Penne V !!!!! – Heart Break – A Tamil Poem 

There are things which we thought are the things that will make others happy. But the real thing is that those things are the things that can hurt them a lot – # LOVE பெண்ணே !! ஒரு தலைக் காதலில் நான் ஒரு தலை இழந்து நின்றேன் !!ஆறுதலற்று அனாதையாய் வாழ்ந்தேன் !!வெளியில் சொல்லவும் முடியாமல் !!உள்ளே அதை மெல்லவும் முடியாமல் !!வலியுடன்Continue reading “Penne V !!!!! – Heart Break – A Tamil Poem “

Life is indeed a Race !!

Some of us think that Life is not a race!! Yes, Life is not a race literally!! We don’t run our race with other people!! This race resides within our self!! Race between the point we are now and our dream point (Pinnacle of our life)!!!! This is not about who comes first or last.Continue reading “Life is indeed a Race !!”

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