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Kentucky’s Fried Chicken – A Motivation that says Age is just a Number…!!

KFC – Kentucky’s Fried Chicken. What Comes to your mind first if you think of this above Acronym? Not only for you but for everyone who knows about it, the first thing that comes to their mind is the juicy, tasty fried chicken. And the Next thing is the Image of that Grandpa with theContinue reading “Kentucky’s Fried Chicken – A Motivation that says Age is just a Number…!!”

Archimedes’ Eureka Story !!

 Do you know the Eureka story ? The story of how this word became famous. Do you know the man who was behind the word becoming famous ? Have you heard about Archimedes’ before ? Many of us have heard something called Archimedes’ Principle. Actually this story is what is believed to be the baseContinue reading “Archimedes’ Eureka Story !!”

Harishchandran: The Man of Truth and Vow!

Harichandran (aka) Harishchandran was a great Indian ruler of Ayodhya belonging to Ikshvaku dynasty, who is renowned for never uttering a single lie in his life and also for never going back on a promise that he made to someone. Even after several years since his marriage, Harishchandran did not have a blessing for aContinue reading “Harishchandran: The Man of Truth and Vow!”

Ambikapathy Amaravathy !!

The Most talked about love story in Tamil History is Ambikapathy Amaravathy. Ambikapathy Amaravathy is the love story that got its birth in Tamil Soil. It is a love story that happened in Uraiyur in the early 11th Century under the era of Kulothunga Chola I, which is the current Mayiladuthurai town of Nagapattinam districtContinue reading “Ambikapathy Amaravathy !!”

Romeo Juliet !! – The Legendary Love

Love is a special feeling. Everyone of us experience it at many stages of our life. There is no one who doesn’t love anyone. Some of us marry the one whom we love. Some of us love the one whom we marry. But Love is always there in the world and it is inevitable. WhenContinue reading “Romeo Juliet !! – The Legendary Love”

“Majnun Layla” !! – A Virgin Love Story

Actually Love is a bigger aspect than you. You cannot control when, where and how it comes. Love truly does strike like a bolt of lightening to the chest when you aren’t prepared for it. Love is a sweet pain. Love is an eternal intense feeling which makes you do things beyond imagination for others.Continue reading ““Majnun Layla” !! – A Virgin Love Story”