Golden Girl…!!

She…She, the golden girl
The girl who stole my heart like a pearl.
Hand…Her hand, I will hold
And will roam around her like I told.
My only laughter, 
It’s only you, I will always come after.
Without you asking,
I will be the beach side chair for your basking
Like a Golden Chariot…For the glowing you.
Always !

In this beautiful night, 
So dark despite,
Yet you here, Glowing damn so bright.
Not only by face, Oh! my sight
But even through the heart so light.
Of course, I am right, yet I am so out of sight.

Be my leading light,
Be my Pole Star,
Guide me through this never ending darkness.
Lift me up from this absolute blankness.

Just make me your knight, you know it’s my birthright.

We are Poles apart Sweetheart…Oh! Yes my Sweetheart…we are.
Yet You do bring beautiful colours to my black and white heart,
my beautiful counterpart. Yet you do !!

Miss Guitar…My rocking Swissy golden guitar,
Love me, your only Perfect, Messy, Diamond Rockstar.

You know, there can be no fault in our Stars, or let it be Whatever.
Walk with me towards our decorated Altar, Let’s count the Stars Forever.

There can be nothing in this world that can excite me, more than you
So Let’s just glue, then drink a stew after a phew.

We are made for each other and that is true ! Yes am Damn True !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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