரை பெருமை கொள்ள வைப்பதை விட வேறேதும் கடமை நம் வாழ்வில் உண்டோ இளவலே !!
வாழ்வின் இறுதிவரை பிறர் பொறாமை படும் சகோக்களாய் கூடி வாழ்வோம் !!
பல்லாண்டு வாழ்க !! என் உடன் பிறந்த நண்பா !!

I am thanking God if he is really there for my birth in this life, in this family, as a child of my mother and my father, and as an elder brother of my siblings.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comrade Kalyanam !! – Let’s Celebrate – Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

08 December, 2020

Finally the day has come. I was waiting for this day since my childhood. I am feeling so nervous. The thought that everything should go well is running throughout my mind from the moment I woke up today. I pinched my hands to check if this is happening for real. I realized it was, since it was paining where I pinched. I heard a knock on the door. I took the watch that was lying on the table. It was a gift for me from her for the wedding. I wore it in my left hand. Then I took the gold chain and bracelet which lying beside the watch. They are the gift from both our parents for the wedding. I wore them both. Then I took the ring from it’s box which we both bought together after the proposal. It was a pair. One was with me and the other with her. I inserted it in the ring finger of my right hand. The gold watch, gold ring, Chain and bracelet were matching my White Shirt and Dhoti. I combed my hair for one last time before leaving the groom’s room.. I smiled with happiness looking at the mirror that was in front of me. It felt very good to be at this point after a lot of struggle. I opened the door. It was Sandy. Obviously it would be him. He is the best man for me today. “Hey Arvind, What were you doing inside for so long. Don’t say me that you were applying some makeup or something”, Sandy Said. Makeup? Who! me? Hahahaha!! I ran my forefinger over his face. Oh! Mr. Sandy, then what is this in your face. Chapati flour or what?  Have you become a kitchen staff here? Are you going to keep your face in stove directly for making phulka?, I asked. Okay Okay stop! We have no time for these 2 rupee jokes. Come soon everyone are waiting for you, he said. 

I came out of the groom’s room and with Sandy on my side, I walked towards the stage where the marriage is going to be held. When I climbed the stage, I looked around at everyone in the hall with a smiling face. There were a lot of familiar faces looking at me and smiling at me. I felt nervous but there was a lot of happiness and an awesome feel running through my heart. I sat behind the Agni Square. Iyer was chanting the mantras. I looked around and I saw my gang standing right behind me on the stage. Everyone were in dhotis. I winked at them and showed them the mangalsutra (Marital Chain) which was lying on the coconut that was in front of me in a plate that also had some flower petals and yellow rice seeds filled around it. I then showed them number 1 with my forefinger and then indicated it towards me. Vishnu threw a marigold flower that was nearby towards me. I prayed they did not have any naughty plans to execute on the stage. All their faces were having a sarcastic look. On the left hand side, My brother Arjun was standing with a bright face along with his friends who were also friends to me. Actually in my childhood it was his friends who were so close to me. One of his friends said, “All the best Anna”. I Smiled. 

My Mom and Dad, along with my uncles and aunts were standing below the stage and were welcoming everyone with a smiling face and joined hands, showing them a seat to sit. Loudspeakers were at every corner of the marriage hall. My Friends arranged for a Dj. That Dj rocked yesterday night at the reception. My gang made everyone go crazy for dancing in the hall and they also made everyone do some awesome steps with them. Even my mom and dad danced. Arjun went thara local. “Aluma doluma..!!!!!!”. He was a great dancer from childhood. Even I did some casual steps along with her on the stage. Then we rocked hard together with everyone at the end of the reception. “Danga Maari oodhari puttukina nee naari…!!!!!!”. It was such a great night of dance. Now the Dj was playing all my favorite 90’s Tamil songs. I have been to a wedding which was my friend’s brother’s wedding. I had some kind of awesome feeling when I was hearing such 90’s songs in a wedding. I have spoke about that a lot to my friends and now they have arranged it for me. They are the best anyone can get. I also made sure to arrange perfect Tamil Nadu style Marriage food to be served on the banana leaf to everyone. I wanted it to be like that. I wanted people to go home wholehearted and also with a full stomach when they leave the marriage hall. They should say there was no other place where I had an awesome food like it was in Arvind’s Marriage. I was firm that Everyone should be made to Sit and eat. And the food should be brought to them and served instead of the buffet system. I never found a buffet system to be very good. I never came out of any marriage which had buffet system with a full stomach. I don’t know why but it was never right. Since people used to stand and eat, they never eat so much in a buffet system. I have seen old people who hesitate to stand and eat, they go home without eating. I have heard people saying, ” Instead of Standing and eating, I will go home and eat. Also in buffet system, the one who is standing near the buffet will look at us how much we are taking. But in the case of our traditional marriage, we would ask, “How is the food”, “Is the food enough”, “Here take more that will not be enough”, “Eat till both your heart and stomach is full”, ” Don’t forget to Eat betel leaves and betel nuts after food”. And also traditionally actually it’s our friends and relatives who serves food in marriage to everyone. In one of my Uncle’s marriages, I was one among to serve food to everyone. I felt very happy to do that. It happened in our native village. Everyone from rich to poor attended the Marriage. They sat together without any difference and we served food with our heart out. That felt awesome. So that is why I wanted the same to happen in my marriage. I was feeling happy and was thinking about everything I did specifically for this special moment of my life.

Suddenly, Iyer shouted. It’s almost time, please bring the bride soon. I was sitting behind the Agni square into which the iyer was throwing some water and rice seeds etc and was chanting hymns and mantras. I showed my Mom and I laughed. She kept her finger on the mouth and signaled me to be quiet and that everyone was watching me. One of my favorite song was being played in the loudspeaker. It was “Penne Neeyum Penna Pennagiya Oviyam Rende rendu kanna ovvondrum kaaviyam…….!!!” I looked around the hall, everyone’s eyes were focusing me. And so I turned my eyes towards the right side. There from the bride’s room, Aaradhana, my life, my soul, my love, my everything, walked out with the bridesmaid holding her hand. Yes, She is my to be better-half in half an hour. “That hand will be held by me in sometime”, I thought. And the lyrics played, “Kamban Shelly serndhu dhan kavidhai eludhiyadhu..Endhan munbu vandhu dhan pennai nirkiradhu….!!!!!” She looked like an Angel in her Red Silk Sari. There was like a garden of flowers covering all her hair at the back of her head. She had a beautiful golden forehead pendant (Nethuchutti) which was touching her forehead. She was wearing an earring which had a stud from which beautiful dome like jhumka made of diamond was hanging from it. She was wearing a pair of Gold necklaces with beautiful gemstones on it and it was hanging around her neck like a flower bed on a garden. But She herself is the most beautiful flower I have ever known. She was wearing a set of dozen Bangles which was covering her beautiful hand that was lined by beautiful Mehendi. The tinkling sounds of her anklet was playing a unique sweet music among the loudspeakers. She was an Angel even without those ornaments. She looked perfect. I don’t know if I am deserving enough to have her as my wife. But I will look after her with atmost care till my last breath. I promised inside my mind. She looked at me and winked. I smiled at her. I signaled her thumbs up. She climbed the stage with the bridesmaid who was her best friend “Radhika”, also her parents and her aunts.

