Live your life like you want to !!

We must !! and only we can live our life !!

We will come across many people in life who would say “Why are you having these many arrears ? !! “, “Why are you falling in love ? !!”, “Why are you growing so lengthy hairs ? !!”, “Why are you growing a beard ? !!”, “Why are you always roaming around with friends ? !!”, “Will you not go to a job at all ? !!” “Why can’t you stay in a single job ? !!” 

We have heard this from relatives, also from people who are close to us, also from some random persons etc etc. That is their job to advice something always !! 

Oh that guy said that !! Oh this guy said this !! So I have to change my life accordingly !! Please stop thinking like that !! Only we know about our life !! Only we can live our life !!

We got human birth in this life by “God grace” (which my Mom would say). Be as much Happy as you can and however jolly as you can in this human life !! 
Entertain others, make people laugh, Spread Love and teach people how to love others and make other people happy !! Be Happy and also find Happiness in making others Happy !!

In our Next birth, may be we will get birth as a ghost or a dog or a Crow or a Shark or a sparrow…that is next birth !! Don’t Care about it now !!

Till you are alive….Live Happily !! Live true for yourself !! Don’t Fake your Life for mingling with others !!

Be whoever you are !! Whoever likes you will always accept u for whoever u are !! 

Live a life which you like !! If you want to be a Antagonist (Villain) live as a Antagonist that you love to live !! Don’t act like a Protagonist which for the sake of others as they like it !! 

Find What you like !! And Live that !!Just Be Yourself !!

Let People see the Real, Imperfect, Flawed, Quirky, Weird, Beautiful, Magical Person, That you are !!

Please stop overthinking like you have to have an answer to every feeling or situation. That’s not how life works. We figure it all out by living, by fucking up, by missing an opportunity, by seeking advice and not taking it.

We learn what’s important and what isn’t.

Sometimes we have no fucking idea what to do and it’s scary, but it’s okay.
Always trust your gut and know everything will work out exactly the way it is supposed to be. It always does. Relax, we are never in control anyway.

Remember this: “When things change inside you, things also change around you !!”. If you’re comfortable now. Don’t change you for anything.

Right now you may not be at the place in your life where you wished for long ago !!
You are at a place you don’t like because of some kind of compulsion !!
If you get a boon of going wherever you like !! You will go to that place in life you wished for !!
But after someday you may realize/think that place is also not suitable for you !!
Where you are and What you are doing is not important !!
Wherever you are ! Are you happy there !! That’s important !!
Don’t worry yourself thinking about the things which are not in your hands !!
Live Happily and Peacefully wherever you are now !!

In the last 10 seconds of our life, they say that Our Memories flashes through our mind. We need something right for flashing in that Memory !

For those 10 seconds, please try building some shitty awesome memories 🤣🤣🤣

  • Be Crazy
  • Make People Laugh
  • Have some Heartbreaks
  • Have some Close Friends
  • Have some Goosebumps moments (they occur only if you try something new)
  • Spend a lot of time with your Family and Friends
  • Always your first love should be of One side (That teaches u a lot of lesson )
  • Travel to a lot of new places with a lot of new people
  • It can be simple place, but how u spend your time there matters !! (It is how you spend your time travelling, getting to know new people, making new Memories).

Life is not about becoming rich in money !! It is all about becoming rich in Memories and Moments !! In the End u take away only the Memories with you !! nothing else !! 

Live your Love !! Love your Life !! Be Happy !! Make Everyone else around u Happy !! Spread Love !!🥰 !! Sculpt your Life like you want it to !! not how others want it to !!

Published by @ The Emotional Ink !!

Aspiring Writer with an Emotional Heart who is basically asusual an Engineer

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