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Golden Girl…!!

She…She, the golden girlThe girl who stole my heart like a pearl.Hand…Her hand, I will holdAnd will roam around her like I told.My only laughter, It’s only you, I will always come after.Without you asking,I will be the beach side chair for your baskingLike a Golden Chariot…For the glowing you.Always ! In this beautiful night, So darkContinue reading “Golden Girl…!!”

No one knows…!!!

No one knows about the wounds I have in my heart !! No one knows about the days I cried to myself in pain !! No one knows about the nights I have spent with my tears soaked pillows !! No one knows about the humiliations I have faced in my life !! No oneContinue reading “No one knows…!!!”

Love is a feeling not a toy to play around with…!!

I have been acting stupid. I know.There are a lot of different feelings that are running deep inside my heart that if one day unknowingly I start crying, I won’t stop until I burst out with tears and till my tears fills a pond even. It’s just that I don’t know how to express it. Maybe I’m badContinue reading “Love is a feeling not a toy to play around with…!!”

I Love You !!

Dear ________, It was not love at first sight, but it happened all of a sudden, that day you were standing among many people, but my eyes got stuck only on you. In the beginning I thought this is just infatuation. But no it was not, your bright eyes, your sweet smile, your moonlit face,Continue reading “I Love You !!”

I Still Love You !! – A Miss You Poem

I need you like heart needs a beat.I think about you 72 times a minute.They say that if someone is lying, you can find it in their eyes.Look into my eyes, I am not lying.I Still Love You.I will Love you till the end.Even if I don’t live, my feelings for you will live forever.Continue reading “I Still Love You !! – A Miss You Poem”

Insomnia !! – A Poem of Feelings

The World is sleeping !! I should too !! The Road is Empty !! My Life too !! The Sky is dark !! My Feelings too !! The Cold is heavy !! My Heart too !! The Fan is spinning !! My thoughts too !! My Friend is snoring !! My Stomach too !! TheContinue reading “Insomnia !! – A Poem of Feelings”

Penne III !!! – முதல் காதல் – A Tamil Poem

அவள் !! தைத் திங்கள் ஒரு நாள் கண்டேன் அக்காரிகையை !! இறக்கை இல்லா தேவதையை !!புதிதாய் பூத்த பூ போல !!அதிகாலை உதித்த சூரியனைப் போல !!அந்தி மாலை செந்நிர கடலினைப் போல !!பௌர்ணமி நிலவைப் போல !!மழழையின் சிரிப்பைப் போல !!வியப்பூட்டும் அழகாய் இருந்தாள் அவள் !! நிலவிடம் காதலினைப் பற்றி கூறி புலம்புவோருண்டு !!அந்நிலவையே காதலித்தவனை கண்டதுண்டா !! தேய்பிறையாய் இருந்த என்னை ஒரே பார்வையில் வளர்பிறையாக்கினாள் அவள் !!பக்தி மானாய் இருந்தContinue reading “Penne III !!! – முதல் காதல் – A Tamil Poem”