She came near me and sat beside me. She then whispered in my ear “Mama”. A ripple of unknown awesome feeling ran through me. This is the first time she is saying that word. I blushed at her. I whispered back in her ear, “My Dear Aaruu, Do you wanna take Mr. Arvind as your husband, do you think he is the best man for you, do you think he can take care of you till your last breath and love you more than yourself?”. Yes, Mama. I strongly believe he is the best pair for his Aaruu, She said. And then she whispered, “My Lovable Mama, Do you wanna take Miss Aaradhana as you Wife, do you think she is your best half and your soul mate, do you think she will be there as your support at all your good and bad times and will never leave your hand no matter what”. I bet my life on that, I whispered back. And the song lyrics played at the perfect timing, “Manadhil nindra kadhaliye manaiviyaaga varum bothu sogam kooda sugam aagum vaazhkai inba varamaagum…!!!”. I looked at her again and blushed. Our parents looked at us and laughed. Naveen shouted from the side, “Dai Dai Dai !! Romance can be done in the night not now”. Everyone laughed. Then we exchanged garlands that were on each other’s shoulders. Radhika was taking the large plate with mangalsutra to everyone. The plate with mangalsutra came back to its original place after everyone took their handful of flowers and turmeric applied rice seeds. Once it was back, Iyer asked us to do some rituals by joining both of our hands and throwing something into Agni. I looked at my Mom and her. Both stared at me. I kept chup and concentrated on the rituals again. After sometime, the Iyer took the mangalsutra in hand and gave it to me. And he shouted, “Kettimelam !! Kettimelam !!” And the Dj played, “Mangalyam thandhunanena…!!!” I took the Mangalsutra in my hands. I moved it towards her neck. Everyone stood up and got ready to throw the blessings via the flower petals and rice seeds towards us. And let’s Freeze. Okay Let’s stop this scene here. Let everyone be in the same position they are now till I tell you my story and make you realize how special this moment is in my life. Come walk with me through my dream.

Let me start my story by telling when the seed called marriage was sown into my mind and how it started searching for water and sunlight day by day to grow into a huge tree.

02 June, 2016

It was a special day for me. My Birthday. My Birthday would be incomplete if I don’t spend time with my new and best gang of friends. We call ourselves “Comrades”. I am Comrade number 07. Vishnu is Comrade Number 01. Naveen is Comrade Number 03. Sandy is Comrade Number 05 and Anand was Comrade Number 09. We all numbered us in Odd. Because we always wanted to be Odd in everything. That day Sandy called me at around 6 PM. And he asked me to give a treat for my birthday. He said everyone are gathered at Turkey Kebab and are waiting for me to come. He said he will come in ten minutes and will pick me up at the corner of my street. Actually before he called, I was lying down in my bed and was replying back to everyone who wished me in whatsapp and facebook. I got up from my bed, washed my face, changed clothes and said my Mom that I will be coming late at night and asked her not to wait for me. She likes my friends so much especially Vishnu. She knows if he comes, I will be safe wherever I go. I said her, Mom I took 1000 rupees for giving treat to my friends. She said, Okay go and come back safely.  She did a lot of ruckus when I picked Black shirt for my birthday. Actually, she is a religious person who believes all superstitions. But I am a son to her who never listens to those gyans of superstitions. Arjun is an ideal son who does everything she says. But not me. If She asks me not to cut hair on tuesday or friday. I would wait for that day and do that. If She asks me not to cut nails after 6 PM. I would wait for 6 PM and cut my nails. I would tease her when she asks me not to drink water or eat food during Solar eclipse. I would say, Mom this is science world and you are still following these superstitions. Please grow up Mom. She would say you will not know what is this now. Your time will come. That is me and my mom. So, I took the 1000 rupees and walked towards the corner of my street. There he was, my Best friend, Sandy. he was sitting on his Honda Shine. he raised his hand and showed his palm to me and then he slapped it on his bike. I got what he said. I had made me ready for the war which was about to come. I wore a bunyun, a T-Shirt, a Shirt and also a Jacket over it. I sat at the back of his bike and we started towards Turkey Kebab. On the way he asked me how was my day, who and all wished, did I get any wish from any girls etc. I said , “yeah everyone wished da, even some girls from school too. I never thought they would still remember me. I am very happy for having such good friends. Also I realized that I was such a good friend for them too”. We took right from my Street to market lane. And then we took left in the Main road. We reached Turkey Kebab in less than 10 minutes. He told me to join everyone inside so that meanwhile he can park his bike and then join us. Turkey Kebab is the place our gang would meet whenever someone gives treat or whenever we get bored. It was like a secret base for the comrades. I opened the door of Turkey kebab and went inside. For my surprise when I looked around there was not even one of the comrades inside the restaurant. I surely know that Sandy said everyone are already here and are waiting for me to come soon. But I can see there was no one here. I went and sat in a empty table for Six. And waited for them to return if they had gone somewhere nearby. In some 10 minutes, Sandy entered the restaurant and he asked me where are the others. I said, “you only know where they are. You are asking me. You only said they are here and they are waiting for me”. He said, “yes they were here. But now where are they?”. I was already a lot scared about what they are going to do to me today. And this increased my tension. Last year my birthday bombs happened in my college building where I got left and right from everyone. But my professor came on time and saved me. I was a primary target because I do a lot of ruckus on each one’s birthday. I asked Sandy to call one of them and ask where they are. He called Naveen, kept the phone in his ear and walked away towards the door. He signaled me to sit wherever I was, till he says. I looked around to make sure no one was hiding behind me or something. There was no one. I confirmed it.

