Love is never wasted !!

Love is never wasted. It is only that some people just don’t know how to receive our love or they always take it for granted. But giving love is never a waste. Giver should be happy for giving love, he/she should not expect anything in return from the taker. If you give love to someone,Continue reading “Love is never wasted !!”

Doctor Darlo..!!

Hey you! My Darlo !! I know you are gonna be such an amazing Surgeon but like I had written this before, try me ! I’m so much more finer than your scalpel. I can hold your hands with more precision than your needle holder can hold a needle. Unlike those sutures, I wouldn’t slip fromContinue reading “Doctor Darlo..!!”


Sometimes you may feel like there is no point in continuing something. You would feel like “For what joy I am spending time for this. I have no benefit in this till now”. But Never lose hope like that. For any ambition you have regarding your passion, you have to believe blindly that you willContinue reading “YOU CAN AND YOU WILL !!”

Penne XI !!!!!!!!!!! – காலமும் கடந்து போகும் !

கெட்டவள் சாகும் போது தான் கஷ்ட படுவாள் !!ஆனால் நல்லவள் சாகும் வரை கஷ்ட படுவாள் !!நியாபகம் இருக்கட்டும் !! கஷ்டங்கள் இல்லா வாழ்க்கை கதை இல்லா திரைப்படம் ஆகிவிடும் !! கதையில்லா திரைப்படத்தில் சுவாரசியம் ஏது !! நல்லவள் கெட்டவள் என்பது உலகின் கண்களுக்கே !! உனக்குள் நீ யார் என்பதை யோசி !! நீ நல்லவளோ கெட்டவளோ அது வேறு !! ஆனால் கஷ்டங்கள் என்றும் நிரந்தரமே நீ யாராக இருந்தாலும் !! வாழ்க்கைContinue reading “Penne XI !!!!!!!!!!! – காலமும் கடந்து போகும் !”

Love is a feeling not a toy to play around with…!!

I have been acting stupid. I know.There are a lot of different feelings that are running deep inside my heart that if one day unknowingly I start crying, I won’t stop until I burst out with tears and till my tears fills a pond even. It’s just that I don’t know how to express it. Maybe I’m badContinue reading “Love is a feeling not a toy to play around with…!!”

Quotes Compilation 1 !! – Mine, My Brother’s and My Other Favourite’s !

No one feels what you feel in exactly the same way. These are your feelings and yours alone. Feel what you feel. Nothing is more yours than that. It’s not her faceIt’s something about herIt’s just being in the right place with herIt’s just the momentIt’s everything about her manI don’t know what to sayIt’sContinue reading “Quotes Compilation 1 !! – Mine, My Brother’s and My Other Favourite’s !”

Dandeli Adventures – A Daring Experience with Lifetime Lessons !!

24 – Feb 2020 – Bangalore: It was around 4AM in the Morning. I have to go to the office today. I was feeling so tired. Both Me and Vikrant got down from the cab. I tapped on the head of Poonam before getting down and asked her to ping in the whatsapp group whenContinue reading “Dandeli Adventures – A Daring Experience with Lifetime Lessons !!”

To the Girl who used to be my Best Friend !!

I seriously don’t know how to express the feelings I have now for you. But one thing I can say is thank you for all the time I have spent with you. The infinite memories you gave me when you were with me. Thank you so much for the times when you made me forgetContinue reading “To the Girl who used to be my Best Friend !!”