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French Fries…!!

This is the one of the recipes that needs maximum of only two ingredients:

Ingredient list:

  • Potato
  • Oil ( Palm/Refined) (Your Choice)
  • Salt (If needed)


  • Take as much potatoes as needed based on the number of people you are cooking for and wash them in a bowl of cold water. If it’s only for you, 2 big sized potatoes are more than enough.
  • Peel the skin of the potato with a peeler or knife. Be careful while handling sharp equipments. Don’t waste the useful part of the potato. Peel off only the skin part.
  • Then cut the potato into two so that it will have two long vertical halves. Then slice them as required in the shape we actually make for french fries. (You know the shape)
  • Then Place them in a bowl of cool water for 20 minutes.
  • After that place the pieces of potato in a hot water or boil the pieces in water for 10 minutes so that the inner portion of the pieces will get cooked up a bit and will not be raw in the end.
  • Then take it out, dry it down, if possible remove the water by placing them on a clean cloth and gently rubbing.
  • Then refrigerate the dried pieces for 10-15 minutes to remove the water completely.
  • You can also skip the refrigerating part.

Actual Cooking Recipe:

  • Pour oil into a deep frying type of Pan and heat it with medium flame.
  • Then drop the pieces of potato in batches as per your comfort.
  • Let them cook (each batch) for just 3-5 minutes and take them out till they are still white in colour and place them in a plate with paper.
  • Then you can use the same oil or new oil, as per your comfort. Increase the flame to a bit higher than medium but a bit lower than high. Let the oil heat up. But don’t heat it for long. That will over cook your fries when you drop them in and will ruin it up ( it will turn them into black colour).
  • So a flame slightly higher than medium is always preferable.
  • Then drop the pieces of potatoes again into the oil. Deep fry them till they are golden brown in colour. Take them out and dry them on a plate with paper. (Paper will absorb the oil completely, believe me)
  • Transfer them into a different vessel sprinkle salt into them and mix it if needed.
  • Else you can use Tomato sauce directly without any salt.
  • Enjoy your French Fries evening snacks by watching nice movie along with it.

This is the simplest recipe with absolutely very less number of ingredients and the recipe which we all love.

Just Sharing the same to those who don’t know it. I have started my cooking lessons. This is my First. Hope you too would start yours. What’s life without Food and cooking.

Yummy French Fries

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