Suddenly, He came back rushing inside the restaurant. He said come with me soon. We have to go. “Anand got!”. He Stopped the sentence in Midway and ran outside. I ran behind him. When we reached his bike, I asked what happened to Anand. He said, sit soon. We have to go. I will tell you on the way. I sat at the back of the bike at once and he rushed the bike from Turkey Kebab towards the beach road. When We reached the beach road I asked, “Where is Anand, where are everyone, What happened to Anand. Tell me Sandy”. He said Anand fell down from the bike and was caught by the police who was standing nearby. He said we have to go and rescue him from them before something big happens. I asked him, “He is not hurt right. Is he alright?”. “Don’t know da, we will get to know once we reach there. Naveen did not say me everything”, He said. Okay da! Go faster! I said. I forgot everything and repeated to myself, Anand will be Okay! Anand will be Okay!. He took left on the beach road towards the Container ground. I asked Sandy, why did they go to Container ground at first place this time. He said I don’t know da but Naveen said Police caught them near Container ground and they are standing there. Sandy stopped the bike outside the container ground and said me, this is the place they said they are standing. But I can’t see anyone. Can you go and look around if they are standing anywhere. Maybe they ran away from the police and are hiding somewhere. And may be the police left. It was around 8.00 PM and everything was dark around. And here I am standing on my birthday with my best friend at a place which looks like it is haunted and he is asking me to walk around alone. He said me to check inside the Container ground and that he will check the other side of the road. I have heard from people that this ground is haunted and no one comes here at night that too alone. This ground it was near a cemetery that is the reason they call it haunted. I gathered courage and walked towards the Container ground entrance slowly. It was an empty ground with lorry goods Containers on its side. It was used for storing the empty containers since the Harbour did not have enough space for it. It had a flood light and a control room for it at one corner of the ground. It was so dark. I called out Anand! Anand! Naveen! Dai Vishnu! But No response. I turned back and saw even sandy was not there and nor his bike. I was shocked and horrified. In a moment I thought, How did I end up here. Did Sandy really come with me. But I remember sitting in his bike and traveling. And where are these guys. And I started hearing some weird noises. Some laughing sounds, some crying sounds etc. Oh Shit! What is happening. The thought of running away from there came to my mind. I was so horrified that I was not sure which direction I was running. Instead of running away towards the road. I ran inside the Container ground. 

When I kept my first step inside the ground. The Flood lights available nearby got switched on and there in front of my eyes. I saw my Comrades all four of them standing in front of me together with a 1 Kg black forest cake which was resting on Sandy’s bike. And there was an uncle who was standing near the room under the floodlights. I just fell in my knees and cried. Everyone Shouted in Chorus! Happy Birthday Arvind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tears started flowing continuously from my eyes. Because this is the first time ever in my life in my consciousness that someone bought cake for me to cut on my birthday. We don’t actually cut cake in my home. My Mom takes me to a temple and we worship there and come back and she will cook special food for me. But we have never cut a cake. That too with this thrill that was special. I shouted, “Love you Bitches”. And then I ran towards them and hugged them all together. Sandy wiped the tears of my eyes and asked me to cut the cake soon. Since they asked only 10 minutes permission from that uncle who was working as a watchman here. So I got the plastic knife from Naveen and went near the cake. Vishnu pressed the candle in the cake which was in shape “22”. It was my 22nd birthday. He took out the matchstick and tried to light it. But since it was an open ground, the wind was so high. And it blew off the match stick not even the candle. So we all joined together and covered the cake from air and now he tried again. He lit the candle and when we moved apart again. The candle went off. Vishnu said, its okay you blew the candle like that itself and cut the cake. And I blew the unlit candle  as he said. I was so overwhelmed that I am not sure what I was doing. I blew out the candle and got ready to cut the cake. I sliced the first piece out of the cake and Vishnu came forward took that from my hand and fed me some and then it started, the Cake Facial. I took a piece from my hand roughly from the cake and applied it into vishnu’s face. And everyone joined the party and we picked the pieces and threw it like a cricket ball on each other.  And when it came to the last piece, I asked them to stop. I took the last piece of the cake and moved towards the watchman and gave him the piece. He said, “Happy Birthday and God bless you kid!”. I said, Thanks Uncle. And I came back to the place where everyone is standing. There came the first blow on my shoulder from Sandy. And it continued one by one from others. It is a ritual for getting a birthday bomb on your birthday right. I ran around the ground but they kept chasing me and at one point, they grabbed my hands and legs and were hitting my back like a football. Watchmen shouted, Hey what are you guys doing. They turned and I escaped from them and ran towards the entrance. They said, Its over and asked me to wait. But after reaching me, Vishnu gave me one last blow on the back again. Then we bid goodbye to the watchman. I saw him taking some money from Vishnu. I thought it was free. But it was not. He got 50 rupees for this I guess. Then we went back to turkey kebab and there I gave them freedom to buy whatever they want. But I had only 1000 rupees in hand. I thought they will not cross it. But when they started ordering American Chopsuey, Prawn fry. I know it is going to cross the limit. But I want them to enjoy the time and eat whatever they want. They have been a very special people in this phase of my life. I know they will be with me till the end. They are my college bus mates. We had a lot of memories together. But we became so close in this recent past year only. And also this has been the most memorable birthday for me till now in my life. I said I ate full and came. So only one Shawarma is enough for me and I asked them to eat till their stomach hurts. And when the bill came it was 950 rupees along with the food I bought as a takeaway to my home for Arjun. Still we had 50 rupees extra. We decided to drink Rose Milk for the rest 50 rupees. Rosemilk was 10 rupees. When we reached the shop. I changed my mind and we ordered, 4 Rose Milk and 1 Badam Milk. Badam Milk was my favourite one.

After finishing it. We drove to Naveen’s Home and on the way I gave the food I bought for Arjun in my home and joined everyone near Naveen’s Home. And there we stayed on the road standing and talking near the bikes for like 2 hours. It all started with the one sentence from Sandy, “So this may be the last year everyone of us are meeting on your birthday. This may be the last moment even. Many of us got campus placed and will move to different cities and who knows if we will meet again or not”. And that shook everyone of us. This is the last year of my engineering college life and yes we will move soon. But I don’t want comrades to be separated even if we are not together. I never had a  constant gang if friends in my life from my childhood. It would always be changing each phase. But I want this gang to be with me till my end. We discussed a lot of other things about our college days memories. And suddenly one of them not sure who raised the question, Okay! Who do you think will get married first in our Comrades gang? I don’t know why but without hesitation, everyone’s face turned towards me. I said, “Hey!, What why me?” They said you see it will be you. You are destined for that. Vishnu and Anand although they are committed they had sisters so they will not marry soon. Sandy was the youngest one and he had two more brothers to get married before him. And Naveen he will get not married before all of us that we all know for sure. Because if he falls in love with someone, that one will get married to someone automatically. He had 5 love failures from School till now and all of them got married. And they all turned their face in unison towards me. I don’t know why but I said them that yes it will be me and also within next 2 years. I had absolutely no idea why I said that. I actually have never fallen in love with anyone in my life till now. I was that best friend character to all the girls I know and was a friend who will do anything if you ask for. But that moment everything changed. Vishnu said, we were just joking you will never get married. I said, “You will see, I will be the first one”. Everyone of us laughed. We promised that wherever we go and settle, we should attend everyone’s marriage compulsorily. And then after discussing a lot other things about each of our lives and our future, we left for our home. Vishnu stayed near Naveen’s house so they both walked. Anand and Sandy sat on their bikes and started it. Sandy dropped me again at my home and left with Anand. I entered my house at around 11.00 PM. Mom asked me to eat. But I said, I am not hungry and my stomach was full. I went inside the bedroom and laid myself down in my bed.

