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Mission Mathews: Stop the Carrier – Chapter 3 !!

Chapter 3: March 09, 2020 Tirunelveli We walked inside and he narrated everything again to me about what I already know. He also talked about how exciting his Italy trip was and how it ended up dangerous due to this Covid-19 virus outbreak there. I asked him, “You are Okay right? What did the hospitalContinue reading “Mission Mathews: Stop the Carrier – Chapter 3 !!”

Mission Mathews: Stop the Carrier – Chapter 2 !!

Chapter 2: March 08, 2020 Kodaikanal And when I opened my eyes I was standing near my Favourite homestay of one of my friends at the evergreen auspicious place which gives goosebumps whenever I travel there, Kodaikanal. It was a natural beauty at it’s best. It had a lot of breathtaking views around it. ButContinue reading “Mission Mathews: Stop the Carrier – Chapter 2 !!”

Mission Mathews : Stop the Carrier – Chapter 1 !!

Chapter 1: March 19, 2020 Tirunelveli Flash news on National Television Channel: *A 24 year old Techie from Chennai with a recent travel history to Italy is believed to have spread the virus to about a minimum of hundred thousand people of many different states, and he becomes the first person to die from Covid-19Continue reading “Mission Mathews : Stop the Carrier – Chapter 1 !!”

Still not aware of the situation…Just Playing around !!!

Who is the one to be questioned or accused if Covid-19 cases increase because of the rallies and parades that happened in the streets of India today? Many shops other than those which sell basic necessities for living have been shutdown. Also the shops for basic necessities are running on timings. People are suffering forContinue reading “Still not aware of the situation…Just Playing around !!!”

Summary of learnings from COVID-19 Aftermath…!!

*The Things that Covid-19 made clear* 👁👁  1. The United States is no longer the world’s leading country.  2. China has won the 3rd world war without firing a missile and no one could handle it.   3. Vladimir Putin is a visionary.  4. Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment.  5. Health professionalsContinue reading “Summary of learnings from COVID-19 Aftermath…!!”

What will happen if you don’t stay inside your home now !!

If you are not staying inside your home and if you are roaming around outside like you don’t care about Covid-19. Just think about it after reading the below: If you don’t get infected by the virus it is well and good but by chance if you get infected by the Covid-19 virus, Remember, youContinue reading “What will happen if you don’t stay inside your home now !!”

Virus – The Dangerous Parasite !!

Do you know what a virus is ? Do you remember what we learned about a virus in our science book during our school days ? Do you know how a virus starts infecting ? Do you know how it gets transmitted from one person to another ? Do you know how dangerous a virusContinue reading “Virus – The Dangerous Parasite !!”