Live your life like you want to !!

We must !! and only we can live our life !! We will come across many people in life who would say “Why are you having these many arrears ? !! “, “Why are you falling in love ? !!”, “Why are you growing so lengthy hairs ? !!”, “Why are you growing a beardContinue reading “Live your life like you want to !!”

Kudremukh Monsoon Trek – An Emotional Roller Coaster of a Trip !!

This is not a Story it is an Emotional Memory !! I am an IT Professional currently working in Wipro.Paagal gang: Myself, Zilani (Baba), Athira, Himachal, Ankita Trip Participants: Paagal gang* + Saravanan, Annet, Giri, Vinay, Nivedha, Meena, Lavanya, Pravallika, Siva, Tej, Poonam, Anjali, Asha, Alka, Vikrant I mentioned the following names here because itContinue reading “Kudremukh Monsoon Trek – An Emotional Roller Coaster of a Trip !!”

Follow your Passion !!

If someone says ‘I believe in you’ to achieve something they want !! Just say them in the face, Please never believe in me !! Because Believing in one is easy !! But carrying that belief is so hard and it is a burden !! You live like what you want !! I will liveContinue reading “Follow your Passion !!”

Everyone has a Dream !!

Everyone has a Dream !! Is it ? Do I have one ? Do you have one ? Is it small or big ? Do you think it’s achievable ? Are you working towards it ? Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! We all have a dream which we wanted to achieve in our lifeContinue reading “Everyone has a Dream !!”