And all the thoughts in the world about that topic called Marriage entered my mind. I thought, how would it feel to love someone? How would it feel to get married to someone and live with them for lifelong? Arrange marriage means that we have to get married to a complete stranger, but will that work out? Will I fall in love with someone? Will I have a marriage in which I will marry a loved one? Will my love end up in a way as like it did for Naveen? Will I really be the first one among the Comrades to get married? Will my marriage be love or arranged one? Or what if I never get married at all? Who will I marry? What will she be doing now? Which place was she from? will she be from Chennai? will she be from Tamil Nadu? will She be from India? Will she love me so much forever like I will do? Oh what happened to me? Why am I thinking such things? And then I took out my phone and I made a long status on facebook about how awesome my day was and how the comrades made it so special. I thanked everyone in whatsapp group and also personally. Everyone replied for my status. Naveen Commented “Once again Happy Birthday, Yet to be the First Wicket!”. Anand Commented, “Thanks for the Awesome treat machan!”. Sandy Commented, “I know everything that was about to happen when we reached Turkey kebab first time itself. How was my acting and how was the surprise”. I replied, “You bitch, you cheated me. And also Thank you all the bitches for all the surprise. I will never forget you all in my life ever. Be with me till the very end of me.”. Vishnu reacted “Heart” for the post. And everyone reacted “Heart” for my comment. I blushed on seeing Naveen’s comment and it bought me the memory of Ravinder singh’s “I too had a love Story” which I read a year ago. Should I have to find her in like he did. Nope she will come to me. She will become My Soul, My Love, My Life, My Everything. She will be the best half and my soulmate. “She will come”, I said to myself and fell asleep that beautiful night. 

**To be Continued**

Romeo Juliet !! – The Legendary Love

Love is a special feeling. Everyone of us experience it at many stages of our life. There is no one who doesn’t love anyone. Some of us marry the one whom we love. Some of us love the one whom we marry. But Love is always there in the world and it is inevitable. When it comes to love. The First name that comes to our mind is Romeo Juliet. So, who are these Romeo Juliet? Why is their love this much famous?

No worries. I am here. Let me narrate you the most famous and tragic story of Romeo Juliet. This may or may not be accurate. But this is what my understanding of Romeo Juliet.

Romeo Juliet was a story which was previously written by Arthur broke in his “The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet”. But it became famous only from the play which was composed by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare added a lot of additional characters to the Story to make it a lot more interesting.

There lived two families called “Montague” and “Capulet” in Verona, Italy. Prince Escalus was the ruling Prince of Verona at that time. Montague and Capulet were Sworn enemies. Romeo Montague was the son of Mr. Montague and Juliet Capulet was the daughter of Mr. Capulet. Benvolio was the cousin of Romeo and Mercutio was the best friend of Romeo. Mercutio was neither a Montague nor a Capulet. He was blood related to Prince Escalus himself. Juliet had a Cousin named Tybalt who hated the Montagues so much like every others in the family. Count Paris was a handsome, wealthy man who was blood related to both Prince Escalus and Mercutio. Peter, Sampson, and Gregory are the Servants of Capulets. Abram and Balthasar are servants of the Montagues.

One day there was a huge quarrel between the servants of Montagues and Capulets who were also enemies as like their masters. They fought each other which was leading to bloodshed. Prince Escalus came by that way and intervened them and ordered them that if any such things happens in future it would be an offense that will be punishable by death.

There was a dance party which was being held by the Capulets for a family celebration. Count Paris fell in love with Juliet on the first sight and he asked Mr. Capulet for her hand in Marriage. Mr. Capulet asked Count Paris to wait for two more years since Juliet was still too young to get married and also invited him to attend the dance party. Mrs. Capulet along with the nurse who takes care of Juliet forced Juliet to accept Count Paris’s courtship and also asked to spend some time with him in the dance party.

Benvolio found that Romeo was in a depression because of his one side infatuation with Rosaline Capulet. Rosaline Capulet was the cousin of Juliet Capulet. To make Romeo happy, Benvolio and Mercutio persuaded him to attend the Capulet dance party. Romeo in a hope that he can meet Rosaline in the Capulet party agreed to go with them. Since Mercutio was blood related to the prince himself he was in good relation with both Montagues and Capulets. Romeo and Benvolio in disguise attended the Capulet Party along with Mercutio. In search of Rosaline, Romeo found Juliet in the Party and he fell in love with her at first sight. Romeo forgot about his one side infatuation with Rosaline after meeting Juliet. He fell in love with her so much that Benvolio could see the old Romeo back again. He was so happy after he fell in love with her. Tybalt on finding Romeo sneaking inside the Capulet party tried killing him. But Mr. Capulet stopped him from shedding blood on the floors of Capulet house. Tybalt forced Montague boys to leave the party at once.

After the party, Romeo sneaked into the garden of the Capulet and reached the balcony of Juliet to talk with her about his love. There he overheard Juliet promising to herself to never stop loving Romeo even though they are from two enemy families. Romeo and Juliet then confessed their love to one another. They both agreed to get married in secret with the nurse’s aid. With the help of Friar Laurence who was a Friar, they secretly married the next day. Friar Laurence married them both in a hope to reconcile the two families through their children’s union.

Some days later, Tybalt challenged Romeo for a duel. Tybalt was still enraged as Romeo who was a Montague sneaked into their party. Romeo since he married Juliet thought Tybalt as a relation and refused to fight against him. Mercutio on hearing this, got angry on Romeo and accepted to fight against Tybalt on behalf of his best friend Romeo. Mercutio accepted the duel since Tybalt was so rude to his best friend and since his best friend was not reacting to it. Mercutio got fatally wounded in the duel and Romeo came in between Tybalt and Mercutio to stop the fight. And Mercutio got accidentally killed during this which enraged Romeo. Romeo killed Tybalt for killing his Best friend Mercutio.

Benvolio argued with the Prince Escalus that Romeo did justice by killing Tybalt for his friend Mercutio. But the grief of losing a blood relation(Mercutio) because of some family feud took over the prince and he ordered Romeo to be banished from Verona and to never return back ever. And he also ordered if he ever returned he would be sentenced to death.

Before leaving Verona the next day, Friar Laurence secretly arranged for Romeo to spend the last night at Juliet’s chamber of Capulet house. There Juliet got to know everything that happened that day from Romeo and they spent their last night as husband and wife together. Then he left for Mantua where he was to spend the rest of his life.

