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One Day…!!

One day you’ll fall again but this time for the right person  One day, you’re really going to be happy One day, you’ll live the life you always wanted Oneday, someone’ll look at you as the same as you dream of Oneday , you’ll smile just because you know you’re loved by the person youContinue reading “One Day…!!”

Being rich by heart > Being rich by money

Someone’s trash will always be a treasure for someone else. So Please practice Sharing. Anyone can become rich by money. Money can be earned via any ways. You can work hard to earn money. You can cheat others or betray people to earn money. You can Steal or make a heist to earn money even.Continue reading “Being rich by heart > Being rich by money”

Please don’t..!!

Don’t flirt with a girl when you don’t really mean anything you say. Don’t text a girl all day long when you’re actually texting more than one girl. Don’t go out on a date with a girl when you’re to take another girl out, the next day. Don’t tell her you’re thinking about her whenContinue reading “Please don’t..!!”

The Bubble Gum theory of Happiness…!!

Chewing Bubble gum taught me a major lesson. Imagine a ball of chewing gum that never loses its flavour. Now that would be a total aberration right, because that first succulent bite, which gives an awesome feel, will lose all its values. So the bubble gum should lose its flavour gradually with each bite toContinue reading “The Bubble Gum theory of Happiness…!!”


hHuH..!!hHuH..!!Oh Hiccup !Hey Hiccup !Why are you knocking my door now?Who is it now thinking about me?Is it my sweet mom?Wishing something for me to god again?If yes, Please ask God to grant her everything whatever.I want to sleep now.hHuH..!!hHuH..!!Oh Hiccup !Hey Hiccup !Why are you knocking my door now?Who is it now thinking aboutContinue reading “hHuH..hHuH..Hiccup..!!”

Quotes Compilation II !!

Don’t live your life, just for earning money. Earn money side by side, while living your life. As you know, there is a difference between Living and Surviving. Don’t Just Survive. Live. When I was a kid, people always told me I was going to be a heartbreaker when I got older. They didn’t mention thatContinue reading “Quotes Compilation II !!”

Kentucky’s Fried Chicken – A Motivation that says Age is just a Number…!!

KFC – Kentucky’s Fried Chicken. What Comes to your mind first if you think of this above Acronym? Not only for you but for everyone who knows about it, the first thing that comes to their mind is the juicy, tasty fried chicken. And the Next thing is the Image of that Grandpa with theContinue reading “Kentucky’s Fried Chicken – A Motivation that says Age is just a Number…!!”

Penne XIII !!!!!!!!!!!! – நீ….நீ தானே

அழகு நீ அறிவு நீ என் ஆற்றல் நீ நீ தானே அண்டம் நீ அகிலம் நீ என் உலகம் நீ நீ தானே சோகம் நீ சிரிப்பு நீ என் உணர்வு நீ நீதானே காதல் நீ காயம் நீ என் உயிரும் நீ நீதானே தேசம் நீ சுவாசம் நீ என் வாழ்வும் நீ நீ தானே  தூக்கம் நீ விடியல் நீ என் கனவும் நீ நீ தானே எண்ணம் நீ எழுத்துContinue reading “Penne XIII !!!!!!!!!!!! – நீ….நீ தானே”

Morattu Single – Naanga Gethu Da..!!!

Do you know who is an Agmark Morattu Single? You may have seen many memes which is popular about Morattu singles. You may have come across many people who would introduce themselves as Morattu Single. But are they really a Morattu Single? Does a Morattu Single even exist? Let me tell you who is reallyContinue reading “Morattu Single – Naanga Gethu Da..!!!”

Penne XII !!!!!!!!!!!!! – கண்மணியே

அந்திமாலை நேரம் காளி என்னும் ஆற்றங்கரையோரம் அந்தி மழை எந்தன் விழியிலிருந்து பொழிகிறது எந்தன் விழி உந்தன் பிம்பம் தேடி அலைகிறது சாலையோர மாலை வரும்வழி எங்கும் பாலை என் மேல் படும் மெல்லிய காற்று கூட என்னை பலார் என்று அறைவதேனோ கண்மணியே நீயில்லா பாதையில்  இயற்கையின் மேலுள்ள போதையில் இத்தனிக்காட்டில் நான் தொலைந்த மாயம் ஏனோ கண்மணியே நிலவு என் தனிமையைக் கண்டு சிரிக்கின்றது மேகம் என் நிலை புரிந்து நிலவின் கண்ணை மறைக்கின்றதுContinue reading “Penne XII !!!!!!!!!!!!! – கண்மணியே”