I Still Love You !! – A Miss You Poem

I need you like heart needs a beat.
I think about you 72 times a minute.
They say that if someone is lying, you can find it in their eyes.
Look into my eyes, I am not lying.
I Still Love You.
I will Love you till the end.
Even if I don’t live, my feelings for you will live forever.

I am not feeling so well nowadays.
Maybe it’s because of the Deficiency of Vitamin “U”.

I miss your care these days.
I miss your voice these days.
I miss seeing your face these days.
I am missing myself these days.

Without seeing you.
Without speaking to you.
Without being with you.
My heart is tingling these days.

If someone calls me, I am hearing your voice.
If I see someone, I am seeing your face.
I can see you even in my dreams.
I go to sleep early nowadays.
So that I can live with you at least in my dreams. Happily ever after.

I want to say I miss you.
But saying that wouldn’t change anything.
So I will just keep on pretending that I don’t.
I can feel some part of you missing from me.

If I hear a song you are coming into my mind.
If I read a quote you are coming into my mind.
If I see a Love scene, you are coming into my mind.
If I see people walking together, you are coming to mind.
If I see people laughing and shouting in excitement when they are with each other, you are coming to mind.
I have hundreds and thousands of things to think about, But all I do is think about you.
Don’t you have any other job, than staying in my mind.
You will die of hiccups, if this continues.
And that will hurt me more.

I think you forgot to return my heart before leaving.
I am roaming around as a heartless person these days.
I laugh very less.
I speak very less.
I mingle with people very less.
I am living my life like an Orphan these days.

You were heartless when I met you.
I gave my heart to you.
See the fate, I became heartless now.
I replaced my heart with a stone and etched your name on it.
To feel you are not far enough.
Remember something etched on a stone stays forever.
May be if I throw that stone on you, you may realize the pain and how much it hurts to miss you.
But all I have is only that stone, if I throw that on you, it will only hurt me more.

Sometimes I just have to stop
Close my eyes and Hug you.
Even if it’s only in my mind to make me feel better.
Maybe I should have hugged you and never let you go, when I met you for the last time.

In those days, Every time my phone buzzed, I would hope it’s you missing me.
Now My phone doesn’t buzz any more.
Sometimes I read our old conversations
And smile and cry like an idiot.
To compensate the phone not buzzing phenomenon.

I realized to heal a wound you should never touch it.
So I am isolating myself from everything nowadays.
But the truth is, we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon and stars.
Nowadays if I am awake, I have a late night conversations with the moon.
She tells me about how she misses the Sun.
I tell her about how I miss you.

I surely hope one day you will realize, you made a mistake by letting me go.
But If I see a comet even now, the only wish I will make is, for you to be happy with whichever partner you choose, whatever career you choose and wherever you choose to travel.

I realized a fact that people who make others happy, who give everything without being selfish will always end up alone in life.

If we swap the positions we are in now, I am damn sure you will hate me to the core. But I don’t.
No issues, I will live with your memories.
You loved me.
And that is enough for my life.
Love you too.
Love you more than the moon.
Miss you beyond the Stars.
My Forever Love.

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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