After the death of Tybalt, Mr. Capulet arranged for Juliet’s marriage with Count Paris the next day. Juliet tried persuading her mother and father in postponing the marriage date but they refused it. And also they never know about the secret marriage that Romeo and Juliet did.

Juliet went to Friar Laurence for help again. Friar Laurence gave her a potion which can make someone sleep for 24 hours and also it will make them appear as they are dead. He said her that it will throw her into a “death like coma” for 24 hours and she will be perfectly alright after 24 hours. As Friar Laurence said, Juliet drank the potion and fell into coma. Capulet Family thought that Juliet was dead and arranged for her burial. Meanwhile, Friar Laurence sent Friar John for informing Romeo in prior about the Potion and the condition of Juliet. He sent a message which indicated him to come back as soon as possible to Capulet house and to get hold of his beloved wife Juliet before they bury her. But this message for some reason never reached Romeo on time.

After hearing about the death of Juliet from one of his servants, Romeo bought poison from an Apothecary in Mantua and he rushed to the burial place of Juliet in Verona. At the Capulet Crypt ( The burial place of all Capulets), he found the body of Juliet in an open casket which was to be buried later. He saw Count Paris mourning in front of her body. Count Paris on seeing Romeo got enraged with a feeling that he was the reason for death of Juliet and he fought with him. Romeo killed Count Paris in the fight. Then he went near the body of Juliet. Juliet was still in her coma of 24 hours. Believing that Juliet was dead, Romeo drank the poison he bought and he died nearby the Casket of Juliet. Juliet woke up in some time and found Romeo dead. Then realizing what had happened, she stabbed herself and joined Romeo in death.

Friar Laurence along with the Prince, Capulets and Romeo’s recently Widowed father returned to the grave and found the death of the three. Friar Laurence recounted the story of the two “star- crossed lovers” to their family. The death of their Children made the Montagues and Capulets to end their feud and violence. And they decided to strive in peace there after. They also decided to erect a monument there in memory of Romeo and Juliet.

William Shakespeare ends the story in Prince’s view by saying, “For never was a story of more woe (Deep Sorrow) than this of Juliet and her Romeo”.

That sacrifice Romeo Juliet did by gifting their life for each other made this Story a master piece.

“Majnun Layla” !! – A Virgin Love Story

Actually Love is a bigger aspect than you. You cannot control when, where and how it comes. Love truly does strike like a bolt of lightening to the chest when you aren’t prepared for it. Love is a sweet pain. Love is an eternal intense feeling which makes you do things beyond imagination for others. A person in love can become crazy enough to do anything for their loved ones. Once a true love comes into someone it can never diminish at any point. Love will not disappear even if the lovers are separated from one another by destiny. We have said the following line to many of our friends who are in love: “Don’t do too much as if you are Layla Majnu, Romeo Juliet etc”. Romeo Juliet we all know who they are. But who is Layla Majnu. Many of us just know their names but not their story. Am I right?

No worries. I am here. I will narrate you the beautiful and also eternal but a tragic love story of Layla Majnu. This may not be accurate. But this is my understanding from what I came to know from various sources.

Layla Majnu is the story of two lovers who never stopped loving each other even when they were separated from each other by the destiny of life. This Real Story was composed as a poem by the Persian Poet Nizami Ganjavi. It was called the “Romeo Juliet of the East” by people around the world. Even today, people know them as “Layla Majnu” and the “and” in between the two names is missing always. They were two in flesh, but one in spirit. Some people also call it “MajnunLayla”.

Qays ibn al-Mulawwah was a young man who lived in the northern Arabian Peninsula, in the Umayyad era during the 7th century. Layla Al-Aamiriya was a beautiful young women born in a very rich family. Her family was so rich that she was actually compared to no less than a princess. Qays and Layla belonged to the same tribe. Qays fell in love with Layla at the very first sight when both were studying in same school. His love for her increased day by day which made him compose splendid love poems. The poems were all about Layla and the love he had on her. He used to mention her name in most of the poems he wrote. He also used to read the poems out loud on the street corners to any one who cared to listen. He was deeply in love with Layla and it was always her thoughts that would be running through his mind all the time. People used to call him “Majnun” because of that. “Majnun” means madman. He was mad for love. He was mad on his love with Layla. Eventually Layla also fell in love with him too. They both loved each other for some long time.

One day, Qays gained confidence, He went and asked Layla’s father for her hand in Marriage. Although he was from same tribe, her father refused it because he was poor and also as people called him “Majnun” (The mad man). Her father thought that marrying his daughter to Qays would only cause a scandal to their Arab traditions. He banished his daughter from seeing Qays after that. Soon after this incident, Layla was forced to marry a handsome wealthy noble merchant from a nearby village who belonged to a different tribe. People used to call him ‘Ward’ which means “Rose” in Arabic. He was called that because it seems he was in a color resembling that. Layla went on to live in a big mansion with her husband. She did not love him because her heart still belonged to Qays. But even though Layla did not love her husband, she was a loyal daughter and so she remained a faithful wife. But She made sure her husband never touched her and she remained a virgin throughout her life with her husband.

Qays on hearing the news about the marriage of his beloved Layla, fell into a deep sorrow. He abandoned his home and his family and fled into the surrounding desert. There he lived in Solitude without speaking to a single soul and continuing to write love poems for his beloved Layla. It was said that he was given Shelter by the wild animals in the desert and they protected him day and night. But he never ate and became weaker and weaker. His Father and Mother missed him so much and longed for him to safely return. They would keep food for him, thinking that he would feel hungry each and every day at the edge of their garden which leads to the desert in the hope that one day he will come back to them. He was often seen then and there by travelers who would pass him on their way towards the city. The travelers said that Qays spent his days reciting poetry to himself and writing in the sand with a long stick. They said that he truly was driven to madness by a broken heart. It was also said that Qays would send some of his poems to Layla through some people who cross by him in the deserts towards the city and Layla would read that and she also started writing replies back to him with poems in return to it.

Many years later, His Mother and Father passed away. An Old man passed on this message to Qays when he met him one day. The Old man said later to people he met in the village that, “It was a terrible blow to young Qays and he did not have the heart to witness the mental pain Qays experienced. So he walked away without standing there”. Qays after hearing the news of his parents death was filled with regret and loss. He realized what he had done to his family and so he made a vow to himself to live in the desert until his own death.

Layla also lived all her life thinking about Qays. But She never showed it outside to anyone and lived in depression. Some years later, Layla’s husband died. After her husband’s death Layla longed to be united back with her beloved Qays. But according to Arab traditions, widowed women should not go outside their home and mourn for their dead husband for like two years without meeting any other soul. Layla reached her breaking point. Although She was separated from Qays for such a long time. This two years of solitude made her think of him, all he has done for her and that broke her heart. She fell ill and died alone in her home without seeing her Majnun ever again.

