Love is a feeling not a toy to play around with…!!

I have been acting stupid. 
I know.
There are a lot of different feelings that are running deep inside my heart that if one day unknowingly I start crying, I won’t stop until I burst out with tears and till my tears fills a pond even. 
It’s just that I don’t know how to express it. 
Maybe I’m bad at it. 
I know. 
We are very good friends. 
And I don’t wanna ruin that.
I confessed what I felt, taking a risk that I may lose you 
And I actually almost did.
There were a lot of things in my mind.
Maybe you had a crush on someone else.
Maybe that’s why you left me.
I have no issue with that because after all anyone can like anybody.
But the thing is I could not get over it.
I could not get over the feeling that I hold for you.
Frankly speaking, I just could not get over you 
And that kills me each and everyday.
I wanted to let you go.
But every time i try to do that,
My feelings are stopping me.
This may not be a proposal again. 
But this is what I want to say.
I just wish someone could know how i feel.
I just love you my goddamn love !!

Every love story (soul – heart connection) has a friendship in it because a friend promises you to never let you alone, a friend makes you smile in your tension, a friend inspires you all the time and I was lucky to have you. You did all this to me even within six months. 
Friendship is all about sharing and caring as the way I shared my happiness, sorrow and secret to you and you cared for me always forever. You were like my only true friend for the lifetime. I couldn’t imagine a life without you because I enjoyed your presence, I was in need of your support badly, I was so happy sharing all my emotion with you. So I felt, It must be something more. You also know that. But you were just afraid to confront it always. 
I don’t know hundred percent if it was love, but I had a pure feeling for you, which I can never forget, and that too for the first time in my life. I did something for someone, who I thought (or) may be assumed would be together with me always. 
It was very special that I can never forget, but yes I do not love you anymore because what is the benefit of loving a person in your life who shall never be there in it with you till the very end, you just can’t continue to love them just because you have feelings for them. 
So, the only way I had is to kill it. To kill my feelings. And the only thing that I can do to stay close to you is by being just your friend. I could not do that. My Heart did not allow me to do that. So instead I killed our friendship and decided to stay happy in love with my feelings instead. 
You will never know the pain and the feeling you get when all you want in life is something that’s not meant for you. And that hurts a lot. 
Don’t worry, I know how to love with a broken heart. I won’t let you get a glimpse of anything that has happened. That smile will still be there, always. Those eyes will still sparkle, always. That heart will still be yours, always. 
We are not together, maybe we won’t be together ever. But both of our hearts know how much we mean for each other, where even our silence gives thousands of words.
You made me stronger by breaking my heart.
You made me understand that animals are far better in loyalty and love, than humans.
You made me realize the reality of life, that to never believe anyone except myself.
You made me understand my position, that money and the other irrelevant criteria are more important for love and relationships in this new world of yours.
So i am saying two things here, that
I hate you so much.
And also I love you so much.
I hope I will never see you again.
And also I hope I will see you at least once in my life again.
Learning from your words🙂
I wish, You know that may be still I love you. 
Now that fortunately or unfortunately I don’t know that. But I do know this, when I say I love you, not necessarily be I want you to love me as well. 
With age and experience as I evolve in life which I always called as mysterious, I am realizing that one aspect of love is seeing the person you love happy, healthy and fulfilling their dreams. 
Hence I want you to stay happy and healthy and also I wish all your wishes come true and may life offer you the best. 
And if you can, Please do some wishes for me too. 

Remember “Love is a feeling, not a toy to play around with…!!”. So Love the one you Love with unconditional Love. Never Leave the one you Love if you truly Love. So that the Love which is the true Love will Love you both forever.

With Love, Oh! My Forever Love. By Your May be True Love !! Just Spread Love ❤🤗

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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