I Love You !!

Dear ________, It was not love at first sight, but it happened all of a sudden, that day you were standing among many people, but my eyes got stuck only on you. In the beginning I thought this is just infatuation. But no it was not, your bright eyes, your sweet smile, your moonlit face,Continue reading “I Love You !!”

Ambikapathy Amaravathy !!

The Most talked about love story in Tamil History is Ambikapathy Amaravathy. Ambikapathy Amaravathy is the love story that got its birth in Tamil Soil. It is a love story that happened in Uraiyur in the early 11th Century under the era of Kulothunga Chola I, which is the current Mayiladuthurai town of Nagapattinam districtContinue reading “Ambikapathy Amaravathy !!”

Comrade Kalyanam !! – Let’s Celebrate – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: 08 December, 2020 Finally the day has come. I was waiting for this day since my childhood. I am feeling so nervous. The thought that everything should go well is running throughout my mind from the moment I woke up today. I pinched my hands to check if this is happening for real.Continue reading “Comrade Kalyanam !! – Let’s Celebrate – Chapter 1”

Romeo Juliet !! – The Legendary Love

Love is a special feeling. Everyone of us experience it at many stages of our life. There is no one who doesn’t love anyone. Some of us marry the one whom we love. Some of us love the one whom we marry. But Love is always there in the world and it is inevitable. WhenContinue reading “Romeo Juliet !! – The Legendary Love”

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