On hearing the news of Layla death, Qays rushed immediately to the place where Layla was buried and there he cried and cried until he died at the grave side of his only true love. People who found his body near Layla’s grave found that he had carved three verses of poetry on a rock near the grave, which were the last three verses ascribed to him.

Qays went mad for his love. And For this reason he was called “Majnun”, or “Majnun Layla” which means “Driven mad by Layla”.

Many other minor incidents happened between his madness and his death. Most of his recorded poetry was composed before his descent into madness.

One of the best lines of his poetry was:

“I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla
And I kiss this wall and that wall
It’s not Love of the walls that has enraptured my heart
But of the One who dwells within them

This type of love is known as “virgin love” because the lovers never marry or consummate their passion. They just live by thinking of each other till the very last day of their life. Majnun Layla is the story which explains that.

Happy New Year !! _/\_

So, Its a new year.

Yes, Its 2020.

The year APJ Abdul Kalam Sir dreamed of India becoming a Super Power with all the parts of each and every states becoming equally developed, with adequate and equal access to all resources like Energy and Water, with very good health care facilities which is available and equally affordable for every citizen of the country, with a very good education system which provides education equally in basis of merits and nothing else, with agriculture, industry and other sectors blossoming with joint hands, with improved literacy rate and also equal opportunities in terms of employment, with a reduction in poverty and also crime rates against Women and Children, all through a responsible, transparent and Corruption-free government.

If we think of whether it was achieved or can be achieved, I can say not probably in the near future. Actually we can see that the crime rates against Women and Children has increased a lot nowadays. Not Sure if it increased or actually are being exposed easily nowadays because of the improvement in technologies. Poverty Situation is still the same. The rich is still getting richer and the poor is still getting poorer. Clearly Industrial and other sectors took over Agriculture. Nowadays, Agriculture more than a necessity has become a business. Corporates entered the agricultural world and you can see clearly how the rates of some of the very basically used ingredient vegetables has been inflated to such a high rates. We can see a lot of farmers taking their lives day by day.

Everything is a business today. Health Care, Food, Education everything. Even the temples are a business centres nowadays. I have been to one of the temples in Northern parts of Tamil Nadu. Everything is a business there. Even the path you take to walk towards the sanctum of the temple is designed in such a way. Hospitals – We know what is happening there. Government hospitals are giving training to MBBS students by working in real life projects. A Noobie working with the life of a Human being. One of My relative was ill and was admitted in a well known government hospital in North Chennai. He was actually capable of walking when he was admitted in the hospital. And throughout the treatment time, Only the learning doctors were handling him and not the actual specialists. They are taking it as easy as a Mechanic Job. Just try and learn by mending this repaired bike. A Human Life is not that easy. It is critical. We lost the relative after 20 days of useless treatment. I hope you will ask why not a private hospital. That is the biggest Corporate World. If you go for a tooth ache, they would say you have tooth cancer or they will invent some other new disease and will make you sell all your jewels and properties for curing that unknown disease. I know a person who is actually perfectly alright. They said you are having BP and if you leave this without taking care it will lead to glaucoma, diabetes and also heart attack. And Now he is spending thousands of rupees for it. If Doctor fees is 500 rupees, then Medicine will cost you 1500 rupees.

Unemployment – The biggest issue of this decade. There are more than 550 Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu which provides degrees for lakhs of Engineers each year. Not Everyone who gets a degree is working as an engineer. Out of the lakhs merely thousands get placed in their colleges via the campus recruitment drive. A lot of Engineers are working as a delivery boy, some as a tution teachers, some are even applying for scavenger jobs. Not only Engineers, there are lot other degree holders without jobs or doing a job irrelevant to their stream because of very less amount of opportunities. Either the count of colleges should be reduced or the difficulty level of courses should be increased. Courses should become more practical than theoretical. Government should bring about more plans similar to “Make in India”. Else a lot of chaos will happen for sure in the upcoming decade.And I don’t want to talk about the government. We all know how great everything is going on now. At least nowadays a good thing is that every citizen is thinking what is required for each of us and are protesting against all wrong things and injustice.

All we need as a human being is nothing but a Peaceful, Healthy and Safe surrounding which disregards all differences & discriminations and a coordinated thinking towards global improvement. This need can be fulfilled, if each one treats each other as an equal and has a belief that no one is lesser in status than him/her in any sorts. This thought can eliminate terrorism and other social issues.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment are into picture a lot nowadays. We can see a lot of women with great potential are succeeding in a lot of fields. It is our duty to promote such things. A Country in which everyone irrespective of the gender is equally capable and co-existing with each other can become a Superpower for sure. There are some social psychos who call themselves as Feminists and Male Chauvinists. Feminists say they are working towards Gender equality but actually they are not. They are actually disrupting it. People calling themselves as Feminists are taking this opportunity as a potential for publicity. That is wrong. You should be true to whatever your motive is.

“நீயும் நானும் வேறில்லை !! வேற்றுமை என்றும் நமக்குள் இல்லை !! மனிதம் எனும் ஓர் சொல்லை !! மனதில் நாம் கொண்டு !! கூடி வாழ்வோம்  இன்று !!!”

If you see injustice happening before your eyes, please never ignore and walk away. Have the feeling of empathy always. Help others in critical circumstances. Remember every help you do today will eventually come back to you in some form. Karma is a boomerang not only for bad things. It is a boomerang also for good things. If we people don’t involve in the safety of each other and the future, we cannot stop the increase in crime rates. Nowadays even the people whose responsibility is to safeguard us is becoming the source of crimes. If you see someone behaving in a wrong way to women or children, just slap them then and there. Even if you get hurt, you will become a Hero. It is time for everyone of us to become a Hero. Learn to be a Comrade. Be a Friend and a soldier!!

ஏழையாய் இருப்பதை விட !!

கோழையாய் இருப்பதுதான் இழிவடா மானிடா !!

மார்க்கவசம் அணிந்த வீரனைப் போல் !!

ரௌத்திரமென்ற போர்க்கவசம் அணிந்து !!

வாழ்க்கை என்னும் போர்க்களத்தில் !!

துணிந்து போராடு !!

The Change that can be brought about to the society to make it more better is actually the change which needs to starts in each and everyone of us.

Dhanush K Raja in one of his speech in an award function said, “If 4 People join hands they can change the fortunes of their Home. If 4 Homes join hands they can change the fortunes of their street. If 4 Street join hands they can change the fortunes of their Area. If 4 Area joins hands they can change the fortunes of their district. If 4 districts join hands they can change the fortunes of their State. If 4 States join hands they can change the fortunes of their Country. If 4 Countries join hands they can change the fortunes of the World.”

Actually that is what is needed now. Change is not something which happens outside. Change is something which happens inside each and everyone of us. We should change first to change the Society and its System. “This did not happen for me”, “I did not get this”, “I need this for me” Stop saying these. Instead of using “Me” in everything, if everyone starts using “We”, the change that is needed to make the World a better place to live in can be achieved very soon. Thinking of Each and Everyone’s benefit is an important thing which will take this world to next level.

So what kind of change do we need to bring inside us?

This is a fresh year starting with a potential of lot of new fresh Opportunities. Leave the pain you had till now behind. Leave all the rough and harsh memories you had the previous year behind. Leave all the insecurities and negative thoughts you had till now behind. Discard the Unwanted Company of relations and friends you had. Make your mind fresh and free. Be ready to explore. Take along with you all the best persons in your life till now who were your support during the bad times while stepping into this new year. Never leave their hands. Believe me, you will get to know who is the real friend in your bad times. People who celebrate your success with you are not the true friends. People who are holding your hand and letting you know constantly that you are talented, you are capable of achieving great things, you can do it, and also reminding you to don’t give up are the real ones.

To those middle class masters like me, Remember this, Do what you think is exciting for you, which is a passion for you and also in parallel do something which will feed you. If you are doing a job which both feeds and excites you is excellent. But for those like me, which is different. One hand is holding my passion and the other is feeding me. Don’t drop any of your hand before you feel you have succeeded enough in your passion. Join both your hands and hold on till you succeed in your passion. One Day! “You know One Day your Day will come”. When things will turn out good. And Everything will fall into place like you wanted it to. Until then hold both your hands and work hard. Keep you motivated.

Remember something, We are all actually Stories in the end. And Stories change worlds and also it changes peoples. Hold on! Your Story will take that right path, you will end up in that awesome life changing plot twist, you will become that Hero One day. What makes Life beautiful is its unpredictable nature. No one knows what is in the next page or next chapter for them. You will know only after moving to that page or that chapter. And that is what makes Life Lovable. That is what is adding Spice to it and makes it interesting. Just go with the flow if you don’t know which way to go. It will take you somewhere instead of ending up nowhere.

You know something people who commented on other people’s mistakes or questioned their success are still commenting or questioning. While the people who have been commented on or been questioned on have succeeded. They have succeeded not easily but due to their resilience from comments, constant and sheer hard work. They failed, failed better and succeeded. Believe strongly everything is a passing cloud. No one is permanent in your life except you. Always have a smiling face.

Remember the Proverb “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”.

Everything happening in your life is just a phase. Eventually that phase will pass on. If you fail in something it is the phase that failed and not the entire life. Life has both Ups and Downs. You have to make yourself strong to come out of both with the same mindset. Be humble always no matter what.

If you end up in one such phase, just sit back, formulate what you want to do, how to push yourself up, and bounce back. Ask yourself, “Why did we fall?”. Remember we fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up. So Fall down, Pick yourself up and rise among everyone.

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with” – Tony Stark

Remember, When the path gets narrow and tough, when thorny bushes and steep edges starts to come, when you are completely sweating it out, when that thought of giving up is running into your mind. But you never give up and make you believe that there is just One more step ahead each time. You will eventually reach the top and the believe me the view from there would be awesome. I learned this as part of one of my trekking trips.

Never hurt yourself by going behind anything or anyone. If you are destined to be together with someone, wait for the destiny to-get-her to you.

Always aim for the Moon so that at least if you miss your target, you will end up in stars.

To make people hungry, you have to pick up your plate of food, sit and eat before them and should tell them how tasty the food is. Then they will automatically eat it. To make people to crave for success, you have to succeed before them and show them how good it feels to succeed.

It only takes a spark to ignite an inferno.

Believe me nothing is more beautiful than a smile of a person, who struggled through a lot of pain and who broke open his/her shackle of fears. Smiles are like band aids, they just cover up the pain although it hurts. But if you get the power of controlling that pain, you will go to a lot higher places in life.

If Someone cries in front of you, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t control the tears. It is just that they thought you would wipe their tears. From this new year be a support for such people and wipe their tears whenever necessary.

Are you feeling like things should have been better the past year or the year has not been how it should have been or a thought like you have achieved nothing is running in your mind. Just remember all the mountains you climbed, all the rough paths you crossed, all the times when you fell over but got up again. Those are not because of accident. They are because of what you did this past year. You are not the same now. You grew both physically and mentally. You got the strength to resist pains, humiliations and everything. You never gave up. You are living, you are still breathing, things will get only better from here. Now you have more in something than you had yesterday.

Make the following as your personal Resolution this year:

1. Be very clear on what you want to achieve this year that will take you towards the path of your bright future.

2. If you make a mistake. Don’t hurt yourself by thinking about it again and again. Just move on. And Remember not to repeat that mistake again.

3. Just give your best in everything, Don’t fear in advance that you will fail. Be an active participant. Results doesn’t matter. Only the satisfaction matters. If you feel so good on how well you fought with your competition, you have obviously succeeded.

4. Embrace Change. Develop new habits that can improve you. Work on your fitness. Take Care of your health

5. Let go of the things and people that needs to go. Don’t beg anyone to stay.

6. Wait for the time. Be Calm. Just think of that “One day” – The Day when you will succeed. Hope that it will come very soon.

7. Be Kind and Love everyone equally. Don’t lie, unless it is really necessary for the situation.

8. Heal all the wounds you had till now at once.

9. Stop doubting yourself and improve self confidence by having right people around you.

10. Communicate to everyone effectively, learn something from everyone. Importantly, try to be happy all the time. Make People around you to laugh always. And spend the next 366 days meaningfully.

There are three things which I am going to make sure I will follow this year.

1. I will never hurt anyone intentionally.

2. I will never cheat anyone financially.

3. I will treat everyone equally as an individual without any partiality or difference.

The One Mantra which I am going to repeat to myself everyday – “You can’t achieve everything in One day, but if you have that never give up attitude and work hard continuously you will achieve everything One day”.

With this year we are ending this decade. This is a decade in which I have experience a lot of things – First Cake Cutting for my Birthday ever, My First College, My First Degree, My First Mobile Phone, My First Computer which I dreamed of buying from Childhood, My First One Side Love, My First Love, My First Job, My First Salary, My First Accident, My First Long Distance Trip, My First Travel Experience out of Tamil Nadu, My First Hostel, My First Heartbreak, My First Blog Site etc. This decade has a lot of Memories for me. I have grown a lot throughout this decade. From a Studious lovable School kid to a passionate Writer cum Engineer. I would like to thank everyone who was with me through all the times throughout this decade. I hope you will be there with me, disturbing me, torturing me, supporting me and also loving me in the next one too. Thanks for everything !!

If you want to have a great 2020. Stop lying down on your bed and sleeping Everytime. Do something useful. Spend your time on improving you in any way. Don’t wait for something to Happen for you except love. Go Out. Get Hold of it. Make a change. Smile a lot. Get Excited. Try out new things. Be Open for learning. Travel a lot. Travel with a new gang. Travel Solo. Read a good Book. Unfollow negative people. Think Positive. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Don’t Gossip. Show gratitude. Do things that will challenge you. Be strong and brave. Be Supportive. Be Responsible. Be a Gentleman.

“அச்சம் தவிர்த்து

ஆக்கம் கொண்டு

இளமையில் கற்று

ஈச்ச மரம் போல் வாழ்வில்


ஊக்கம் பெற்று





ஓடையைப் போல் நேர்க்கோட்டில்


அஃதே வாழு”

Happy New Year 2020 Everyone !!!!! Let you all achieve your plans and goals of this year and take a next step in the path of your dreams. Be Happy !! Make Everyone Happy !! Spread Love !!

The Last Chapter of the Last Battle

Gentlemen, this mission that we are going to perform in this next hour is the most important duty we are going to perform in our lifetime. Although it is not a mission that can be compared to the Surgical Strike that was performed on Pakistan. But an equally important mission. If we fail to accomplish this mission, it will bring a great black mark to our reputation. Remember, Even if we die we should kill at least 4 people per head from the enemy camps and die with dignity. There may be those among us who will not see the end of this battle and for them there will be no sorrow during the battle. We will mourn or grieve for them later. The enemy should be in no doubt that we are their nemesis and we are bringing about their rightful destruction. But remember it is a big step to take someone’s life and it is not going to be done lightly. But there is no other go now. Be ferocious in the battlefield. Don’t Spare any enemy. Kill them all. Comrades! Are you ready? Yes Sir!, Everyone Shouted. Army Doctor, Are you ready? Can you supply the medical Supplies in time and also help in reviving the injured people whenever necessary? Yes Sir!, The Army Doctor replied. Alright Gentlemen, How’s the Josh? High Sir!, Everyone shouted in Unison. Not enough! this is not the sound I expected. How’s the josh Comrades. High Sir!, Everyone roared back. Good. Now follow me this is going to be one hell of a ride. Come get into the plane with pride and make yourself ready to face the enemies in their own location.

After the plane reached the enemy location, I shouted. Grab on your parachutes and follow me comrades. Enemies can be anywhere sometimes everywhere. We have to be very cautious. Look around like a Hawk searching for its prey. Everyone followed me and we landed using our parachute in a school in the enemy’s location. Search around if the enemies have left any guns and Army doctor you search for the medical kits that can be useful for us during the process of this mission. Remember everyone, everything will be useful in one way or other. Pickup everything. Believe me, I have been through a lot of situations in my previous missions when such things became helpful at crucial stages. When I was communicating such valuable messages. We heard some footsteps nearby. Everyone be cautious and ready. I guess, the battle starts here. I took the gun which was on the ground and lifted and aimed at the bush nearby and fired the shot. The bullet traveled at nearly 3000km/hr and pierced the head of the enemy who was hiding under the bush and spying us. Come on comrades! Move! there is no time for break from now on. More Footstep sounds started coming. I said them to always stay together. And Cover each other. Now Move. Everyone ran towards the location where footsteps were coming. There came running a gang of enemies. Everyone split in two’s and take control, I said. When other comrades concentrated on that gang. I took out the sniper from my back and aimed at the one who covering the gang from the terrace of the hospital that was nearby. I adjusted my scope, took the aim again and fired the 5.52mm bullet towards his head. Bang!! It pierced his head and he fell from the terrace like a ripe fruit falling of the tree. Meanwhile I saw that one of the enemies had sneaked in and was close to one of the comrades. I took out my pistol and Shot him without any hesitation. I was good in handling pistols. Cautious Comrade Akhil! Cautious! Remember Be like a Hawk. Thanks Sargent! He shouted. Okay Move now. Meanwhile other 3 members of the enemy gang were killed. Come on comrades, we can do better. Follow me, Lets move towards the enemy base. When we moved towards the zone where the enemy base is located. There came a lot of hindrances. Enemies were hiding in all buildings and bushes. We split directions and I informed all the comrades before splitting that those who are alive at the end of this battle meet me at the enemy base which the last zone we will reach, It is the central. There are IC chips which is inserted into your uniforms. I will know your location and whereabouts always. Just contact me through the wireless if you find more enemies and I will come with the team to the location at once. Now Go on comrades! Make your Sargent proud. And we split. I took Akhil with me and others went the other way. When we reached the other side of the hospital. Suddenly a bullet whizzed past me and pierced the chest of Akhil. He fell down to the ground. I looked at the location from where the bullet came. But there was no one except the bushes. Again a bullet whizzed past me which came from the same location. I ducked and laid down my body on the land horizontally and looked around at that location again. I called the Army doctor and asked him to help Comrade Akhil. But he died before the army doctor could come nearby. A good comrade gone down. It gave a pain inside me. But I remembered the mission was important to complete and looked again at the location of origin of the bullet. And one more bullet came firing towards me and it hit the land in front of me. I saw a sniper protruding from the bush. I stood up, took aim towards the bush and fired the shot. The man who was wearing a dress as a bush fell down with blood oozing down his throat. Then I ran towards the enemy base. In the progress, I killed more than 10 enemies. I saw that very feeble amount of them were left actually in the last enemy zone. I saw that only one came out alive from the split comrades. Even the Army doctor was killed. This place had a large stones to hide and a lot of grass on the ground. I thought it was some farm. I signaled Comrade Bose who was standing near one of the large stone that this was the last zone. We both laid our body down horizontally and crawled our way into the grass field which was now the ultimate final battlefield. There was a farm house building at one corner of the field. I looked around and there was no one in the grass field. So I signaled Comrade Bose towards the building. And we both ran towards it without hesitation. We reached the building. Comrade Bose opened the door and entered inside while I was covering him from the back. He climbed the stairs and there we found the leader of the enemy gang standing with a grenade. He shouted at us, “If I go down I am taking everyone with me”. And he threw the grenade down on the floor. It blasted and the fire spread all around. I jumped out of the building through the window. I fell down on to the grass field, While farmhouse burned completely down to ashes. I shouted. Yes! Yes! Yes! We defeated everyone of our enemies in this room match. Yes Sargent Hurray! We did it. Everyone of my comrades who were spectating the game after dying shouted. And then it poped up. “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”. 16 Kills and 9 Medals, Achievement level – sSs. Now we can bash him on face tomorrow in the office. What did he say, “No one can play PUBG like me, I am a Pro, My team is a Pro and you all are nothing in front of us”. Vaangaleyyyyyyyyyy!!! And then I jumped from My Bed in excitement and my phone fell from hand and split into Two pieces. My Brother who was standing nearby shouted. “Wastedddddddddddddddd”.